AVATAR Reaches $500 Million In Only 32 Days; Worldwide Gross an Astounding $1.62 billion

     January 18, 2010


On Monday, Avatar‘s domestic gross hit $500 million after only 32 days in release, shattering the previous record of 45 days set by The Dark Knight.  This weekend, the sci-fi sensation earned $166 million worldwide for a total of $1.62 billion in ticket sales.  Now a mere $200 million shy of Titanic‘s record of $1.84 billion, the question is no longer whether Avatar will top Titanic to become the highest grossing film of all time, but rather how soon.

For a rundown of all the records Avatar broke this weekend, hit the jump.

-Of the three films that have grossed $500 million domestically, Avatar got there the fastest after only 32 days.  It took The Dark Knight 45 days, while Titanic needed 98 days.

-Avatar is the first film since 1999′s The Sixth Sense to top the domestic box office for five consecutive weekends.

-Avatar‘s domestic take of $42.8 million is by far the highest for a film in its fifth weekend.  Titanic grossed $30 million, while The Sixth Sense sold $23 million in tickets in weekend number five.

-For the MLK four day holiday weekend, Avatar earned $54.6 million, topping Cloverfield‘s record of $46 million opening.  Likewise, Avatar now owns the title of the highest grossing January weekend.

Avatar might pass Titanic sometime later in the month.  After that, it’s more than possible that the film could reach an astonishing $2 billion worldwide.




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  • ColinJ

    Imagine how much it would make if it was actually GOOD…

  • Logan

    Dude, shut up. That movie WAS good, no matter how many cynical know-it-all fanboys tell me otherwise.

  • ledbetter

    I'm not shocked. I've seen better movies and never been compelled to see them again. With Avatar, I could watch it a hundred times…especially in 3D. It's absolutly beautiful.

  • ColinJ

    Uhhh… no.

    You'll probably line up to buy the Blu-Ray on the first day, watch it once then never feel compelled to watch it ever again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#/Kinspin?ref=profile Kinspin

    Don't know what movie you seen, must have been Chipmunks.

  • Brian P.

    Colin J sounds like another angry Dark Knight fanboy… get over it man.

  • Logan

    Someone thinks their opinion matters…

    But it doesn't. That movie was amazing dude, regardless of what you say.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    I liked the movie despite some flaws, but I never expected success like this. Never would have guessed it. It's obviously hitting a chord with many people and you can't just say it's because it is 3D or _just_ because of the effects. Like it or not, more people seem to enjoy this movie (and go back to it) than most movies.

    You can have a contrarian opinion, of course. We're all different. God knows I love some movies most people don't like. But acting like one's own negative opinion is somehow representative of a significant group of people is pretty hard against the numbers in this case.

    Speaking in generalities, if you like to go to the movie theater, you liked Avatar. ;o)

    I think I'm agreeing with ColinJ that there was a “better” movie hidden away in Avatar. At least for me. It could have been fleshed out with a less childish take on the arguments it brings up. Would have appealed to my adult mind much more. On the other hand, the transportive nature of the film, the fine acting and the scope still completely blow me away. I can't help but get caught up in the story and for that I loved that first experience I had with it.

    Will probably see it in the IMAX 3D this time either this weekend or next. It just keeps selling out! Didn't think I'd have to plan ahead after so many weeks!

  • worldfamous

    Yeah, anyone who says Avatar was not good is either just stirring sh#* or is a pompous clown.

  • worldfamous

    I agree regarding the political arguments being childish, but that's James Cameron (and Hollywood in general) for ya. It's fascinating that Avatar will most likely win Best Picture but won't even garner a nomination for Best Screenplay. By the way, you definitely need to see it in IMAX if you haven't yet. It's a totally different experience. The difference is like watching it on a big screen TV and then seeing it at a theatre.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Has James Cameron ever really been good with screenplays? I mean, Titanic was his best story yet and even that was slightly cliche. The rest, Terminator, Aliens, etc; are mediocre at best. It is all about his directing that makes him so special, and his great work with special effects which he has always been the master of.

