Details on New HULK Movie after AVENGERS 2, Plus Possible Hulk-Centric Plot for AVENGERS 3

     February 3, 2013


Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk in last year’s The Avengers was certainly a highlight of the superhero assembly movie, but fans were left wondering what Marvel’s plans are for the green meanie going forward.  We already know that sequels to Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers are slated for release over the next two years (Marvel’s Phase Two) as well as new properties Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.  So where’s the Banner love?  We’ve previously reported that Marvel’s Kevin Feige has stated that no new Hulk standalone movie will take place until after The Avengers 2 has opened and that popular comic arcs Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are not off the table.  Now, some intrepid reporting from a reliable source has shed some possible details on the future of the Gamma Giant.  Hit the jump for more, but consider this your spoiler warning

the-avengers-hulk-imageThanks to the hard work of El Mayimbe over at Latino Review, we have some possible details about the future of the Hulk.  Be sure to check out his video blog that goes through the finer points of his scoop.  We’ll lay out the info in brief below:

  • Don’t expect to see the Hulk until 2015′s The Avengers 2, as per Feige.  However, DO expect to see a third act or post-credits scene of the sequel that sets up Hulk’s next standalone picture.
  • Apparently, after being deemed a serious threat to the Earth by Marvel’s Illuminati (a secret organization of powerful heroes that includes Tony Stark/Iron Man, the soon to be introduced Doctor Strange and others), the Hulk is shipped off into space.
  • Once spacebound, the report states that Hulk’s next film will be centered around comic writer Greg Pak’s Planet Hulk.  The idea is that Hulk has already spent a lot of time smashing puny humans and puny Gods, so let’s take his story to an alien planet where he can extraterrestrials to his hearts content.
  • The arc of Planet Hulk centers on the Hulk as he becomes enslaved on the planet Sakaar, is forced to participate in gladiatorial games and eventually becomes a hero of the rebellion  against the Red King.

planet-hulkThe story doesn’t end here however, because as cool as the idea of Gladiator-meets-Hulk is, it gets better.  Here’s another spoiler alert if you don’t want to know about Hulk’s possible involvement in The Avengers 3.

  •  At the end of Planet Hulk, some events transpire that get the Hulk pretty pissed off.  The only thing worse than an enraged Hulk is one with an army of loyal followers.  The theory goes that Hulk and his warbound fighters will return to Earth in The Avengers 3 to follow Pak’s World War Hulk story arc.
  • The story of World War Hulk is pretty crazy but basically involves the Hulk and his warriors beating the shit out of every hero and heroic team on Earth, eventually pitting them against each other in the Hulk’s own version of gladiatorial combat.
  • One thing that makes the standalone Hulk movie more probable is the fact that Mark Ruffalo has signed on for a six-picture deal with Marvel and it is doubtful that he’ll be happy to just appear in post-credits or cameos for the rest of his career.

If El Mayimbe’s report pans out and Marvel really does take this track over the next few years, it’s absolutely HUGE for Hulk fans.  Honestly, the guy needs to get off the Earth and stretch his legs a little bit. And what better way to freshen up the Avengers than by having them fight each other in the third installment?  Since this isn’t confirmed and it’s way too early for Marvel’s timetable to release anything official, expect a denial (or better yet, silence) for the time being.  Would you like to see Planet Hulk/World War Hulk become a reality?  Let us know in the comments!


  • Jeremy

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but this could work. They’ll have to take some major liberties with the storyline (I don’t think the love story is needed).

    • brNdon

      The love story is absolutely needed. It is the whole reason he comes back to Earth. He was happy to stay where he was until the spaceship explodes and kills his wife.

  • DJC

    too bad Marvel doesn’t own the filming rights to all it’s properties – ie: X-Men, Spider-man, Fantastic 4… because this leading into a possible Civil War trilogy would be amazing.

  • ap30

    No, hell no. It’s gotta just be a rumor…seriously that sounds horrible and cheesy and I just can’t see Marvel going that route. Leave that story arc in the comic books…

    • Hulkizer

      Bro.i will remind you this line that,”Hulk is the strongest person who ever walked the earth”.so as hulk has not afraid to challenge any one on earth why not to show that bravery in universe and other gallatics and species.The idea of planet hulk and world war hulk will boom this Marvel legend and put to test other puny superheroes who dare to defend the earth from outsiders,what will happen to them when the Hulk himself is a threat to them.

  • JW.

    I would much rather have Civil War before Planet Hulk (Yes I know the timeline in the comics is the other way around) but I will say this. I think if they get the right people involved this could be a great film. I’ll have to reread World War Hulk. Loved it as a kid.

