James Cameron Talks AVATAR 2 and Pimps 3D

     May 13, 2010

Avatar director James Cameron was in South Korea for the technology convention “Seoul Digital Forum” to talk about 3D.  In case you didn’t realize it, the man is a fan of 3D.  That may have something to do with the 2.7 billion dollars worldwide that Avatar pulled in.  According to the AP, Cameron said that “Avatar has proved that 3-D technology is not just a fad but a revolution changing how the audience chooses to consume media and entertainment content,” and called it “a premium experience.”

Throwing around phrases like “3D renaissance,” Cameron continued to sing the praises of the technology.  He compared 3D to color and sound in movies, claiming that 3D could become the new standard “in a couple of years.”  However, the direct said that while the technology is there, and he’s even seen some cool 3D laptops.  The lack of content is a problem:” “If you play all the 3-D movies in existence on your fancy new 3-D TV, it will keep you entertained for about 3 days. This content gap is the biggest hurdle for the rapid adoption of 3D TV.”

Of course, what you want to know about is Avatar 2.  Hit the jump for what he had to say about the highly-anticipated sequel.

The mega-director then vowed to continue to contribute to the field of 3D, namely by making more 3D movies.  He said that Avatar 2 would only take about three years compared to the five-and-a-half years it took to make the first Avatar.  But when exactly are we going to return to Pandora?

“The release date will be announced in a few months,” said Cameron.



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  • Rashad

    I am sick and tired of that Macgruber ad.

    Why don't people ask him about Battle Angel?

  • Jacob

    When I saw the title of the article, I thought James Cameron had a new movie coming out called “Pimps 3D”

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    I remember reading a post-Avatar interview in which he'd suggested he'd all but given up on Battle Angel.

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  • kennethe

    No, he hasn't given up on Alita. In fact, during the premiere of the Avatar DVD, he expressed some renewed interest in the storyline, saying that his inspiration of the character was from his daughters. So this project is far from dead.

    Even then, I feel absolutely cheated that Cameron seems to have set back Alita, YET AGAIN, just so he can cash in and milk his new franchise even more (as if 2.7 billion dollars isn't enough money.) I am getting tired of sequals. They're rarely as good as the original; Avatar was a complete movie that doesn't even NEED a sequal.

    • Jay

      1) I know most sequals aren’t as good as the original, BUT to me, sequels are a whole different story when it comes to Cameron.
      “The Terminator 2″? Great addition to the original. “Aliens”? A classic, which currently holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is actually frequently considered even better then the original.

      2) A movie like “Big Mommas House” or “Fast And The Furious” is a movie that doesn’t need a sequel. IMO, I think movies like “Avatar” are perfect for sequels, if done correctly. Cameron created a whole planet for “Avatar”. There’s still much to be explored.

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