Joseph Gordon-Levitt Won’t Be Playing Batman According to Actor’s Reps

     November 28, 2012


A couple days ago, we heard the rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play Batman in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Justice League movie, and possibly see the actor don the cape and cowl even earlier.  It’s a rumor that’s bound to spring up considering the amount of fan-service The Dark Knight Rises provided.  However, has spoken to Gordon-Levitt’s reps who “refuted the rumor entirely.”

Of course, this is what representatives do.  They’re not in it to support the truth; they’re in it to support their client’s best interests.  Right now, it looks like Warner Bros. is still trying to figure out what they want their Justice League movie to even look like.  Zack Snyder recently said that Man of Steel would be “on course” for JL, which implied that the studio has the option to tie the Superman reboot to the big superhero team-up movie.  It’s possible that the involvement of Gordon-Levitt is another option on the table.  Hit the jump for more. [TDKR spoilers ahead]

dark-knight-rises-joseph-gordon-levitt-matthew-modineThe most important thing to remember is that Warner Bros. isn’t going to let the Batman franchise lie fallow.  They haven’t gone longer than four years without a Batman movie since 2005, and they’ll want to start setting up the next Batman movies as soon as possible.  Justice League may be the character’s true launching point (with possibly a cameo in Man of Steel), but presumably Warner Bros. wants their new Batman franchise to start hitting theaters in 2016.  And that’s certainly possible as we’ve seen The Avengers this year and we’ll see Iron Man again next year in Iron Man 3.  Throw enough resources at a project, and it can get made quickly.  But at the very least, you can’t waste time looking for a new Batman.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a safe choice.  Audiences already warmed to him in The Dark Knight Rises, and the end of the movie leaves the door open for him to return.  If Christopher Nolan truly wanted to make his Dark Knight Trilogy stand-alone, he could haven’t ended The Dark Knight Rises with John Robin Blake discovering the Batcave (even though the logistics make no sense; it’s tough for Batman to sneak out when there’s an orphanage fully of chatty kids on top of the grounds).  Personally, I’d be glad to see Warner Bros. take the chance of reinventing Batman without Bruce Wayne, but as I said before, it’s simply one option the studio is likely considering.


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  • matt

    I think the cave at the end of the film was a different cave that bruce had found and set up and not the one under Wayne Manor.

    • Steve

      There are two secret caves with mechanical platforms in Gotham?

  • Someone

    Why do people want this? Nolan has created HIS OWN Batman universe, that’s realistic and doesn’t involve supernatural stuff, the Nolan universe doesn’t belong in Justice League, it never will. What you’re basically saying is that it DOES when making JGL be the JL Batman.

  • tom

    i would be absolutely shocked if this comes to fruition. don’t get me wrong, i’d love to see JGL as Batman, but not like this. and unlike some of his contemporaries, he seems to be an actor with integrity. he’s loyal to Nolan so i don’t see him straying from Nolan’s vision. and i don’t think he’d sign up for something like this without seeing a script, knowing the director, or even knowing someone involved in shepherding this whole thing. Marvel has Kevin Feige. as far as i know, Warners/DC has no one. and that’s really the difference between Avengers and Justice League right now. Kevin Feige and everyone else at Marvel had a plan. they took their time. Warners is just throwing shit together at the last minute

  • Sean

    Why would you want to see Batman reinvented without Bruce Wayne? Bruce Wayne is the interesting part about Batman. A random person fighting crime in a bat suit isn’t interesting. The only way I could see something like that working is if they had Dick Grayson become Batman after Bruce Wayne is incapacitated…maybe Tim Drake. Otherwise you’re literally inventing your own hero and hijacking Batman from Bruce Wayne.

  • faiz

    actually, Mark, Nolan planned for the trilogy to end that way since he finished The Dark Knight (and there was no Justice League talk at that point), so it’s impossible that he ended the trilogy with that kind of a conclusion because he wanted to open up the possibility of Batman being in Justice League since he didn’t even know WB was gonna plan on making JL to begin with…

  • Matt C

    I wouldn’t say just because JGL’s reps deny his involvement with “Justice League” doesn’t mean a thing. Reps are paid to lie their butts off.

