Rumor: BATMAN 3 Looking to Cast The Riddler; Joseph Gordon-Levitt Listed as “Interested”

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With Comic-Con quickly approaching, news from a film that will not be represented at the convention may steal the show.  First Showing hears from a “reliable inside source” that Mr. Edward Nygma (a.k.a. The Riddler) is included in a casting grid for Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, which Warner Bros. is referring to as Batman 3 internally.  The report also claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception) is listed as “interested” in the role.

It is important to stress that, at this time, the unconfirmed report should be considered a rumor.   That said, with Nolan’s Inception currently holding top honors at the box office, any news regarding Batman 3 is exciting.  Hit the jump for why some aspects of the report’s claims may be stronger than others.

Director Christopher NolanCasting grids like the one currently hanging out at Warner Bros. are often used as a means of organizing a project’s progress while keeping agencies in the know as to which roles are available for potential actors.  As such, the report itself is more indicative of The Riddler’s inclusion in the film than Gordon-Levitt’s.  Moreover, it is important to note that simply because an actor and studio may have mutual interest in a project does not mean it will come to fruition.

All of this is pure speculation at this point.  But given Nolan’s track record of re-teaming with actors he has worked with in the past (will the great Michael Caine ever not appear in another Nolan flick?), I would have to think that Gordon-Levitt’s work in Inception would put him in a solid position to appear if scheduling and the countless other elements that go into casting for a studio film fall into place.  Hopefully, more information on the film will be available sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, as mentioned, we should take this news as a solid indicator that The Riddler will indeed be at least one of the villains in Batman 3.  As for Gordon-Levitt’s inclusion: consider my status “very interested.”

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  • Koroko

    Great news even if it is a rumor.

  • IllusionOfLife

    There's only one bit of information that this rumor implies that has me worried, and it's a rather geeky nit-picky thing: I'm really hoping that if the Riddler is in Batman 3, his name will be Edward Nashton, not Edward Nygma. Both are names that he has been given in the comics and ,although Nygma may be more common, Nashton fits much better with the realistic world that Nolan is portraying.

    I know I'm being extremely nit-picky, but the name Ed Nygma just seems far too corny to be in a Nolan Batman film.

    • JNS

      I agree, maybe E.Nygma for a childrens Batman film because of the big coincidence of his name being E.Nygma and he works out and makes riddles, but for a much more mature and realistic film it should be Nashton because it is more realistic and not as stupid and comical

  • Jason_TDM

    As much as I've always enjoyed E. Nygma, I think that is an interesting point.

  • The Infernal Mr. Adams

    Actually Edward Nigma isn't his real name (Its Edward Nashton) E. Nygma is an alias he took after becoming the Riddler, so I'm sure that Nolan and Co. will use the “Nashton” more and may find a clever way to use “Nigma”

  • Nunegro

    NO! NO! NO! NO! Stop with this Riddler shite! I'm sorry, but even though I would think Nolan and company could make a kewl Riddler, I'd rather see a “new” member of the rouges gallery.

    • Sanders_18

      No. I would like to see how the Riddler is portrayed as well as the Joker was for Dark Knight. We all want the classics !

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  • jonathan

    no one gives a shit about seeing a new member of the rogues gallery. this film not comic book. It will be a major known villian. Rhals al gul is the best you're going to get in terms of unknowns (and yes I know he isnt really an unknown, but to the general audience he is)

  • JOKE -A

    Only one bit o beef I got with this…. He looks toooo much like Ledger!!!!

    Which means 2 things…

    1, he has kinda gone to waste, as he could be used in the role as Joker, even in Arkham briefly to tie in some scenes etc.

    2, If he is Riddler, then Riddler will look like Jokers relative!!!

    JGL is awesome though, so I would love to see him in a Batman film, but there are soooo many cool actors out there that should be cast for Riddler.

    CRISPIN GLOVER, MICHAEL EMERSON, MICHAEL SHEEN, (& That murderer from Changeling)

    Nolans casting genius is hit n miss. Joker was genius, but Katie Holmes??? Even Tom Wilkinson and Cillian Murphy were miscast as far as who they were supposed to be. I'm not 100% sure wether Heath Ledger was genius, or just Luck ! He played a fantastic Joker, but saying that, he played him the way he he acted in most comics and even Animated series.


    Oh and RIDDLER is a fantastic Villain! Second only to Joker IMO, and if done with imagination Riddler could be better even. A serial killer much like in SE7EN, or ZODIAC that leaves clues and worse, his number 1 mission is to find out who Batman really is!

  • Paul

    I'd be for Gordon-Levitt. Though DiCaprio could also make a great Riddler, and playing a straight up villain is something he's never done.

