New Set Photos from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Check out the New Batmobile and Bane’s Full Costume [Updated with Video]

     July 30, 2011

Tom Hardy Bane THE DARK KNIGHT RISES image slice

With Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises now filming on the streets of Pittsburgh, tons of images and video has been leaking from the set.  While we’d already gotten a brief look at Tom Hardy as Bane and the first teaser poster and trailer, if you hit the jump, you can see Bane in full costume, along with a photo of the new Tumbler (Batmobile).

While we’re going to stay away from posting every image that leaks from the set and we won’t post anything that’s deemed a “major” spoiler, I think most of you want to see what Bane looks like.  And for those that are trying to stay spoiler free…that’s why I didn’t post the images before the jump.  I really can’t wait to see this movie next summer.

UPDATED: We’ve also got some video from the set.  It’s below the pics.

I think it’s safe to assume at some point Bane and Batman fight on the Batmobile…that or he’s stolen the car.

The fact is, I wish more of The Dark Knight Rises was being filmed on soundstages, because I’d love to walk into the theater next summer having seen as little as possible.  But with interest in this film at a fever pitch, you can expect a lot more images and video to leak from the set in the coming weeks.  I’d imagine this is how we’re going to get our first look at Catwoman and some of the other new characters.   Which is unfortunate.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, and Morgan Freeman.  The film opens opens July 20th, 2012.

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Here’s some video. I especially like how the production allowed a bride and groom to get up close to the Batmobile.  The second video has Bane giving a speech.  Videos via poparitaville.


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  • sean

    Thanks for the pics!!! Bane looks awesome, military vibe? russian type look to me!! whatever origin he is, tom is gonna be amazing!!

    • S C.

      Am I the only one who thinks this movie looks bad? And I’ll watch ANYTHING! Out of all the Batman movies that have come out in the last 20+ years the only one I liked was the Batman Begins. The one after that with that dead guy playing as Joker just seemed to go around in circles and never seemed to end, I can’t even remember if there was a plot to it. The new one looks to be more of that formula, pick a bunch of bad guys rather than focus on one single character, blow stuff up and also hope that one of the actors dies to inflate the audience. I might watch it when it comes on TV one day but until then I’ll pass.

  • mil

    i have more questions now than when i came in…

  • sense 11

    I absolutely love daytime action sequences. Bane looks amazing and what the hell is happening in Gotham that the camouflage bat mobile is out on the street.

    Ahh I cant wait.

  • Sam

    Looks like he might end up being Eastern European.
    It doesnt bother me at all but its going to piss off a lot of comic fans.

  • Jake


    Bane was pictured tearing up a picture of Harvey Dent, what does this mean??? perhaps Bane finds out the truth about Two face and tells Gotham everything.

    The excitement for this movie is ridiculous.

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  • Strong Enough

    The Avengers is going to look like Child’s play when this movie comes out.

    • Sam

      The only leg Avengers fans have to stand on is if its true that their budget is $10m dollars more, lol.

      They have changed the aspect ratio from 2.35:1 to 1.85:1 but im sure thats just so that the TV director they have hired doesnt get confused.

      Nolan is all about the 1.44:1, thats some next level cinephile ‘ish.

      IMAX BABY!

      But in all seriousness, Whedon seems like a cool guy and im sure the Avengers will be a great comic book movie/a really decent action movie.

      As opposed to TDKR being the final part of the best Comic Book Movie story made. and an oscar best picture nominee/incredible movie in general.

      and im not even a nolanite fanboy. everyone has the capacity to fail and there are problems with all his films, just nothing big enough to ruin them.

      • SenorGlass


      • Alexa

        Guillermo del Toro uses 1.85:1 Is he a tv director?
        Or Cameron, for that matter…?

  • Negro

    I’m betting this isn’t set in the States and this is a tumbler, but not the bat tumbler since it was destroyed. I remember Lucious Fox saying something in Batman Begins about there being more then one Tumbler or maybe I am remembering wrong. lol

    • Sam


      Im pretty sure this is set after the black gate prison explosion/escape in Gotham that they filmed today as well.

      And there are 3 slightly different looking camo tumblers and im assuming they were left over from where Bruce got his black one.

      Im guessing that Bane manages to steal them with his henchmen and breaks the prisoners out and then starts a speech/rally about the cover up of Harvey Dent’s death.

      • Sam

        By the look of things its shot outside a building they have labelled as “gotham city hall”

  • fuko

    hahahaha! Silly Bane! Looks like he could be ass fucked by a strapped elderly lady in one of them fetish movies. Why do you disrespect mama Bane?! Want a spanking? Bane’s been baaad boy! He needs the studded dildo!

  • Byron ramirez, Jr

    i’m just rock hard right now ROCK. HARD. One more year, bitches, one. more.

    • Sam

      I cant read your name without repeating it in Maroni’s voice.

