Director John Badham Talks WARGAMES, Seth Gordon’s Remake, and the Secret to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’s Success at the Tribeca Film Festival

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WarGames left theaters nearly three decades ago, but a special screening and panel at The Tribeca Film Festival showed little erosion on its emotional impact or the immediacy of its ethical questions.  The production wasn’t easy on Its director, John Badham, who came in mid-shoot to right the production.  Having not screened it for 15 years, the filmmaker had enough perspective to be able to truly enjoy his work.  Hit the jump for our interview with Badham, including some pretty incredible backstory from the set, how he handled the controversial production, his thoughts on Seth Gordon’s upcoming WarGames remake and why another of his classics, Saturday Night Fever, is still relevant.

Ally Sheedy Talks WARGAMES and Seth Gordon’s Remake at the Tribeca Film Festival

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In 1983, Ally Sheedy catapulted to stardom as Jennifer, the beautiful girl next door, in WarGames, about a computer hacker (played by Matthew Broderick) whose innocent prying turns into a game gone very wrong, with potentially global consequences.  Instant stardom and a successful film career followed.  29 years later, the award-winning actress revisited her role, as part of a Tribeca Film Festival panel on the film and the ethical questions it continues to raise.

Hit the jump for our interview with Sheedy and her thoughts on seeing the film for the first time since its release, its relevance, Seth Gordon’s upcoming remake (including casting options) and more.

Robert De Niro Gives Updates on Sequels to MIDNIGHT RUN and RAGING BULL at the Tribeca Film Festival

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Robert De Niro says one of his buzzed about sequels is progressing, while he wasn’t aware of another that has long been rumored.  At a Tribeca Film Festival panel with the Oscar-winning actor & award winning writer/director/producer Judd Apatow to mark the 100th anniversary of Universal Pictures, De Niro talked about follow-ups to the studio’s 1988 hit comedy Midnight Run and the film which won him a Best Actor Oscar, Raging Bull.

Hit the jump to see which is likely and which is, well, more complicated.

Gary Oldman Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, His Paralyzing Fear Of TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY, CALL OF DUTY, and a Lot More

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Gary Oldman wrapped up his 3-day, 7-film retrospective at New York’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema with a fun, extended Q&A after Wednesday night’s screening of his Oscar-nominated performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

The first time Academy Award nominee fielded questions from a theater filled with hundreds of his fans with nearly an hour.  Oldman also hung around for autographs, pictures and additional questions.  Hit the jump for stories from the set of The Dark Knight Rises, his paralyzing doubt on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and what he thought while watching Heath Ledger as The Joker.

Lynne Ramsay Talks WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, the Patti Smith Biopic, Adapting FRANKENSTEIN & Her Sci-Fi Take On DAS BOOT Meets MOBY DICK In Outer Space

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We Need To Talk About Kevin has been gathering acclaim since its debut at last year’s Cannes Film Festival.  Lynne Ramsay‘s first film since her 2002 critical hit Morvern Callar, paints a claustrophobic nightmare for the mother of an evil son whose committed unspeakable acts.

The film begins a gradual, national rollout this weekend in New York as its star, Tilda Swinton is a Best Actress nominee (Motion Picture-Drama), across the country, at Sunday’s Golden Globes in Beverly Hills.  Ramsay’s also seen her share of glory for Kevin, including a Best Director win at the British Independent Film Awards (England’s equivalent of the Indie Spirits).  The writer/director made time for Collider during a hectic press tour.  Hit the jump for the transcription and audio of her interview about Kevin, including lots of exclusive details on why she probably won’t give Patti Smith‘s autobiography a big screen treatment, other biopics of rock icons she’s turned down and what she really thought of Peter Jackson‘s King Kong. Warning: Spoilers ahead.


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After setting heads nodding and knees bouncing in unison at Sundance, Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest got a Tribeca Film Festival crowd moving to the beat and, occasionally, to tears, for its homecoming screening.  Shown in the city that gave rise to the documentary’s titular characters, the New York premiere had a distinctly family vibe.

