New Images from BATMAN LIVE Media Launch Performance

     April 12, 2011


While earlier this year we brought you images of set models from the production of Batman Live, we can now show you Batman and company in the flesh. As part of Batman Live’s media launch event, the production debuted on stage at the O2 Arena in London. The show’s tour won’t officially start until July of 2011 and will only travel through the UK and Europe. The North American tour will start sometime in 2012.

Batman Live focuses on the story of Dick Grayson and his evolution from circus performer to an orphan of murdered parents to eventually becoming Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Throughout the production, the dynamic duo will face a host of villains including the Joker and Harley Quinn, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and Catwoman. Gotham City itself will be featured as part of a huge stage and a show that combines state-of-the-art pyrotechnics and special effects. If the images are any indication, it looks like one hell of a show! Hit the jump to check them out.

The images from the set and performance of Batman Live are courtesy of Twitter member @BatmanLiveSpy. The quality of both the set and costume design looks top notch and seems durable enough to last for the show’s five year world tour. Though we don’t have an image of it, a brand new batmobile, created by Formula One designer Gordon Murray, will make an appearance on stage. And according to an article from the London Evening Standard, the Joker will have his own method of transportation. Hot air balloon, anyone?

To get more information on Batman Live, check out their website here and stay informed with our continuing coverage as Batman Live makes its way around the world.


  • Moses Ashford

    This looks really silly and it is apparent that some people insist on making Batman look like a clown and glorifying the spoof television series and Joel Schummacher movies. There is a reason why The Dark Knight (2008) was the third biggest movie of all time. Batman is supposed to be dark.

    • Dedpool

      The thing is they’re trying to go for a true comic book feel. I think that the metallic and super armored look of the suits (especially Robin’s) is a bit much, but other than that the rest is spot on. Did you want them to all have TDK treatment for a stage play? I mean if you want to talk about dark that’s all well and good, but how well would that work for a Broadway level show that’s being marketed for kids as much as adults. You make this Phantom of The opera and the kids can’t or won’t want to see it. There will be some darkness to the show I’m sure, but like “Batman: Brave and the Bold” has shown a lighter Batman isn’t always bad. Besides the costumes could’ve looked way worse. have you seen the “Turn off the Dark” version of The Green Goblin?

      • Dedpool

        That said I think doing stage shows for comics are a bad idea! This and Turn of the Dark will both fail.

  • Lame Duck

    OMG! Joel Schummacher just threw up and thus we this mess to look at.

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  • dogg

    Heterosexually challenged in the extreme. Is batman silver?

  • JLC

    In those shots, the Joker looks like Johnny Knoxville.

    • Brian

      He sure does!

  • Brody1465

    I’m a huge Batman fan… Like still have some “collectable figures” and an old school symbol on my inner right arm kinda fan… And I would avoid this.

  • Brian

    5, 6, 7, 8! And kick! And Spin! And…oh dear God…

  • Agent_Black

    A total load of fucking shite. Utter bollocks. Enough said.

  • Liam

    The costumes actually look really good for what it is… but…. WTF did they do to Harley?? Why do people insist on redesigning her?

    • SuperSeanski

      I don’t mind the Harley to much (I didn’t say I liked it either), but I don’t understand why they changed the colors. I also can’t see her doing any flips or cartwheels with the heels on, which would be somthing I’d think they would want to put on stage.

  • Brian

    At least the bat suit doesn’t have nipples…LOL

  • Jetpackman89

    I can see where alot of people are gonna complain about a broadway show of Batman and what not but the costumes to me look closer to Arkham Asylum (Game) and have some of TDK style. I mean yeah Batman’s sliver but looking at the costumes from TDK it has the similar interlocking plates and a cheap version of the slimmed down neck. This isn’t Nolan-verse broadway show this is just a mesh of every thing Batman. I probably never see the show but it should be noted that this is going to be mostly kid friendly.

  • iamtryingtobelieve


    I know a lot of people are being cautious because of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, but there really isn’t any indication this will be anything but a fun Batman production. I’ll be checking this out when it hits the states.

    • iamtryingtobelieve

      Plus, this is a theatrical production for arenas. Not exactly a lot of room to be very subtle with the costumes on a stage like that, you know?

  • Aaron

    Catwoman & Poison Ivy are my favourite in these shots…yummmmmmy!!!

  • garyd

    This tops Spiderman’s Broadway show as the most embarassing comic book hero stage production yet! Holy Camel toe Batman! The Dynamic Duo look like they hail from “Fire Island” instead of Gotham City!!!

  • SuperSeanski

    One question is this supposed to be a Broadway play, like some people are saying, or is it supposed to be more like one of the stunt shows you see at Six Flags with more story.

  • russ

    will someone please tell me where in hell this version of Robin comes from? they must of gotten the rights to copy the images of all the characters except him

    i mean was any of Robins ‘R’ symbols composed of arrows?

    oh and by the way, don’t think that is a silver Batman…closer look the suit is gray with bit of a sheen for the stage lighting

  • Migz13

    They could’ve toned down bats’ color or something. Anyway, think Catwoman looks like Olivia Wilde and the Joker sure does look like Johnny Knoxville.

    • BassMon

      Catwoman looks more like Bebe Neuwirth (“Lillith Frasier”) to me LOL!

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  • GoldTeef

    Well, I have to admit, although the costumes give me unpleasant flashbacks of Schumacker, that Gotham City landscape has the kid in me all excited to see the show. It’s like one of those ‘on ice’ shows that every kid loves and I, for one, am excited to take my nieces and nephews.

  • Jake

    Two words come to mind: gay and retarded. You’d have to be one or the other or both, I think, to willingly go see this horrendous looking mess of a production.

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  • Jeff

    You nerds are hilarious. “I can’t believe how homoerotic these costumes are! They should wear tights with underwear on top, like real men!”

    I’m not saying this is going to be good. I just think its funny how defensive you people get about this stuff.

    Seriously, for those complaining that this stuff looks “gay,” here’s a reality check: Batman is a guy who runs around at night with a pre-teen boy in tights and capes. You can’t make that more gay than it already is.

    • SuperSeanski

      You can if you put nipples on the suit.

  • Tequilarob

    Looks better than the “weak” Nolan films. Joel Schumaker would be a happy man…actually he wouldn’t. He gets off by having nipples on the bat suit

  • gleegirl

    what are the names for the guys who play robin