First 7 Minutes of NBC’s New Drama, AWAKE

     February 14, 2012


My most-anticipated new show of the 2011-2012 television season is AwakeJason Isaacs stars as a cop who’s in a car accident with his family, and now he’s living in two realities: one where his son (Dylan Minnette) survived and one where his wife (Laura Allen) survived.  The question is which one is the dream and which one is reality?  It’s a terrific premise that could easily run out of steam in a short amount of time, but it’s more original than almost any other new show on network TV.  Hopefully, they find a way to build on the premise rather than use it as a hook and nothing more.

The first seven minutes have gone online, and after watching them, I’m still jazzed for this show.  I like the way it’s shot and the pacing, and (less surprising) Isaacs is great. If you’ve seen the extended trailer, there’s not a tone of new stuff, but now you can see it in context.  Hit the jump to check out the first seven minutes of Awake.  The series premieres on Thursday, March 1st at 10/9c on NBC.


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  • Asleep

    Anticipated by who? Everyone I know has absolutely NO desire to see this show. What a contrived premise. And, everyone knows these kinda shows die a quick death.

    • micoy

      Asleep, calm down.

    • pDUB

      well its obviously not anticipated by you, and you are everyone, so i understand…

  • Deadpool


    Why dont you (and everyone that you know) go watch your NCIS/CSI and leave good shows like this alone.

    This show looks amazing! I can’t wait to watch it. I’m a little worried about it being on NBC… seems like too crazy of a concept for viewers like Asleep here to understand. Wish it was on AMC/HBO.

  • Squadron Commander the Lord Flashheart


    Agreed. This show looks like it could be a good one and I hope it can go the distance.
    I was also thinking it could be better served on AMC. I don’t have a lot of faith in NBC. I’m sure a show as excellent as Breaking Bad would have been cancelled long ago if it were on their network.

  • Miles

    This show looks amazing! I can’t wait for it!