Joss Whedon Says Black Widow Is “a Huge Part” of THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

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With production on The Avengers sequel Age of Ultron getting underway early next year, details are starting to trickle out regarding writer/director Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated follow-up.  Whedon revealed the tantalizing subtitle at Comic-Con last weekend, and subsequently clarified that the pic will involve a wholly new origin story for the titular robot.  Whedon also hinted that Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson may not be making an appearance in the film, but it sounds like there will be plenty of character development to go around even if Coulson is absent.  During a recent interview, the filmmaker revealed that Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is “a huge part” of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Hit the jump to read on. 

the-avengers-age-of-ultron-scarlett-johanssonDespite adding at least two new human characters with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Whedon told Nerd HQ (via MTV) that Johansson’s Black Widow plays a major role in the film:

“Natasha is a huge part of the sequel because you do want to concentrate on the people who don’t have their own franchises. Although she in Cap 2, [and] she’s great. She was the most fun for me because she’s not a hero, you know, and it’s something that I read—and I feel bad that I can’t remember who wrote the book—but it’s in one of the books explaining, ‘These guys are heroes, you are a spy. It’s a different thing—it’s a different skill set—and you don’t have their moral high ground or any of that good stuff.’ And that just makes her so interesting to me. So yeah, the stuff I’ve got going on with her in the second one is killer.”

Whedon also recently said that Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye has a more significant role to play this time around, so it certainly sounds like the two non-superheroes of the group won’t be getting the shaft story-wise.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in theaters on May 1, 2015.  Watch Whedon’s full interview with Nerd HQ below.


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  • belovedwarlord

    Take the most token character in the film and make her important. Pass. If she was Ms Marvel or something maybe, but she’s a spy. A regular human spy. She is not who people come to see even in the comics.

    • Ryan Donnell

      But that makes her different along with the other “human” characters. It is about relating to the audience.

    • 47ge54y

      They’re giving her the MOS’ Lois Lane treatment.

  • Tom

    Cool. I always don’t mind seeing her in that skin-tight suite.

  • A-Man

    Tom P’s comment is exactly why I have a problem with her character.

    • A-Man

      Oh, also!


      • -

        Yeah, and I guess women who fawn over that shirtless scene of Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love are sexist too, right?


    i’m excited to see her and hawkeye get in on more action. hopefully war machine makes an appearance this time too? they’re going to need as many avengers as they can get if they’re going to take on ultron

  • João Paulo

    Yes, thanks for this Joss. I love Black Widow.

  • Greyson

    Sexist? That comment does not make him a sexist. Why have amazingly attractive superheros if you don’t flaunt them (both men and women alike)? Whedon has created a woman who is incredibly smart, cunning, athletic, AND attractive. If she was just there to be an object of sexual desire, there would be a problem. Her character has been given plenty of depth to balance out her sexual allure.

  • humbaba

    Black Widow was a character that I wasn’t really all interested with when compared to all the other super heroes. That being said, I loved what Scarlet did with the character to make her one sassy mama who can get any info she wants…particularly with men. I think she deserves her own stand alone film…otherwise, please let her face off against these megalomaniac aliens with more than just two nine millimeter hand guns. Please and thanx.

  • Scurvy

    I’m willing to bet that a lot of it gets pared down in editing. Remember when Avengers was supposed to be told ‘through Captain America’s eyes’ and then they cut out almost all of the Cap centric stuff in the final cut?

    Joss has a reputation for writing strong female characters that he needs to uphold and that’s all this is.

  • sammy

    Horrible only because Johansson hammed it up in avengers

    She’s awful

    • Harry Palm

      She really is a terrible actress. I always wonder why her career was so successful, and then I see her tits and think “Oh, yeah. That’s why.”

  • ervin

    the image of black widow shooting those minute guns at aliens still cracks me up

    • RiddleThemThis

      Black Widow shooting and killing aliens with her stupid pistols really ruined the finale for me. It made me think, hell, why do we need super heroes? Sure, Loki would be an issue without them but bring the army in and the rest of the aliens would have been killed no problem. Yes, many people would have died, but the invasion could have been held off without the aid of super heroes.

  • RiddleThemThis

    I’d rather Hawkeye have a much bigger role in Avengers 2 since his is so minor in #1 and he won’t be in Captain America 2. I also enjoy his character more than that of Black Widow.

  • Strong Enough

    i read an article on cbm that broke down the screen time for all the major characters and black widow got the most. its so pathetic. joss is getting too full of himself. these fanboys of his make him believe he can do no wrong. his ego is almost as big as his forehead

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  • altechi

    I wonder if they should make her betray the avengers. Like in Mark Millars Ultimates 2. The comic is a bit dark though. Doubt whedon will follow that

  • hawkeye

    shes the worst character, has no superpowers in whats meant to be a superhero movie, and i feel like joss is being selfish. equal rights to women and all that yeah but no one wants that thrown in our faces in a movie about superheroes that we just want to enjoy.

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  • Harry Palm

    Because the Black Widow has huge parts, eh? Eh? Am I right?

  • Marlboroliteman

    Joss Whedon and Scarlett Johansson are now “dating” exclusively.

  • Bob

    Good news, Scarjo as Black Widow is great so im fine with that.

  • jdsmooothe

    I’m sure to you comic book fans the title “Age of Ultron” gives you a boner…but for someone who, like me, doesn’t read comic books but loves the movies (totally reasonable so stfu) it sounds extremely cheesy. It’s hard to believe there wasn’t a better title than that…

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