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The first word I would use to describe Hanna would of course be basdass. Taking what Chloe Grace Moretz accomplished in Kick-Ass to a whole new level of insane, director Joe Wright pushes the little-girl assassin sub-genre into a way more mature and refined world, and everything is simply stunning. The fight choreography is tight and visceral, the editing is sharp and precise, and the music/sound editing collaborates perfectly with the story. Along with very affecting cinematography and enchanting acting throughout, Hanna is easily one of my favorite films of the year.  To check out my review of the DVD hit the jump.

Comic-Con 2011: Interviews with Jonah Hill, David Goodman, French Stewart and Others for ALLEN GREGORY

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Following the Allen Gregory panel (recap is here) that featured a 10-minute clip of the new Fox pilot, I got the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion with the producers and cast of the show. The footage gave solid confirmation that the collaboration between Jonah Hill (Superbad, Get Him to the Greek), French Stewart, (Third Rock from the Sun) Nat Faxon (Beerfest) and some seriously comedy-savvy producers is a winning combination. I love the retro animation style they went with, and some of the material is definitely going to push the boundaries of PC Television in ways we haven’t yet witnessed. Watching the footage made the interview even more exciting because it was apparent that they have something special on their hands. In two surprisingly intimate group interviews, I sat down with David A. Goodman (Family Guy), Jarrad Paul (Yes Man), Andrew Mogel (Yes Man), French Stewart (Richard, Allen’s father), Jonah Hill (Allen Gregory DeLongpre), and Nat Faxon (Jeremy, Richard’s life partner). The show follows Allen Gregory, a spoiled but adorable 7 year-old who is being raised by his father Richard and Jeremy, Richard’s neglected life-partner.

All the writers and actors were clearly excited about the project and answered everything with a level of refreshingly genuine enthusiasm. Hit the jump for more.

Comic-Con 2011: GLEE Panel Recap

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Comic-Con GLEE Panel Recap slice

As if the world couldn’t get enough “Gleeking” (I’m pretty sure that’s actually when you projectile spit out of your mouth), we will soon be served a hot platter of the acclaimed sing-a-long high school drama not only on the silver screen, but in the third dimension as well. Only a little bit of footage was shown, but people went nuts over it. I never knew there were so many fans of Glee at Comic-Con. That is, until I became witness to the hundreds of shrieking fans reacting to a short clip from the upcoming Glee: The 3D Concert Movie like it was the second coming of Jesus. It was apparent that some Gleeks are just as diehard crazy as the majority of us nerds walking the convention floor. But no, it won’t just be a 2-hour episode of Glee. Think Justin Bieber Never Say Never meets a smaller group of slightly older but equally crazed female fans.

Check out the trailer here.  Hit the jump to find out more details on the footage shown as well as what the cast had to say during their panel about the upcoming season, including whether or not the graduating seniors will be leaving the show.

Comic-Con 2011: GRIMM Panel Recap

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It is beginning to seem like the majority of film and TV projects getting produced right now are all falling under the category of “a reboot” or “recycled trash”, as some would call it. A pattern is occurring where such tales seem to be repelling modern audiences more than they attract. Every now and then we see reboots of classic stories such as Snow White or even The Brothers Grimm, appropriately enough. So we ask ourselves, why should I pay attention to this retelling when I know exactly what to expect? After watching the pilot for NBC’s upcoming Grimm at Comic-Con, I’m happy to report that many of you will be pleasantly surprised by this dark and twisted Fall show. Brought to you by the minds behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The X-Files, the story revolves around a cop in Portland who begins seeing strange things (demon faces, basically) and stumbles across truly horrendous crimes, only to find that he is a very important piece to the puzzle.

First Trailer for THE BUNRAKU Starring Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson, and Ron Perlman

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After watching the trailer for The Bunraku, I’m more than a little confused. Its visual style conjures imagery of Dick Tracy and Kung Fu Hustle, but it’s as if these films took place in the world of Beetle Juice. Not to mention there’s some guy unloading serious kick-assery while wearing what seems to be the sorting hat from Harry Potter. The story is as follows: a drifter (Josh Hartnett) teams up with a young samurai (Gackt) and a bartender (Woody Harrelson) who plot revenge against a ruthless leader (Ron Perlman), a dangerous man leading an army of criminals headed by nine diverse and deadly assassins. The film also stars Demi Moore and Kevin McKidd.

All in all, the trailer makes the movie look a bit ridiculous but unique enough to leave an impression. Hit the jump to check it out along with an extended synopsis of the film.

