James Cameron Gives Update on AVATAR Sequels; Still Deciding How Much of the Film to Shoot in High Frame Rate

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In the ensuing years since the release of Avatar—the highest grossing film of all time—we’ve been privy to plenty of “updates” on the status of the sequels from folks tied to the production, and director James Cameron has now offered up yet another.  As Fox has now finally set December 2016, 2017, and 2018 release dates for the three upcoming Avatar sequels, this update comes backed by the fact that the films are really, truly, actually coming, and Cameron seems to be in a solid place with regards to planning.  The filmmaker says they’re developing the software while he works on the scripts and designs all the new creatures and environments, and he added that he hasn’t decided whether he will shoot all or just some of the film in High Frame Rate like Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.  Hit the jump to read on.

james-cameron-avatar-2-sequelsWhile speaking with RTL (via MarketSaw and CS), Cameron offered a status update on the three Avatar sequels:

“We’re still in the early stages.  Right now we’re developing the software.  I’m writing the scripts.  We’re designing all the creatures and characters and the settings, and so on.  So, I’m not actually directing yet, but I’m doing all the other creative processes that lead up to that… It’s going very well.  I think it’s going to be spectacular.  You’ll see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures.  The primary conflict between the human view kind of dominating nature and the Na’vi view of being integrated into nature is the same, but it manifests itself in very different ways.”

On a more technical note, the filmmaker talked briefly about how he’ll approach the shooting of the pic:

“[We’re] looking at high frame rate.  I’m studying that.  I haven’t made a final decision yet, whether the entire film will be made at high frame rate or parts of it.  You know, we’ll be shooting at a native resolution of probably 4K and so then there should be a lot of true 4K theaters by then as well.”

avatar 2 sequelCameron stayed mum with regards to story details, but he once again talked enthusiastically about the endless possibilities of his Avatar universe:

“That’s the great thing about Avatar, it’s such a rich world, I can explore any theme or any idea that I want.  Once you’ve got the characters that an audience loves, it’s great to surprise them and make changes and turns that they don’t expect.  And you don’t have to spend so much time of the movie setting up all that stuff, because the audience will remember from the previous film.”

So far, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Stephen Lang are signed on to reprise their roles from the first film in all three sequels, which are poised to hit theaters in December 2016, December 2017, and December 2018.  Production on all three films will begin later this year.


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  • Steven

    The first of these movies will be released in the year 2096 if we’re lucky.

    • http://mattedscreen.blogspot.com/ TheMattedScreen

      they’ll be directed by Cameron’s virtual life model decoy

      • The Flobbit

        More likely they’ll be done by Lev Grossman’s or Brett Ratner’s.

      • Laura Rollins


        ☸☸☸ ☸☸☸ ☸☸☸ ☸☸☸☸ ☸☸☸What happens if people don’t want more of these? and they’ve already made 3 more movies.

      • Werefon

        Listen, nobody here have that money so, SHOW THE TITS at least!

    • Guest

      If we’re lucky, they will never be released.

    • Leo Spaceman

      Well that would be sooner than what I originally thought. I didn’t see the date part of the word update and read it as. “James Cameron Gives Up on Avatar Sequels.”

  • pwnednoob

    How much of the film should be in HFR?… How about none. thanks.


    is there an official avatar 2 boycott in motion yet? if not can we please begin that now?

    • The Flobbit

      I understand why someone would do that, but boycotting a billion-dollar movie directed by one of Hollywood’s biggest hitters is less than futile.

    • Marissa Evans

      Haha, seriously? Ask people to boycott Transformers while you’re at it. Believe it or not general audiences do have a higher tolerance for crap.
      That said, Avatar is certainly not the worst story I’ve seen. I’d much rather that succeed over other shit out there.

      • Mr. Fairlane

        Or maybe that tolerance of crap is just in your mind that people have actual different opinions than you about movies that just don’t gel with your one sided track mind. Maybe that.

    • Werefon

      You can start your own Boycott anytime you want! And nobody would care about it and definitely Studio will not stop making movies and Fatffleck will still be Batman.

