Diane Kruger Replacing Eva Green in FAREWELL, MY QUEEN

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Diane Kruger is set to take Eva Green’s place as Marie Antoinette in Benoit Jacquot’s Farewell, My Queen.  The film, set near the end of the French Revolution, is an adaptation of a novel by Chantal Thomas. Kruger joins stars Lea Seydoux as a reader to Antoinette and Gerard Depardieu in an unknown role.  Eva Green is also no longer starring in Michael Mann’s Capa, having been replaced by Gemma Arterton.  Director Benoit Jacquot is probably best known for his films The School of Flesh and The UntouchableFarewell, My Queen is set to begin filming sometime next spring.  via ThePlaylist.

Oscar Isaac Joins Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Anna Faris, Justin Long, and Chris Pine in TEN YEAR

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Oscar Isaac (Robin Hood) has joined the cast of the ensemble drama Ten Year, the directorial debut of We Are Marshall screenwriter Jamie Linden.  The film also stars Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Brian Geraghty, Anna Faris, Justin Long, Kate Mara, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Scott Porter and Anthony Mackie as friends reconnecting ten years after their high school graduation.  According to Risky Business, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey are producing with Tatum’s 33andOut Productions partner Reid Carolin.

Ten Year is set to begin shooting this month in New Mexico.  Oscar Isaac will be seen next in Sucker Punch in March.

Screenwriter Peter Craig to Adapt FATHERS AND GUNS

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The Town screenwriter Peter Craig is set to adapt the French-Canadian film Fathers and Guns for Columbia.  Fathers and Guns is the story of a father and son who are cops sent to investigate an outdoor adventure group.  The film is being produced and developed by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.  The original film was a huge hit in Quebec in summer 2009, earning more than $10 million.  Denise Robert and the original’s writer and director Emile Gaudreault will also produce Columbia’s reboot.  Screenwriter Craig is also currently at work on Bad Boys 3 for Sony. via Variety

SHERLOCK Blu-ray Review

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When I first heard that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt and writer Mark Gatiss were coming out with a Sherlock Holmes TV miniseries, I was extremely excited.  When I finally saw it, I was blown away by how incredibly good it is.  Sherlock is a modern take on the Holmes stories, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Holmes and Watson translate very well into contemporary characters with a dynamic relationship that’s brilliantly played by stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who will play Bilbo Baggins in The HobbitSherlock is sharp, funny, and so suspenseful by the end that waiting until 2011 for more seems unfathomable.  Hit the jump for my review.

David Duchovny Says Script is Underway for THE X-FILES 3

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According to an interview with David Duchovny published in France’s TVMag today, a script for a new X-Files movie is “in the process of being written.”  Who knows where in that process this is, but it’s good news that progress might be happening since the second film The X-Files: I Want to Believe underperformed pretty badly and a sequel didn’t seem too certain.  Hit the jump for quotes from Duchovny’s interview and my thoughts.

Update: David Duchovny’s publicist has contacted us.  She says while Duchovny did an interview with TVMag, what he said was lost in translation.  Basically, there is no movement on X-Files 3 right now.  Hit the jump for the original story.

Geek Gifts: Haynes U.S.S. Enterprise Owners’ Workshop Manual

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Workshop manual publisher Haynes has come out with a manual for seven incarnations of the USS Enterprise, including 80 never before seen cutaways, diagrams, and CGI renders, with sections detailing warp travel and the transporters.  The full-color technical manual will give Trek fans a chance to examine everything about each Enterprise, from political histories to engineering specs, along with a ton of incredible artwork including classic Haynes cutaways.  This is a staggering amount of detail for a fictional starship, but that makes it even more awesome.  Hit the jump for some images and my thoughts:

More JACKASS Coming to Theaters Soon?

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Since Jackass 3D has been a huge success, making $50.4 million over the weekend, Paramount is considering possibly using additional footage from the film as another sequel.  According to star Johnny Knoxville, the crew shot enough footage to make another movie, and much of what they shot never made it to Paramount.  The studio’s original plan was to release the material as an online follow-up like Jackass 2.5, but plans may change after the success of Jackass 3D.  A decision will likely be made in the next few days, according to the LA Times.  Hit the jump for more including what was left out of the film and the future of the franchise.

Johnny Depp in Talks to Star Opposite Tom Hanks in Kathryn Bigelow’s TRIPLE FRONTIER

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Johnny Depp is in talks to star opposite Tom Hanks in Paramount’s Triple Frontier, a crime drama set to be directed by The Hurt Locker’s Kathryn Bigelow.  The film is about the organized crime in the border areas between Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.  The script was written by Mark Boal, who won an Oscar for his Hurt Locker screenplay.  Boal and Bigelow are producing with Charles Roven.  According to Deadline, Boal’s script features five main roles; Hanks and Depp are eying the two major leads.

Scheduling issues could stand in the way of Depp starring in Triple Frontier: the film begins shooting in February, a month that’s already booked for Depp to film Dark Shadows with director Tim Burton.  (That film is scripted by Seth Grahame-Smith, the author behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter who just sold a 3D adaptation of Lincoln to Fox with Burton producing.)  Hopefully things can be shifted around enough for Depp to do both Triple Frontier and Dark Shadows.

