May 4, 2012


If you stayed seated during the credits of The Avengers (and by this point, you know you should for a Marvel movie), you may have had some questions about what you saw.  It’s a scene, or rather, a moment that plays strictly to the comic geeks in the audience.  But what about everyone else?  If you were left confused by what you saw, hit the jump for an explanation.  [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD (Obviously)]

[Seriously, turn back now if you haven't seen The Avengers.  I'm telling you the ending.]

avengers-ending-thanos-comic-book-imageAfter The Avengers have defeated the Chitauri army by sending a nuke into their mother ship, we see their leader talking to a mysterious figure.  The Chitauri leader says that the humans are not to be underestimated, and to face them would be “to court Death itself.”  And then the mysterious figure turns his head and we see Thanos, The Mad Titan, smiling.  Cut to black and the rest of the end credits.

So who the hell is Thanos?

If you were unfamiliar with the character, you were probably left wondering, “Who is that purple gentleman and why is he grinning?

I’m going to say right up front that I haven’t read any comics with Thanos, and my information comes from the Marvel Wiki.  I’m going to hit the major points about who Thanos is and the threat he poses.

Like any comic book character, Thanos has had a long and convoluted history in the Marvel Universe.  Thanos first appeared in Iron Man #55 (1973), and so lots of weird shit has happened in the almost forty years since he’s been around.  He’s literally already out there since he’s a member of a cosmic race known as The Eternals, but he’s born “misshapen and monstrous”, especially when compared to rest of his race of pretty people.  From there, Thanos has one consuming passion that runs almost pretty much through his entire story:

He is obsessed with Death.  So when the Chitauri leader says that to fight The Avengers would be “courting death itself,” it gives Thanos a smiley face.

Comics being comics, death isn’t only a concept; it’s a literal being.  From the Marvel Wiki:

Growing in power and infamy as he traveled the universe, Thanos once met Death itself, as it appeared to him embodied in a female form. Thanos was infatuated with the being, and endeavored to make himself worthy in order to earn her love in return. With an army under his command, he nearly destroyed his former home of Titan, declaring himself its ruler. He then sought out the powerful Cosmic Cube [known as the "Tesseract" in the movies], and a number of Earth’s heroes assembled to confront him.

avengers-thanos-ending-infinity-gauntlet-odins-vault-thor-imageLet me take a break to say that I don’t know if Marvel is using this storyline as a premise for The Avengers 2.  With all of their movies, Marvel has constantly had to wrestle with how much they can take from the comics and how much they have to cater to mainstream audiences.  Now back to Thanos…

In addition to his Death fixation, Thanos is also known for being the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet.  You may have caught it at Comic-Con a couple years back, or possibly you’ve seen it in some behind the scenes set photos from Thor because the Gauntlet is in Odin’s vault.  So what’s the big deal about this weapon?  Again, from the Marvel Wiki:

Mistress Death believed that there was a cosmic imbalance in the universe – that there were more living than there were dead. As a result, Death resurrects her loyal servant Thanos, who is appointed the task of killing off half of the population of the universe. Not only is Thanos’ power augmented by Death, he is granted access to the Infinity Well, where he realizes the power of the Infinity Gems. After much plotting and scheming, Thanos wrestles the gems from their owners and gains mastery over Power, Mind, Space, Reality, Time, and the Soul.

And this thing is sitting in Odin’s vault, which, as we saw in Thor, ain’t exactly fool-proof.  I’m not sure if this will be the new MacGuffin, but Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet is like Captain America without his shield or Thor without his hammer.  The weapon is inseparable from the character.  Also, Marvel didn’t trot it out at Comic-Con, and sit it next to Asgardian helmets and Captain America’s shield simply because people like shiny things (I mean, they do, but that wasn’t the only reason).

Looking ahead to The Avengers 2, Thanos’ Death-obsession and the Infinity Gauntlet are the two things you should currently keep in mind because Marvel put them on the table.  There are other elements from Thanos’ history Marvel could try to weave in such as Adam Warlock or the Infinity Watch, and I’m interested to see how complex the studio is willing to make the movies.  No matter the level of complexity, Marvel has apparently announced the villain of The Avengers 2, and now you know a little bit more about him.


*Also, credit where credit is due: Latino Review reported Thanos would be in the movie back in May 2011.


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  • Omenvoir

    I’m all about geeking out over movie endings, but it’s not even noon on FRIDAY. A little premature to go all spoiler-ish, don’t you think? This would make more sense for a Monday perhaps…

    • Ryan

      …Somehow this is all going to end with the Silver Surfer saving the entire Universe from Thanos,

      • Koma

        ….yep you could be totally right :T
        And I would be pleased too, if the Surfer showed up, would also like to have a Silver Surfer movie about his origins with Galactus…..

      • brandon

        Except not. Marvel Studios doesn’t have the rights to Silver Surfer; Fox does.

      • Jared

        Actually Brandon, Fox doesn’t have rights of Silver Surfer, due to the fact the original Silver Surfer Show and Comics were of Marvel Origins.