  • Bigadabomb302000

    Johnny Depp would be a great Riddler

  • Al Swearengen

    Well if the role is to be filled by a Nolan-alum then my choice would be Tom Hardy. The man is a genius. He was great as Eames in Inception would be perfect for The Riddler as he can slip into crazy and dark characters with ease.

    For examples, see Bronson or the 2009 TV drama 'The Take'. Or for the best ever portrayal of Bill Sykes then seek out the 2007 BBC mini-series Oliver Twist.

    However his slate may be full with the upcoming seven month shoot for Mad Max.

  • Tonamania

    Funny you mention it. I'm not a fan of Levitt and was never a fan of DiCaprio (and we see where that career went -lol ). Not sure either that Riddler is the way to go, although better than the always swirling rumours of Catwoman. (I'm still holding out for Bane, which I think can be done in a 'Scarface' kind of way – especially with the type of underworld Nolan's created).

  • Tonamania

    As for as alums are concerned, my choice is Guy Pearce, although between his build & age, not sure what villain would be best (not an expert on DK villians). But he's a fantastic actor.

  • Depp Please

    Johnny Depp is the man for this role. Depp has a knack for weird roles and I believe the Riddler would fit him perfectly. If its possible to get Depp for this Nolan needs to try.

  • Swlotrre

    ughhhh, enough depp, let that nigga take a vacation. there is such a thing as oversaturation. Don't get me wrong, once upon a time in mexico and some of his earlier work is my favorite johnny depp. but come on, wonka, wonderland, sweeney todd, all sucked major cock in comparison. Let robert downey jr or daniel day lewis play a crazy nolan/batman villian. And JGL would be cool, but do we really need another third batman with another riddler? I don't know, do you know?

  • Jim Goff

    No he wouldn't. It would just be the same Jack Sparrow/Mad Hatter/Willy Wonka character he plays in every movie. Zzzzzzz…

  • Jim Goff


  • sense11

    I think Joseph Gordon Levy would play a fantastic Riddler. He has the acting skills and he has the look.

    The Joker is dead and he is not coming back, get over it people.

    And absolutely no Johnny Depp, we've seen him in too many roles already, hes like Tom Cruise in that sense. Cant take him seriously anymore.

  • your name here

    just use crispin glover. he has that crazy look and can play crazy. jgl has a teen look to him and he's not that great of an actor that everyone makes him out to be. can't think of one good movie he was in other than gi joe.

    • Mitchfist

      dude you are a complete idiot bro! the best movie JGL has been is gi joe???? what!! do you watch movies or just suck cock all day??? watch brick, the lookout, mysterious skin, and maybe youve heard of a little flick called INCEPTION??? gi joe was terrible and lame dude….i am ashamed of you!!!

  • El_greco33

    David Tennant would make a great riddler

  • guest

    agreed, no one shows Pearce nearly enough love. He's great in L.A. confidential, hurt locker and Nolan's memento. He could be the riddler or maybe black mask.

  • carpediem1991

    But how is that bad? If it fits the character…

    Gordon-Levitt would be nice, too.

  • jordan10

    JGL would be great, but like other people have said Guy Pierce can knock this role out of the park. He's a Nolan alum, and I can see him play the Riddler similar to his character in L.A. Confidential where he played a conniving, little prick. Michael C. Hall of Dexter is also a guy who I think can play the role.

  • 9inches.

    Thats what haters were saying about Heath Ledger. “Why is that guy from Brokeback Mountain playing Joker. He's gay.” Joseph Gordon Lovett will prove everybody wrong just like Heath did.

  • youswear

    Hardy can play a more sinister villain than the Riddler who is not suppose to look threatening. I could see him as Bane, Clayface, or Hush.

  • VALENTINEproductions

    JGL as the new Joker. Robin Williams as the Riddler. Talia Ghul as an enemy/ love ineterest.

  • Corin Prendiville

    It would be awesome if he was, but wasn't this “rumor,” already posted on this site a few weeks ago? Or at least Levitt playing The Riddler, during an interview w/ Nolan/Levitt they joked about him being Riddler.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Or maybe it should be Edward Amgyn.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Nah Two-Face is better than Riddler, but the Riddler is pretty sweet.

  • Corin Prendiville

    It is bad… Depp has lost control, at least on all his Burton films. I don't blame Depp for it though I blame Burton. He probably tells him on each film “just behave like you have in my last 9 movies with you.”

    That is their secret language, to never be original ever again.