BIG MAN JAPAN to Get a US Remake

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It’s true. Original film ideas in Hollywood are as numerous as good sequels, and remakes/reboots/reshuffles are everywhere you look. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to take awesomely original ideas and try to make it our own. Transferring a foreign film idea into an American translation, if done correctly, can make a great story more accessible to a larger audience. Also, any future remakes that don’t borrow from Sweden are welcome in my book. This brings us to the Hitoshi Matsumoto’s crazy ass 2007 feature Dai Nippon Jin (Big Man Japan), which is set to have the Hollywood treatment. Matsumoto, who not only directed the film but was its star as well, is an experienced TV comedian in Japan. This makes a lot of sense, being that the film focuses on a giant half-naked man who electrocutes himself to grow stronger and carries around an oversized baton as an instrument of whoop ass. Oh, there’s also a scene where he squares off against a monster with a killer comb-over. Yeah, it’s awesomely weird, and I can’t wait to see what will become of it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Colombia Pictures snagged the rights to the film and Prison Break’s Neil H. Moritz is on board to produce.

Hit the jump to check out one of the strangest, most hilarious scenes of the film. [We've updated the article with the press release, which you can also check out after the jump.]

Promo Poster for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Untitled Drama

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Way back last year, we reported some casting news as well as gave a brief synopsis of the upcoming highly-anticipated Paul Thomas Anderson project. Following his dark character study of rich-man greed in There Will Be Blood, Anderson’s next film, which is technically untitled but had been unofficially given the name The Master, and that script followed “charismatic intellectual who hatches a faith-based organization that begins to catch on in America in 1952,” but there have now reportedly been some changes to tone down the story’s parallels to Scientology.  The story now concerns “a man who returns after witnessing the horrors of WWII and tries to rediscover who he is in post-war America. He creates a belief system, something that catches on with other lost souls.” We’ll see how much the final product calls out Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, but for now, we’ll make due with this bland promo poster shown at Cannes which, though it provides nothing more than a silhouette of a man, at least confirms that the movie is being developed.

Hit the jump to check out the poster and more details on the film.

YOUR HIGHNESS Red Carpet Premiere at UCSB, Plus Max’s Thoughts on the Film

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Your Highness UCSB premiere slice

There’s always something special about a large group of students uniting under a single cause, even if it holds no political motivation (sigh…we’ll never live up to the standards of Egyptian youth). Over the past two months, I, along with roughly 15,000 other students from the University of California Santa Barbara, rallied together to vote for the red carpet premiere of David Gordon Green’s Your Highness to come to our campus. In a tight competition against universities from all across the country, we were able to come out on top and receive a red carpet treatment with the Highness cast in attendance. Though Natalie Portman could not make it to the event (I guess there’s something about being pregnant that dissuades women from travelling), the pre-party was surely a sight to see. Universal went big and decked out one of the biggest spaces on our campus with Your Highness posters, banners, caterers dressed in medieval attire (serving chicken legs, no less), buglers, and a minotaur with an oversized package. Students that were able to snag tickets before they sold out were treated to a screening of the film. Luckily, I was one of those students.

Hit the jump to check out pictures of the event as well as my thoughts on the film.

Robert De Niro Joins 50 Cent in FREELANCERS; Forest Whitaker in Talks

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If you thought 50 Cent couldn’t scoop up any more great actors in his cinematic wave of destruction, you were dead, dead wrong. We’ve seen the comical trailer for the trying-too-hard drama Things Fall Apart; the trailer for Setup showed the likes of Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe somehow drawn into its cast. NOLA reports that Curtis Jackson’s next movie, Freelancers, locked in Robert De Niro; Deadline adds that Forest Whitaker is in negotiations to join the cast. Jessy Terrero (who brought us the forgettable Soul Plane) will helm Freelancers, the story of the son of a murdered NYPD cop who joins the police academy, graduates, and gets recruited by a group of rogue cops led by his father’s old partner (De Niro). Freelancers is scheduled to shoot four weeks in New Orleans starting in April.

Sounds interesting? Well, let’s not count our chickens before the trailer hatches.


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If you had the willpower to change the channel from the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet to watch the Super Bowl, you not only witnessed consistent Green Bay talent (sorry Steelers fans), but you were also pleasantly surprised by tons of new footage from upcoming movies like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America (which featured an impressive Christian Bale-esque physical transformation by Chris Evans), Super 8, and the fourth installment of the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The new Pirates footage shows that the sequel will include all things “pirate” that were left out of the last three; i.e. mermaids, peg legs, sexy Spanish seafarers, Blackbeard (played by Ian McShane), and even zombies (alright, maybe zombies are not a usual staple in pirate stories, but by now we’ve learned to succumb to whatever floats Jerry Bruckheimer’s boat). You’ll also see Johnny Depp in all his Captain Jack Sparrow glory acting exactly as you would expect, though I’m not saying that’s a bad thing (Depp lightly explains his character’s “limited” character arch here). Pirates is slated to hit theatres May 20th 2011, and also stars Geoffrey Rush, Penelope Cruz and Judie Dench. Hit the jump to check out the new footage.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks to Join THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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Fresh off the success of his recent collaboration with Christopher Nolan in Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises.  Since the former child actor showed he could hold a leading man role all on his own in (500) Days of Summer, his schedule has been piling up. This April, we’ll see Levitt teaming up with Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson in Hesher. Later this year, Levitt will battle cancer in the comedy Live With It. Next year he’ll join Bruce Willis in the futuristic mob film Looper, and headline the David Koepp (Ghost Town) thriller Premium Rush.

