Danny Pudi Talks COUGAR TOWN References, Pop Culture Knowledge, and Looking Like Jamie Lee Curtis on the Set of COMMUNITY

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There’s a variety of personalities that are interlaced in the study group on NBC’s Community, but the most eccentric of them all is Abed Nadir, played by Danny Pudi. At the beginning of the series he came off as the stereotypical socially awkward, nerdy type who quickly developed into a wonderfully complex character who’s going through even more of an identity crisis during the second half of this season. Will Evil Abed reign supreme in his mind? We don’t know, but we certainly want to find out.

We got the chance to speak with Danny Pudi about Abed being pushed to the limit this season, how fascinating it is he knows so much about pop culture and anymore possible Cougar Town references.

Yvette Nicole Brown COMMUNITY Set Visit Interview

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Yvette Nicole Brown Community interview slice

If there’s one thing that Community isn’t short on, it’s strong women.  Easily one of the most powerful women in the show is Shirley, played by Yvette Nicole Brown.  Her character was at first portrayed to be just a kind-hearted religious mother but as the seasons went by we got a better look at her complex personality and how that sometimes clashes with some members of the study group.  Though the study group has had it’s differences in the past, Shirley has helped bring them back together.  She’s the heart and soul of the group.

Back in February we got the chance to sit down and speak with Yvette Brown, dressed in hospital garb, not only about the latest episode but her love for the fans and how the season finale could possibly wrap up the entire show.

Gillian Jacobs Talks Switching Episode Order, Britta and Troy Pairings, Fan Art and More on the Set of COMMUNITY

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The character of Britta Perry on NBC’s Community doesn’t always have the best of luck when it comes to men or communicating with the group half of the time, but it’s just a couple of the many things about her kooky personality that television watchers absolutely love about her.  Now that she’s figured out what she’s majoring in, psychology, her outspoken personality is even louder, which most of the group notices but still chooses to ignore.  Britta, played by Gillian Jacobs, has already had her share of ups and downs during the second half of this season, but how will it all play out for her character by the end of it?

We recently got the opportunity to visit the set of Community and participated in a group interview with with Gillian Jacobs.  She talked about what’s going on with Britta and Troy, what they were filming that day, fan art, would they ever do a live show, and a lot more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Joel McHale Talks Homage Episodes, Character Deaths, a BLADE RUNNER Parody, and More on the Set of COMMUNITY

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The study group wouldn’t be the same, or would not have even formed, if it weren’t for Jeff Winger’s desire to get with Britta. Each one of the characters on the show bring something wonderfully unique to the group, but Jeff clearly is the leader, though that hasn’t always been the case.  Now we’re just a couple of episodes away from the season finale of Community, and it’s been pretty up and down for the whole Greendale crew.  Not only have they dealt with death and the Blanket/Pillow war, but the entire cast and crew had to deal with a long hiatus in between this third season.

A few weeks ago Collider got the chance to speak with several of the actors from Community.  We got the chance to sit down with Joel McHale, the jokester, who not only talked about the hiatus but the future of the group and the great guest stars they got to work with this half of the season.   Hit the jump to watch the interview.

Corey Feldman, Lupe Ontiveros, Richard Donner, and Mike Fenton Reflect on THE GOONIES 25th Anniversary

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To mark the release of the 25th Anniversary DVD and Blu-ray of The Goonies, the cast and crew — including director Richard Donner, casting director Mike Fenton, and stars Corey Feldman and Lupe Ontiveros — chatted with us about their experiences on set and being a part of such a memorable film.  Everyone has a favorite film of the eighties — one that resonates with them throughout the years. Doesn’t matter what genre it is. There’s just something about the movie that sticks with a person.

Donner took a fantasy adventure about a group of kids finding a pirate treasure map and made it into one of the most memorable family films in the past thirty years. Hit the jump to hear the cast and crew reflect on the 25th anniversary.

How Close was a GOONIES Sequel? Plus Richard Donner Says THE GOONIES Might be a Broadway Musical

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“Goonies never say die,” and apparently the same went for a possible sequel. After having the pleasure of covering the press day for the 25th anniversary DVD/Blu-ray release of The Goonies, we were able to catch up with Richard Donner and company talking about the Goonies sequel that almost-was, along with what the future holds for this property.

In this day and age sequels are a dime a dozen. If there’s any sort of an open ending to a movie, whether it was released two to twenty years ago, there’s a high chance it’ll be turned around into a sequel. Within the past few years there’s been a resurgence of eighties films that have made their rounds on the sequels or remake tracks. The more popular, the better chance the film could get green lit for one of the two to happen, which is why it’s no wonder The Goonies was under our sequel radar for awhile now.  Hit the jump for more:

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