Sony in Talks with Screenwriter David Guggenheim for BAD BOYS 3

     December 10, 2013


Sony is looking to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for a third installment in the Bad Boys franchise.  The studio is reportedly in early talks with screenwriter David Guggenheim (Safe House) to pen the script for Bad Boys 3.  The last action film featuring Smith and Lawrence as the two wise-cracking cops came out a decade ago.  Both films were directed by Michael Bay, but the director is not currently involved with another go, but Jerry Bruckheimer will return as producer.

Guggenheim, meanwhile, is busy making his name scripting action/thriller films.  In addition to the sequel to Safe House, he’s also worked on Doug Liman’s Narco Sub, McG’s Puzzle Palace, and a new draft of Sony’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. (Via Deadline)

  • mattinacan

    these movies are terrible, but without Bay perhaps there is a slight chance. Safe House wasn’t bad, but Stolen is a joke.

    • Jason Richards

      Bad Boys is really good. Bad Boys 2 isn’t as good as the first one. Both movies are far from terrible.

      • João Paulo

        I agree, both movie are good action packed productions.

      • mattinacan

        well, we can agree to disagree on that one. Bay has never made a movie even remotely good.

      • Danny Rand

        Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not forget The Rock.

  • Strong Enough

    Please make this happen. bring Bay back

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  • cb

    No more running over dead bodies on the freeway or staring at dead DD tits, please. . . . PLEASE!

    • Christian

      I walked out of the theater after that scene. I’ve only done that one other time – Tomb Raider 2. It was so gratuitous and unfunny that I just gave up. Plus the movie was already four hours long at that point.

      • Gerard Kennelly another scene that inspired walk outs

      • jack

        walking out of theater is kind of ridiculous….you pay the money, you may as well stay the whole time. Leaving is your prerogative, but I just do not see any benefit and the studios sure don’t care since they already got your dough

      • mattinacan

        i walked out of the first transformers it was so bad

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  • Person

    They can’t make this without Bay. Just please, get Bay or don’t do it at all. Please let him redeem himself after that abysmal second movie and recapture the glory of the original.

  • Gerard Kennelly

    NSFW clip
    blue is the warmest color

  • LEM

    They’re still trying to write a script for Uncharted? The damn game had a script that was written like an action adventure movie so just use that or don’t make it.

    • Jason Richards

      The worst part about that movie is that the whole reason why the game is remotely good for it’s genre is that it captures cinematic moments while delivering great gameplay. I don’t believe the story is good enough to make a 2 hour movie on.

  • HelloIsItMeYou’reLookingFor

    If it will be 100 percent confirmed that Bay will not return then bring on Justin Lin, he will sort it out.

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  • DNAsplitter

    Sorry but this is the type of film that Bay does his best work in and without him I don’t think they would be that good. Big fan of the 1st two films so I really hope they can get a fun script and have Bay aboard to direct it. Been waiting 10 years now damnit make this shit happen!

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