    With Nolan guiding Depp he might come out with a more realistic and plausible character, but if he doesn't it would ruin the atmosphere of Batman that Nolan has worked so hard to create. Meanwhile, Levitt is an entirely believable actor in all of his films and hes still funny and sadistic and full of humor which is necessary for somebody to portray a realistic Riddler.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Sorry, but your thinking to FAR inside the box. The goal isn't to put Riddler on the screen in the same capacity as Jim Carrey did, but to create something unique and more true to the comic itself. Another wacky hipster Depp character is definitely no bueno.

  • Corin Prendiville

    You fking kidding me? NOOB! GI Joe is the “good” movie he was in? I'd turn that around and say he hasn't been in one bad movie with the EXCEPTION being GI Joe. Good movies hes been in include 10 Things I Hate About You, Brick, 500 Days of Summer, Inception, Mysterious Skin, etc.

    Just because you clearly know nothing about the actor (who has acted in primarily independent films until recently) doesn't mean he hasn't been in good films. Why don't you go watch something not being fed to you along with the mass market and then maybe you'll know what your talking about.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Exactly, Heath Ledger has always been a good actor, people just can't recognize talent when they see it. Even in a fun film like A Knight's Tale you can see that Ledger had acting chops.

  • Corin Prendiville

    Hall would be cool, I definitely like him as an actor, though I didn't care much for the work he did on Gamer.

  • Food4Thought

    I think they should give someone like Jeffrey Donovan(The Changeling/Burn Notice) a shot…I think he'd be great under Nolan's direction and can easily pull off any action sequences! Just a thought…any one agree?


    The OTHER guy from Changeling would be better… Jason Butler Harner

    Be a great Riddler, if Crispin Glover dont do it.

  • astroworf

    I'd pay to see JGL as Riddler, thought I'd love to see what Neil Patrick Harris could do with the role. For a villain, I'd rather see Man-Bat.

  • clawcarver

    British Rumor that Russell brand(Arthur remake)will be a villain in batman 3!

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  • chuck

    You guys really want to see an actor with the face an body of a 12 yr old boy play the Riddler.

  • Jonah Paddlehands

    This is retarded everyone knows the next Bat villlian will be Hush. He's clearly the best, and most realistic so better to inject into the Bat universe. Jason Barr needs to grow up and stop living in a cartoon dream world drawn by Bruce Timms. Seriously Jason try reading once in a while instead of shooting off your mouth.

  • Nunegro

    NO, YOU don't give a shit. The are a slew of villains in the Source material that lend themselves better to a Nolan film. You can't have the films if the comics don't exist you twit…

  • Nunegro

    I will never say that The Riddler couldn't be made into something great on screen. I'm just not looking forward to seeing Nolan's Bat-verse go out on this particular villain.

  • Trick

    Im hoping they bring Robin into the mix
    only to kill him and give Batman and the story a much-needed jolt after the loss of Joker (he's obviously not coming back)

    Gordon-Levitt, as I have always thought since Ledger's death, WOULD be a perfect replacement but I think the ship has sailed on that possibility…
    Also would like to see C. Glover is some insane role
    like Ventriloquist (OOOOOO!)

  • Trick

    the guy is the next Brando..
    your kidding..

  • Trick

    Downey Jr.= naw…
    DD Lewis = holy crap!

    just spit out a character like the butcher from Gangs of NY and slap the name Zsasz and hella scars on him

  • Jonny C

    I absolutely love this rumor, I used to hate Gordon-Levitt, but have been high on him after his last several movies. I particularly loved him in Inception. See what I had to say about him

  • Migz

    argh!!! forget inception! People want to see BATMAN effin THREE!!!
    I hope they can wrap up the trilogy nicely regardless of the villain they pick in the end and the character to play him(her?!):D

  • Shellew

    Thank God someone intelligent !!!! I am so tired of Johnny Depp. He always plays the same type of character. I saw Alice in Wonderland and kept seeing a drunk Jack Sparrow running around ranting and raving. As much as I loved his Willy Wonka – geesh ! He was also present in Alice. Depp is getting to be pathetic and predictable. So predictable that now I can't even watch him when he does try to play in a drama. I can't take him seriously anymore. He is unfortunately becoming a one trick pony (one that should be put down). I am really not even looking forward to another Pirate movie.

  • Shellew

    It is not Burton's fault. Depp designed his own character for Alice in Wonderland, he was given free reign. Depp does what he wants to do anymore. He just needs to stop playing the crazy character actor, he has always played. In Edward Scissorhands he was remarkable and he never even said a word throughout the film. A beautiful story – played beautifully. Johnny Depp quit 21 Jump Street because of his conceited ways. Depp does what he wants. If it isn't done his way he walks, so lets not blame Burton. Also people are wrong if they believe Nolan can control Depp. Unlikely. Very few directors really want to work with Depp for these reasons. They have no creative control over him, while Burton just does whatever Depp wants. I believe that Nolan can do the same thing with Gordon Levitt that he did with Heath Ledger. Gordon Levitt is becoming a great actor and I think he can be great in the role. No director “NEEDS JOHNNY DEPP” to sell their film. Helena Bonham Carter danced rings around him in Alice – yet somehow he still got top billing – go figure.