      RA-MIR-REEEZZZZ lol =]

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  • Brandon Avery

    I thought BANE would be bigger…

    • Sam

      Unrealistic expectation from the source material I guess, you can have a great actor/performance or you can have a body builder.

      and plus look how tall he is compared to everyone else. he is at least 10 feet tall there.

      • Tmo

        Probably because he is standing on a Tumbler dumbsh!t

      • troy

        Tom Hardy is not that tall.

      • Sam

        yeah cheers for that Tmo

        its called sarcasm.

      • Sam

        Lowest form of wit and all that.

    • Brandon

      Im sure Nolan will utilize some camera angles that make him look taller compared to Batman.

  • AS

    A bit disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting, it’s just that after the awesomeness that was Heath Ledger’s Joker, nothing can compare. I’m sure it’ll be awesome though.


      You took the words right out of my mouth. I cant hlpe but be a little let down after seeing BANE.

      I have little doubt the movie will be Great but I just feel there is something missing.

      The teaser trailer shows bane walking towards batman as they prepare to fight I assume and he looks pretty ripped so I dont think the size of bane will be an issue BUT rather his overall look is.

      He looks to be more functional than the comical bane we see in batman and robin which would be a Nolan staple.

      But if he is such a genius like everyone says why not make a more practical mask??

      Oh well still crazy excited for this and AVENGERS.. both movies are too different to compare so I wish people would stop. We as fans are lucky to have Whedon and Nolan helming these respective properties.

      Oh and TDKR will be nothing like Spiderman 3.. Nolan would never let that happen..

      I wish we had a prestige sequel lol..

  • d-day

    that second pic is showing more than 1 tumbler

  • Madsketch

    Can we really judge the movie based on these photos? Don’t get me wrong I am excited to see these shots of Bane and the tumblers but I am with holding judgment until the film’s release next year.

  • junieizzle

    AWESOME! BTW Thanks for stating you will avoid posting major spoilers.

  • Finn

    “The new batmobile” is a little misleading. These are the same tumblers, but camo. And I don’t think they belong to Batman. Remember these were originally met for the army. Bane’s got them or something. Batman still probably has the rebuilt black one. Whatever. We’ll see.


      Look closely, it is a different Tumbler. Notice changest to the windows on the left and the fins on top have been swapped with some sort of vents….
      I wonder if this version some how transforms/releases the rumoured BATPLANE/COPTOR. ? Much like how the first Batmobile released a Batpod.

    • Jeff

      everyone including “collider” is bringing up the camo issue and no one else(before you posted) remembers that in “Begins” the tumbler was indeed a camouflage ride meant for the army.

  • Anabel

    Where’s the sexy pics of Anne Hathaway in that tight Catwoman suit??? And their better be some cgi in this movie of a bigger bane cuz it looks like Nacho Libre can take this foo out!!!

  • nawtnt

    Bane’s costume looks awesome.

    Great that The Batmoblie is back.

    I hope Tom Hardy does a great job as Bane.

  • space cadet

    Well for a movie that was supposed to be under rapps i guess nolan just said fuck it, with all the pics and vids leaking out which will no doubt continue. This movie is slowly starting to unravel.

  • prashant

    I dont why but the realism of characters in TDK especially joker made the movie worthwile because when we understand the character we tend to react rather than act, you inhibit the nature, the eccentricity of that character. Thats what heath did and brought a mammoth change. I should expect the same from CATWOMAN – a performance. About BANE however i m confused, as per comics, he is potrayed as some kind of monster who is created with some chemical-biological stuff (sorry for my knowledge), if nolan tries to put emotional side, a story behind its being BANE it should be justified, i hope he does that well. But i think BANE should be a complete balance of what potrayed in COMICS and what i mentioned earlier-REALISM. Lets hope for the best.

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  • knowledge

    No. Bane does not look awesome. I’m sure after the pic is done shooting and they break down to editing, he’ll look better, but I think (warning: opinion here that you probably won’t agree with) he looks dumb. This movie seems to have too many moving parts. I’m calling a Spiderman 3… amazing first 2 movies, bust 3rd movie. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it as of right now. Unless the movie is 4 hours long.

  • Migz13

    holy S#!%!!!
    Seriously… I have no idea what to say or to react…
    things are just showing up too damn fast for me!!
    I don’t know if I should get more excited or feel guilty that I shouldn’t be seeing these yet!:P

  • twocents

    I love comics and superheros and have always loved Batman the most. Right from the first episode of the animated series. Always one of my least favorites whenever he shows up is Bane. He was just so one dimensional to me. He just punches hard. Yes you can argue he’s very smart, but look up any comic book character on wikipedia and it will always say “genius level intellect” so that doesn’t mean much. He was just created as that new wave of 90′s characters like Venom. So when I heard he was to be the villain in this movie I was quite disappointed. I always felt joker should have been in the third act as he is the number one nemesis. That or Riddler. I always felt that he had really good potential but was never really fleshed out all that well, and a good cerebral villain coupled with a more brutish villain like bane would have been a good combination. I don’t know, I am just getting less and less excited for this movie when every new thing is released.

