ENDER’S GAME Set Visit, Part Two: The Surreality of Meeting Harrison Ford

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Midway through February of last year, the good folks at Lionsgate invited about half-a-dozen members of the online press (myself included) out to New Orleans, where director Gavin Hood was midway through production on his $110m adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s  seminal sci-fi novel, Ender’s Game.  Initially, it sounded like it’d be the usual studio-sponsored field trip:  we’d take a tour of some sort, watch a scene or two being filmed, cast members would be made available for interviews, and at some point the film’s director would find the time to talk to us about how things were coming along.  Pretty standard, far as set visits go.

As it turns out, our day on the Ender’s Game set was anything but “standard”.  Meet me after the jump to find out why we needed NASA clearance to get on Hood’s set, what kind of sets you can build inside a 1.87 million square foot building, and what happened during our two separate run-ins with Colonel Graff himself, Harrison Ford.

Collider Visits the Set of ENDER’S GAME Part One: 25 Things to Know About Gavin Hood’s Epic Sci-Fi Adaptation

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I’m just outside New Orleans, standing inside a massive space that’s been filled with what I can only describe as a military base that’s been constructed inside a series of oddly-shaped boulders.  They’ve built it for real, and it dwarfs the group of journalists who’ve come to visit the set of Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game.  As we watch on a bank of monitors, we see director Gavin Hood direct Asa Butterfield (clad in military cadet garb and almost unrecognizable as the street urchin who scampered his way through Martin Scorsese’s Hugo), and it’s the same “set-up, take, cut, talking; set-up, take, cut, talking” process you see on every set visit.

Except this time Harrison Ford—Indiana goddamn Jones himself—walks up, stands next to us, and nods a hello when I look up to see who’s wandered over.  It is immediately one of the most surreal moments of my life.  But it’s far from the last amazing thing I’d witness during my Ender’s Game set visit.  Find out what else I saw—and what you need to know before the film’s November 1st release—after the jump.

Limited Paper: WORLD WAR Z Invades Poster World with New Artwork from Marko Manev, David Moscati, Matt Ferguson, Chris Garofalo and Marie Bergeron

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Like a lot of you guys, Limited Paper’s intrigued to get a look at Marc Forster’s World War Z, the  big-budget, epic-scale, Brad Pitt-starring adaptation of the beloved Max Brooks novel.  But whereas everyone else has been asking questions like “How’s the CGI on the zombies?” or “How faithful is the film to the book?”, our primary concern is this:  “Will there be World War Z posters?”

There will, in fact, be World War Z posters, and we’ve got the images and specs direct from the people at Paramount to prove it.  Wanna see the prints that artists Marko Manev, David Moscati, Marie Bergeron, Matt Ferguson, and Chris Garofolo created in anticipation of the film’s June 21st release?  Wanna know where to get ‘em, and how some very cool World War Z fan are is involved?  Answers await you after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces Second ADVENTURE TIME Gallery Show from Artists JJ Harrison, Rich Kelly, Craig Drake; BLACK BEETLE Online Drop

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Mondo’s made no secret of the fact that they’re really, really, really into Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network’s blockbuster animated series, Adventure Time.  Last year, they held a special marathon screening for the series at the Alamo Drafthouse (complete with an Adventure Time-themed menu, which gave birth do the Rainicorn-colored hot dogs that still making regular appearances in Limited Paper’s most terrifying nightmares), released a print to commemorate the event, and opened an Adventure Time-themed gallery show.

Sporadic Adventure Time-themed releases were dropped in the months that followed, often enough that rumors circulated that a second AT-themed show was headed to the Mondo Gallery.  And—as some of you may have already heard—the rumor’s now been confirmed:  a second Adventure Time-themed showcase will open towards the end of this month…and this time Ward’s series is bringing J.G. Quintel’s Regular Show along for the ride.  More on this (as well as an update re: Francesco Francavilla’s Black Beetle print) after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Check Out Bottleneck Gallery and Marko Manev’s Latest Superhero Noir Print Mutants

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Bottleneck-Gallery-Marko-Manev-Superhero-Noir-Mutants slice 2