      • Cedar

        Will the fantastic 4 help silver surfer? Because that would not work with captain America being Jonny too…

      • Rich

        Actually Fox do own the rights for Silver surfer .. and the fantastic 4 .. there are a few marvel characters that may have been created by mavel but have since been brought by other studios – wolverine also being one of these.

  • CL

    Both ending tags were great. It’ll at least be 3-4 years before another Avengers. I can’t wait.

    • cordy

      yep, it was great but dude, good news: we don’t have to wait for another The Avengers movie, at we learn from the last 7 or 8 years of “new” Marvel hero movies, the endings doesn’t have to be the teaser for the next movie of the same series. i.e. Iron Man 2′s ending was about Thor movie..Thor’s ending was about The Avengers.Since there will be another Iron Man or Thor movie before the next The Avengers and since Thanos is originally an Iron Man comic book series foe, we probably will meet him sooner than we think.

    • t

      actually it is said to be coming out in 2015

  • mattinacan

    seriously? it’s opening night and you are talking about the ending? stay classy Collider, stay classy.

    • Seriouslyunserious

      @Mattinacan…..dude, seriously, the fucking WEBSITE is Now, I get it, you (along with myself, and probably a dozen other people) dont know what in gods great gastronomical creations a Shawarmas is, but googling that doesnt lead you here, or make you skip the part where it says SPOILERS. And if the Shawarmas WAS the big SPOILER, anyone who writes a blog about it and worries about it being a spoiler is just silly. You’re an idiot. The tooth fairy isnt real, btw. SPOILER ALERT!

      • Michael

        “shawrma” or in romanian “saorma” is a turkish meal… it’s beef and chicken meet erarved in bread or asthey say “lipie” or “pita” it’s a very delicious meal infact:)) so… sorry for my bad explanation… at least i got u an idea of how to google it:) and the movie was avesome… i thought he was hellboy in the first moments but he is universal studios i think right?

  • howard

    i wonder if thanos likes shawarma.

  • Mike

    It has spoiler warning, you fucking idiots.

    • Keith


    • mattinacan

      way to make yourself look like the idiot

    • Markus

      Maybe some people on here need a second disclaimer, to tell them to pay attention to the other disclaimer about there being spoilers.

    • cartouche

      I know right its right on the title MORONS..

      I for one was very happy to see this article. I have seen the movie twice once in IMAX 3D and I was convinced that was HELLBOY in the post credits scene.

      I am glad I read this because I was utterly confused by the selection of HELLBOY but thought it was really cool. Either way I am glad to know the true identity of the presumed villan.

      THIS MOVIE WAS ******* AWESOME!!!!!

      • Michael

        right same here!!! the same thing happened to me also:))

  • Nate H

    Relax, folks. If you don’t want to be spoiled, then don’t click on the link that says SPOILERS AHEAD. Pretty elementrary, if you ask me.

    I think that’s awesome that Thanos is the next villain. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I know that the Avengers are fighting an army of aliens, so it will be very cool to see them fight a single being that has more power than all of them combined in the next film. Thanos is a BA, so it will be great.

    As a sidenote (I am revealing my level of comic nerdiness here), I wouldn’t say Thanos is synonymous with the Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, he used it to destroy half of the living population in the universe, but after he was “defeated” he never regained the gauntlet. In fact, the gems have been scattered throughout the galaxy and then across the Earth since then, making the gauntlet impossible to use. It’s not like Cap who always has his shield, or Thor who always has his hammer. Thanos is more known for his mind and his awesome power – as far as tools go, he uses whatever is available to him.

    • Al

      It’s more like a word association game.

      Captain America – Sheild
      Thor – Hammer
      Iron Man – armor
      Thanos – Infinity Gauntlet

      It’s what he’s best known for, and what people who don’t know ther character but know a bit about marvel can identify. Thanos is the dude from the infinity gauntlet thing with the crossover and the fighting… good glaaviinn!!

  • ilikedthemovie!

    @mattinacan – dude if you don’t want to know the ending to something, don’t click on an article that says “[insert title] ending explained”. seriously brüh.

    • mattinacan

      seriously bruh, i can read, and i’ve already seen the movie, i just think it’s classless, bruh.

      • Nate

        Classless? It’s a movie news website covering a comic book movie buddy. Your skirt’s showing, you big crybaby.

      • Pocketses

        How exactly is it “classless” to put up an article, that has a warning in the title, that uses just the films LOGO as the tease photo, that has a paragraph of fluff BEFORE the spoilers and a full warning before them that “seriously, if you haven’t seen the movie turn back now” in front of it?

        What the fuck is wrong with you, you whining little shit. How is it classless to give those who have seen the film because they’ve seen 5 films that led up to it, but maybe haven’t read the 60+ year history of the comics, a little more knowledge on who Thanos is? I mean, honestly, are you just complaining to complain now? “I read this site, it sucks” is a common internet theme now, and you pissant little kids who aren’t ever happy with anything can shove it.