  • j. jonah jameson

    I don’t know about this. Looks a little corny to me. Between this costume and Hathaway’s acting abilities, I’m going to lower my expectations a little. That’s not to say it’s beyond salvagable.

  • MrRich316

    I’m getting the feeling this film is going to be like The Godfather III. A decent sequel, but, not nearly as good as the part that came before it. I can’t see how Bane and/or Catwoman will ever match up to the Joker.

  • Jimmy D

    I think catwoman will e the eye candy of this film, don’t expect a.nything spectacular

  • James


  • gimpsuit

    Everything is underwhelming. Teaser trailer, set pics, Bane’s costume, Bane himself.
    The only thing I’m looking forward to is Tom Hardy.

  • Matt

    I’m just trying to figure out which passersby would stop and say, “Hey, let’s listen to THAT guy!”

    Heartfelt thanks for the tagging of potential spoilers in comments!

  • james

    This movie will probably get Nolan an oscar nomination, since he did not get one for inception or TDK. That being said, i think that the avengers is going to be more profitable and more enjoyable.

  • batman lives

    Bane looks like what i expected and hoping honestly. I love the realism of these films they are beleivable. I want bane to be abnormally strong which im sure they will explain but i didnt want him to be a raging monster that many people think he is. He is actually a genious in the comics. I cant wait to see what his drive is for what he does. The joker was just a sick a-hole and it was great so im curious to see what makes bane, bane in this film. Something that does bother me…..I WANT TO SEE CATWOMAN ALLREADY. Anne Hathaway is a good actress so i cant wait to see her as selena kyle

  • knight

    I disagree with those who arent satisfied with bane and catwoman being villains. Who else would it be. These movies are so realistic Mr. Freeze would just be dumb. Noone wants to see a deformed little guy who has pet penguins and the riddler is just a wannabe joker in my opinion. I allways found him annoying. This is perfect to use bane. The Joker gave Batman a run for his money mentally now bane can do it physically while Catwoman does it emotionally. Plus everyone likes seeing the hero fall before he wins. And in comic, Tv, and movie history Bane kicks Batmans ass at first. The batman in these films has been so badass and its great but it will be so suspense building seeing him get the beatdown for once.

  • V2k

    I am a little skeptical about the mask Bane is wearing. It is covering almost his entire face. Might risk hiding the villain’s facial expressions which are the most important in establishing the darkness of the character. Joker in TDK was such a big hit paritally coz of his facial expressions. Fingers crossed but still have faith in Nolan

  • uyeaahh

    am i the only one wo can see “risk it” on the lamp?

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  • liamd

    gotta wonder wether he will break batmans back like he did in the comics :/ probs not but would be cool.

  • P

    Bane without his venom juice is not big.

  • Miku

    That is not the Batmobile, guys. That is the Tumbler.

    This whole thing is following the ‘Knightfall’ series. So, if everything stays even a little canon, this is about the point where Batman becomes the “Batman we know”.

    IE; He’s stealthy, avoiding cops, very much more a detective than a brute. He goes back to Wayne manner, with some (Quoting Alfred) “Additions to the southeast corner”. IE, he’s got the fancy Batcave with the cliche high tech gadgetry.

    I predict some time will be in place between Dark Knight and this movie. There was a year (Give or take) between Batman Begins and Dark knight in story, and there will probably be atleast a couple of years between Dark Knight and this movie.

    So by this time, Batman has messed with the Joker once or twice, probably the Riddler, and Penguin as well, and it’s past that. And once again, he has to “Come out of his shell” and become a Dark Knight rather than a ‘Detective Asskicker Batman’.

    So imagine that all the “Batman Detective Comics” was skipped and happened inbetween Dark Knight and this.

    Movie ends when evil is purged, and Batman gets his back broken and becomes a paraplegic of sorts, or atleast has to start walking with a cane, depending on the story they go with.

    It’s pretty easy to pick up on it if you read the comics. It’s not exactly a “Brand new story”. The only ‘New’ part of this whole trilogy was Katie Holmes/Megan Gyllenhall, and last I remembered, she is paste.

  • Miku

    Adding another note on my original point, this isn’t the Batmobile because the Batmobile is now going to resemble a… James Bond-y kind of thing. I imagine like the Batmobile in “Batman: The Animated Series”. Sleeker, less like a tank and more like a vehicle.

    Yeah guys, Batman Batman. Cliche oldies Batman portrayed in a badass new way (I hope)

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  • leo

    why use the tumberlur again i thought they will use a sleeker version of the batmobile i mean it would be great time to redisgn it since it was destroyed in the dark knight and pus it was the reason someone figured out bruce was batman so tis is just a missed opportunity in my opinion.

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