  • schneebles

    I can buy a Planet Hulk movie… but World War Hulk? No way. The MCU wouldn’t turn Hulk into any form of an antagonist. Not with the bromance they set up between Tony and Bruce in The Avengers.

    • Austin

      totally agreed

    • Radiationman

      They absolutely would! These films aren’t being made by executives and script writers who have no clue what the original story was…this is Marvel…no person working for marvel would allow anything else but. For those who don’t understand, Hulk only spent a few months with the avengers originally, and to have him come back as a hero with the avengers is what would be stupid.

      Hulk is neither good nor evil. He just want’s to be left alone…and the story arc is just that, Tony, Prof X, Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Strange try to send Hulk to a peaceful, uninhabited planet where he can be alone. But Hulk destroyed the guidance system to end up on Sakaar.

      To have Hulk come back in Avengers 3 for WWH would be spot on…then they move into the Civil war…by the time they get to that they may find their way back to owning wolverine and spiderman so they can complete a dark reign plan…starting, of course, with Tony loosing everything.

    • Ramone

      Agree as well. I have no interest in seeing a Hulk invasion. The character had way too much charm (thanks to Ruffalo’s efforts as banner as well as the FX artists). I’d rather see him come back to Earth redeemed.

  • lulzatron

    I’m in love with this idea. I hope they have enough content leading up to Avengers 3 to make Hulk and army feel like a big threat.

  • Austin

    I really like the idea of Planet Hulk for a mass appeal movie such as this, but not so much the World War Hulk plot line. That will definitely alienate a lot of potential viewers

    • Myron Beachcomber

      Potential viewers? Everybody in the world saw The Avengers, the only way to KEEP said viewers is to move in exciting and unexpected ways. Everyone will love it, man. Be positive.

  • david fraser

    studios need to put their differences aside(look at towering inferno for god sake).marvel’s phase 2 and 3 are cash cows. it’s like Saturday movies of old were people would turn up every weekend to see what happens next, only it’s spread over a couple of years.

  • Mavro

    I love you Collider, but seriously, Latino Review is wrong about EVERYTHING.

    • Ur mom

      I just saw on another website that says Latino Review is very reliable. Could be self-promotion though.

  • Rudy

    This sounds like complete BS. The Hulk had his best outing in “The Avengers”, so Marvel still needs a standalone film that will endear him to the average moviegoer. Planet Hulk goes off into geek nirvana, which would alienate most viewers. And how anyone could have any idea what “Avengers 3″ about is just ludicrous! But it is great for this site, because they’ve got people talking about stuff that will never happen! Congrats!

    • Get Em

      To bad hulk is one of the most recognizable faces of the marvel universe and to say they would alienate the audience is retarded. I gurantee 85% of the audiences didn’t know who iron man’s villains were neither cap nor thors enemies for that matter. Take a known face and put him on a diff planet on gladiator battles could work with great ease.

  • LEM

    I love this idea! I really hope this happens.

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  • Doug

    So…Avengers 2 is about Ultron? Because if this story is correct, at this rate the Avengers will NEVER fight him. Plus, if Thanos is indeed the big bad in Avengers 2, that means they’re going to do alien invasions three times in a row?

  • chi

    I seriously doubt this. For starters the market is about proven things that are relatively safe and make money. If this were not the case, then Superman would have a cool as hell villain such as Brainiac or Doomsday. Instead, they went the safe route. I would like to see this take on the Hulk but it’s highly unlikely. Very unlikely.

    • Tyler

      Very unlikely? This is coming from the people that’ll introduce a talking tree amd raccoon next year. The same people that already established aliens and alien worlds. The same people that got us to believe that there were demi god aliens. I’m pretty sure they will have this in the bag, especially sonce it won’t be around the time they introduce Doctor Strange.

  • DisasterBlaster

    I love that the entire internet seems to just placidly believe this, when “El Mayimbe” has apparently just pulled the information out of his ass and has absolutely no evidence, sources, or research to back up what he’s claiming he knows.

  • Rockslide

    I loved the Planet Hulk saga. I didn’t so much like the World War Hulk one.

    I think a Planet Hulk movie would be awesome for the comic nerds like me, but I’m not so sure for the mainstream audience. I think it would be seen as Hulk Carter of Mars.

    Hopefully ye could figure out a way to not make it so un relatable to the masses. As a nerd however, I would love to see Hulk vs. Silver Surfer in all it’s glory. (I know Fox has Surfer rights)

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  • Toadman

    So, the Avengers movies would be, as follows:

    Avengers: Aliens (led by Loki) invade Earth, heroes fight amongst each other.

    Avengers 2: Aliens (led by Thanos) invade Earth.

    Avengers 3: Aliens invade Earth (led by the Hulk) , heroes fight amongst each other.