    • Mr. Fairlane

      Just reminded me how stupid all those boycotts are, ought to boycott yourself, you want the impossible to be possible and make your own opinion law, how arrogant can you possibly be?

  • randommale7

    I hope Avatar 2 flops so that they can’t make the other ones…

    • Werefon

      Too Bad hopes don’t come true 99.9% of 100.

    • Mr. Fairlane

      Shit in one hand and piss in another.

  • Wes

    I feel like the first ones appeal has kinda faded by now and he hasn’t even started filming the sequels yet. What happens if people don’t want more of these? and they’ve already made 3 more movies.

    • Scullibundo

      I know, right? It’s pretty obvious that nobody liked the first one. And even if some people did, releasing a sequel 7 years after the original? It’s like Cameron thinks he’s the that guy who directed Terminator 2 and Aliens. Foolish, really. Releasing a sequel to the most successful film of all time is just asking for a flop.

      • scheebles

        Oh, relax. He didn’t say that nobody liked it. He said that the appeal of the first one has faded. And it has.

      • DjangoBro

        But you don’t know that. In North America maybe but the same can’t be said for foreign countries (where Avatar made most of it’s money). Just because YOU think the movie lost it’s appeal doesn’t mean it has.

      • scheebles

        Seems to be a thing with Avatar defenders to put words in other people’s mouths. Never said I knew the global impact of the movie or if other countries are clam outing for sequels. Just said that it’s power in general has faded. It will still make a ton of money.

    • The Flobbit

      Avatar’s memory has faded so much that the only purpose these posts serve is to remind me that Sam Worthington still exists.

      • scheebles

        Sam Worthington is the next big thing! Like Michael Biehn! And Bill Paxton! Wait a minute…

      • Werefon

        You forgot Armie Hammer.

      • scheebles

        I was trying to keep it in the “Cameron discoveries” family.

      • lordjim

        at least biehn and paxton are good actors.

  • RecoveR

    I think the movie should either be in HFR or not at all, could you imagine how jarring that would be if suddenly the frame rate cut by half as you watched it? then sped up later on. I wouldn’t mind HFR, but it’s not essential.

    • yrulaughing

      I think it would work ok if it was HFR when everything is CGI, and then normal framerate when there are real physical sets and actors
      HFR’s issues with making sets and makeup look fake won’t be a problem with completely CGI scenes

      • Marissa Evans

        I don’t know man, it’s really funny how it worked in the Hobbit. After the second one I’m totally convinced it has a strong future, but for some reason in the first one Sylvester McCoy and Ian Holm looked like they were moving in fast forward (but everyone else looked just fine). And then sometimes the CG looked dreadful in the HFR but okay in 24fps. I don’t know enough about the technology to say, but I did find that it works both with CG and real people/things.
        People who were totally negative about it after the first movie I don’t understand. It’s in its early stages, of course it’s not going to look quite right yet. Look at early CG, 3-D, etc. Took a while to get to where we are today.
        As a side note, I always look forward to seeing running water in HFR for some reason. :) So cool to see. It wasn’t even entirely the fight that made me go “Wow!” during the barrel scene, it was the running river.

  • Strong Enough

    this is why i love movies. keep em coming

  • Randy

    Didn’t Stephen Lang die in the first one?

    • Reggie1138

      Yep sure did. Took one on Neytiri’s poisonous arrows straight through the heart.

  • Marissa Evans

    First Hobbit movie nearly turned me off of the HFR – though godDAMN the Gollum scene was worth it; but the second totally brought me back (glad they reduced the brightness or whatever, there was a huge improvement). Here’s hoping the whole thing is in the higher frame rate.

    • The Flobbit

      It was a ballsy thing to make the first movie ever released in HFR a 300 million dollar fantasy prequel. Peter Jackson took a risk, and if it didn’t pay off, it was because HFR is still in it’s inception. It will come a long way in the years to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2020 we were getting Avengers 4 in HFR.

      • Werefon

        People did complain when movies got sound, they complain when movies got the color. People complain about HRF and I guess this is the future but it requires time to make it work.