        There isn’t anything classless about it. It might actually be CLASSY if you ask me. I know I had to explain Thanos to a few people last night after the scene, only about 10 – 15 people in my completely packed theater even reacted to seeing Thanos, the rest were the mainstream audience who knew nothing of him. So to give those people some helpful information, Goldberg posted a decent article. Get the hell over yourself.

      • mattinacan

        not at all surprised you are looking up my skirt.. not at all surprised….buddy

      • mattinacan

        @poketses – what a nerd no one will read all that

      • Taylor

        I did.

      • Nick

        I did too…. Nerd

      • mattinacan

        nerds ‘assemble’!

      • ThanosGreenGem

        Do you know the power of the green gem?

      • Jessthebest

        I read it…I just wanna know whats going on before I spend my fuckin money in a movie theater, nerd my ass.

      • DDGmike

        The use of the pseudo-word “bruh” is a good indicator that no comments made ‘mattinacan’ may be taken “seriously.” Matt’s brain, much like Matt, is in a can. No offense Matt.

      • Jared

        Nerds and geeks assemble to defeat mattinacan!

  • Dodge_hickey

    Christ Goldberg, I would have waited a month before this article is posted! Really bad move as the movie is only released today! (in America)

  • Keith

    Headline says “spoilers”. Deal with it.

    As someone who has seen the movie already, I appreciate this article.

    • mattinacan

      i’ve seen the movie and i would have appreciated this article maybe monday or tuesday, let more people see the movie and partake. but i get this site is interested in getting as many hits as possible, and this accomplishes that.

      • Nick

        Then don’t read it till Monday moron. Lol.

      • Brandon



      • mattinacan

        why wait if i saw it already. you can’t read

      • Equinox98

        Wow, you are only contridicting yourself, complain about it being early then say why wait when I’ve already seen it. Come on, get real man, think before you talk or in this case type.

  • James

    You’re making it sound like Thanos is weak without the Gauntlet…yeah right. lol!

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  • Carl Robertson

    “purple gentleman”

  • BobMann

    Jesus people, stop blaming Goldberg for your lack of self control.
    If you didn’t want to know the ending, you shouldn’t have clicked on an article that says “THE AVENGERS ENDING EXPLAINED SPOILERS”

  • Stan Cantrelle

    I thought you were going to refer to the scene where they are eating in a little New York Deli after the big battle.

    • mattinacan


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  • Edward Lee

    What? Madonna stars as Thanos? Sh#t!

  • yo_yo_fun

    Thank you for this article!

  • the dark knight ends

    holy fuck the article has a warning don’t click on it if you don\t want to know

  • SP1234

    I thought this ending was leading to Iron Man 3? Now you’re saying it’s for Avengers 2? I’m confused.

  • ratpackfan

    I appreciated the article. After having just seen the movie, I walked out wondering who the hell it was. The article does clearly state-”spoiler” So it’s your own fault if you choose to read the article. So thank you for the article.

  • Danny

    maybe he will be in Thor 2 and thor will stop him before he can start shit in avengers 2

  • DudeLove

    This will be the villan for A2, but he will have to attain the magic glove in Thor2. That will show Thor as unable to defeat Thanos, and thus need the Avengers help in A2. BTW: Hulk takes the comedic cake in Avengers. Love it when he punched Thor, and gave Loki the rag doll treatment. Oppps! Spoilers Alert!….too late you think???

  • ben

    @mattinacan – all riled up because you missed your local tea party meeting? Continue munching on your stockpile of dirty dicks.

    @DudeLove – LOL, you ruuuuuuuinned it for meeeeee waaahhhh. I think your theory about Thor 2 is right on the money.

    Also, side note… did anyone notice how amazingly well rendered the organic CG was in this film? Really, might be the best CG character work I’ve seen – the Chitari were fantastic and of course everyone loves the Hulk in this one so much that we’re all dying to see him in his own flick (btw, I’m *sooooo sorry* that I doubted Mark Ruffalo. I seriously can’t believe I’m saying this). And, straight up, they got Thanos *right.* That look is the most pure comic -> movie translation I’ve ever seen. Pretty damn impressive that Avengers has heads-and-shoulders-better CG creatures than Avatar. I would say that it’s risky to have a pure CG villain in a movie that is so much about humanity, but after seeing how gorgeously the Hulk was rendered, I have absolutely no doubt that they’ll pull it off.

    Is Joss signed for A2?

    • mattinacan

      why not just respond to me directly instead of giving me an @, lol you scared little butt dart

  • Wes

    It’s already been officially announced that the Thor sequel will have 2 villains, one of them being Loki. It’s not that much of stretch to guess that Thanos starts there and moves on to Avengers 2.

    • Wes

      Honestly, I think the only way to top the action in this movie is in space, anyway.