Unknowns Cast in Barry Levinson’s THE BAY

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Several unknowns have been tapped to star in Barry Levinson’s upcoming horror film The Bay (aka Isopod.)  According to Bloody Disgusting, the film stars Will Rogers  as “Alex,” Steven Kunken as “Dr. Abrams,” Kether Donohue as “Donna,” Frank Deal as “John Stockman,” Christopher Denham as “Sam,” and Kristin Connolly as “Stephanie”.  The film is currently shooting from a screenplay written by Michael Wallach which tells the story of a biological disaster that takes place in the Chesapeake Bay on July 4th, 2011.  An isopod parasite carries mutated diseases and infects fish and human hosts, replacing them with itself.  The true extent of the disaster isn’t known until seven years later, when the truth is revealed through home videos taken by residents of the town.  Paranormal Activity’s producers of Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and Steven Schneider are producing along with Brian Kavanagh Jones.

CAPRICA Season 1 Recap

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In case you’re still holding out and haven’t seen Syfy’s excellent Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, you’re missing out on one of the absolute best shows on TV.  You don’t have to have seen any Battlestar to enjoy it, so don’t let its fantastic nerd pedigree scare you off.  This recap of the first half of season 1 is a good primer for what’s happened so far: basically, a teenage girl (Alessandra Torressani) dies in a terrorist bombing but her avatar is still alive in a steampunk-meets-Grand Theft Auto virtual world, and her father (Eric Stoltz) creates the Cylons while monotheistic fringe groups and James Marsters create chaos.  Caprica returns on Syfy on October 5th at 10pm.  Watch the 5 minute recap after the jump:

William Monahan to Adapt OBLIVION for Disney

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Disney has hired William Monahan, the screenwriter or The Departed, to adapt Radical Publishing’s upcoming graphic novel Oblivion.  The film is already set to be directed by Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski, who worked on the story for the graphic novel, which will be released sometime this fall.  Oblivion tells the story of a scavenger who finds a crashed spacecraft on a futuristic Earth where everyone lives above the clouds to escape the polluted surface, according to Heat Vision.  Hit the jump a recap of the development of the project so far.

Wil Wheaton to Return to THE BIG BANG THEORY

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Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) will have to face his nemesis once again, as The Big Bang Theory producer Bill Prady confirmed to EW that the producers want Wil Wheaton to return to the show this season, possibly for November sweeps.  Sheldon and Wil Wheaton have faced off twice before: in a card game and on the bowling lanes, but Prady says that the scenario being planned now was inspired by the idea of “minor celebrities cutting in line.”  You can probably imagine Sheldon’s rage if the person he loathes most were to cut in line in front of him and take the last seats (or the acoustic sweet spot) to a midnight one-time-only movie screening, so it’ll be awesome if this plan actually happens.  Sheldon deserves one more chance at revenge, served cold and in Klingon, against the man who dared to call him Moonpie, because nobody calls him Moonpie but Meemaw.


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Later this year, DC is releasing an album including almost every DC movie, cartoon, and TV show theme song ever.  21 of the 31 tracks have never been released before, including Max Fleischer’s 1941 Superman theme, so if you’re a DC fan you’ll probably want this album.  Some of the other tracks include unreleased music from Smallville, Justice League and Superfriends, and the CD will also include re-mastered versions of the Lois & Clark theme along with 7 different Batman themes.  The album doesn’t include every single DC theme ever (as Topless Robot points out, the new Teen Titans theme is omitted) but it will have the vast majority of them.  Hit the jump for a full track listing.

Rupert Grint Confirms Leavesden Studios Will Become a HARRY POTTER Attraction

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Rupert Grint confirmed some previously announced Harry Potter news during a promotional appearance for the DVD release of his recent film Cherrybomb: the Leavesden studios where the Potter films were shot will be turned into a museum and attraction.  Few details are known about exactly what the attraction will look like or how it’ll compare to the Orlando theme park that recently opened, but considering the massive size of the Leavesden studios, it sounds like this could be incredibly cool.  The English location will undoubtedly be a big destination for Potter fans who want the opportunity to tour the actual sets the movies filmed on, and who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts?  Hit the jump for video of Grint’s comments.

STAR WARS Scents: Slave Leia Perfume and Eau Lando Cologne on Sale Now

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Have you ever wondered exactly what Lando Calrissian smelled like, or wished that the essence of Leia could be yours?  Yes, you have.  Don’t even lie.  Now thanks to the Star Wars Celebration V Festival, you too can smell like either a suave ex-pirate or a princess enslaved by a fat man.  For $39.95 each, you can buy Eau Lando cologne or Slave Leia perfume.  Eau Lando seems like the best bet, because it comes in a tiny cape, but then again Slave Leia perfume is “more powerful than a thermal detonator, and yet more comfortable than a metal bikini.”  I don’t know exactly why Lando would smell like “sensuous woods,” or what that entails, but if that awesome Shirtless Kirk cologne really exists, it’s about time Star Wars got into the nerd fragrance market.  Check out more images of the bottles/packaging after the jump.

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