    I expect it will inevitably reach 2 billion + seeing as its only on its fifth week and could easily still sit in theaters for another 30 weeks.

  • jony_e

    Colin must be gay. Gay people hate this movie and are protesting all over other movie boards like IMDB and rotten tomatoes.

  • Jeff W.

    Terminator, Aliens…mediocre at best?? Dude, you are an idiot. And I don't even have to justify that. I think anyone would agree.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    I'd say Titanic is one of his weaker scripts myself. I'm not sure how you are judging screenplays, but I know some people think it's just writing what people say. Maybe that's the source of your opinion.

    Aliens has always been my favorite screenplay of his. The characters are all well drawn and endearing and they are sketched with efficiency, the story is vital and unrelenting, and to top it off it has great quotable lines throughout.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    Just to be clear, I found the way the arguments of the film were played out to be somewhat childish. I wasn't commenting on politics. Perhaps it feels political because of the oversimplified angle on the issues at hand. The characters were too single-minded. Their motivations were often sidestepped or too simple to feel real.

    It's actually very uncharacteristic for a Cameron script. Think about how human some of his characters felt in Terminator 2, Aliens, or the Abyss; Miles Dyson, Ripley, Sarah Connor and even side characters like Hudson and Gorman, and that guy that dares speak up for himself against Connor in the desert. Great characters on the page. There were a few moments in Avatar that approached these characters and I think Dr. Grace is the most interesting. I also give props to Giavanni Ribisi for taking his stereotyped character just slightly over the edge into human even though it was barely on the page. Sorry, rambling a bit. :)

    Also, can't wait to see it in the IMAX.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Well, it could just be my personal opinion being that I am not a huge fan of action flicks. Titanic had an tragic-romance not unlike Romeo & Juliet (who Leo also as it happens stared in), centered around the most epic ship-wreck in history with strong progression throughout the film from hope to devastation.

    To me Terminator was of interest more for the unique action it placed on the screen at the time as opposed to its amazing storyline, dialogue, etc. Terminator 2 I might say had a better script all around. I'm not saying that Aliens or Terminator suck because of it, I'm just saying these movies aren't set to be winning any academy awards for best screenplay (they are no The Usual Suspects or American Beauty). But that is okay, because they excel beyond the expectations in other areas which arguable make them equally as good; combined with at least a grade-A script they get by.

    Great script material, or something with a great premise to me is something shocking or out of this world. Like at the end of it I have to stop and think “holy crap, I could never have imagined that or executed it in that way”. So great scripts (some adapted from books) would be films like Fight Club, Amelie, Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionarre, The Pianist, etc.

    So putting Terminator and Aliens on the same level as those movies just seems like your disgracing what those movies brought to the table and I think its a little to much Cameron love (sure hes great, but hes no messiah). However the scripts I suppose are good, maybe even pretty damn good. Just not the best, and without James Cameron's directing talents they wouldn't be half as amazing as they had been (ie. alien vs. predators, terminator 3). Hell if you got Cameron to direct a Twilight movie it would be far superior than the movies that have been out (but you can't), he'd probably end up improvising half the movie though and cutting out all of the edward/bella staring contest scenes.

  • Jake

    OMG that is SOOOO FUNNY!!!!

    I loved the film, but this comment just hit my funny bone.

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    To me, the script must serve the genre it is in. I think you were coming to that in your analysis, there. I would say Aliens easily equals some of those other scripts you mentioned in mastering the genre they belong to in that it was somewhat transformative to the genre and the expectations of the genre. :)

    Glad you aren't someone who thinks writing scripts is just writing what people say. ;P

  • http://www.buzzabit.com/aaron Aaron Sullivan

    To me, the script must serve the genre it is in. I think you were coming to that in your analysis, there. I would say Aliens easily equals some of those other scripts you mentioned in mastering the genre they belong to in that it was somewhat transformative to the genre and the expectations of the genre. :)

    Glad you aren't someone who thinks writing scripts is just writing what people say. ;P