  • jordan

    My only question after seeing the movie was…..Why! was Thanos red!!!! at first glance it made me think it was red skull. I know it was Thanos but i all ways remember him as a blue-ish purple-ish color? Whats the deal, was it simply a copyright thing?

    • Jesus

      Nah he was purple in the movie too, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe your eyes had adjusted to the lights of the flashy credit sequence and hadn’t readjusted properly when it went dark again for the scene. Grasping at straws for this.

    • Sonya

      Thought he was red too. You’re not the only one :)

    • ThePowerCosmic

      It all has to do with the lighting in space. You may know the color purple is a mixture of red and blue. There was a moon shinning light on him from behind his face. Whatever hue that light was looked as if it was pulling out more of the red color. Also did you notice the space scenes where all tinted dark purplish blue? If they made his face a darker purple you wouldn’t have seen anything but teeth and eyes, which is why the moon was behind him. This is how you set up a scene with lighting. it’s all about the lighting.

      I was more concerned that his eyes had a bluish reflection, because I love his black soulless eyes in the comics. Again though, I think it was so you noticed his face. if they weren’t blue it would be hard to tell what you were looking at.

      I think they want to show enough to make fans excited, but I bet his look will be more refined when he makes a full appearance.

  • Josh Kaye

    It’s actually possible Thanos may make his first appearance in Iron Man 3. Thanos made his first appearance in the Iron Man comics, so it’s possible he could be a villain that works in numerous ways. As I said, he makes his first appearance in the Iron Man comics. Then there’s the Infinity Gauntlet which is in Odin’s Vault, so if he attempts to retrieve it, obviously he could appear in Thor 2. There are numerous different possibilities here.

    • JS

      I like your post. It seems to me, given Matt’s article and your post, that this might be the tie in which starts to cross the next series of solo Marvel character movies – and ultimately leads up to the next Avengers flick.

      Since this first wave has *ultimately* (with the exception of Iron Man 2) been about origin stories – I’ve been wondering how marvel plans to separate the heroes into their individual movies and then bring them back together for a round 2.

      Could this Thanos character be the vehicle? Seems exciting to me.

      • ibbi

        First I gotta say The Avengers was epic!! One of the best comic book movies I have seen.

        Seeing Thanos showing his signature grin was badass! I believe they are setting him up to be the villain in Avengers 2. I don’t think he will be coming out of the shadows in the next line of sequels for IronMan, Cap, Thor. He knows earth is a great threat! He will use his intelligence on invading again. I am excited to see where Marvel is gonna go from here.

        It would have been way more awesome if all of marvel characters existed in there marvel cinematic universe!

  • John Tighe

    I would have loved for the camera to spin around to the front of his face while you see the smile develop, and a glint in his soulless shark eyes. When I saw this, I thought “oh fuck. Their in deep shit now.”

    Yeah, how complex can they make it? Does Captain Marvel show up? That would be cosmic! The Guardians of the Galaxy? Wow!

    I didn’t know that the Chitauri were Skrulls. Knowing this, and thinking of the first Ultimates villain, made me think of “The Red Skrull”, where the Red Skull is an shape changing alien. Maybe throw in some “localization” of language, in that he says ‘skrull’ and the Germans hear ‘skull’ just as the Spanish term ‘vaquero’ got turned into the english word ‘buckaroo’.

  • Extinct Ape

    Thanos with the glove is too powerful for all the heroes in the Marvel Movieverse but it won’t matter because Whedon won’t come back and the second movie will suck.

  • Jeff

    Id rather se thanos rampaging through all our charecters singular movies as a second villian and then in the avengers they team up and take him down.

  • Steve

    Just saw movie, only real problem wa the silly Cap. Am. Costume. Bad choice marvel. You had it right the first time. Anyone else agree?

    • cap

      Nope. Liked this suit more

    • Tim

      1st, I did think that Cap’t's costume was disappointing. I agree with the intent of updating it from the 1940′s, but I feel like it was a little too cheesy.

      Secondly, I fell asleep to Hulk Vs Thor last night and…

      ****************SPOILERS IF YOU CARE DON’T READ THIS AND MAKE MADE COMMENTS***********************************

      Hela, Loki’s daughter and, more or less, Asgardian equivelant of Hades in Greek mythology, play’s a big roll in that short.

      In regards Thanos, the whole “to court death” thing would be another strong case for a bigger relation to Thor. I doubt, if they did put Hela in, that she would be Loki’s daughter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enchantress was prominent in Thor 2. In which case, it wouldn’t be hard to through Hela in a little bit, about as much as The Destroyer in Thor, and then start throughing Thanos in at the end, pretty much like they did with Nick Fury in the Avenger origin movies.

      just a thought. I’m not very familiar with Thor’s universe or Thanos storylines so that could all be a bunch of doodoo brown.

  • comic book geek

    I see why everyone is thinking Thanos, I mean, that’s my opinion as well, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was Prince Goro from the Mortal Kombat game. I mean they do bear a striking resemblance to one another (could explain the reddish look). Marvel Universe vs Mortal Kombat is a great game and big seller. Also, they never showed the body just the face because the 4 arms would be a dead give away if it was Goro………Just a theory. Could be a huge money maker, you would get comic book nerds and gaming nerds both all in a frenzy.

