Could GHOSTBUSTERS 3 Start Filming This Summer?

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ghostbusters_movie_image_harold_ramis__bill_murray_and_dan_aykroyd.jpgGhostbusters 3 has been rumored for a great many years, but the project looks like it is finally taking off.  Director Harold Ramis says it may start shooting next summer and hit screens in 2011.  He also revealed a few details about the plot of the film.  It’s unlikely that Dan Aykroyd’s Ghostbuster go to Hell script will ever see the light of day, as Ramis appears to be leaning toward a Ghostbusters: The New Class type of movie.  The full quote and a bunch of speculation is after the jump.

AVATAR Draws Huge Monday Numbers, Again

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Pandora may be full of unobtainium, but James Cameron’s Avatar is obtaining plenty of cash at the box office.  The film brought in another $19.4 million on Monday, a figure that is even higher than the $16.3 million it made last Monday.  Numbers this high are normally reserved for a Friday or Saturday, but the Na’vi have pulled in $16+ million every day except Thursday when it bottomed at $11.1 million.  It’s domestic total has now reached $232 million, and after only 11 days, it’s grossed $642 million worldwide.  More on Monday after the jump.

Ricky Gervais Lends His Pen to PHONESHOP

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Ricky Gervais slice.jpg

Ricky Gervais is working his ass off lately. The Invention of Lying just ended its theatrical run, and he’s got another film, Cemetery Junction, coming next year. Now he’s entering the mobile phone market with PhoneShop. Gervais is editing the script for the series, which will air in the U.K. on Channel 4. Phil Bowker created, produced, and wrote the series. Bowker, who gave Gervais his first job on TV a decade ago, has produced several TV shows, but this will be his first run at writing and directing.  Little is known about PhoneShop, but it will take place at a cell phone store in a mall. The story (I’m guessing first episode) revolves around Christopher (Tom Bennett) who has to sell a cell phone by closing time to get a job at the store.  More on the series after the jump.

Weekend Box Office – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Grabs $32 Million. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Breaks $20 Million

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Where The Wild Things Are Movie image - slice.jpg

People wanted to know “Where the Wild Things Are,” and it looks like they found out. The PG-rated boy-meets-beasts adventure took the top spot this weekend with $32 million in its first three days. The big story is still “Paranormal Activity” though, as it rises yet higher, landing at number three and proving to be one of the most successful indie roll-outs in recent memory. “The Stepfather” also performed better than a terrible movie should. Here’s the chart. The first number is what it made this weekend and the second is it’s total. More after the jump:

  • 1 Where the Wild Things Are $32,470,000 – $32,470,000
  • 2 Law Abiding Citizen            $21,250,000 – $21,250,000
  • 3 Paranormal Activity            $20,163,000 – $33,717,000
  • 4 Couples Retreat                 $17,949,000 – $63,339,000
  • 5 The Stepfather (2009)        $12,300,000 – $12,300,000
  • 6 Cloudy Meatballs                $8,100,000 -  $108,284,000
  • 7 Zombieland                       $7,800,000 –   $60,823,000
  • 8 Toy Story/Toy Story2 (3D)   $3,011,000 –   $28,594,000
  • 9 Surrogates                        $1,922,000 –   $36,332,000
  • 10 The Invention of Lying      $1,905,000 –  $15,495,000

Universal Considers Rashida Jones a FRENEMY OF THE STATE

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Rashida Jones can add “screenwriter” to her resume. Universal has bought the rights to her comic mini-series “Frenemy of the State.” The comic book is about a young wealthy heiress who works undercover for the CIA, and was announced in late July. Many of you will remember Jones as Karen in “The Office.” She’s been on a hot streak recently, as a series regular on NBC’s “Parks & Recreation” and a leading role in “I Love You, Man” earlier this year. More on the comic deal after the jump.

Bruce Greenwood and David Walliams to Attend DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS

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With each month comes a new “Dinner for Schmucks” casting decision. In August Zach Galifianakis signed on board; in September, Stephanie Szostak came onboard as the female lead; and now Bruce Greenwood and David Walliams are having a seat. Greenwood will play a billionaire and Walliams a Swiss banker Paul Rudd tries to impress. More on the actors and film after the jump.


