Grant Morrison Talks up His New Legendary Comics Project ANNIHILATOR, Plans for a Sequel, Working with Artist Frazer Irving, and More

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You’d be hard pressed to find a more notable writer in the world of comic books today than Grant Morrison.  Having written for both Marvel and DC Comics with his legendary runs on New X-Men, Batman, All Star Superman, The Invisibles, Final Crisis, Animal Man, and Seven Soldiers of Victory to name a few, Morrison hopes to knock it out of the park diving into new territory: the seedy underbelly of Hollywood.  With his upcoming series through Legendary Comics titled, Annihilator, Morrison has created a protagonist named Ray Spass and his creation, Max Nomax, who must attempt to complete a screenplay to veer away from their gruesome ends.  Collider was able to spend some time with Morrison to discuss his latest projects, plans for a sequel, working with artist Frazer Irving, and which one of the characters he’s worked with would he bring to life, to name a few.  Hit the jump for more.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: James and Sean Gunn Talk Spinoffs, Stan Lee’s Original Cameo, Female Superheroes, the Status of THUNDERBOLTS, and More at Dragon Con

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Following the recent news that Guardians of the Galaxy has become the highest grossing movie of the year at the domestic box office, writer/director James Gunn and brother Sean Gunn (who played pre-motion capture Rocket on set and also appeared in the film as Kraglin), recently took part in a panel at Dragon Con in Atlanta.  The brothers were quite candid in answering fans questions and revealed a number of pieces of information not yet explored, including discussing an original semi-R-rated cameo for Stan Lee that Disney vetoed, the inclusion of female characters in the Marvel universe, a bloody extension of Lloyd Kaufman‘s cameo that was excised, and the extent of Sean Gunn’s on-set performance of Rocket Raccoon that ended up on screen.  James Gunn also talked about how he’s currently focusing on the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including potential Guardians spinoffs, the status of Thunderboltsand a lot more.

Hit the jump for my full recap of the Gunn brothers’ panel at Dragon Con.

An Introduction to SHAZAM: What Is Dwayne Johnson’s Superhero Debut All About?

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SHAZAM!  With the recent word that Dwayne Johnson will most likely be playing a major role in an upcoming Warner Brothers. adaptation of the comic character Shazam aka Captain Marvel, now seems like a good time to go over what this comic involves, exactly.  Including who is “The Big Red Cheese”, his arch nemesis Black Adam, and which stories are the best “go-to’s” to learn more about both of these characters.  At present, Johnson says he has yet to decide whether he’ll be the hero or the villain of the picture, but rest assured, he’s certainly built and has the charisma to play either.  Hit the jump learn more about Shazam and the upcoming Shazam movie.

THE INHUMANS: An Introduction to Marvel’s Upcoming Galactic Franchise

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With our exclusive announcement that Marvel plans to move forward with an Inhumans film, now feels like the best time to explain to you who this band of misfits actually is and why they’ll be so important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.  In a nutshell, think of Inhumans as a Game of Thrones story with superpowers.  The residents of Attilan, the Inhumans’ hidden city, live in a kingdom far away from humanity.  Ruled by the silent Black Bolt, a king whose voice can literally shatter mountains, the people aren’t so much superheroes as they are a civilization that just happens to be populated with fishmen, women who can control their own hair, and guys with hooves.  Hit the jump for more info on one of Marvel’s next big franchises.

James Gunn Interested in THUNDERBOLTS Movie; Learn More about These Villainous “Heroes”

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With the very recent success of Guardians of the Galaxy, folks may be wondering what’s next for the former Troma director James Gunn to sink his teeth into when it comes to the Marvel moviescape.  The answer may surprise you as in a recent interview, Gunn let it slip exactly which Marvel property he may be willing to tackle next.  While the Guardians of the Galaxy were a ragtag group of loners combining their powers for good across the spaceways, the other team Gunn is thinking of bringing to the big screen is a ragtag group of loners combining their powers for evil….to a point.  Hit the jump for my breakdown of both Gunn’s statement and the team that is the Thunderbolts.

Marvel Announces a New Female THOR Set to Take the Lead in the Comics Starting This Fall

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Marvel Comics told fans to expect a big announcement on today’s installment of The View and boy, did they deliver.   That news of course being that the title of Thor, starting this fall, will be filled by a woman in the Thor comics.  Now this isn’t to say that our old God of Thunder is completely out of the picture, but rather that someone else will now wield his power and hammer, Mjolnir; she just so happens to be a female.  Hit the jump for a breakdown of the announcement as well as a look into who else has held the hammer in the past.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Profile: Get to Know Rocket Raccoon

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Last, but certainly not least, in our character profiles for Marvel’s new film Guardians of the Galaxy, we look into the life and times of Rocket Raccoon.  Voiced by Bradley Cooper, Rocket is by far the strangest of the Guardians you’ll be seeing on screen, and that’s saying something when one of his teammates is a walking, talking tree.  This diminutive anthropomorphic gunslinger packs the most artillery of group, carrying guns that you would think would be difficult for a normal person to wield, let alone a raccoon.  Hit the jump for more info on what’s sure to be the breakout character of the film.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Profile: Get to Know Gamora