    • midget

      I really, really hope you’re being sarcastic. There is no Marvel vs MK game. There’s a DC vs. MK game, though.
      There’s no way that is Goro. Why would they tie a completely different franchise into the MCU? It would make no sense.

      • ThePowerCosmic

        Ha ha That is simply ridiculous! They work so hard the past 5 years to set up the Marvel Cinematic Universe just to throw a Mortal Kombat Character in as the main villain! So funny! No way in hell that would happen.

    • mattinacan

      …not sure if serious

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  • Donnie the Lion

    If Fox doesn’t make a Silver Surfer movie within a certain time frame, I think the movie rights revert back to Marvel. I think the Avengers would find themselves on the losing end against Thanos with the Gauntlet, an introducing other characters to help (Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, etc.) Also, the very good, currently running animated series introduced Ultron to help against Loki. Would love to see Ultron in a live action film, he would look amazing.

  • dave

    maybe Kronos will resurrect Thraxx..whose only obsession is.. Thanos.

  • jason

    The best route for Thanos and the gauntlet in an Avengers movie would be for avengers 3 not 2. Ultron should be introduced in the upcoming Ant-man movie and then be made main villain in part 2. Throughout the newer movies coming out continue to foreshadow the gauntlet and all the gems until Avengers 3 when, hopefully, newer Avengers like Black Panther, Dr Strange, Ms Marvel and possibly the Sentry are introduced. I’d love to see Iron fist and Luke Cage, but I’m not sure if thats ever going to get off the ground.


    Don’t read comics so… this a big deal?

  • Jay

    I think you guys are missing a major point. If the gauntlet is already in the vault then chances are either Thor or his father already defeated him. I doubt he just handed over his awesome weapon. With that logic alone you wouldn’t thanos would poise a big threat to thors universe unless he has acquired a new weapon. A mean with the gauntlet he was much stronger, but now that he dosnt have it they can’t defeat him again. How does that make any sense.

    • DerpyMcDerpstein

      Stay tune in a couple of years they will write around your simple assumption.

    • Jason

      The gauntlet being in Odin’s vault does not in any way indicated Odin has ever met Thanos at all. Ever. Thanos never acuired the Gauntlet until the 90′s. It was a major MU event

  • SuperSeanski

    I saw this article the other day, but decided not to read till after I saw the movie (crazy idea I know).
    So I watched the movie tonight and I had know idea what the ending meant, so I came home to read the article. I have to say this piece tells me NOTHING!!! Of course I know who Thanos is, the Infinity Gauntlet (DUH), and of course his obsession with Death made him give that evil smile at the thought of “courting” her.

    So can someone please help me…


  • joelc

    Chicken Shwarma… a tasty delight! Iron Man wanted to go get some with Capt. America

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  • Walt

    ok, a few things.
    First, glad someone took time to put this up for those who aren’t in the know.
    Second, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t go to spoilers.

    so I’ve read what ppl are sayin here and there are some very plausible concepts, but no one has touched on a key point. The formula that has been made. The real villain stays to the shadows, a puppetmaster if you will. I’ve seen the movie three times already and I think I got a good grasp on what’s up.

    so check it, for those who are gonna see it more than once pay attention from start to finish cause whedon gives you the answers the whole time. Hiding in plain sight.

    Oh ps *SPOILERS*** kinda

    the movie begins and ends with the same scene, the guy with the bad teeth talking to thanos at the space alter thing. Also, Thanos stays in the shadows the entire movie manipulating Loki. and Loki doesn’t even know it, he’s only been talkin to bad teeth guy.

    So here’s my thought, Thanos will continue to stick in the shadows because for the Avengers there is a greater danger in not knowing what you don’t know. And in the movies to come, we’ll be given the glances behind the curtains to see Thanos’ influence if you are looking for them.

    Now. How will they split into sperate stories and come back again?? easy. All these heroes have a litany of villains to chose from so their solo movies all depend on what is tryin to be said of the character. But how will the world need the avengers again??


    Yea. Picture if you can, Thanos pulling the strings as he assembles his own super powered team. Meanwhile pulling together whatever grand scheme his evil mind has put together. But I don’t think it will have to do with the IG.

    Thanos is an incredible character, and to give him ultimate power right off the bat would kill him. Literally. they would have to kill the character to save the movie. (mind you with his love of death that is plausible too) If they simply stopped him after he had learned to harness the IG, he’d come back even more pissed and really wreck shit. And that isn’t the style we’ve seen. Loki is still kickin. a good writer keeps the villain around for more.
    And that is what whedon has got goin on. more villains.

  • George

    I thought it was Doomsday from Superman comics; because in the comics that character looks just like Doomsday, the guy who kills Superman; plus the studios got to build up the hype for Superman movie. Read on; Superman movie debuts then Doomsday defeats Superman the Avengers come back together to defeat Doomsday.

