AVATAR Concept Art Shows Off Power Suit

     May 28, 2009

Avatar_Power_Suit_Concept_Art_01.jpgI really think that I should just have a standard “Avatar” headline which reads, “Here’s an Image from AVATAR” because that’s all we’re getting.  I can’t remember a film this shrouded in mystery for so long.  At what point does Fox or James Cameron start worrying that what we’ve built up in our heads will be completely underwhelmed by what they finally present to us?

Still, any taste of “Avatar” is a taste we want and MarketSaw has nabbed a look at the “Power Suit” and I think that it looks amazing…for an action figure.  It can have points of articulation for the fingers!  It comes with a tiny figure you can put inside!  See, this is the problem with just showing us art without context.  Since we have no idea what kind of film we’re getting, I’m just looking at a design.  It’s a neat design but I don’t know how it fits into the film so it’s hard to get excited for it.

PLEASE, whoever is working marketing on this film, get us something substantial.  You’ve done a great job of keeping the film a secret but with the movie due out this December, it’s time to start lifting the veil.

Click on the image above or here to see it embiggened.


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