Is a New BATMAN: ARKHAM Game Coming This Year?

     February 12, 2013


Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are great games, and have been a hit video game franchise for Warner Bros.  Although writer Paul Dini has moved on, the studio hopes to keep the Batman: Arkham world going.  In a 2012 Q4 Earnings conference call, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer John K. Martin said,

“We also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013.”

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In July 2012, Variety reported that the next Batman game a prequel based on the Silver Age, and would feature Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash as well as Batman’s first confrontation with the Joker.  Since Mark Hamill has said he’s done voicing the Joker, I would prefer to cut the villain out entirely, but I doubt that will happen assuming this is the plot.  [Minor spoiler: I thought Arkham 3 would involve Azrael since he mentions "a prophecy".]

It’s worth noting that the Variety story said the game wouldn’t arrive any earlier than 2014, and that seems like a more believable timeline.  The marketing for Arkham City began almost two years before the game’s release (and Rocksteady had an idea for the game that they hid in Arkham Asylum).  To push out the game later this year seems unlikely, but if it has the same level of quality as the first two Arkham games, sooner is better than later.


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  • Caleb the Awesome

    Here’s my wallet. Just take my money now.

  • Sean

    I’m hoping they move away from the Arkham side of things and let us simply experience Gotham. First two games are great, but I would love to experience Gotham in a non-Arkham environment.

    On Kevin Smith’s podcast about Batman, he interviewed Mark Hamill this past Summer. In the interview, Hamill was far more open to the idea of returning than previous interviews indicated. Though, it seems unlikely that this is the project he would return for.

  • Mark

    I loved the first two games. So much, in fact, I longed to see their tone and “look” translated onto the Big Screen. Nolan’s Bat films were superb, but I miss the dark, gothic fantasy of this kind of Batman story. I want the Tim Burton aesthetic with none of the camp, complete with fantastic villains that could only inhabit Gotham (no more real world crap). Am I alone in this?

  • Chris

    I doubt it. There would have been press covering its development at this point. I’d expect another DLC, but not a third installment. Plus, Sony and Microsoft will presumably be announcing their next-gen consoles this year. Why would Rocksteady develop a third Arkham game for the present generation when the next gen systems are on the horizon?

  • Kevin

    I thought 2014 seemed like a more reasonable timeframe at first too, but when you think about it, there was only a two year difference between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, so late 2013 is always a possibility. I’m just surprised that, if it is coming out this year, that there hasn’t been an official reveal yet… the first trailer for Arkham City came out like 3 months after AA, which was rather unprecedented, but announcing a game a few months before release is also pretty unheard of.

    I don’t know if I like the idea of playing as the Justice League… the physical, acrobatic combat doesn’t really seem to make sense with the super-powered heroes like Supes or GL.

    • Kevin

      I was also sort of expecting a sequel that involved Azrael, given his comments. Same with Hush. Maybe those were DLC plans that fell by the wayside?

  • TheHOYT

    Arkham Asylum was a good fun romp. Arkham City was okay, but the story started to drag on me. I haven’t found the will-power to finish it yet.

    I would love other playable characters from the Justice League! My son plays the Batman Lego game and I love playing as Superman, it’s a blast.

  • tom

    actually they did hide a possible story idea for the next one in Arkham City. in that little bay by the steel mill there’s a little barge that you can go into. inside is a bunch of cockroaches and chemicals and stuff, paid for by Jonathan Crane. so the third game could see Scarecrow releasing his fear toxin on Gotham. it would make sense as Arkham Asylum showed him getting thrown into the Gotham Harbor, but escaping on those barrels of Titan. then, after being a prominent villain in Arkham Asylum, he doesn’t show up at all in Arkham City, even though random thugs still talk about him and his unusual absence

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