  • Biff

    George- Doomsday/superman= DC comics, not Marvel.

    I collected comics as a kid but don’t remember Thanos… after this scene I thought is was The Skrull leader and that they were going to tie into another Fantastic 4 movie?

  • Biff

    George- Doomsday/Superman are DC not Marvel.

    I collected comics as a kid but don’t remember this Thanos; I thought it was the Skrull leader, and that maybe this was a lead into a new F4 movie?

  • thatoneguy

    10 bucks says Thanos is the villain in Thor 2. It would make more sense for them to set up the next movie in the series, so that they all still tie together….

  • LarryW

    Shmarma (or whatever the hell it’s called) is revealed after the credits roll. It looks like a Mexican food joint, where, the Avengers go to pig out, after the battle is over.

  • Mad Titan

    I don’t think there was any wrong here with the intent. The damage I see is the info about Thanos you gave. You lightly touched on the epic scale of this power house. Now as far as Main stream fans go, they don’t need to know. There is a big difference from reading the wiki and experiancing the character first hand. Thanos is that type of character

  • Chasm

    I have a couple scenerios as well…

    What if thanos appeared in all (5) of the heroes independent films and took an infinity stone from each “marvel universe” and then in av2 had an epic battle

    Or un av2 he doesnt have the gaunlet rather the stones and (if captain marvel doesn’t appear) the hulk will trick thanos that he drained all the energy from the stones and defeats him. Then in av3 (which will be strongly based on thanos past and his furture plans and introduces other universal beings) he come back with the gaunlet and defeats the avengers but is stop by Adam warlock just barely and he scatters the stones, which would introduce the infinity watch and restore everything back to normal. Then in av4 thanos will reject death and obtain the heart and then by a mere glance he’ll be able to destroy anything by mere glance or thought (obviously the avengers will try to stop them but it’ll prove futile) and in the end destroys the universe. In the vast emptiness he’ll find what he has done to be wrong or just find life now boring and restore/create the universe again(aka the big bang)

    This whole plot of the marvel comics mixed with Hollywood….anything can happen

  • Jaymie.Juliette

    Im a comic nerd and i had trouble remembering where Thanos came into the picture, so thanks! :)

  • Brandon Avery

    I got his from,

    “SPOILER: There is a scene part way through credits: Marvel Character Thanos appears with The Red Skull by his side. They are both looking down on Planet Earth with Thanos smiling, stating that they underestimated Earth.”


    I only saw THANOS…

    Did anyone else see this?

  • Equinox98

    Sorry chasm,
    Others too not just him but sadly Captain Marvel is no longer a Marvel character, DC sued Marvel for the rights because he was too much like Superman. So no hope in him being in the next movie.
    Sorry dude I wish it was diffrent too.

    • Jesus

      That lawsuit happened ages ago, and you’re not even thinking of the right Captain Marvel. You’re thinking of the one that was ultimately folded into the DC universe. Marvel has their own Captain Mar-Vell (otherwise just called Captain Marvel) and he bares no resemblance to Superman and has never been the subject of a DC lawsuit.

      • Equinox98

        My bad, sorry chasm. At least I learnt something from this.

  • Tim

    I fell asleep to Hulk Vs Thor last night and…

    ****************SPOILERS IF YOU CARE DON’T READ THIS AND MAKE MADE COMMENTS***********************************

    Hela, Loki’s daughter and, more or less, Asgardian equivelant of Hades in Greek mythology, play’s a big roll in the animated short.

    With Hela in mind, the whole “to court death” thing would be another strong case for a bigger tie between Thanos and Thor. I doubt, if they did put Hela in, that she would be Loki’s daughter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enchantress was prominent in Thor 2. In which case, it wouldn’t be hard to through Hela in a little bit, about as much as The Destroyer in Thor, and then start throughing Thanos in at the end, pretty much like they did with Nick Fury in the Avenger origin movies.

    However, with Loki being the antagonist in The Avengers, I’d be surprised if they did another main villain with strong ties to Thor. So, they may very well push more on the Iron Man origins. Especially since (which I think is a great nod Thanos origins) Iron Man was the one that nuked the mothership.) I’d also be cool to start spreading Skrulls around in the Individual sequels. I’d love to see some Secret Invasion stuff too.

    just so thoughts. I’m not very familiar with Thor’s universe or Thanos storylines so that could all be a bunch of doodoo brown.

  • Tim

    ****************SPOILERS IF YOU CARE DON’T READ THIS AND MAKE MADE COMMENTS***********************************

    Hela is Loki’s daughter and, more or less, Asgardian equivelant of Hades in Greek mythology. With that in mind, the whole “to court death” thing would be another strong case for bigger ties between Thanos Thor. I don’t they’d call Hela out as Loki’s daughter, just a powerful Asgardian “goddess.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Enchantress was prominent in Thor 2, in which case, it wouldn’t be hard to throw Hela in, about as much as The Destroyer in Thor or Galactus in F4:ROTSS, and then start throwing Thanos in at the end like they did with Nick Fury in the Avenger origin movies.

