Aziz Ansari Exclusive Red Carpet Interview – OBSERVE AND REPORT Premiere

     April 7, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Last night at the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Warner Bros. held the premiere of writer/director Jody Hill’s new comedy “Observe and Report”. By now you’ve all seen the awesome red band trailer and I hope you’re excited to see the film cause it’s really worth checking out. Trust me, you’re going to laugh a lot.

Anyway, while on the red carpet I managed to get some time with most of the cast and here’s links to my interviews with Jody Hill and Ray Liotta, Collette Wolfe and the band Hoobastank, and here’s a link to interviews with Seth Rogen, Anna Faris and Michael Pena.

While those interviews were great, the highlight for me was getting to talk with Aziz Ansari.

While some of you might not know this extremely funny comedian, you’re all about to find out who he is as he’s got a small but very funny part in “Observe and Report”, he’s one of the leads on NBC’s new show “Parks and Recreation”, he’s also in Judd Apatow’s upcoming film “Funny People”.

In fact, some of you may remember a few months ago Judd Apatow and his gang held ‘A Night of Funny People’. It was a night that had the cast doing stand up for the film and the tickets were sold to the public for charity. Peter wrote about the event and called Aziz’s performance as a comedian named Randy, “the funniest segment in a consistently hilarious evening. In fact, as the youngish, overwhelmingly hetero crowd spilled out into the streets after the show, it was Randy’s routine that had multiple guys openly admitting to crying themselves silly with laughter. From the look of things, Apatow will have to be careful that Ansari’s scenes don’t run away with the film.

I was also in attendance at the show and agree with Peter’s take. Aziz’s character of Randy was so funny that he blew everyone else off the stage. It was like he was playing professional baseball and everyone else was stuck in the minors.

So when I spoke to Aziz last night, needless to say, I asked him about his character Randy.

While I expected him to tell me the usual things like it was a lot of fun, he dropped a bombshell of awesome when he told me they’re filming a documentary on his character Randy right now and it’s being directed by Jason Woliner (Human Giant)!

All I can tell you is…you should all be excited to hear this news. While this is a story that’s really ahead of the curve as most of you don’t know the character Randy and how funny he is, when “Funny People” comes outthis summer, you’re going to be really happy that you’ll be getting more Randy. Here’s what Aziz had to say:

Aziz Ansari

· Working with Seth

· Alternate takes

· Randy – Funny People

· Says he is filming a documentary about Randy – it’s being directed by Jason Woliner from Human Giant!

· Is it straight to DVD or will it be released virally

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