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The most dangerous time in an actor’s career is shortly after a successful property comes to an end.  Being part of something that has an eternal life in pop culture is something most actors dream about, but the double-edged sword of viewers always seeing the actor as the character that made him or her famous has cut down many a careers.  Daniel Radcliffe takes his first major step away from the comfortable confines of the Harry Potter franchise through a doorway used by hundreds of sci-fi actors: the horror movie.  The Woman in Black is out on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Our review is after the jump.


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Modern spy fiction owes debts to two British authors. Ian Fleming created James Bond, who became the spy movie franchise over the past few decades. Fleming’s formula has also worked in dozens of other films—beautiful girls, clever gadgets, exotic locations. The other fiction spymaster is John LeCarre. LeCarre’s spies are so authentic some of the terms he created for his spies to use came to be used in the real world. LeCarre’s most famous work, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, was recently made into a film for those looking to get lost in the wilderness of mirrors. We review the DVD after the jump.


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Projects in Hollywood need a name attached—script quality and director’s vision and rarely make a project happen until someone that Hollywood trusts to make money joins the project.  The Sunset Limited is scripted by the writer of No Country For Old Men, starring Samuel L. Jackson squaring off against Tommy Lee Jones.  Who wins in this face-off between two actors loved by so many?  Check out our review after the jump.

THE DEBT Blu-ray Review

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Tis the season for dead drops and tricked out gadgets. 2011 is ending with a bang thanks to a few big name spy movies coming out at the end of the year Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is a perfect fit for the action junkies.  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy appeals to those looking for more double crosses and trust issues.  Another spy film just hit DVD and Blu-Ray from earlier in the year. The Debt comes packed with big-name English actors, an Academy Award winning director and a story that spans three decades. Is it worth accepting this mission? Check out our review after the jump.

30 ROCK Season Five DVD Review

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30 Rock has come a long way from being the “Untitled Tina Fey Project”. While it hasn’t been a ratings blockbuster, it’s crawled its way inside pop culture in a way other shows would kill for. It’s also launched (and relaunched) the careers of its leads, Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. The fifth season of a show is a milestone of its success, since it now has enough episodes to sell to syndicators. Being able to sell the same work multiple times is always a good feeling. Does the show still have what it takes? Hit the jump to take a look at how season five pans out.

THE OFFICE 10th Anniversary Edition DVD Review

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It seems like when influential TV shows are discussed, anything past the 1980’s is left off the list. Things peter out around All in the Family and come to a stop right around Seinfeld. That’s nearly two decades worth of shows left out of the conversation. One of these shows recently released a 10th anniversary edition. The Office may only have two short English seasons and a 2-part Christmas special under it’s belt, but its influence has been felt in modern television for a decade. Our review is after the jump.


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Seth Green lives a life that would make many geeks sell their souls to El Diablo Robotico. He’s been a part of multiple defining franchises ranging from Austin Powers to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s gotten George Lucas to laugh at the excesses of Star Wars. And, for the past five years, he’s been getting paid to play with dolls on camera. It’s hard to believe Robot Chicken has been around for that long, but the season five DVD is here. More on the new set after the jump.

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