AVATAR Reaches $500 Million In Only 32 Days; Worldwide Gross an Astounding $1.62 billion

     January 18, 2010


On Monday, Avatar‘s domestic gross hit $500 million after only 32 days in release, shattering the previous record of 45 days set by The Dark Knight.  This weekend, the sci-fi sensation earned $166 million worldwide for a total of $1.62 billion in ticket sales.  Now a mere $200 million shy of Titanic‘s record of $1.84 billion, the question is no longer whether Avatar will top Titanic to become the highest grossing film of all time, but rather how soon.

For a rundown of all the records Avatar broke this weekend, hit the jump.

-Of the three films that have grossed $500 million domestically, Avatar got there the fastest after only 32 days.  It took The Dark Knight 45 days, while Titanic needed 98 days.

Avatar is the first film since 1999’s The Sixth Sense to top the domestic box office for five consecutive weekends.

Avatar‘s domestic take of $42.8 million is by far the highest for a film in its fifth weekend.  Titanic grossed $30 million, while The Sixth Sense sold $23 million in tickets in weekend number five.

-For the MLK four day holiday weekend, Avatar earned $54.6 million, topping Cloverfield‘s record of $46 million opening.  Likewise, Avatar now owns the title of the highest grossing January weekend.

Avatar might pass Titanic sometime later in the month.  After that, it’s more than possible that the film could reach an astonishing $2 billion worldwide.




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