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Battlestar Galactica The Plan image.jpg

Bryan Singer may be ready to reboot Battlestar Galactica (again) on the big screen, but the critically acclaimed Syfy series isn’t quite over. The show ended last Spring, but one last 90 minute special, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray October 27. Admiral Adama himself, Edward James Olmos directed the special, with Jane Espenson as a writer and executive producer. What it’s about and the DVD cover art after the jump.

Another Comic Book Optioned – CLA$$WAR Film Rights Bought by Mandeville Films

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Comic book sales may not be stellar, but their film rights are flying off the shelves. Mandeville Films, fresh off the release of another post-2000 comic movie “Surrogates,” are in a rights optioning mood. The new item on the shelf? “Cla$$war,” a 2002 limited-run comic series by Rob Williams and published by Com.x. The comic is a six-issue political superhero series starring a hero named “The American” and his origins as a government super-soldier. More about the series and purchase after the jump.


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The Crazies movie poster slice.jpg

Zombies are back, though I’m not sure they ever left. On the eve of Zombieland hitting theaters, a trailer for “The Crazies” has finally gone live. As we reported on Wednesday, the film is a remake of a 1973 George Romero film of the same name. The remake stars Timothy Olyphant and takes place in a small Iowa town where a toxin contaminates the water supply, turning everyone completely crazy. The trailer and my thoughts on it after the jump.


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Marc Webb is in a good place right now. “500 Days of Summer” has done remarkably well, pulling in almost $37 million in worldwide box office receipts (on a small budget), and is one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year. Now new director is in talks to remake another love story (or not): “Just Another Love Story,” a 2008 Danish film by Ole Bornedal. More about the new film after the jump.

Robert Kirkman, Creator of THE WALKING DEAD Comic, Talks up the New AMC Show Being Helmed by Frank Darabont

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The Walking Dead comic book image (4).jpg

AMC is on a roll. “Mad Men” has won the Emmy for Best Drama two years running and “Breaking Bad” is no slouch either. Now the network is trying yet another original idea: a zombie drama series based on the “The Walking Dead” comic series. Better yet, Frank Darabont (“Shawshank Redemption,” “The Green Mile,” “The Mist”) is helming it. Series creator Robert Kirkman discusses the new venture after the jump.

New Poster for THE CRAZIES, a Romero Remake

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The Crazies movie poster slice.jpg

If you like zombies, you’re in luck! Well, kind of. Director Breck Eisner is stepping up to remake “The Crazies,” a 1973 George Romero film, and we’ve got the new poster. The remake takes place in a small Iowa town (as opposed to a small Pennsylvania town in the original) where a toxin contaminates the water supply, turning everyone completely crazy. In the original, the contamination is caused by a government biological weapon, and the gov’t comes back to try and clean up the mess. The new film is based “loosely” on the original, so it’s hard to say what will and won’t change. More after the jump.

Bryan Singer to Direct JACK THE GIANT KILLER

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Bryan Singer Directing JACK THE GIANT KILLER.jpg

Bryan Singer is a busy guy these days. He’s signing directing agreements left and right. In his latest, this time with New Line, Singer has agreed to direct a new version of “Jack the Giant Killer,” written by “Live Free and Die Hard” writer Mark Bomback (he also wrote the less popular “Deception” starring Jennifer Aniston). The story is said to involve princesses, kidnapping of said princesses, and a war between giants and men. More giants after the jump.

Hubble Telescope to celebrate its 20th anniversary on IMAX and in 3D

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The Hubble Space Telescope is finally repaired and back in service. What better place to view its space-staring power than a 70 by 50 foot IMAX screen? IMAX and Warner Bros. will release “Hubble 3D” exclusively in IMAX locations across the world on March 19, 2010. The film will celebrate Hubble’s 20th anniversary with an expanded release on April 23 and show how the telescope was repaired by astronauts last May. Toni Myers, who directed “Space Station 3D,” will again produce, direct, and edit the new film. More on Hubble after the jump.

TERMINATOR Owners Delay Judgment Day For Their Company

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The producing duo behind “Terminator Salvation” aren’t in the best financial situation. In August, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek filed for Chapter 11. Now, a U.S. Bankruptcy judge has freed up some money that will allow the duo’s company, Halcyon Co. to continue developing future “Terminator” movies during its ongoing lawsuit with its lenders. The Los Angeles judge freed up $2.1 million in tax rebates the company is owed. More on this exhausting legal nightmare after the jump.

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