    • spongefist

      Well The Avengers are EARTHS mightiest heroes, so it kinda makes sense…

  • CinemaViper

    I can’t see Stark turning on Banner after the bond they established in Avengers. Their relationship is completely different on film than in the comics. That being said, I agree that an alien planet full of crazy gladiatorial alien creatures would be a seriously cool place to take the hulk. Maybe Loki can be involved into manipulating the heroes into banishing the Hulk as revenge for that brutal beat down.

  • MainFragger

    This all just seems a bit over the top to me. And I can’t see Marvel going to another planet for a Hulk storyline. Its almost a hardcore rule that any superhero story has to be grounded somehow, and usually that means..on Earth. The first Thor Movie should have been completely in Asgard and various realms and ended with him crashing to earth at the very end. But they didn’t do it that way, because studio execs don’t believe you can do a story about Gods without having them somehow relate to humans. And the same would apply to a CGI fest like a “live action” Planet Hulk. So I doubt it would happen. Even if they planned it that way at first, someone is going to come along and say, “No..this just won’t work without humans.”

    • Anonymous

      this story line is from the actual comic books

      • MainFragger

        I realize that. I’ve even seen the cartoon on DVD. But most movies aren’t made for the actual fan base of the characters. You have to realize that 80 per cent of the people going to see it have probably NEVER read a Hulk or Avengers comic.
        And for a studio to approve a mostly CGI movie based on an alien planet just seems like a stretch to me.. And then to have someone who should be a hero go bad that way and start a war against Earth? I might be wrong…but I just don’t see it happening in a theater context..

      • J Wilson

        MainFragger, you realize you just described Avatar…right?

  • Jack

    fuck YES

  • No Khan

    I’m not wild about a bad Hulk shipped to another planet. I would rather a smarter Hulk being a good guy on Earth.

  • J Wilson

    This is a cool idea…wrought with potential.

    Otherwise, I gain nothing from reading or writing a series of second guesses before anything official is announced.

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  • tarek

    Best plot for hulk 2: smashing up Marc Webb’s Spiderman and killing Michael Bay before he starts making another dumb Transmorphers.

  • jOKeR

    Joss Whedon is on contract with marvel till the day he dies, maybe even 3 years still after he’s dead they’ll slap his name on those movies. Point being Joss is watching over all this i trust him.

  • spongefist

    Don’t ask people what they want. Give them want you want…

    This thinking did apple real good and is doing Marvel real good to…

    Give us Planet Hulk and World War Hulk in 3D 48fps with fucking bells on !!

  • Ruprect

    The next Hulk film HAS to have an opponent that challenges BRUCE BANNER, not just “the other guy”. That means The Leader.

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  • B Avery

    I think the idea of a planet hulk and world war hulk is great. Like everyone else i own planet hulk on video, and it on the big screen would be so swwet! Though i also feel it’s extremely early for those two to even be discussed. To execute the illuminati has to be present and marvel studios doesnt ownevery character, or at least not now.

    I would like to see planet hulk and world war hulk as possibly the 4th and 5th solo movie. 1st The 2008 Incredible Hulk, 2, 3, 4 Planet Hulk, 5 World War Hulk. Remember Hulk still has to fight the Leader which can be Solo Hulk movie 2. Then find a nice story for 3 and so forth

  • Dave

    I think the idea of a PH movie is alright, I would rather see the introduction of red or grey hulk leading to the ultimates comic arc.

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  • MomiaDeGuanajuato

    Ooooo first, get the hulk in planet hulk by putting him against thanos mano a mano in the last fight im avengers 2, then, when they see
    they simply cannot defeat Thanos, open up a dimensional portal, then hulk is sending struggling with thanos through the portal, thanos whereabouts
    unknow, hulk set in “Planet Hulk”. Make “Planet Hulk” movie. Get Park as a consultant. Don’t bother with World war hulk. Not just yet.

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  • Ian Hollis

    I’m okay with WWH, and PH movies EVENTUALLY, but not right away. Given the post credits scene for Iron-Man 3, I was thinking that Bruce might try and make his own version of the formula to help his ‘unique condition’, and we have a bit of a Grey Hulk story line going on (or something).

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  • Jordan Herkowski

    Two words, Red Hulk

  • whoF

    planet hulk doesn’t sound too bad. sounds like a marketable idea. Doctor Strange,.. i think they could make a good combo. Doctor strange shouldn’t really mix with the avengers but a combo with the Hulk could work. They shouldn’t have a combo movie though. I can see Hulk with Namor and Doctor Strange.

  • harry boner

    we need to finish the story started in 2008 hulk with the leader! DUH!!!