  • Sanders_18

    well in Dark knight it seems as though two-face was com ing back i the next Batman film. So if this is true theres going to be another Two-face Ridler teamup which will be repeating Bataman forever.

  • Sanders_18

    The Joker is never dead …………………

    You would know that if you knew the first thing about him.

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  • Collin V.

    I'm sick of rumors. Nolan, just make an announcement!!! WHAT IS THE TITLE AND WHO WILL THE ROLE OF THE VILLAIN GO TO!?!?

  • tbone

    If Gordon took the role, them shitty studio heads will no doubt MAKE him do a Heath Ledger performance and that will totally fuck up the film.

  • yes to depp

    Johnny Depp would be perfect. I don't think he would go Willy Wonka on us if he got the role. I think he would show us a dark and serious riddler; something we need after the terrible job Jim Carey did. They need a great actor to do as good a job as Ledger did. Depp is the only one who could could match him or possibly do even better.

  • Rachel

    I think people should not hate on Johnny Depp, because he would be fantastic. He's reliable- he's never bad in a movie. The only movie where i thought he acted the same as in his other movies was “Alice in Wonderland” that was his least good role he's had in a while. I thought he was great as Willy Wonka and Capt. Jack, and could maybe turn in something different for a Batman movie. But I think JGL is FANTASTIC… I love that rumor and hope it's true. First off, him being in “10 Things I Hate About You” with Ledger… I don't know, it just brings some nostalgia to the whole thing… and after seeing him in “Inception”, he was really good there. So I hope this is true!
    Or Daniel Day-Lewis and JGL as partners in crime or something lol… I don't know, but I hope it's true!

  • Bla502008

    Johnny Depp as Riddler, noone else!

  • Camy2k

    it is not nashton its nigma

  • cooloo

    Tom Hanks should be the riddler

  • cooloo

    Tom Hanks should be the riddler

  • Marco P

    In Inception he looked like the Riddler from the old show, the Frank Gorshen one. I think he can be the Riddler. Put Clayface in & bring back Two Face & givies him more of a bigger part. The black & white suit from the animated series, not the lame one he had in “Wackman Forever”. that would be an ass kickin line-up of rogues

  • Brockm1982

    David Tennant is the only way 2 go the man is a great actor if you don’t believe me watch him play in Dr.Who!!


    Depp all the way. He definitely has the weird and creepy thing down pat. He’s very good at acting crazy. I’ll be severely disappointed if he is not cast for this part.

  • Brian Chambers

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt would no doubt be a fantastic Riddler. Nolan has an eye for talent. He tends to recast actors he’s already worked with. I’m guessing he’d love to be the one who makes JGL a real household name.

    From Brick, the brilliant high school noir, to Inception, combined with a (huge) dash of indie hype with 500 Days of Summer…JGL’s stock is on the rise. My bet? Nolan’s going to be the leading shareholder.

    That said. I don’t think the next Batman film needs an actor like Johnny Depp. I’m certain he’d be able to reign in the insanity of his recent performances, but his visibility is simply too high. Let the audience be wowed by a *relatively* new face.

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  • Tom

    okay People i see that you need someone to be The Riddler well here are mine choices for The Role, Leo Dicaprio,Brad Pitt, Tom Criuse [just look at Vincent in Collateral and Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg in Valkyrie and finally Lestat in Interview with the Vampire],Gary Since [CSI New York],Robert Patrick [Teminator 2 and Charlie's Angels 2] ,Jeremy Irons [The Lion King and Die Hard 2],Timothy Olyphant [Thomas Gabriel in Die Hard 4 and in Hitman as Agent 47], Gerald Butler [Clyde Sheldon in The Law abinding Citizen] and finally Neal Mcdonough [ David Williams from Desperate Housewives and John Forster from 88 Minutes]. here are my Chioices for The Riddler right Here and to The Haters of The Riddler Stop Hatin’ right now cause who knows once The Riddler is remade to fit The Realm of Nolan’s Batman World it will be exploive and Awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not feeling Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the part of the Riddler. I think the casting director should keep looking. They should keep looking, and my money’s on Michael C. Hall (Dexter) for the role. I think he would be great, actually perfect.

  • Mixxy

    Michael C. Hall for the Riddler! He is incredible!!!

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    Everyone is saying a diffrent person. I for one, think that Johnny Depp would be amazing as The Riddler.

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