AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Preview Footage Teases Hulk vs. Iron Man Fight and Avengers Tower

     July 15, 2014


Though we’ve learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to Marvel’s Hall H panels at San Diego Comic-Con, there will be 5,000 very, very angry fans if the studio doesn’t show anything from Avengers: Age of Ultron next weekend.  Last year Marvel showed a reel of incredibly impressive footage from Guardians of the Galaxy even though they had only been shooting for a week, so given that Avengers 2 is towards the tail end of its production schedule, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see something from Joss Whedon’s highly anticipated sequel.

But it won’t be the first time that footage from the pic has been screened.  Recently over in the UK, Marvel showed off a short reel from Age of Ultron.  A writeup of what was shown has now landed online, giving fans a tiny glimpse at what to expect from the follow-up.  More after the jump.

avengers-age-of-ultron-iron-man-hulk-concept-artThe folks over at Radio Times got a glimpse at some early footage from the Avengers sequel, saying they were able to see Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) Hulkbuster armor being put to good use in a skirmish with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.  They were also privy to some footage of new additions Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver:

Also sighted were new brother sister duo Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Scarlet has mysterious reality warping powers (in the footage this mostly involved making some blocks float around) while Quicksilver can run really, really fast (although without the special effects, it was more of a light jog).

avengers-age-of-ultron-scarlet-witch-concept-artFootage from later in the film saw Scarlet Witch fighting alongside Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) even though she and her brother were initially antagonists to the Avengers, so one imagines a turn of some sort takes place.  Additionally, Avengers Tower was revealed:

Designed by Tony Stark out of the ruins of his New York penthouse, this has all mod cons: floor to ceiling windows, twin laboratories for Stark and Bruce Banner, and parking for supersonic jets. It’s reminiscent of the SHIELD helicarrier in terms of construction, with lots of shiny metal pillars

The report also notes that while The Avengers took place mostly in New York, the follow-up sees the titular heroes trotting the globe in order to fight the robot Ultron (James Spader), jetting to Italy, South Korea, and South Africa.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige told those in attendance at the footage preview that it may not ever be screened again, meaning this might not be exactly what Marvel plans to show fans at Comic-Con.  Regardless, be sure to keep an eye on Collider next Saturday night for our full recap of the Hall H panel.


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  • Warriorscribe

    Hulkbuster scene sounds cool.

    • Alan Grant

      awesome, i was hoping we be able to get to see the Hulkbuster suit ever since that after credit scene in Incredible Hulk.

  • herpderp

    I’m still puzzled by the purpose of Iron Man 3s ending if Stark just build more suits and keeps being iron man.

    • Aquartertoseven

      I would assume that he builds Ultron as his replacement, Ultron becomes bad and Stark has to return to the fold.

      • LEM

        That’s probably likely and I’m still guessing that Rhodey may die early in the film as another catalyst for Tony to suit up.

    • Ruprect

      The point was Tony Stark coming to grips with himself as a person rather than defining himself as a superhero. Like both he and the little kid said though, he’s a mechanic. He NEEDS to build things.

      • Kpaqu1

        So if he had defined himself as a superhero then there would be no Ultron to muck things up. Just another reason to hate Iron Man 3.

    • iamfishin

      Ruprect kinda beat me to it, but:
      The destroying of the suits was less a practical decision and more a symbolic one. It was about Tony finally BELIEVING what he’s been saying all along: that HE is IronMan, even WITHOUT the suit(s). The man makes the machine, and not the other way around, if you will.

      • milo

        Still, it falls into the old cliché of superhero hanging up the suit…until he’s needed again! Same as the zillion other variations in other movies of the guy coming out of retirement. Destroying the suits feels pretty empty knowing that he will just build more.

      • Georce Johnson

        Or the actual explanation that that ending was bullshit. The writer just wanted brownie points for putting character above technology, but it was an empty gesture because we all knew Stark wasn’t done building them.

