Happy Holidays! Mondo Unveils Prints for HOME ALONE and THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS

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We all know that Mondo loves to end the year with a bang.  Some might have thought the giant Die Hard event was it.  Some might have thought their wallets were safe until the New Year.  Well Mondo dropped their HELL NO bomb on everyone today announcing we should suit up for one last online battle for 2013.  What is Christmas without the Wet Bandits?  Yup, we have a Home Alone print from Adam Simpson coming tomorrow.  That not enough for you?  Well there is one more print that has been long awaited. Not only is that a print from Aaron m’fin Horkey it is a follow up to his Return of the King print!  That’s right, it is The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers!  Hit the jump and dodge the paint cans to check out the images and all the other juicy info.

Mondo Mystery Movie XI Returns to Los Angeles at The Crest Theater for DIE HARD

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Last weekend, Mondo returned to Los Angeles for another highly anticipated Mystery Movie.  You may recall when we interviewed Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael at SDCC, he mentioned they were finally going to put on an event that was years in the making.  The moment tickets went on sale the rumor mill went into overdrive guessing just about every major movie and possible scenario, and while there was just one movie that was not only the most predicted, but the most coveted.  That movie was Die Hard.  Well, Mondo did not disappoint and if you hit the jump you can check out images from the event and the poster that everyone went home with. 

Over 30 Pictures from Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo’s MODERN VINTAGE Gallery1988 Show in Los Angeles

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Last night in Hollywood, artists Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo returned to Gallery 1988 for their new tandem show, Modern Vintage.  Tackling an assortment of films, tv shows, and videogames, they put a spin on each that fans are sure to appreciate.  With over 20 prints available, in a variety of sizes and price points, there was something for everyone.  Check out images of everything on the walls after the jump.

A Review of Blumhouse’s Interactive Haunted House THE PURGE: FEAR THE NIGHT

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the purge fear the night slice

Halloween is less than 24 hours away and if you are looking for something a little different to do and happen to be in LA, you might want to check out Blumhouse’s, The Purge: Fear the Night.  Running through the weekend, this interactive horror experience is not your traditional haunted house.  I got to experience it first hand and I can tell you that it is definitely worth the price of admission.  Hit the jump to check out my review of The Purge: Fear the Night.

Check Out Dark Hall Mansion and Tom Whalen’s 10-Print Folio of Universal Classic Monsters

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The Halloween season is by far one my favorite seasons of the year.  The decorations, pumpkins, haunted houses, and of course scary movies.  When it comes to horror flicks, there are none more synonymous with Halloween then the Universal Monsters series.  Come this Oct. 31, Dark Hall Mansion and artist Tom Whalen have teamed up to bring a folio set of 10 prints to your home this All Hallow’s Eve!  Better news, everyone will have an equal shot of getting these bad boys.  Hit the jump to check out some images and see how you can get a set for yourself.

Exclusive: Check Out Ken Taylor and Mondo’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT Posters

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With the opening of Mondo’s new gallery show celebrating EC Comics and Tales From the Crypt Friday night in Austin, different artwork associated with the show has begun popping up online.  I grew up watching Tales From the Crypt, so I am very happy that Mondo is letting us premiere a print from the show and it just happens to be from one of my favorite artists, Ken Taylor.  Check out the regular and variant screenprints plus all the details for the show after the jump.

Check out Alexander Iaccarino’s THE WALKING DEAD Screenprint from Hero Complex Gallery

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Tonight, Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles opens its doors to their new show celebrating AMC’s The Walking Dead.  You can check out our preview of that show here.  We are now please to reveal another great piece in the show from artist Alexander Iaccarino.  Alexander’s print really captures the intensity of the third season of The Walking Dead.  All of your favorite characters are there and includes some nice moments easily recognizable if you are fan of the series.  This is definitely going to be a sought after print.  Check it out after the jump.

Check Out a Preview of THE WALKING DEAD Hero Complex Gallery Show Featuring Artwork by J.P. Valderrama, Paul Shipper, and James Rheem Davis

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If you are a fan of the undead and art, then you are going to want to be at Hero Complex Gallery this Friday, Oct. 11th.  They will be opening the doors to their biggest gallery show of the year celebrating AMC’s The Walking Dead.  With a horde of some amazingly talented artists bringing their unique take to everyone’s favorite zombie series, this will definitely be a show you won’t want to miss.  Get a small taste of things to come after the jump.