    However, since Loki was the antagonist in The Avengers, I’d expect them to pick a villain that wasn’t so closely tied to Thor for the sequel. With that in mind, I doubt that they’d make Thanos a big role in Thor 2. They may just make him the antagonist’s Nick Fury of the Individual sequels and have pull together a super team as previously stated in earlier posts. Or maybe Skrulls. I’d love some Secret Invasion influences.

    *******AVENGERS SPOILERS************

    Now that I’m really thinking about it, I’d expect to see more of Thanos’ hand in Iron Man 3 than anything else. Origins aside, Iron Man was the one who nuked the mothership.

    just some thoughts. I’m not very familiar with Thor’s universe or Thanos storylines so that could all be a bunch of doodoo brown.

  • Terry

    Just got back from watching this amazing movie and gotta say he looked like Super Skrull to me. Thats what I ended up telling my friends. Maybe Ive been playing too much marvel vs capcom lol.

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  • Jason

    Don’t feel like reading everyone else’s comments right now- but I was 11 years old when Thanos came around with the Infinity Gauntlet…. and there is only one thing that worries me- if they want to do this right they need to have the Silver Surfer- he is one of the only beings that can go toe-to-toe with Thanos… Let’s hope they can find a way…

  • Roelandt

    Thanks for the info Mike. Much of what you said isn’t accurate (as a major Thanos geek) but it’s close enough for those who don’t know him or his story. For example, Thanos found the Well…it wasn’t granted to him (this quest to find it irritated Death because of the delay on his delivery to kill half the universe). Also, the Infinity Gaunlet and Thanos are not like Cap and his shield. The Infinity Gems was just one of Thanos’ many universe rocking schemes (and as we saw in the mini series, “The End” it was by no means, his greatest). Still, thanks again for taking the time to write this article. My “nitpickiness” isn’t particularly relevent to your article for 90% of the readers.

    One note though. Since the Avengers by themsevles are not even remotely a match for Thanos under any conditions, does this imply an Avengers, Fantastic Four (or even X Men) team up movie? Not sure who has rights of those franchises, but it might be cool. Avengers alone would get stomped by Thanos (as we saw in the cool battle in the ’80s when he effortlessly beat up Iron Man, the Thing, Thor, and Hulk at the same time).

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  • Jaz

    the Avengers was great!
    but the character we saw @ the end Thanos will be in Iron Man 3 which comes out next year May 2013

  • Andrew Walls

    Thanos was first introduced briefly in Iron Man, by Jim Starlin, who continued him as a villain in Captain Marvel, and then in Warlock. Starlin has said the character was a direct riff on Kirby’s DC New Gods villain, Darkseid. A lot of younger comic readers are not familiar with the older Jim Starlin stories, (classics all) that are available via the Marvel Masterworks Captain Marvel and Warlock, and probably collected in other editions as well. If Marvel wanted to delve more into the cosmic aspects of it’s universe, I think a Captain Marvel movie would be the way to go. He’s a Kree scout sent to monitor earth for a future invasion by the Kree. (He’s a Captain in the Kree army, and his name is Mar-vell.) He eventually becomes a hero and ends up defending the earth. The cosmic cube and Thanos were major parts of Captain Marvel’s greatest story arcs in which he unites with the Avengers to defeat Thanos. Mar-Vell is also involved in the Kree-Skrull war, a classic Avengers storyline. He’s the perfect choice for a solo cosmic character who could be integrated into the Avengers line-up. Adam Warlock is a more complex, almost messianic figure who would be a real challenge to bring to the screen faithfully, but it could be done. My Spider sense tells me Captain Marvel is on the horizon as a future Marvel movie. If not, it should be! Make Mine Marvel!

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  • Benners


    I appreciated this post despite the uproar I’ve read on here about posting too early. I am glad this was present upon my leaving of the movie as I don’t know anything about the comics! This was bundles of help and light well shed on a subject I am in the dark about.

    Agreeing with others, it does say Spoiler in the subject so I don’t see any problem with posting this too early. I wouldn’t be searching for this unless I saw the movie to begin with, so for those who came across this without watching the movie first, shaaaaaame on you :)


  • ranjoe

    Great movie cannt wait for the next, DC needs to up its game! But at the same time cannt wait for the new Batman to come out later in the year

    • TheFett

      I am excited for The Dark Knight Rises. But I think in the upcoming Man of Steel movie they need a new villain other then Lex

  • TheFett

    I think that Thanos will appear in the next Thor, but with having said that he does tie into the whole Marvel Universe. So it sets up more then just another Thor movie. I think he will play a role as a villain in both Thor 2 and The Avengers 2. Also maybe…just maybe a Silver Surfer movie will come out of this.

