Writer-Director Jennifer Westfeldt Talks FRIENDS WITH KIDS

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Jennifer-Westfeldt -friends-with-kids-interview-slice

The lobby of New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel was gummed up with strollers this week when the gang from Friends With Kids showed up.

This very funny and extremely touching relationship comedy is the third film from writer/actor Jennifer Westfeldt and the first one she’s directed. We had the good fortune to speak with Jennifer and, despite having plenty of intelligent things to say, were wowed into incoherence by her awesome hair.  Just so you don’t think we’re total psychopaths, her “really good hair” is a plot point of the film.  Watch the video after the jump.

Adam Scott and Chris O’Dowd Talk FRIENDS WITH KIDS

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Adam Scott’s been killing it lately on Parks and Recreation and in small roles in comedies like Our Idiot Brother, Eastbound and Down and, of course, as the singing douchebag brother in Step Brothers.

This week you’ll get to see him be funny but also a little serious in Jennifer Westfeldt’s unique relationship comedy Friends With Kids. He’s looking pretty dapper in a suit next to considerably more scruffy Chris O’Dowd, who plays one of his miserable, married buddies in the film. We had the good fortune to interview them both in New York this week. Check out the video after the jump.

Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig Talk FRIENDS WITH KIDS

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Holy crap John Hamm is handsome. We’ve been around a lot of mega celebrities but, woah, this guy is made from some sort of interplanetary comet dust that just looks like skin but has mystical properties.

Despite our desires to, we didn’t just gaze into his eyes when we had the good fortune to speak to Kristen Wiig and he this week.  They play one of the side couples in Jennifer Westfeldt‘s very funny and very touching relationship comedy Friends With Kids.  In fact, the “can’t keep their hands off one another” to “drinking and slamming doors” character arc is some of the best (and, alas, truest) stuff in the film.  In the video after the jump you can hear them talk about their characters, making this film post-Bridesmaids and what Kristin Wiig really wants to see on the next season of Mad Men.  Hit the jump to watch and look for more cast interviews later this week.

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