All Three AVATAR Sequels Will Be Filmed in New Zealand

     December 15, 2013


New Zealand’s small army of proficient film crews have been working on The Hobbit, and now it appears they’ll have another mammoth trilogy to tackle.  James Cameron has issued a statement that he plans to shoot Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 in New Zealand.  According to The Wrap, the three sequels will be shot at the same time, and “perhaps over a period of about nine months.”  Obviously, this is great news for the small country as Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said in a statement, “The Avatar sequels will provide hundreds of jobs and thousands of hours of work directly in the screen sector as well as jobs right across the economy.”

Of course, this works to 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment’s benefit as well.  The Wrap reports, “New Zealand’s government has agreed to a 25 percent financial rebate, up from the current 15 percent,” and Cameron expects the budget on all three sequels to come in beneath $1 billion, which is surprising when you consider that the first film was reported to have cost $500 million.  Avatar 2 is set for December 2016 followed by Avatar 3 in December 2017 and then Avatar 4 in December 2018.


  • tarek

    quote: “and Cameron expects the budget on all three sequels to come in beneath $1 billion, which is surprising when you consider that the first film was reported to have cost $500 million.”

    Which is normal ’cause they were developping the technology in the first.

    • LockIce

      In that case the whole world has copied “his” technology. “The technology”, what technology, its motion capture with a blue screen as in any other sci-fi big budget movie these days.

      • tarek

        you sir, probably didn’t watch Avatar in 3D…

      • LockIce

        I did Nathan. Actually I enjoyed the leaves and glass helmets for 3 hours.

      • tarek

        Stop now or Dame Pamela will show up ^^

      • Carolyn Robert1O

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      • Brandon

        OMG, srsly?!!

      • paul h

        detailed facial capture, realtime previz rendering of scenes as they were mocapped, I think there’a a couple of other areas too…

  • Masshuu il Malacandra

    Hope they don’t borrow Middle Earth down there!

  • The Flobbit

    They film so many movies in London and New Zealand (think about it; how many blockbuster films took a turn to London this year?) because London and New Zealand have the best film crews in the world, and it’s cheaper there. Plus, if you are a serious talent you bring on Weta Workshops. They put ILM to shame.

  • WTF Guy

    F the US film workers, is the real message here.
    Right back at you Cameron and greedy Hollywood studios.

  • Leo Spaceman

    I’m pretty sure Sam Worthington is from Australia so I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing that. Though it seems like such a waste to film in New Zealand when the film will be all Green Screen or Studio sets.

  • Scullibundo

    ‘Reported to have cost $500m’

    Only sites looking for click-bait reported that nonsense based on the New Yorker/Times article that made no sense.

    Whilst the film obviously cost more than the ‘official’ $230m, its real cost according to almost everybody in the industry was $300m.

    • Idris Elba

      That is actually the case. It was not 500 million but 300 million. This I know because I am Idris Elba and Idris Elba knows everything. I can have Cameron write a part in the next movie for me just by a simple phone call. You see my friend, Idris Elba does not get cast in movies by a casting director, Idris Elba casts himself in movies when he want’s to work little on the side. Just being Idris Elba is a full time job so at the end of the day, Idris Elba always works.

      • Benedict Cumberbatch

        I know ‘exactly’ what you mean, mate.

  • Lance

    James Cameron lives to blow past budget estimates. His films will look absolutely gorgeous, if nothing else. But I’m hoping he and the writers he chose to work with really deliver the goods this time around. Cameron has always wanted to make his own Star Wars franchise, and this is basically his best chance of making that happen.

  • YouStartedIt

    Does anyone still care? He’s taking the mother of all gambles in doing this.

    • Person

      It’s James Cameron — if the movie isn’t a gigantic risk, it’s not worth making.

  • MikeR


    • Strong Enough

      that would be the avengers

    • Strong Enough

      that would be the avengers

  • mattinacan

    good for new zealand, and good for.. us? i guess? i don’t know anyone asking for more Avatar films.

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  • Dungus_Crab

    I have never heard the $500 million number. From my understanding, it’s been almost universally viewed as between $280-$300. Counting marketing? Could easily surpass $500, but that is NOT part of the official budget. The distinction is important, because when people ask about budgets, I believe MOST want to know how much it cost simply to create what they saw and I think that IS the most important aspect. Even the U.S.S. James Cameron couldn’t get a single film that cost half a billion before marketing made.