BATMAN Standalone Film Starring Ben Affleck and Titled THE BATMAN Rumored for 2019

     June 19, 2014


We got our first look at Ben Affleck in costume as (sad) Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and we’ll see more of him in Warner Bros.’ planned Justice League film, but what about after that?  WB and DC’s rumored release schedule included an actual Man of Steel sequel in May of 2018, but that’s as late as that slate ran.  Now, a new report has Affleck suiting up as Bats in his own standalone film, titled The Batman, due out in 2019.  We’re currently regarding this as a rumor, but it makes sense for a number of reasons, not the least of which are Affleck’s multi-picture contract, and WB’s necessary plan of attack to stay competitive with Disney/Marvel, who are mapped out until at least 2028.  Hit the jump for more.

Batman-ben-affleckAs Latino Review reports, The Batman will see Affleck don the cape and cowl on his own in 2019, after starring in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.  You might think that this is so far into the future that it will be years before we hear confirmation one way or the other, but if Marvel’s precedent is any indication, news on a marquee film a couple of years away is to be expected when studios are planning decades in advance.  But just what will those next few years look like for Affleck and Warner Bros.?

Let’s say the current production of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ends by December of this year, with a holiday break before starting production on the 2017 release, Justice League.  Keep in mind that writer-director-star Affleck has his own non-superheroic career to tend to, such as the gangster picture Live by Night, which is currently slated for an October 17, 2016 release (and was originally delayed to accommodate his current Batman film).  However those three films shake out, The Batman could conceivably start in on production in 2017.

There’s no mention of possible plot in the write-up, but Affleck’s age – 47 when the film opens in 2019, making him the oldest actor to star as the live-action superhero – might play into the storyline in one way or another; perhaps The Dark Knight Returns?



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