    • Joshua B

      They are taking it back to the Original Iron Man comics (In my opinion). The original Comics/90s Cartoon had tony stark with a huge amount of Armors like he had in Iron Man 3 but in the comics/cartoon he never had an Arc Reactor in his chest but was still able to control ALL his armors due to his A.I. named H.O.M.E.R…similar to what they do in the Iron Man movies how everybody close to Tony is able to use the suits without the arc reactor in their chest because of J.A.R.V.I.S. also Jarvis was the name of his families Butler who was close to Tony. which could explain in the movies why his A.I is named Jarvis instead of Homer and how in Avengers: AOU Paul bettany (who plays jarvis) is going to be both J.A.R.V.I.S. and The Vision

  • Aquartertoseven

    Let’s hope that this can salvage superhero films, Whedon’s our only hope for a well written one, and after TASM 2, Cap 2, DOFP, Thor 2 etc., we need a comic book movie with substance.

    • Colin

      Isn’t that an oxymoron? Comic book movies should be like their book counterparts: pure escapism and fun. Doesn’t need to be War & Peace.

      • Aquartertoseven

        No, not at all. Spiderman 2 for instance had depth galore, it’s a masterpiece.

      • Ruprect

        Ok, now I KNOW you are trolling.

      • Aquartertoseven

        So you’re saying that it’s not expertly crafted? When’s the last time you saw it? Let me guess, you’re one of those kids that think TASM 2 is a better Spiderman sequel haha.

      • Ruprect

        “One of those kids” … right. I’m old enough to be your father’s father, peewee.
        I am also old enough to admit mistakes. I thought you were talking about TASM 2 when you said Spiderman 2, not the Raimi film.

      • Aquartertoseven

        That’s good, you have taste. like I said to Lex, there are a fair number of people (I have to assume kids, as they fail to understand that substance>action) that think TASM 2 trumps Spiderman 2.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        Don’t be absurd, no one actually thinks that.

      • Aquartertoseven

        You’d be surprised Lex.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        I think you mean depressed.

      • RiddleThemThis

        I know quite a few people actually who think TASM 2 was better than TASM1 and all the Raimi films, personally I wasn’t a fan of TASM 1 so I never bothered with the second.

      • Andrew Sanders

        Likewise.I picked up TASm1 for a measly £5 on dvd & felt I paid too much even then after watching.Sold it on for 30 pence.
        If the sequel’s as bad as the first’un I won’t bother & see what the Sinister Six has to offer.

      • Aquartertoseven

        That too.

    • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

      Umm…Cap 2 and DOFP were both excellent films. Both were box office and critical smashes.

      • Aquartertoseven

        They were both poorly written so no, not close to excellent. DOFP was far better due to the tension and stakes in the future scenes, but still, the story and character development for both were very weak. The fact that critics completely failed to criticise or even see blatant, basic flaws, says a lot about them.

      • milo

        The fact that you think you’re the only one qualified to judge “poorly written” and smarter than both the general public and critics, says a lot about you.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Okay, let’s spell out why I’m right:

        X2- Wolverine grows, tries to piece together his past, confronts the one that made him who he is and is and is torn between the mutants and his former superior, Jean sacrifices herself, Nightcrawler pushes himself beyond his own limitations, Magneto betrays his kind and seeks revenge on those that made him do that, he tries to murder all homo sapiens, Xavier confronts his biggest failure, Pyro betrays the good guys and leaves them to die, leaves his only friends to die just for recognition and free rein, Stryker loves his son and yet hates him for being a mutant and for killing his mother, Stryker’s wife. He loves and yet hates his only son, and he seeks the eradication of all mutants because of what his son alone has done.

        That’s the plot and character development for X2, there’s a ton of it. Now let’s compare to DOFP, where Xavier is a little jaded and Mystique is a little angry, no-one really grows, not Magneto, Jackman, Beast, no-one else, nothing really happens. And Cap 2, who changes by the end of the film? Everyone’s the same, even The Winter Soldier, in his own film named after him, only becomes OPEN to change after the end credits, so he hasn’t actually changed at all.

      • Jhan

        Sheesh, you’re unbearable.

      • Aquartertoseven

        No, you’re just a sore loser with absolutely nothing of worth to say, no way to counter my argument. I spelled out my reasoning and the 2 new ones are noticeably lacking.

      • NYCS

        We eagerly await your cinematic genius, coming to a theater near us…when, exactly?

      • Aquartertoseven


        But not yet.

