Disney to Add AVATAR Attractions to Theme Parks

     September 20, 2011


Did you ever wonder what it would be like form a lifelong telepathic bond with a flying creature only to ditch it for a bigger and more powerful flying creature?  Now you can!  Variety reports that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide will create themed lands based on James Cameron’s Avatar.  The first theme land will be built at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida.  Cameron, Jon Landau and their Lightstorm Entertainment group will serve as creative consultants on the projects and will work with Disney’s “Imagineers” to oversee the design and development of the different theme lands.  I look forward to “Cramped Trailer with Giant Tanning Beds”-Land.

Construction on the theme lands is scheduled to begin in 2013.  As Cameron preps for two Avatar sequels (set for Christmas 2014 and 2015), Imagineers will use the entire trilogy to create the various theme lands.  No word yet if one of the parks will offer full-body painting or if the gift shops will sell sex ponytails.

  • zz

    this seems like something that would be announced on april 1st

  • Ed Southwick

    Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the Avatar franchise is made. Avatar-the T-shirt, Avatar-the Colouring Book, Avatar-the Lunch box, Avatar-the Breakfast Cereal, Avatar-the Flame Thrower. And last but not least, Avatar the dolls.

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  • Kenny B

    Lame…… They should be addingvthe fabled Beastly Kingdom

  • Ringbearer1420

    Eff Avatar, bring back the submarine ride and the Nautilus.

  • wonkabar

    Shouldn’t they be doing attractions based on their own John Carter?

  • IllusionOfLife

    I have mixed emotions on this. On one hand Disney Imagineering typically does great work, and I’m sure that whatever attractions they make will be fun; but on the other hand if Disney was to negotiate on the license to a new property for their parks I’d prefer something a little more timeless rather than cashing in on the newest fad.

    Especially since their investing in a whole new land, not just a single attraction. In ten years when no-one cares about Avatar anymore they’ll have to spend money to retrofit everything into newer properties.

  • Rev. Slappy

    I’d much rather see them create attractions based on the Marvel characters they just bought. But I feel confident the teaming of Cameron and the Disney Imagineers will likely produce something pretty spectacular.

  • brosephqballs

    Matt, you’re not funny.

    • dogg

      Disney sex ponytails is pretty funny. The problem must be on your end.

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