Joss Whedon Has Finished the Outline for THE AVENGERS 2; Feels He Shared Bruce Banner’s Anger in THE AVENGERS

     December 5, 2012


The reason all The Avengers 2 stories at this point have likely been bullshit is because there was nothing on paper.  It’s difficult to get a scoop without evidence, and while unnamed sources might leak particular bits of info, the info may quickly turn false.  So when you read that actresses are being eyed for the role of Ms. Marvel, it’s a rumor that should be taken with every grain of salt in the world.  But at least today, there is an outline for The Avengers 2.  Obviously, a lot changes over the course over the entire filmmaking process, and Joss Whedon‘s first outline for the film might have no resemblance to the finished feature.

Hit the jump for more.  The Avengers 2 opens May 1, 2015.

joss-whedon-avengers-set-photo-hawkeye-bowEW—who has named Whedon one of their Entertainers of the Year—has revealed what’s going on with the very tired creator:

We met with him just days after he had submitted an outline for the 2015 sequel The Avengers, and as he was in the midst of preparing to shoot the pilot for what could be his next television series: S.H.I.E.L.D, a spy-fi drama tracking the ongoing adventures of the secret agents and superhero wranglers of Marvel’s movie world. If ABC he picks up the series, Whedon will remain involved as exec producer, and frequent collaborators Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen (Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible) and Jeffrey Bell (Angel) will serve as lead showrunners.

So just to recap: Whedon has joined Marvel President Kevin Feige in basically overseeing every Marvel’s Phase Two, keeping an eye on the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and working on one of the biggest movies of 2015.  No pressure.

Evidence to the contrary, Whedon is only human, but even he was a bit surprised when he found a personal connection with the Hulk.  He tells EW:

“What was most astonishing to me about making that movie was how personal it was,” he says. “I literally had the I’m-always-angry revelation during production. I had this certain amount of back-burner simmer of rage that I was completely aware of, but apparently I wrote it for Bruce Banner, going (to myself): ‘I think this is what a guy like this might go through!’ Interesting! What guy, Joss? ‘I don’t know! Some guy. I can’t think of anyone in particular, or why this is coming to me…’ Really, Joss? Really?

Whedon? Smash.


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  • Carl

    I hope he outlined a costume change for Captain America and Hawkeye

    • tom

      unfortunately i don’t know what else you could do to Captain America’s costume. it looks kind of silly on screen but there’s just no getting around it. they would have to drastically alter the costume, and even then i’m sure people would be outraged

      • I always thought…

        caps costume was supposed to be a bit camp, check out Coulson saying “I had some design input” or whatever the actual line is. I really think that Cap 2 and/or Avengers 2 will see him in a much more contemporary styled uniform.

      • Robert C. Wilson

        I agree with Caps’ costume, it comes off as silly on camera. Now that they have established it, however, they could have it get destroyed in some battle in his next flick and transition to the black and silver outfit he now wears. That, or they could give him the light-shield he uses in the cartoon. It updates the look of his character without changing the costume and it would look sick in 3-d.

  • red john

    Get er done!!!

  • Chris

    “…it’s a rumor that should be taken with every grain of salt in the world.”

    so you’re saying we should believe those rumors?

  • Prom Night Dumpster Baby

    Will any Buffy/Angel alumni make an appearance. Oh and lets give Summer Glau a role to play. She’s super hot.

    • Josh Kaye

      I’m not sure about any Buffy/Angel alum, but I think it could be possible if we see Nathan Fillion have a role in Guardians of the Galaxy in some way due to his connections to both Joss and James Gunn. As for Summer, I would love it if she had a role in the S.H.I.E.L.D television show that would translate onto the big screen when the next Avengers comes out. I do know that in The Avengers there was a Dollhouse alum as well as Wesley. Anything else, who knows. But it would be fantastic.

  • DC

    I really hate to nitpick but, good Lord, the writing on this site is awful. “Obviously, a lot changes over the course over the entire filmmaking process” and “Whedon has joined Marvel President Kevin Feige in basically overseeing every Marvel’s Phase Two.” Really? I had to read those three times just to make sense of them. Get a damn proofreader before you publish these stories. Yay Avengers.

    • The Real Bukzit

      You’re calling yourself “DC”? Really? zhat good can you say of Marvel?

    • Gene Simko

      I have to agree. Where’s the editor?

  • Anonymous

    Get an editor you write like shit

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  • svchick

    I heard a rumor that he was going to kill off Hawkeye. PLEASE say it isn’t so! Clint and Natasha belong together. Make it so Joss! PLEASE???

  • Slave Matei


  • Slave Matei

    Mie mia placut filmul avengers la innebunie si mia placut la faza cu Hulk am stat cu sufletul la gura sa vad daca a omorato pe natasa dar mam linistit ca la luat Thor la bataie pe hulk .