      • James Franco

        Whatever the fuck dude. Both winter soldier and dofp were awesome if you think they lacked substance then you clearly have poor taste in comic book movies

      • Aquartertoseven

        No, I like the best comic book movies, because they have substance. Perhaps you should open your eyes instead of being this mindless drone that thinks action is enough.

      • James franco

        Nah your taste definitely sucks.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Get some standards and stop acting like a stupid little kid; ‘durr, barely an substance but OMG!!! PUNCHING AND SHOOTING!!! 10/10!!!!’

      • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

        Captain America TWS didn’t need to have a character arc for him as the film showed that when tested by the very organization he was part of (S.H.I.E.L.D) that Cap still wouldn’t compromise his beliefs of what he views as right/wrong. The “arc” was showing that he will go against the establishment because he won’t alter his beliefs/values -strike first ask questions later. It’s actually a great film because it showed that a person with positive morals/values in the 40′s can still be that same person in the present. It’s a hard job to take a character like him, very 1 dimensional in some aspects as the Blue Boyscout – not like the brooding Bruce Wayne or wise cracking Peter Parker, and make a great film like Marvel did.
        So I’m gonna have to make sure that if you make it as a professional critic to be sure to skip all of your reviews as you missed the point of what that film was about.

      • Aquartertoseven

        In his own film? Yeah, he definitely needed a character arc. Cap said almost immediately that he didn’t agree with what SHIELD were doing, that’s not an arc, an arc is gradual, with change occurring over time, not immediately stated ideals and nothing else after that.

        I got the point of the film, and it wasn’t nearly enough. I’m sorry that you have very low standards and want very little substance from your films, that’s just sad.

        Good then, because if I’m ever a critic, I’ll continue to use my brain when analysing films, and as you don’t, you won’t really be in my target audience.

      • milo

        Yep, tons of substance in both of those.

      • Austin Kemprowski

        They definitely were. If Guardians of the Galaxy lives up to the hype, then this has been a pretty damn good year for comic book films.

      • Andrew Sanders

        Especially Cap America 2 which was a hundred times better than the first!

    • Bob

      Cap 2 and DOFP are amazing films. DOFP might actually be better than Avengers…Cap 2 is almost equal to Avengers….

      I am not trolling. Many people will agree with me they are great films, your kinda alone on those two.

      • Aquartertoseven

        Once people watch it again once or even twice, the novelty of it being the new thing will wear off, and sense will kick in.

    • Lovecraftlives

      What the fuck, most of those films were good, asshole! The last X-men film was probably one of the best!

      • Aquartertoseven

        Good is not good enough (I won’t swear at you, unlike you, stay classy). Perhaps Fox and Marvel need to watch TDK and Spiderman 2 to see what well written films look like.

  • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

    I know we all hate that guy, but that was kind of a big spoiler to put in a headline. Sure we might’ve seen it in the first trailer, but dang, I have to think Hulk fighting Iron Man is maybe something worth holding back from the casual reader? I still would’ve clicked anyways, but not everyone is like me and just doesn’t care.

    • Jason Wright

      The artwork displayed here was featured in the “Marvel: Building a Universe” (or whatever it was called) and they showed a clip that tied into it, so that’s something that Marvel released to promote the film months ago.

  • Sean

    I assume that footage from the movie will be leaked online at some point soon ?

    • Strong Enough

      nope lmao

      • Sean

        @strongenough:disqus You don’t think it will be leaked on the internet ?

      • Strong Enough

        I was right about the run time on Malficent. I am right about this

      • Sean

        @strongenough:disqus It would be great if footage did get leaked on the internet from a trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

  • Grendal Sven

    If the Hulk doesn’t say, “HULK SMASH METAL MAN!” at least once, I will be very disappointed.

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  • Chad

    Maybe one day they can make a superhero team up movie where the good guys fight bad guys instead off each other. 70% of the first overrated movie had the bad guy locked up and the good guys fighting each other (yawn). Seems like more of the same here, so far. I guess that’s Whedon’s fallback script idea when he runs out of plot.

    • Vulcan

      Well it didn’t say that Tony was in the Hulk Buster Armor. What if Ultron takes over the AI of Tony’s suits, and they become his personal army.

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  • Merlin235

    I’m so stoked for this movie, it’s ridiculous. Even something paltry like this wets my appetite.

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