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She’s not called the deadliest woman in the galaxy for nothing.  Our next stop on the Guardians of the Galaxy train is Gamora.  The green skinned assassin will hit the screens this August, played by Zoe Saldana who has done her fair share of butt kicking in her catalog of roles.  Much like Drax, Gamora has a background deeply entrenched in the Marvel Universe and has a rich history that’s spread over the decades.  The only woman on the team (for now anyway as there’s a slew of them to choose from within the Guardians’ roster for potential sequels), Gamora is a character who will slash first and ask questions later.  Hit the jump to read on.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Profile: Get to Know Drax the Destroyer

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Drax!  The Destroyer!  Played by wrestling superstar Dave Bautista, this is one of two members of the Guardians of the Galaxy with a green complexion.  To describe Drax as part of the team, think of him as the “Wolverine” of the group.  Dark, brooding, and typically a loner by trade, Drax has one mission and one mission only: to destroy the Mad Titan, Thanos.  Whether or not this will remain true in the Marvel film, aptly titled Guardians of the Galaxy, is yet to be seen. But rest assured, Drax’s hot temper and solitary personality most assuredly will.  Of the Guardians, Drax probably has the most appearances in the Marvel universe under his belt, and this article will help to shed some light on the one man army.  Hit the jump to read on.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Profile: Get to Know Groot

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Our next Guardians of the Galaxy member may have you thinking you’re barking up the wrong tree, but rest assured, you’re not.  It’s Groot! That’s right, Groot, the talking, walking member of the Guardians who only has three words in his vocabulary: “I AM GROOT.”  Played by Vin Diesel of Fast and the Furious and Riddick fame, Groot promises to be one of the more exciting to watch characters of the team as he’s a 12 foot tall piece of shrubbery and created completely from computer graphics.  Groot is actually the oldest of the Guardians, both in age and in comic history as he was introduced extremely early on in Marvel’s history.  Hit the jump for more info on the powerhouse of the Guardians/mode of transportation for Rocket Raccoon and click here if you missed our profile of Star Lord (Chris Pratt).

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Character Profile: A Look at Star-Lord from Comic Books to the Big Screen

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The Guardians are coming!  With the movie a little more than a month away, we’re taking the opportunity to introduce, and examine, each of the main characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In this series, we’ll be examining what makes each of these characters tick, what are their backgrounds, what are they currently up to in the world of the comics, and how they’ll be brought to the big screen in Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster.  To start, we’ll look at the current leader of the Guardians, Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt. Take one part Han Solo, one part Tony Stark, and add a whole mess of space, and you get Peter Quill in a nutshell. Hit the jump for an in-depth look at this boisterous rogue.

4 Marvel Characters Who Should Get Their Own Netflix Series Including Moon Knight, Sleepwalker, and Cloak and Dagger

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With the recent casting of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin in Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is putting some serious thought into the casting and preparation of their impending Netflix shows.  Alongside other creations Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist, Daredevil will crash onto the scene representing the “street level” characters of the Marvel movie-verse.  “Street level” characters are essentially those heroes who operate in New York City, leaving the giant alien hordes and universe ending calamities to superheroes like the Avengers.  The heroes that will be featured in Marvel’s Netflix endeavor tend to focus their fights on ninjas, gangs, drug dealers, and kingpins, fighting hand to hand rather than firing off repulsor rays or Asgardian hammers.

Should this first round be successful, Marvel will most likely be looking for additional properties to add to the roster.  I’ve come up with some ideas for other Marvel characters that would fall nicely into this stable of heroes in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: The H.I.G.H.S. and L.O.W.S. of the ABC Series’ Freshman Season

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And so ends the initial chapter of Marvel Studios’ first foray into the world of network television.  Whether you liked the so-called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or they weren’t your cup of tea, you have to admire Marvel for attempting to create a running television show that reflected the events of the movie universe that they currently have running.  Since I’ve been with you true believers since the beginning of this season, who better to diagnose the best, and worst, parts of the first season?  Go ahead and grab your level 7 clearance, rock your finest suit, and hop on the “Bus” as we walk you through what aspects the show can focus on for season two and which can be avoided. 

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: “Beginning of the End”

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And so we close the first chapter on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Hot on the heels of it’s season two renewal announcement, tonight’s installment promises an explosive conclusion joined by none other than the man himself, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.  Through the highs and lows, we’ve followed the agents as they fought the forces of Centipede, possessed sticks, Asgardian temptresses, and viewership approval.  Though treacherous roads to be sure, Coulson and the gang have found their footing and are moving full force at the remnants of Hydra and cyborg Bill Paxton (you know it’s a great gig when you get to type that sentence out).  In our final installment, will everyone make it out alive?  What will become of the agents now that S.H.I.E.L.D no longer exists?  Will more be revealed with regards to Skye’s “monstrous” lineage?  All this and more will be revealed in tonight’s installment, “Beginning of the End.”  Hit the jump for our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. recap.

Who Is THE FLASH? An Introduction to the DC Comics Character Debuting on The CW This Fall

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Welcome to the year of comic book television shows, everyone!  Moreso than any other television season, this year fans will be privy to more comic book shows than they can shake a stick at!  Aside from the return of Arrow for it’s third season on The CW and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for its second on ABC, newcomers will join their ranks in the form of Constantine on NBC, Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC, Gotham on Fox, and iZombie and The Flash on CW.  Speaking of the latter, now felt like an opportune time to fill you in on the scarlet speedster and what we know about his second live-action television debut (the first of course being the 1990 John Wesley Shipp entry).  Hit the jump as we take a tour through the speed force and examine all things The Flash, from supporting characters to his gallery of villains.

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