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According to author and historian Shelby Foote, any understanding of America has to be based in the Civil War, nearly the entirety of “the American character” was defined by it. For his part, Ken Burns agreed. When he began the nine part series, he had already made six films on American history – topics as diverse as the Statue of Liberty and Huey P. Long, the Shakers, and the Brooklyn Bridge. In all, he felt “the dark cloud” of America’s greatest conflict hanging over them.  Continued after the jump.

Kevin Smith Talks TOO FAT FOR 40 and His Career’s Second Act

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Kevin Smith seems to be in his Dalai Lama period. After years getting in much publicized rows with critics and the internet, his attitude toward movies and life at once seems more hardened and more accepting. “I don’t need people to validate me anymore,” Smith says. “I did at one point, but I don’t now.” Smith’s secret? “I started smoking weed at thirty eight. I highly recommend it.”

Collider was recently invited to a special screening of Kevin Smith’s new comedy special for EPIX, Too Fat for 40. After an extended clip of the special, Smith treated the group to a Q&A in which the cult director discussed his life, his approach to comedy and his views on the world in general.

The special is somewhere between a real stand up show and the popular Evening with Kevin Smith series. “[About the Evening with Kevin Smith series] one guy on the internet said, ‘he’s so conceited, he has three DVDs of him talking’. So I was like ‘fuck that guy, I’m not going to do them any more’. But that is so stupid. To spite some guy who’s not even into it. So when Epix called, it was great. I had three years’ worth of stories built up.”  Continued after the jump:


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Earlier today, Collider was invited to a special screening of Too Fat for 40, Kevin Smith’s new comedy special for EPIX. After an extended clip, Smith treated the group to a Q&A, some of which shed light on his upcoming horror movie Red State, as well as other projects.

“Visually speaking, it’s the most ambitious movie we’ve ever made,” Smith said. “Everybody’s pulling their belts, taking a massive pay cut. Some of us might not even get paid… and it breaks my heart that after all this we’ll just sell it to a studio that’ll spend twice as much on marketing as we spent to make it.”

More on Red State, his hockey movie Hit Somebody, and what’s up with the Clerks: The Animated Series after the jump:

Collider Watches the INGLORIOUS BASTERDS Take Over the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood

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Last week, members of the cast and crew from Inglorious Basterds stormed the red carpet at the New Beverly Cinema to celebrate the release of their film on DVD/Blu-ray.  Though just a DVD premiere, spotlights shone into the night, flashbulbs flashed, and pens scribbled on notepads. There were a few surprises – the arrival of stunt-woman extraordinaire and Tarantino alum Zoe Bell, for instance.  Or the lovely Diane Krueger (Nina Von Hammersmark) arriving with a dapperly dressed Joshua Jackson on her arm.

But for the most part, the focus of the evening was the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed World War II opus. Among them, most of the titular Basterds, including: Sam Levine, Eli Roth, Omar Doom, B.J. Novak, producer Lawrence Bender and, of course, the biggest “basterd” of them all – Quentin Tarantino.

Collider grabbed a few words with some of the cast before enjoying an evening of disemboweled, dismembered, and disfigured Nazi scum.  Hit the jump to read what they said:

Eli Roth Talks Sci-Fi Movie ENDANGERED SPECIES and More

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Last night, the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles held a red carpet premiere for the DVD release of Quentin Tarantino’s World War II opus Inglourious Basterds. The premiere featured cast and crew including Tarantino, producer Lawrence Bender, and most of the titular “basterds”, including Eli Roth. Collider was there to cover the event and a full write up will be available soon. However, we wanted to let you know what Roth told us about his upcoming sci-fi flick, Endangered Species.

“I have a sci-fi movie I’ll be directing called Endangered Species,” Roth said. This coming on the heels of horror film “Cotton”, an exorcism flick Roth’s been producing. “We just finished the sound mix on that and it’s really scary.”  Unfortunately, Roth wouldn’t provide any details about the plot of Species.

However, Roth did speak about making Basterds’ film-within-a-film, Nation’s Pride as well as a cut scene where he and fellow Basterd speak fake Italian to each other.  Hit the jump to read his comments on both.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and the United Nations at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles

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battlestar_galactica_season_4_image.jpg“Battlestar Galactica” alumni and representatives of the United Nations spoke to a crowd of press and fans last Thursday at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. The presentation, entitled “Battlestar Galactica: TV’s Role In Making Global Issues Relevant” was hosted by The Los Angeles Times – The Envelope, a section of the paper focusing on entertainment news. The presentation itself was a follow-up to a similar event held at the United Nations headquarters in New York last year, highlighting Battlestar Galactica’s dramatic work on issues relevant to global concerns. But the event served a second purpose: coaxing The Academy to keep mindful of the acclaimed series’ four season run with The Emmys fast approaching.

The panel featured Ronald D. Moore (creator, executive producer), David Eick (executive producer), Mary MacDonald (President Rosalyn), Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) and Craig C. Mokhiber (Deputy Director, New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights). The panel was hosted by The Los Angeles Time’s Geoff Boucher, entertainment critic, blogger and avid “Battlestar Galactica” fan.

After the jump is a detailed write-up of what happened.

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