Hit the jump for audio and highlights from one of the festival’s liveliest q&a sessions all week.  Director Michael Rapaport and ATCQ members Malik Taylor (a.k.a. Phife Dawg) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (seeing the film on a big screen for the 1st time) took the stage after the packed screening at the festival’s biggest venue: the Borough of Manhattan Community College Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

Director Tom McCarthy Talks WIN WIN, THE MILLION DOLLAR ARM, Working for Pixar & Making UP, More

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Paul Giamatti & Tom Shaffer Win Win slice

After three weeks of rave reviews in selected cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and Phoenix, Win Win expanded to a host of new cities this weekend.  It paid off with $5,398 per theater, (in the top 5 averages over the past 3 days) and $1.22 million overall.  We’ve spread out our interviews with the film’s Oscar-nominated stars Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and newcomer Alex Shaffer through the platform release because highly praised independent films which actually exceed that hype are rare and deserve all the extended support that sites like the one you’re reading can provide.

That brings us to our fourth installment: an interview with the film’s Oscar-nominated filmmaker Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor and Up).  For a writer, director and actor who is so meticulous about his work on both sides of the camera, he was surprisingly open about his process in all three disciplines.  Hit the jump for the interview’s audio and transcript, including a look inside Pixar, the latest on The Million Dollar Arm, how Patricia Clarkson one-upped him on The Station Agent and his memories of an indie film trailblazer.  Continued after the jump.

James Wan & Leigh Whannell INSIDIOUS Interview; The SAW Creators Also Discuss Their Untitled Sci-Fi Project, NIGHTFALL, and Recent Horror Remakes

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Insidious got off to a solid start this weekend.  The horror film outperformed expectations of $10 million for an impressive 3rd place at the box office with an estimated $13.5 million.  It marks the first big screen pairing in four years of Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell as director and writer and surprisingly just their third feature-length collaboration in those roles.  Their latest project follows a young family (Watchmen star Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne of Damages fame play the parents of two boys) who have just moved into a new home when bizarre events occur that make the mortgage the least frightening aspect of their new purchase.  Insidious appears to be a traditional haunted house film until the plot takes a major turn.

Collider caught up with director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell (who also provides some comic relief onscreen) for a very revealing interview.  Hit the jump for the audio and transcript, including: updates on their future projects, a candid take on some high-profile horror remakes and stories of some formerly condescending classmates who have a very different take on their work these days.

Alex Shaffer Interview WIN WIN

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Win Win is easily one of the best-reviewed films of 2011.  The film’s success is especially impressive, given that it rests so heavily on the performance of a teenager whose only prior acting experience came in a high school class and a small role in his 6th grade production of The Pirates of Penzance.  17-year-old Alex Shaffer delivers a strikingly assured film debut opposite three Oscar nominees: (Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan and Burt Young), an Emmy winner (Bobby Cannavale) and a 6-time Emmy nominee (Jeffrey Tambor).  Luckily for the film, which continues its national rollout this weekend in a host of new cities and theaters, Alex wasn’t phased.

Shaffer filled Collider in on how much his life has changed since he went to the fateful audition that he had to be hassled into attending by a friend.  Hit the jump for the audio and transcript of our lively exchange, including stories of why he had a hard time staying awake on set, whether he’d still pick wrestling over acting and which famous actor had him tongue-tied at Sundance.

Amy Ryan Exclusive Interview WIN WIN; Also Talks IN TREATMENT and THE OFFICE

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The next few days have big things in store for Amy Ryan.  Tonight’s highly publicized episode of The Office features her character, Holly Flax, getting engaged to Michael Scott (Steve Carell).  Tomorrow, her newest widely praised film Win Win expands into a number of major markets across the U.S.  She recently filled Collider in on both, along with news of whether she’ll be back on In Treatment. Hit the jump for our exclusive sit-down.

Paul Giamatti Exclusive Interview WIN WIN; Plus Updates on the Philip K. Dick Biopic, a Spider-Man Villain He’d Love to Play & More

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Fresh off a triumphant debut at the Sundance Film Festival, Win Win kicks off a national rollout in New York and Los Angeles today.  Collider sat down with its star, Paul Giamatti for a fun back-and-forth on the film, along with some surprising revelations.  Hit the jump for the audio and transcript, along with his vision for the long-gestating Philip K. Dick biopic, tales of the undeniable sway his American Splendor counterpart Harvey Pekar had with women, and a Spider-Man villain Giamatti’s eyed since childhood.

