Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison Team for DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS

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Director Barry Sonnenfeld and acclaimed comics writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) are teaming up for Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens.  Sonnenfeld will direct and Morrison will write the graphic novel and the screenplay.  The story takes place on a secret pre-historic Earth where aliens invade and super-intelligent dinosaurs are the planet’s only hope.  If the aliens have a device that chucks giant meteors at the planet, then spoiler alert: they won.  Also, I’m not sure how highly-intelligent dinosaurs behave.  Do they smoke pipes and read The Economist?

While the premise does seem like it came about because someone saw a kid playing with his dinosaur and aliens toys, I find it somewhat intriguing since I have no idea how they’ll introduce dialogue into the movie.  Will everything be subtitled?  If the dinosaurs talk, how does that not look silly?  Also, can aliens please get a break?  We mutilated them earlier this year in Battle: Los Angeles, and they’re going to be fighting against cowboys this summer.  Are we sending these movies into space as a warning?  In any event, the graphic novel will be published later this year.  Sonnenfeld is currently at work on another alien flick, Men in Black III.

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  • ringbearer1420

    Is it me or does it seem like some people are trying to hard to come up with wacky concepts. How about a film that’s like

    • trick

      I’m still holding out for Cowboys vs Aliens, but this sounds like one of those Blockbuster-exclusive B-movie rip offs, like I am Omega (released after I am Legend) or Transmorphers (Transformers…)

      Still, I wouldn’t mind being pleasantly surprised by this…

  • C. Towns

    Grant Morrison fanboy thus I will see this film on that alone.

  • coleo

    Unless it’s revisionist history a la Inglourious Basterds, there won’t be any tension– we all know how this fight ended.

  • Ankur

    lol….rofl…lmaol….brilliantlywritten matt

  • turk 189

    For God’s sake! Enough ‘vs.’ movies! What’s is next? Weird Al Yankovic vs. the f*cking Tea Party? Charlie Sheen vs. Charlie Sheen? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • Dane

      how about Aliens Vs. Assholes:Who Probes Who?

  • joe kerr

    next: amebas vs aliens

  • Yahzee Skellington

    Interesting concept, I hope they don’t add any dialogue and instead take a risk.

    P.S. “Are we sending these movies into space as a warning?” XD that line just killed me…

  • kirock

    OK I’ve got it. The story is told from the non speaking dino point of view. They struggle to defeat the aliens who are always in their ships or suits. we have a tense back and forth with a climactic final battle of wits as the dinos try to stop the mother ship in a dirty dozen type attack. Only to be defeated and destroyed. The final scene is of one of the aliens on top of a T-rex as it cracks open it’s suit to reveal a human.

  • elikias

    I’ve written a screenplay, and it’s almost finished. Its working title has been “TBA vs. Undecided”. I’ve even got a studio interested in producing a trilogy. All I have to do is decide who will be versus whom, then I will run a find and replace on the script, and then it will be ready.

    • Dane

      Call it P—ies Vs. D—ks

  • Aurora

    I don’t know if this movie did evolve from someone watching a kid play with his toys, but the concept of intelligent reptiles existing during the “Era of Dinosaurs” isn’t a new one. It’s quite a popular hypothesis, despite the fact that there’s no proof at all. After all, the dinosaurs were around and dominant for a hell of a lot longer than mammals have, on Earth.

    However, no such theory is prominent in the scientific field except in theoretical exercises that don’t really mean much. Nonetheless, this movie is toying with some intelligent ideas (although I don’t know if they will ultimately use them). After all, the truth of the matter is – we don’t know what really happened to the dinosaurs…. for sure. It’s an intriguing concept – if they do it right.

    • Bill Graham

      Very interesting points you make. Never heard the idea of super-intelligent dinos before, but you are right. We have very little idea of how they lived or what they were like. Just theories.

  • Aurora

    Also, cold-blooded reptiles can tolerate space and cosmic radiation far better than we can. And hibernation and cryogenic sleep.

  • Aurora

    Just had another idea – what if the “aliens” ultimately turn out to be the first generation of humanity? (Which regresses back to primitive times after that first war?)

  • Bill Graham

    I can’t wait to see what becomes of this. I’m with you Matt. How will talking dinos not look preposterous? And your line about sending these films to space as a warning killed.

  • Migz13

    Cats vs. Dogs, Cowboys vs . Aliens, Samurai vs Ninjas, Republicans vs. Democrats…
    the only thing I wanna see with a versus in between is
    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather!

  • Vinnie

    Maybe I’m immature, but this sounds amazing.

    • GAP

      I’m not saying it in a nasty way, but YAP, yer definitely immature if the concept of aliens vs dinosaurs sounds amazing to u.

  • Andrew

    Ugh… this is one of those ideas that shouldn’t be greenlighted into production. It has a chance to be great and all, but c’mon! Dinosaurs VS freaking Aliens? Really?

    What’s next? Gummy bears Vs Aliens?

  • GerryA

    I’m gonna hold out for Aliens and Dinosaurs Vs Jeff Goldblum: The Revengening Part one 3D. He’s got a piece of them and now they want payback!

    Aliens have been studying planet earth for the last 50 years, planning an invasion. Having intercepted many signals from the planet of previous failed alien invasions, they deduce who or what will be their greatest threat to the success of any invasion; Jeff Goldblum!!
    Studying their foe carefully, they find out that this dude can break your freaking arm in arm wrestling and has been involved in 2 previous alien invasions.
    They also found his main weakness, Steve Zissou, but Bill Murray says he’s through with high profile cameos so they have to make do with his 2nd greatest foe, dinosaurs!

    Producers say that the 3D will be so good, it will feel like Jeff Goldblum is in the room, jabbing crap in your eyes blurring your vision and causing your migrane. Also they are raving about their new shaky cam used for fight scenes which is attached to the end of a bungee chord. Now the director can’t even tell WTF is going on!

  • JoshL

    If they don’t call this “D N’ A” then they are just stupid.

    • GAP

      Rumor has it that it will be called “C-R-A-P”

  • dippzle

    this article’s more entertaining than the movie’ll be

  • hfhfh

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