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Near the end of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Robin Williams talks to Ben Stiller about accepting when it’s time to bid farewell to a loved one. The film is filled with flaccid attempts to pull at our heartstrings, but within the context of Williams’ untimely passing this moment is painfully bittersweet. Unfortunately, the rest of the film’s emotional and comedic moments fall flat as we watch Stiller lazily trudge through another series of museum misadventures.

JUSTIFIED Recap – “Restitution”

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justified timothy olyphant

And another season of Justified has come and gone.  The show has always been adept at juggling multiple storylines, but this was the first season where the plots felt a bit disjointed.  While the season started uncharacteristically gloomy and many of the stories dragged (how long did it take Boyd to move his drugs outta Mexico?), the past three weeks have been fantastic as they drove home the season’s recurring theme of family ruination.  Now we close with “Restitution,” a finale that puts a cap on many of these story lines and sets us up for one barnburner of a final season.  More on this week’s Justified after the break.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Starvation”

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justified timothy olyphant

Heading into its season finale, Justified picked up a lot of steam with “Starvation.”  The pressure is at a boiling point for nearly every character: from Raylan and Boyd, on down to Jimmy and Mike.  To make matters worse, the Mexicans are in town, turning the heat up under Duffy’s ass.  This episode really saw all the major characters at their most desperate, making for one solidly entertaining 45 minutes of television.  More on this week’s episode of Justified after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “The Toll”

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Some of the complaints (including my own) revolving around this season of Justified have to do with Raylan taking the hypothetical backseat to Boyd’s sluggish heroin shipment, Ava’s dour prison story line, and the Crowe’s family feud.  He’s been there to crack wise and deliver his ever reliable comic relief, but what he’s lacked in season 5 is drive – some incentive to get him to do more than hope to be transferred.  Well “The Toll” certainly gave him a powerful goal to strive for.  And it happened to be one that Raylan is damn good at achieving.  More on this episode of Justified after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Weight”

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justified timothy olyphant

Season five of Justified is now in its home stretch.  With only three episodes left, there are still some elements to interlace if we’re to look back on this as a cohesive season.  “Weight” contained some big moments, including the loss of two great supporting characters and a visit to one of Harlan’s sleaziest rogues who we haven’t seen since season 3.  More on this episode of Justfied after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Wrong Roads”

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justified timothy olyphant

Season 5 of Justified has so far been the least cohesive.  It’s still been good, even great at times, but the show always works best when the individual story lines click together, something this season hasn’t been too keen on.  Until now.  “Wrong Roads” brought the show’s current lineup of riff raff together for 53 minutes of standoffs and revelations.  While Raylan still seems peripheral to the major story, he did get one ugly look in the hypothetical mirror.  More on “Wrong Roads” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Whistle Past the Graveyard”

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justified timothy olyphant

Justified has two of the strongest leads on television today in Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.  The show is always better when these two are together, but they’re each solid enough to carry separate stories.  Which is great, because their paths still haven’t converged in season 5.  Instead, Boyd is still trying to get outta Mexico with his drugs and Raylan got a standalone story that revealed some interesting truths about Wendy and Kendal Crowe.  More thoughts on “Whistle Past the Graveyard” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Raw Deal”

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justified timothy olyphant

Now that much of the Justified‘s encumbering characters have been shaved away (Lee Paxton, Mooney, Mara), season five has been able to focus on more engaging aspects of the story.  And while the writers have always been great at juggling multiple storylines, this season feels the most disjointed so far.  Particularly on Raylan’s side of town, where this week seemed to be a disconnected one-off story.  I guess Raylan needed something to do while Boyd and the Crowes headed south of the border.  We’re now seven episodes deep and it’s still blurry how all these plots are going to collide.  More on the entertaining as hell “Raw Deal” after the break. 

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Kill the Messenger”

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justified timothy olyphant

After the bloodbath that was “Shot All to Hell,” this week’s “Kill the Messenger” moved around the pieces of Justified even more on the playing field of Harlan.  A lot of side characters and superfluous plots were washed away last week (in blood), so this episode took the folks that were left over and saw them forming unlikely alliances and making revelations, then sweeping them under the carpet for the time being.  And one story line that’s felt like deadweight the entire season inches closer towards being more interesting.  More of my thoughts on “Kill the Messenger” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Shot All to Hell”

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justified timothy olyphant slice

“Shot All to Hell” is an appropriate title for this episode, huh?  This one was absolutely ruthless from start to finish, with a lot of plays stuffed into 45 minutes.  In particular, many violent plays that disposed of some folks who were proving to be major players so far this season.  For those that were left alive, the proverbial shit has hit the fan.  Especially on the Crowder side of town.  And while things started to look up for Raylan, he finished the episode by making one bold, unexpected move that puts him on the chopping block.  This was one damn impressive outing in Harlan.  More of my thoughts on Justified’s “Shot All to Hell” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Over the Mountain”

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justified timothy olyphant

Now that’s what I’m talking about.  “Over the Mountain” laced together all of the elements introduced in the previous three episodes, which means Raylan finally had some real work to do.  Did he find the time to have a romp in the sack with his new blonde?  Of course he did, but he also made himself useful as an actual lawman.  Justified is at its finest when juggling multiple storylines, then having them collide headfirst.  “Over the Mountain” delivered on that and more.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on the episode.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Good Intentions”

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justified timothy olyphant

We’re now three episodes into season 3 of Justified and Boyd’s story is far more interesting than Raylan’s.  Timothy Olyphant is still as mesmerizing as ever, but there’s really nothing too engrossing going on in the life of our favorite law-bending lawman at the moment.  Although, a good alternate title for this episode could be “Raylan Getting Blue Balls.”  It’s over on the Crowder side of town where things are wickedly engaging, as Boyd and Duffy get to the bottom of who hit their Canadian shipment and Mara continues swimming with the sharks.  More of my thoughts on this episode of Justified after the break.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “The Kids Aren’t Alright”

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justified timothy olyphant

After a rather gloomy season premiere, “The Kids Aren’t Alright” delivered a hefty amount Justified‘s refined blend of dark humor and two-fisted justice.  Another appropriate title for this episode could’ve been “How Raylan Got His Groove Back,” as Marshall Givens pursued yet another blonde who’s sure to complicate his already thorny life.  For all of this episode’s amusements, however, it did end on a bloody declaration of war.  The drug game’s a bitch down south, huh?  More of my review of this episode after the jump.


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insidious 2 ty simpkins

Director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell‘s 2011 creeper Insidious was a box office success, even though the general consensus was that the second half sucked.  But since it made a profit, a sequel was only natural.  The filmmaking duo have fallen into the trappings of sequels before with the Saw franchise that they started, but for Insidious: Chapter 2 they decided to take the reigns themselves.  The result is a mixed bag of cheap jump scares and effective atmosphere that makes you wonder, was this a story that really needed to be told?  Now Insidious: Chapter 2 is available on a solid Sony Blu-ray.  Hit the jump for my review of the package.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “A Murder of Crowes”

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justified timothy olyphant

Season 4 of Justified left many of its characters in new positions of power and submission.  Boyd finds himself a bittersweet drug kingpin for Detroit.  Raylan is a father now (albeit an absent one).  And Dewey Crowe, hell, at least he has his kidneys.  The season premiere sets up a bunch of story lines involving these new positions that will most likely be intertwining further on, which is something the show has always pulled off nicely.  There was a grim tone to the premiere (to match its impressive body count), but the show’s familiar sharp wit and dark humor were as strong as ever to balance the bleakness.  More of my look at “A Murder of Crowes” after the jump.

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