    Remember that little incident where IMAX accidentally put up their “Man of Steel” IMAX 3D page, and quickly removed it because WB claimed it wasn’t going to be in 3D. Then a few months later, they took back their statement and said it was going to be in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D anyway.

    Give it a few more months before TOLDJA or WB makes a big special announcement where Joseph Gordon Levitt and Henry Cavill will be headlining 2015′s “Justice League” with Zack Snyder either directing or as a creative consultant.

  • Oliver

    “you can’t waste time looking for a new Batman”. Personally I think looking for a new Batman is a perfectly legitimate way for Warners to spend their time; you’re saying that Batman is SO important to them, that they can’t wait around getting the casting right. I’m glad you don’t run a studio.

  • red john

    JGL as batman hhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha.

  • brNdon

    I would be fine with him playing Batman (Bruce Wayne), but not playing Batman (John Blake) from the Nolanverse in a Justice League movie.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, doesn’t mean anything. Actors reps deny things all the time when it is not the time to mention it. The fact this rumor came from a reputable source that leaked other things that ended up being true says something

  • ShriekoftheVulture

    JGL said he would be willing to do it if the script was good so WB has the potential to get him back

  • Kevin

    Warner Bros is really in a lose lose situation where Batman is concerned for their JLA movie. Because of the absurd popularity of Nolan’s Batman audiences are going to have a really hard time buying a new Bruce Wayne, but they also can’t really include the Chris Bale Bruce Wayne without audiences being upset that they’re messing up the Nolan universe. The only thing they can really do is limit Batman’s part in the JLA to a much smaller one, or maybe they could never take the new actor out of the Bat costume the whole movie and have him doing a Christian Bale Batman impression the whole time? OR MAYBE HAVE KEVIN CONROY DUB THE VOICE OVER (I can dream can’t I?)

  • Craddock

    I’ve said before that everything about Man of Steel so far is similar to the Dark Knight trilogy. The tone seems to be similar (minus the flying-superpowered-aliens), Nolans and Goyer were behind the story, Chris Nolan producing, Hans doing the score, etc. Although Nolan denied it, I think he HAS been actively involved in the Justice League. I could definitely see JGL stepping up to start off and then the Justice League needing more help pulling Bruce Wayne (throwing a truck-load of money at Bale) out of retirement and Nightwing (or Robin) becoming his own character.

    Bale indicated in May that he would be up for suiting up again if Nolan were involved. From Empire magazine interview in May 2012: “My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But … if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

    The one big problem with tying the two stories together is why Superman would have sat out while Gotham city was under siege by Bane for however long it was. Of course, if he were living for years in isolation in Alaska as the teaser might suggest, then that could be plausible explanation for his absence.

    There would definitely be difficulties tying the “real world” Dark Knight to Amazon princesses, super fast men, aliens, and galactic cops but the Avengers did that very thing. Iron Man started it off and it exists in a slightly hyperreal world much like the Dark Knight. Iron Man and Dark Knight have the finances to get a cooperative like that off the ground. I am not sure how they made it work but they did. When Thor was being made, naysayers had the same questions about the mythical/supernatural being tied into Iron Man’s world but once it came out…it just worked.

    Here’s hoping WB can pull it off.

  • Mr Kippling

    batman without Bruce Wayne……piss off!!!!

  • MGS

    A few years back there was already talk about a Justice League movie that never came to fruition with Armie Hammer being cast as Batman (along Adam Brody as Green Lantern and Tom Welling possibly reprising his role as Superman – IIRC).
    That rumor reappeared a few weeks back…

  • Danny

    Some people completely misunderstood the ending for TDKR. It wasn’t leaving things open for future movies like a sequel to TDKR or Justice League but to bring things full circle back to Batman Begins. Bringing Gordon Levitt without Nolan is a HUGE mistake and like what someone else said above, I doubt Levitt would agree to return without Nolan. Bruce Wayne will forever be Batman, find a new Bruce Wayne.

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  • Jennifer Walker

    Hi there,

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  • Chris Bowman