Sam Worthington Talks AVATAR Sequels, WRATH OF THE TITANS and DRIFT

     August 13, 2011

At the press day for the espionage thriller The Debt – about three Mossad secret agents who track down a Nazi war criminal in East Berlin in 1966, only to have the mission not turn out as planned – actor Sam Worthington gave brief updates on Clash of the Titans 2 and the development of the Avatar sequels. He also talked about his next role, as a surf photographer in Drift, which will film in Australia.

While we’ll run the portion of the interview about The Debt closer to that film’s August 31st release date, hit the jump for what he had to say about his other projects:

Question: Of all the big films you’ve been a part of, are you surprised that Clash of the Titans is the one that’s getting a sequel first?

SAM WORTHINGTON: Not necessarily because it made a shitload of money. With Jim [Cameron], it comes down to Jim. Titans made a lot of money. A lot of people went and saw it. We’ve just got to make it right. I’ve just finished that. I loved it! I loved that experience. Clash 2 is so different. It was a different experience for me because I’d learned a lot from Clash 1, and I’d learned a lot from other movies. I can’t wait for that to come out. But, I’m not surprised at all.

And you had a different director, right?

WORTHINGTON: Yeah. I wouldn’t mind working with Jonathan Liebesman for the rest of my life. I love him!

What more classic monsters are there to slay?

WORTHINGTON: You’ll have to wait and see!

It was a different experience for you, but is it also a different film from the first one?

WORTHINGTON: You’ll have to wait and see!

What do you hear from Jim Cameron about Avatar 2 and 3?

WORTHINGTON: Jim talked to me on my birthday. In regards to Avatar, he’s writing the bible, at the moment, which is a precursor to Avatar 1 and the whole world, basically. I think it’s just to get Jim’s mind back into the characters and back into the world. He’s told me where he wants to take Avatar 2 and 3, and it’s monumental. It’s just huge! But, you’d expect nothing less from him. He’s not going to start it until he’s 100%. I know they’re setting up shop down in Manhattan Beach, and when he says jump, I jump.

Is the idea of doing the second and third film back-to-back exciting for you?

WORTHINGTON: I love it! I’d do 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 with Jim. I love working with him. He raises the bar and gives you the courage to jump over it, and he keeps pushing. He changes your life. He hasn’t just change my life, career wise. He’s changed my life, as a man, which is nice.

In what way?

WORTHINGTON: He makes you stronger, in the sense of being more focused and committed. He’s told me that, if I’m doing this job, I’ve got to challenge myself more, and not listen to anybody else, and not listen to any media or bloggers, but just listen to myself. I’ve got to push myself, or there’s no point in me doing this. If I don’t believe I’m growing, and I believe I’m just coasting, then I’ve got to get off the train. If I feel I’m growing, I have to keep going. It’s a long marathon.

Could you ever see yourself directing?

WORTHINGTON: Yeah, I’d love to.

How is Drift going?

WORTHINGTON: I’m about to go down [to Australia] and do that. The boys are down there filming already, and the waves are big. But in the movie, I play a surf photographer. I don’t actually get on a board. I said, “You’re not paying me enough to show the world what I can do,” and they laughed and thought I was an idiot. That’s going to be a lot of fun. Where we’re going, the waves are huge. They’re big. They’re the second or third biggest on the planet. We’ve got an actor in it who’s only been surfing for eight weeks, and they towed him into a wave as big as a room. That poor fucker is scared shitless. I’m looking forward to it and he’s going, “Help! Why am I doing this movie? Why did you convince me to do it, Sam?”

  • Bernard Tilman

    At least he dropped out of some projects and is not overexposed anymore. It’s now Bryan Cranston I’m worried about!

    • jesse

      at least most of Bryan Cranston’s roles are sort of glorified cameos. Nothing too big. Aside from “Drive”, “Total Recall” and “Argo” I understand his roles are rather small.

      I’m excited to see how Clash 2 turns out in the sense that the first one had an awesome cast that was wasted… but they are all coming back, it’d be nice to see them have a story to chew on.

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  • rocky

    Love this cat’s attitude. Can’t feaking wait to see Avatar’s sequels. And hopefully Titans will be a vast improvement over the first.

  • Venus

    I don’t know why anyone would get Myles pollard to play a character who is supposed to be likable. The man is a dick and I doubt he could pass as a surfer any more than Beethoven could pass for a Labrador. You’re character better be stealing the show Sam, cause drift has nothing else going for it :)

  • ozzie

    Avatar was SO meh … 3D was distracting which turned out to be a good thing because the dialog was crap. It had such a good cast but was way over hyped. If I want to see that much CGI i’ll watch a cartoon … or a lucas film.

    • Mr. Me

      Really? Still?


      • gimpsuit

        LOL, nice reply.
        It gets a bit that way.
        Before Avatar came out everyone was tearing the visuals to shreds ‘It looks like a video game’ etc. Then they saw it and shut the hell up, so they had to start picking on the story.
        Because what is a movie nerd if not a fountain of whine?

    • EmmaLove

      What do you know about quality dialogue and I know you will be first in line to the sequels.

    • Lob Taylor

      You’re took kind sir, Avatar sucked…big time.
      All the sheep saying it’s so great are ridiculous really.
      The debt am really looking forward to. Even the Clash of the Titan sequel would be preferable.

      • Colossal

        All the Sheep? … Who the fuck are you? I’d like to see you create a complete world from a blank page and turn it into the highest grossing movie of all time, BIG time!

        I might be respecting your point by then.

  • EmmaLove

    ozzie like you are some expert in proper dialogue ….are you from the royal Shakespeare company?? You will watch a cartoon if you want to see CGI? That makes sense….not!!

    • Bonobo

      Yes, it does make sense, seeing as how most animated films (or cartoons, colloquially) these days are drawn on computers, thus being Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI for short.

  • Ikxeru

    Tewti! Oe ke tsun pivey tsauvanit fa atanvi alu Unìltìrantokx amuve.
    Oe sìlpey tsnì tsavur layu muvea hapxì apxan, tengfya hapxì a’awve.
    Tse, tam, fko tsun wiväte teri hemfya’o sì ayfpìlfya, slä oe new ivomum futa tsavur sayalew.
    Nìsung fko tsun tsive’a futa lì’fya leNa’vi yawne lu oer ulte tokx eo tokx, oe tsamun pivängkxo hu Karyu Pawl kintrram. Ma frapo, eltu sayi teri hapxì amuve!

    Fantastic! I can’t wait for that “play by lightbeam” called Avatar 2.
    I hope that that story will be a worthy 2nd part, same way as the first part.
    Well, ok, one can argue about story lines and lines of thoghts, but i want to know that story will go on.
    Additionally, one can see, that I love the Na’vi language and last week I was able to talk to Paul Frommer face-to-face. Everyone, pay attention for the 2nd part!

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  • Tarek

    In Jim Cameron I believe. He’s a genius, and a terrific screenwriter.
    While he is pushing forward the new limits of the cinema, and inventing new concepts, Luca$ “the has been” is just continuing to milk the legion of devotees he’s brainwashed since a half-century.

  • Tarek

    Infact, I actually wanna take Jim Cameron from behind and give him a reach around.

    • Dredd

      I am sorry Tarek, but as you know, I can’t hold myself throwing insults here and there and hiding behind false alias. ^^