Marvel Releases THE AVENGERS Movie Timeline

     May 17, 2012


On the seventh day, Joss Whedon created The Avengers.  Marvel has released a new infographic movie timeline that highlights specific super-heroic instances in time and places them in the context of The Avengers and the individual movies that built up to it.  While The Avengers franchise no doubt revolves around Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, the new infographic has made him into a pseudo-Christ figure by demarcating the timeline with BIM (“Before Iron Man”) and AIM (“After Iron Man”).  While it’s true that Iron Man had more movies than the rest of The Avengers (excluding 2003′s Hulk, which the timeline wisely forgets), I’d much rather see the scenes relative to one Special Agent Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) or even the beloved Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg).  Hit the jump to check it out.

The reportedly “Official Marvel Timeline” might have been featured in a new book released by Marvel titled, “Avengers: The Art of Marvel’s THE AVENGERS,” which you can find at Amazon.  Here’s the book’s synopsis followed by the timeline:

Marvel Studios takes readers behind the scenes of one of the most eagerly anticipated films of all time in THE ART OF THE AVENGERS. This keepsake volume is an experiential journey through the entire film from beginning to end – featuring stunning concept art; full-color photographs from the set, as well as the finished film; excerpts from the script; and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, including writer/director Joss Whedon, producer Kevin Feige and, of course, the Avengers themselves. From costume and production design to visual effects and creature creation, THE ART OF THE AVENGERS is a lavish showcase of all the artistry and creativity that brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life onscreen. Avengers Assemble!

Here’s the timeline (click to embiggen):



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  • Yahzee

    “Wisely” is not the word. I love Ang Lee’s Hulk (you can star trowing rocks at me now), but beyond that, it’s simply not part of that universe because of a certain thing called reboot…

    • Marvellous

      I agree… I believe this to be one of two misconceptions the general audience has with this universe. The other being that they do not realize that this is the same Hulk from 2008′s ‘The Incredible Hulk’. And even though I do believe that Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation of the Hulk is excellent, a part of me still wishes that things could’ve worked out for Edward Norton to be in this movie. Having the continuity with all the films main leads would have been special…

  • mee

    wow. a lot of things happened simultaneously.. never realized that, and really don’t like it. marvel’s trying to say almost EVERYTHING that happened in hulk, iron man, thor, and the avengers happened in the span of a few months? hectic few months… wish they would of spread it out at least to make the timeline seem a bit more realistic.

    • Dee

      Do you not read comics? This is exactly the sort of timeline they have. Of course it is hectic, that is the life of a superhero. Not getting a moments rest or reprieve from the battle field. Look at the current volume of the Avengers, they went from fighting Kang, to Norman Osbourne, to forming a new team, and now fighting the X-Men over the Phoenix force in the course of a few months.

      But maybe you just watch the movies and have no grounding in the world this material comes from.

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  • nom79

    What was S.H.I.E.L.D. cleaning up at Flushing Meadows? No explanation there. weird….

    • nom79

      Nevermind……that might be the Stark Expo.

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  • Revolt
  • TheHOYT

    What about the meeting between General Ross and Tony Stark?

    • Doug

      I think that’s supposed to be the “Coulson sends a patsy” note towards the end. Someone is considering adding Abomination to the Avengers, which is bad. So Coulson sends Stark to annoy the hell out of General Ross, so Ross won’t release Abomination from his custody.

      I think.

  • aaronsullivan

    Also, if you’re memory is foggy or you are just a casual viewer, I think there was some effort in The Incredible Hulk to not ignore what happened in Hulk. There were some intentional moments to make them mesh.

    As for the authors rant about Iron Man as the focus and preferring Nick Fury… almost half of this timeline is marked as “Fury’s Big Week”.

    Also, below someone asks where the meeting between General Ross and Tony Stark is and I think it’s right where it’s supposed to be.

  • ThoronMan
  • Jacob White

    “Embiggen”… What nerve! It is downright “cromulent”!

  • Anonymous

    if you actually put in the years from the movies this doesn’t completely fit together

  • André Terra

    It’s called Rocinha, not Rochina.

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