Mondo Unveils Kilian Eng’s SILVER SURFER Screenprint to Kick Off Marvel Series

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Big news coming from Mondo today.  They have announced a series of prints for Marvel comic book characters that aren’t tied to the company’s feature film exploits.  This means there are endless possibilities for who and how your favorite heroes and villains can be immortalized on pretty paper.  Up first is The Silver Surfer from artist Kilian Eng.  Check out the print and all the pertinent info after the jump.

Exclusive: Check Out Marko Manev and Bottleneck Gallery’s Awesome Villain Noir Posters Featuring Boba Fett, Magneto, and Catwoman

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Marko Manev posters slice

Marko Manev is really pumping some great stuff out this week.  First his Lord of the Rings Triptych sold out instantly and now he has three new Villain Noir prints going on sale at New York Comic-Con at the Bottleneck Gallery booth.  Featuring Boba Fett, Magneto, and Catwoman, the awesome looking prints are sure to sell out fast.  For a better look at the posters and how you can buy them, hit the jump.

Exclusive: Check Out Hero Complex Gallery and Marko Manev’s Awesome LORD OF THE RINGS Glow-in-the-Dark Triptych Set; On Sale Tomorrow Morning

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Marko Manev The Lord of the Rings poster slice

Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is currently running a show called Young Guns of Print.  It’s a show dedicated to up and coming artists who all were able to exhibit multiple prints in their own mini-theme.  The show was fantastic, however there was a curious omission.  A sign on the wall held a spot for a Lord of the Rings theme from artist Marko Manev, but unfortunately the art didn’t make it in time for the opening.  Well the art is finished and in conjunction with the closing of the show, it is time for it to be revealed.  Not just one print, but a glow-in-the-dark triptych, and it’s great.  Check out the exclusive images and when/where you can get a set for yourself after the jump.

Exclusive: Check Out Odd City Entertainment’s Limited Edition Poster for SCHOOL OF ROCK by NE

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The fifth grade class of 2003 from Horace Green Prep School is having their 10 year reunion and everyone is invited.  You may remember them from that hit band of youngsters, School of Rock, almost winning The Battle of the Bands.  Well, on August 29th in Austin, Odd City Entertainment in partnership with the Austin Film Society, are getting the band back together again during a one night only screening of the movie.  With special guests attending and a brand new and extremely limited edition screenprint available at the event, you will surely want to know how to get tickets.  Get all the details after the jump.

See Mark Englert’s CHRONICLE Poster and More Art from “Made for Moore” Charity Event to Benefit Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Victims

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Yesterday we ran a story about the charity event Made for Moore and how they were auctioning off some amazing pieces of art for the victims of the devastating tornado that ravaged Moore, Oklahoma in May.  Legendary poster artist, Drew Struzan, amazingly donated 10 rare artist proofs and he wasn’t the only one.  A laundry list of some extremely talented artists have also joined the cause.  Mark Englert, in conjunction with Made for Moore, is releasing a brand new timed edition print for the movie Chronicle.  Check out all the info after the jump.

Check Out Mark Lone and Odd City Creative’s Limited Edition Poster for THE SECRET OF NIMH

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Odd City Creative just brought my childhood rushing back with the reveal of their new and super limited print for the 80s animated classic, THE SECRET OF NIMH.  I loved this movie growing up and so did Mark Lone, the artist who just absolutely nailed the art.  Tomorrow you’ll have the opportunity to pick up a copy for yourself, hit the jump for details.

Preview of Hero Complex Gallery’s “Bleeding Metallics” Show; Pieces Inspired by Wolverine, The Iron Giant, SUBURBAN COMMANDO, and More

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Hero Complex Gallery in LA opens its new show, BLEEDING METALLICS, this Friday night.  There will be art printed with metallic inks, printed on metal, crafted out of metal, using metallic paints and papers…and while this is quickly turning into a Bubba Gump routine, you get it…lots of metal.  Check out more info on the show, 14 preview images, and a surprise for the first 50 customers after the jump.

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