If you’re a regular Limited Paper reader, then you’ll probably recall that we’ve featured artist Marko Manev’s Superhero Noir series on several occasions.  Released exclusively via our friends at NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery, it’s one of the more entertaining and unique ongoing series in Poster World, and—head’s up, collectors—the latest installment’s going to drop via the Bottleneck Gallery website at 12pm EST (pretty much any minute now).  Wanna quick look at the piece before you settle in for some F5’ing over at the Bottleneck website?  Sure ya do.  Meet me after the jump.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces Two New Posters by Tom Whalen, WIZARD OF OZ and KNIGHTY KNIGHT BUGS

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What with everything else that’s been going on over the past few months, you’d be forgiven if you completely forgot that Mondo and artist Tom Whalen’s Looney Tunes series (which, you’ll recall, began all the way back in March of 2012 with Whalen’s fantastic Duck Dodgers print) was still not wrapped.  Yes, it’s been awhile, but earlier today the Mondo crew revealed that the next installment is only hours away from dropping…and then it’s being accompanied by another Whalen print that’ll be of great interest to L. Frank Baum fans.  Read all about it after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Reveals New Francesco Francavilla Poster For THE BLACK BEETLE, Available at HeroCon

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Let’s say you’re a fan of the work being done by Mondo and the work being done in Dark Horse ComicsThe Black Beetle by artist and all-around badass Francesco Francavilla.  You know that Francavilla and Mondo have worked together in the past, so your greatest wish is for the Mondo crew to release a screenprinted poster based not on another genre movie…but on Francavilla’s celebrated comic series.  If this sounds familiar, today’s your lucky day.  Meet me after the jump for more info, folks.

Limited Paper Exclusive: New Artwork from Mark Englert and Steve Courtney for iam8bit’s Latest Video Game-Themed Showcase

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mark englert teenage mutant ninja turtles

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a billion times: there simply isn’t enough video game-themed artwork to go around these days.  Perhaps a day will come when a Martin Ansin Bioshock, a Tyler Stout Fallout: New Vegas, and an Olly Moss Silent Hill will hang on Limited Paper’s walls, but until that day we will continue beating this very particular drum.

Luckily, Limited Paper isn’t alone in this battle: the good folks at iam8bit are fighting the good fight along with us, and next Friday they’re going to debut an all-new showcase of video game-themed pieces…and they’ve lined up guys like Olly Moss, Mark Englert, JC Richards, Aled Lewis, and Steve Courtney.  Wanna see a couple of exclusive reveals?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Releases Two New SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Prints to Celebrate Alamo Drafthouse’s New Themed Wines

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The Alamo Drafthouse brand has grown exponentially over the past few years, a fact that can almost certainly be attributed to the company’s willingness to try fun, new things.   Of course the ascent of Mondo has helped matters, but the Drafthouse brand has also grown to include film distribution (with an Oscar nomination right outta the gate), a neverending series of specialty screenings, Fantastic Fest,  and much more.  Included amongst that “and much more”?  Movie-themed wines.

Last year, the Drafthouse released a pair of Princess Bride-themed wines, and apparently their venture into wine country was successful enough to develop another pair of cinema-themed potables.  And what better film to pair with wine than Jonathan Demme’s psychological thriller, The Silence of The Lambs?  Take a look at the new wines—and the Mondo posters being released in support of their arrival—after the jump.

Limited Paper: Hero Complex Gallery’s ARCH NEMESIS Opens Friday with New Art by Craig Drake, Laurent Durieux, Marko Manev, Tim Anderson and More

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Despite what Hero Complex Gallery’s name might lead you to believe, not every HCG show is superhero-related.  Often clever, generally awesome, and featuring a consistently talented pool of artists?  Yes, for sure.  Wall-to-wall prints featuring spandex-clad mutants, Kryptonian refugees, and/or unkillable Canadians with razor-sharp claws?  Not so much.