  • Dev1359

    lol this movie is going to look like a fucking video game in HFR 3D, such a terrible format for movies

  • http://nasirjones.com NaS

    The first Avatar was garbage, only the unimaginative thought it was mind blowing.

    • Werefon

      What movies were good?

      • vpuik

        Wasn’t there some war movie no one saw that took the Oscar over avatar?

      • Werefon

        Yeah! Also, it was boring. And that proves what?

      • vpuik

        It just shows that very few people watch ‘good’ movies.

      • mattinacan

        Hurt Locker, and it was fantastic

      • lordjim

        the terminator.

      • Werefon

        Wasn’t asking you exactly but it is good But T2 is the Champ!

    • Mr. Fairlane

      So that was most people then that were unimaginative, wow a whole majority since the movie was a blockbuster.

      • lordjim

        well most people are unimaginative – wouldn´t we get more original movies that don´t follow the same repetetive hollywood screenwriting rules if they weren´t?blockbusters usually don´t have balls, and american movies were a lot more creative in the 70`s, now it´s more like mc donald´s – everything tastes alike and you can see the ending, the character arc, the beat of it a mile ahead.but, yeah, some people think that money equals quality and mistake justin bieber for music.wouldn´t titanic be a better movie if they left out the cheesy story and just showed us the mayhem (teengae girls may differ)?same with avatar.

      • Clark Jones

        Hey I like McDonalds, so I’m find with it Jim. So basically your complaint sums down to I don’t like and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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  • spongefist

    How about no frame rate, just don’t bother filming them at all, don’t switch the camera on… nothing. After all the first was one of the worst movies of all time.

    • Mr. Fairlane

      It’s not like people payed money or anything to see that movie and it’s not like the movie wasn’t successful or popular or anything oh my no. It was the worst, billions of people actually liked it.

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  • Mr. Fairlane

    Come on Cameron come up with something else, oh wait you can’t sorry.

  • DjangoBro

    So much hate for no goddamn reason. If you don’t like the movie so much, then don’t click on any articles relating to Avatar! You guys are complaining about something that can never be undone. Boo hoo it’s the highest grossing movie of all- time blah blah blah. Give it a fucking rest. There are people that love the movie, let them enjoy it.

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  • Mike R.

    Said it before and I’ll say it again, THE MOST OVERRATED MOVIE EVER. Cameron is like a film institution he could attach his name to a film of a dog taking a crap and it would gross $1B opening weekend.

  • mattinacan

    the first one didn’t do much for me. i mean, it was certainly better than whatever aborted fetus Michael Bay is currently working on, but i think i’ll be renting Avatar 2, that’s about it.

    • Clark Jones

      Ah Michael Bay loves you too asshole. Even if it was an aborted fetus, it would make a lot of money at the box office and you’d start the stupid Idiocracy comparisons and that movie talk about overrated tripe.

    • Clark Jones

      Ah Michael Bay loves you too asshole. Even if it was an aborted fetus, it would make a lot of money at the box office and you’d start the stupid Idiocracy comparisons and that movie talk about overrated tripe.

  • Marineboy

    James – no one cares. It’s all about GOTG and Ep.7 right now :)

    • etiscool1 .

      Don’t forget Interstellar.

    • etiscool1 .

      Don’t forget Interstellar.

  • Abed

    I have the feeling that Avatar 2 will be Cameron’s “Chinese Democracy.” A long time in development, and seems like it will never come, and if it does, it will be under-whelming.

  • Hodor

    Stop talking and make it Cameron! You are the slowest filmmaker ever. I’m beginning to doubt that you are even working on it. You sound like a procrastinating college student, “Don’t worry, the paper is coming. I’m writing it as I speak.”

  • Tyler

    Will people even care about Avatar once the sequels get released?

  • Ozweego

    Although the first shattered box office earnings, I feel the lull between Avatar and its sequels (whenever they come) will be too much to generate the same type of dollars. Not excited to see anymore of Pandora. Next

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  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    Oh shut up kids! I love avatar.

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    Oh shut up kids! I love avatar.

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