Director Azazel Jacobs Interview TERRI

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Terri is a familiar coming-of-age story, but director Azazel Jacobs (who previously did Momma’s Man and The Good Times Kid) puts his personal spin on it by looking for the idiosyncrasies in each character. I had the opportunity to sit down with the director and talk about several scenes as well as how the project came together. During the interview, we chat about how his taste in music influenced the film, how the California Tax credit majorly helped get it off the ground, and how his lack of familiarity with a person like Terri encouraged him not to fall prey to generic images. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Creed Bratton and Olivia Crocicchia Interview TERRI

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With Terri now playing in limited release, we’re finishing out the last interviews from the film and we’ve got Creed Bratton (The Office) and Olivia Crocicchia (Rescue Me). Bratton plays a different type of role than we usually see him in, but still manages to bring in a certain humor and charm even in his dramatic scenes. Crocicchia, although a relative veteran of TV, is absolutely a fresh face to watch, especially with several more independent features coming up. Director Azazel Jacobs noted how in particular there was something about her soft voice that fit the character, and she definitely brings something original to the traditional girl-of-your-dreams role. During the press junket I got to chat with the two actors. During the interview, we discuss some of the preparation for a pivotal scene in the movie, as well as some off-set antics and how Olivia got her start in the business. Hit the jump for the full interview.

John C. Reilly and Jacob Wysocki Interview TERRI

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With Terri opening in limited release this weekend, I recently had the chance to chat with the actors as well as director Azazel Jacobs (Momma’s Man). The story, crafted out of exchanges between short story writer Patrick Dewitt (Ablutions) and Jacobs, centers on high school misfit Terri, played with great candor by newcomer Jacob Wysocki, and his unlikely friendship with his Vice Principal (John C. Reilly). Actress Olivia Crocicchia (Rescue Me) stars as Terri’s only friend and crush, while The Office’s Creed Bratton plays the boy’s semi-lucid uncle.

The film has both a maturity and youthfulness to it, separating it from some of the other indies this summer. Jacobs’ thoughtful pace allows for uniquely honest moments to occur, oscillating from poignant to laugh-out-laud funny—not to mention, the director’s fascination with nature adds a rare documentary feel.  During the interview, we discuss the development of the project, Wysocki’s relatability to Terri, and some of the actors’ own high school experiences. Hit the jump for the interview.

Minka Kelly Exclusive Video Interview THE ROOMMATE

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Minka Kelly Interview THE ROOMMATE slice

In Minka Kelly’s first leading role in Screen Gems The Roommate, she plays a freshman at the fictional University of Los Angeles, whose roommate (Leighton Meester) quickly reveals herself to be a psychopath. The actress, who is mainly known for her work on the television series Friday Night Lights, proves to be a very likeable on-screen presence.

I was fortunate to speak with Kelly last Saturday where we discussed: her excitement at her first leading film role, how filming on two university campuses (Loyola Marymount and USC) gave the film believability, how a final fight scene in the movie was physically and emotionally taxing, and finally her recount of how shooting Friday Night Lights on location gave the cast a focused mentality.  Hit the jump to see the interview.

Cam Gigandet Exclusive Video Interview THE ROOMMATE

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Cam Gigandet Interview THE ROOMMATE slice

Cam Gigandet has a history of playing the bad guy—Twilight, Never Back Down, and my personal favorite, as “Volchok” on The O.C. In his new film The Roommate, out Friday February 4th, Gigandet plays the heroic drum-playing boyfriend to Minka Kelly’s character, who is being terrorized by her college roommate (played by Leighton Meester).  Gigandet takes a fairly conventional role and legitimately makes his character funny. He and his cast mates manage to make this film actually very entertaining.

As tempted as I was to reminisce about The O.C, I resisted. During the interview we talk about his continued loathing of press junkets, how working with Leighton and Minka allowed the dialogue to feel spontaneous, how Leighton genuinely freaked him out, and lastly how he feels about supporting versus leading roles.  Hit the jump to check out the video.

Leighton Meester Exclusive Video Interview THE ROOMMATE

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Leighton Meester Interview THE ROOMMATE slice

I’m of the opinion that Gossip Girl truly works because of  the depth Leighton Meester gives to her character, Blair. She is hilarious as the quick-witted Queen Bee, but then affectingly vulnerable in other scenes. She brings this same duality to each role she plays, and in particular, elevates what’s would be a standard teenage horror flick into a much more character driven movie, in her latest work, The Roommate.

I had the opportunity to briefly talk with her last Saturday after seeing the film the night before. During the interview we talk about: her personal scariest horror movie, her process of relating to her character, how the director crafted fear through what’s not said, what influences her in choosing roles, and lastly what advantages she sees to filming her television show in New York.   The Roommate, co-starring Minka Kelly and Cam Gigandet and directed by Christian Christensen, is in theatres this Friday, February 4th.  Hit the jump to watch the interview.

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