Their next show– Arch Nemesis, which opens this Friday at the gallery’s Los Angeles location—falls somewhere in-between.  Yes, you’ll get all the Batman, Fantastic Four, and Justice League posters you can handle…but they’ll be rubbing elbows with new prints based on geek-friendly properties like Predator, The Wizard of Oz, and Masters of The Universe.  Wanna see some preview images from the show (and find out how you can win one of two extremely rare variant prints)?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Releasing New Prints Based on THE THING, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, and WHITE ZOMBIE This Week

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They say there’s “nothing certain in life except death and taxes”.  It’s a pretty accurate little saying, sure, but if you ask anyone who’s battled a raging poster-buying addiction, they’ll tell you what Limited Paper learned long ago:  there exists a little-known third certainty in life that’s known only to screenprint collectors.  Goes like this:  “One can never have too many posters based on John Carpenter’s The Thing”.

So, just to recap, that’s:  death, taxes, and an insatiable need to own every print based on John Carpenter’s The Thing.  It’s a curse, but today there’s good news for those afflicted with this devastating compulsion:  Mondo’s dropping Randy Ortiz’ The Thing poster later this week.  And if ya don’t like The Thing for some (nonsensical) reason?  Well, new stuff from Gary Pullin and Rich Kelly are also en route.  Find out details, see the prints, and get your fix after the jump, Thing junkies.

Limited Paper: Odd City Announces Subscription Plans Ahead of “Very Busy” Summer

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Though the Austin-based Odd City hasn’t been around very long, the two poster releases they do have under their belt—a Chuck Sperry Dazed and Confused print and a pitch-perfect Amityville Horror print from N.E.—have been enormously impressive, an absolute cut above most of the ho-hum filler that’s slowly been flooding the market over the past year.  So, when Odd City dropped us a line to tell us about the “very busy” summer they’re expecting to have and the subscription model they’re offering buyers, we couldn’t help but take note.  Wanna know everything we know?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper Exclusive: Wanna Know How To Get The Variant Edition of Mark Englert’s STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Poster?

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Judging from the amount of money J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness earned this weekend, it seems fair to say that audiences everywhere are still very much onboard with the director’s lens-flare-tastic interpretation of Gene Rodenberry’s iconic sci-fi series.  But y’know who’s really onboard with Star Trek right now?  Mark Englert fans.  Turned out that Paramount hired the increasingly-popular artist to create a Trek-themed poster to celebrate the film’s release, and then they handed ‘em out—free of charge– during last Wednesday’s first round of IMAX screenings.

Awesome for those in attendance, sure, but what about those that missed out?  Well, Limited Paper comes bearing good news:  Paramount and Englert have another surprise for you.  Set phasers to “Info Dump” and meet me after the jump, where I’ll tell you what that surprise is, where and when it’s going to drop, what it looks like, and what you’re gonna have to do to get your hands on one.

Limited Paper Exclusive: Bottleneck Gallery Celebrates THE OFFICE’s Series Finale With New Mark Englert Poster

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Tomorrow marks the end of an era:  NBC’s The Office is coming to a close after nearly a decade on the air. While the show’s definitely had its highs and lows over the years (particularly since original “World’s Best Boss” Steve Carell left at the end of season seven), anyone who’s stuck with the series for this long is surely hoping to see things wrap up in a satisfying way.  The big question is, what will leave most fans satisfied?

For many, only the return of Carell’s Michael Scott–along with love interest Holly, played by Amy Ryan—will suffice.  NBC’s still playing coy as to whether or not they’ll appear… but thanks to Mark Englert and the folks at Bottleneck Gallery, fans will have a chance to glimpse Michael and Holly one last time tomorrow even if NBC totally screws the pooch on their cameo.  Meet me after the jump for the details, folks.

Limited Paper: Behold, Incredible New Mondo Posters Based on the Films of Paul Thomas Anderson

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From time to time, Mondo likes to welcome a few new artists into the fold.  They’re also big on launching posters as part of a larger “series”, as in their ongoing Universal Monsters releases, the still-waiting-for-a-Martin-Ansin-Twelve-Monkeys series based on the films of Terry Gilliam, or the somewhat-unofficial Tyler-Stout-doing-Quentin-Tarantino-films series.  Today, they’re doing all of these things at once:  a new poster series based on the filmography of Paul Thomas Anderson has been announced, and they’re bringing in both artists new and old to see it through to completion.  See some of that action after the jump, Captain.

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