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  • Capthwdy

    I think the coolest scenario would be thanos convinces Ronan the accuser to go to earth and judge Tony Stark for destroying the Chitauri. However that wouldnt work unless they buy the rights from Fox, which could happen, and then open up Thanos as the Gaurdians of the Galaxy villain that Kevin Fiege has been teasing about. However Thanos could easily make a minor appearance in Thor 2, maybe talking to Loki or something.

  • David_F

    Thanos is a good choice for a bad guy, he has been well developed over the years to have interesting character flaws and nuances. Even if they do introduce the infinity gauntlet it won’t be anything like the comics, for a start, it wouldn’t be in Odins vault because it was made by thanos after collecting the infinity gems, so even if it is used it’s been re-tooled. Anyway, a lot of the infinity gauntlet stuff would make for a bad movie, the best thing about that series was the bare faced exposure ultra-rare cosmic entities like the living tribunal and the stranger got. Then seeing them fight.

    people will want to see the avengers fight, not embodiments of abstract concepts fight, and lose to, an alien with a glove (eternity, love, hate, chaos, order, chronos – god of time etc. all got in on the act) Plus most of the plot was adam warlock scheming.

  • robert

    I have seen the film, it was awesome, this is from a thirty year reader of these comic books. It is so great to see these characters come to life. I like to think the character at the last scene was the High Evolutionary, a being (originally a human being) who is so advanced, he has evolved himself into a higher plane of existence. He first appeared in Thor#134 in 1966, and counts Thor and the Avengers as his arch enemies. It is his cosmic awareness which makes me jump to this, however, hearing about the “glove” and Thanos’s proclivity for death, that tack seems very plausible. I did not catch the significance of the “glove” in Thor.
    All I can say is Thank you Stan Lee and all of the creators of this Marvel Universe for so many years of enjoyment, keep the movies coming! I mean a Hulk vs. Spidey movie? Just sayin….

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  • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter 4/14/10)

    @Terry- I would say no to it being the Super Skrull, being that he’s a Fantastic Four villain, but then, it’s Hollywood who creates these movies to closely follow the comic books (if only by a little bit), and if they wanted to being in the Super Skrull, they probably would. So far, as superhero team movies go, the characters created for each film is based (as I have seen) on what is considered popular characters instead of actual original characters from the comics. Good example- The X-Men.

    Overall. it stands to reason that the next film storyline to be used and passed through Iron-Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 to Avengers 2 will involve (and revolve) around Thanos. A Ant-Man movie would possibly bring in Henry Pym and his wife Janet Pym- The Wasp- as new members, and Ms. Marvel could probably be seen in one of the other sequel films to lead into Avengers 2…we’ll just have to wait to see.

  • Tagmagar

    Na hora que eu vi aquele queixo riscado eu quase gritei no cinema “skrull” kkkkkkkkkk, depois tava conversando com um amigo a respeito do filme e ele me vem falando que era o thanos, leio as hqs da marvel desde q eu era pequeno mas realmente nem tinha pensado nele!

  • derek

    all this speculation on wether thanos will b main villian of iron man 3 is a bit retarted, i mean they are filming a lot of the movie in friggin china id say its fairly obvious that mandarin will be the main villian, now wether or not he is being manipulated by thanos as was pointed out above in a huge ultra mega avengers scheme is yet to be seen

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  • APG

    Kang the Conqueror, Not Thanos.

    Kang hates the avengers and blames them. He wants to destroy them at the point the avengers assembled.

    The logical AV2 is introducing Henry Pym and showing Ultron and Vision. Show all the Robots that take over the world type deal which leans to Kangs future travel to come get us.

    Without Pym and Ultron in AV2? Makes No sense at all.

    Thanos was a Silver Surfer Villian

    Kang was an Avengers Villian


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  • robert downey jr.

    This is Robert downey jr. and i think your a complete jackass. there some 1 had to say it matty

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  • Hachakopatayamanalapata

    Thanks for taking the time to explain the significance of that scene for people who didn’t grow up on the comics. Much appreciated.
    Pitiful whining about this somehow spoiling the movie for people doesn’t hold any water – only people who can read would get to the spoilers ***after*** they’d first read the abundantly clear warning about spoilers. Some people will moan about anything.

  • fack


  • Simon GoodsBottom

    When I saw his face at the end of the movie I thought it was Red Skull because in Captain America Red Skull grabbed the Tezeract and it looked like it sucked him into space, I thought the man in the end credits of The Avengers would be Red Skull.

  • Nicolas Vanegas

    recently Marvel released the Avengers 2 Teaser trailer and it’s call the avenger age of ultron another marvel villian, so what about Thanos?

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  • Ript1de

    So did anybody else notice the obvious relation between “Thanos” here and Death? If you know about Ancient Greek mythology, which I absolutely love, you’ll know that Thanatos is the god of death, and is often described as beautiful. So the second I read Thanos I tied the whole thing together. The “courting Death” gave it away if you knew who he was and who Thanatos was.