It seems there’s nothing Levitt can’t tackle, but the question of the day is: what will his role be in The Dark Knight Rises? We know Hathaway is set to strap on the Catwoman getup and Tom Hardy will become the brute force known as Bane, but how will Levitt complement this cast? (Deadline‘s report is short on details.) Out of all the characters in the Batman universe, which one do you think Levitt should embody?  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20, 2012.  Click here for all our previous Batman coverage.


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It seems Oscar winning scribe Eric Roth, who has penned such greats as Forest Gump, Munich, and — if you’re into disturbing stories of age reversal — The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is now attached to the troubled Jim Carrey vehicle Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. According to Deadline, Roth will completely rewrite the script that has previously been attempted by Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewskie and John Collee.

We first heard of the film’s development back in 2007, but for various reasons the project was stalled. Fans of Jim Carrey (as well as fans of two headed people, crazy stories of survival, mutated goats, etc.) may exalt because now we have more reason to look forward to the film… as well as reason to believe it will actually be completed. But keep aware, Jim Carrey will not be replacing Dean Cain on TBS (although that would be outlandish fun). Instead, this will be a film following the life of Robert Ripley (played by Carrey) as he explores exotic places searching for unusual people.  Check out why this project has long been in development purgatory after the jump:

Live-Action CALL OF DUTY Video by YouTuber Freddie Wong

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Earlier this month we brought you a Lego version of the popular video game Call of Duty. Now, here’s an awesome video I found on Youtuber Freddy Wong’s channel that gives us a live-action adaptation of the first person shooter that stays truer to the game than I ever thought possible. If you visit Freddy W’s profile, you’ll be sure to find some of the most innovative homemade videos that make the best out of equipment which is not too expensive or unattainable. You’ll see that he is a huge fan of guns…lots of guns…and utilizes them to create some extremely well developed fight scenes. In fact, his work has quietly been so well received that he’s been able to enlist the help of a couple celebrities to be part of his videos, including Andy Whitfield (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) and Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men).

Check out his latest video as well as my favorite Freddy W gun-fest after the jump.

Trailer for THE OTHER WOMAN Starring Natalie Portman

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Just the other day, we brought you the first poster for the Natalie Portman film The Other Woman. Today, the trailer for the film has been released online and shows the gifted Black Swan thespian at it again in another dramatic and poignant role. The film also stars Scott Cohen and Lisa Kudrow. Based on the Ayelet Waldman novel Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, the film tells the story of Emilia (Portman), “a Harvard law school graduate and a newlywed, having just married Jack (Scott Cohen), a high-powered New York lawyer, who was her boss – and married – when she began working at his law firm.” Directed by Don Roos, whose previous credits include helming The Opposite of Sex and writing the screenplay for Marley and Me, the drama is set to be released on Video On Demand by IFC on January 1st, 2011, but will see a theatrical release on February 4th.

Check out a synopsis of the novel, as well as the trailer after the jump:

Daft Punk Talks About Their Experience With TRON: LEGACY

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Shrouded in mystery, the helmeted French techno-pop duo known as Daft Punk have been creating some serious buzz in the scene of electronic dance music since the early 90’s. They’ve won Grammy Awards, created fusions of techno and rock, helped evolve the raving subculture, and maintained a serious dedication to helmet hair whenever in the public eye (…not sure if they shower with them too, but I would never doubt it). And now with the release of Tron: Legacy and their subsequent film-scoring debut, they are truly at the top of their game.

Their score for the futuristic sci-fi film will combine a full orchestra with their already rich sounds, and if you’ve already heard pieces like “Derezzed” or any other part of the soundtrack, you know it delivers a thick, colorful sound that will make you want to tap your feet in the theatre (as long as you can remove them from the goo that covers the floor). In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the pair discuss how they came on board to score the movie and their opinions on the film’s themes, their view on technology today, how the soundtrack was influenced by Lawrence of Arabia, and their plans for the future.

Hit the jump to check out what Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (yeah, those are their names) had to say:

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