THE AVENGERS Additional Scene Added to End Credits

     May 2, 2012


Remember way back when we told you The Avengers cast and crew were shooting an additional scene?  Well, it looks like that additional scene will be tacked on to the credit sequence.  It’s being reported as a second credits sequence, meaning there was already one in place for the initial screenings and another one has been filmed for the very end of the credits.  In other words, don’t leave your theater until the screen goes dark and the ushers threaten to call the police.  We’ll keep this post spoiler-free (for you and for me), but we’ve got links to where you can find more information if you simply cannot wait until Thursday at midnight.

The Avengers, directed by Joss Whedon and starring Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cobie Smulders and Clark Gregg opens May 4th.  Hit the jump for details and a bonus new TV spot.

In spoiler-free news, here’s a bonus TV spot for The Avengers which heaps gratuitous accolades upon its deserving self.  If you’re so inclined, look for the scene description (spoilers) below the poster.


Someone at the SHH forums [via The Playlist] posted this description of the scene:

“After the battle, the Avengers team sitting quietly with no dialogue eating shwarma. Stark was not in his suit. Banner wasn’t Hulked out.”

For more on Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, here are Steve’s interviews with:


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  • Carlos Rincones

    O.O what? I seen the movie yesterday and only see the first after credit scene :( i from Venezuela.

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  • M-2

    I think this is only for the Territories that is Releasing The Avengers this week, i Watched it Twice This Past week in South Africa and we only got the first post credit scene, i Sat and I waited but there was nothing….

    Would of Loved to have seen it, but Ima go again this friday, hopefully it will be attached haha (Any excuse to watch the film again)

  • Needs Assembly

    Seen the film, seen the screen grab – that’s just brilliant! Really in keeping with the tone of the film, I think it’ll go down well. So to speak.

    Would like to see this extra bit in the UK too but it only seems fair somehow that America gets an extra scene to themselves seeing as the home of The Avengers has had to wait until last to see the thing!

  • grittymcgritterson

    i hate you all- sincerley, guy from the US

  • BV

    I watched it this morning. The scene was freaking cool!

  • Mark

    There was no second credit scene when I saw it a week ago.

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  • pooper

    i forgot to wait for the sequence when i saw it day 1 in Australia! Can someone tell me what I missed???

  • johnniewalker469

    In Puerto Rico the opening day for this movie was on Wednesday, May 2. There was no second credit scene…. I’m pissed…

  • bonerfide

    Isn’t shawarma like a donner kebab? It’s most commonly eaten when drunk here.

  • ptht

    It’s seriously hilarious! Saw it on Tuesday and like the 90% of people who left after the first post credits scene in my theater, I didn’t know about it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

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  • Alan

    Unfortunately the second post credits sequence is only shown in North America if I recall correctly. Not sure why.

    • Introvert

      Because America is better, that’s why. It’s not Captain Italy, is it?