Chad Troutwine Interview – The FREAKONOMICS Producer On How He Picked The Dream Team Of Documentarians & a Few Huge Names That Fell Out

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Freakonomics makes its way to DVD on January 18th after a run in theaters and various On Demand outlets ranging from cable TV to iTunes. The big-screen adaptation of the runaway 2005 bestseller features the work of six of the highest-profile directors working in documentary film.  They include: Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady (2007 Oscar nominees for Jesus Camp), Alex Gibney (2008 Oscar winner for Taxi To The Dark Side & a 2011 Oscar short-lister for Best Documentary with Client 9: The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer), Seth Gordon (The King Of Kong), Eugene Jarecki (2005 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner for Why We Fight) and Morgan Spurlock (2005 Oscar Nominee for Super Size Me which is, as of today, still the most popular rental for any documentary on iTunes).

Collider caught up with the film’s producer Chad Troutwine.  Hit the jump for the audio and transcription of our interview, including great stories about how the idea came about and which high-profile directors almost took part.

Barry Pepper Exclusive Interview; The CASINO JACK Star Opens Up About DC, THE KENNEDYS and Terrence Malick’s New Film

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America’s political system has been a favorite subject of filmmakers for decades.  The reasons are clear.  There’s enough grandstanding, scandal, backstabbing and intrigue in a week on Capitol Hill to fill a season of any network soap opera.  Take the latest entry into the genre.  Casino Jack, in the early stages of a nationwide rollout, follows the real-life story of so-called super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff who served time in prison for defrauding four Native American tribes out of tens of millions of dollars and trading money and gifts for political favors from some of DC’s biggest power brokers.  While the scandal landed public officials in prison, the film has landed Kevin Spacey a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) and very positive reviews for Barry Pepper as Abramoff’s protégé Michael Scanlon.

Pepper recently sat down with Collider for a wide-ranging conversation.  Hit the jump for the interview’s full audio and transcript, including his view of Washington, whether he’d run for office, his wild experience on a new Terrence Malick film and his very thorough research to play Robert F. Kennedy.

Danny Boyle Exclusive Interview 127 HOURS; Plus Updates on Shekhar Kapur’s PAANI, FRANKENSTEIN, the Olympics, and a Lot More

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The biggest constant in Danny Boyle’s career is change.  The 54-year-old director left a successful run in British theater and television to tackle a striking range of genres on film: horror, romantic comedy, family drama, thriller, dark comedy, among others.  This weekend’s limited release of his real-life man vs. nature film, 127 Hours, marked the first time Boyle has let one actor fully drive a film.  The venture paid off with a lead performance from James Franco that is getting rave reviews and the lion’s share of early buzz for the upcoming awards season.

This will also be the Oscar winner’s last directorial effort on film for some time.  Boyle is the artistic director of the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony and will smooth that transition from film to live events with a return to theater as the director of a new adaptation of Frankenstein at the Royal National Theatre in England.  He recently gave Collider a host of new details on the play, how 127 Hours was inspired by Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, revelations about his real-life subject Aron Ralston and why Slumdog Millionaire is far from his last production in India.  Hit the jump for the full audio and transcription.

Cary Elwes Exclusive Interview: The SAW 3D Star on Bookending the Franchise, TINTIN & YELLOW SUBMARINE

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Very few actors find a project that connects so strongly with fans that it becomes an obsession.  Cary Elwes is among a smaller group that’s done it twice.  The unassuming British actor burst onto film screens as Westley in The Princess Bride in 1987 and still gets fan letters from a generation that was born after its release.  In 2004, Elwes tapped into a very different fan base with the smash hit Saw.  It scared up more than $103 million worldwide.  Not bad for a film that barely cost $1 million to make.  Additionally, more than a few industry observers have said it helped to save Lionsgate, the studio that bought it just prior to its world premiere at Sundance.  Five intervening films and $633 million in global box office later, the British actor returned to help bookend the series in Saw 3D.

Elwes filled Collider in on the film recently.  Hit the jump for the interview’s full audio and transcript along with his take on the R rating, why no one with a heart condition or a baby on the way should see the film, the Yellow Submarine remake, twisting Steven Spielberg’s arm into a part in Tintin, and the lasting impact of The Princess Bride.

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