Batman by the Numbers – From BATMAN: THE MOVIE to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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batman begins

Batman Begins

Year: 2005
RT: 85%
Worldwide Gross: $373 million

  • 8 – Actors who auditioned to be the new Batman: Joshua Jackson, Eion Bailey, Hugh Dancy, Billy Crudup, Cillian Murphy, Henry Cavill, Jake Gyllenhaal, and eventual winner Christian Bale. Nolan liked Murphy enough to cast him as The Scarecrow.
  • 100 – Pounds Christian Bale gained in just a couple months to play Batman. Bale slimmed down to a waifish 120 pounds for his previous project, The Machinist, and spent two months with a trainer to bulk up for Batman Begins. Bale actually overdid it and became too bulky for they swift superhero, but lost the excess 20 pounds before filming.
  • 3 – Number of times Bale lost his voice on set thanks to that growl. Basically, Bale is crazy devoted to this performance, to the point that he is more than willing to destroy his body for any role.
  • 129 – Days of shooting. Nolan does not employ a second unit to shoot auxiliary footage, and so oversaw every frame shot.
  • 250 x 120 x 40 – Dimensions of the Batcave set in feet. The waterfall that hides the Batcave was created with 14,000 gallons of water.
  • $250,000 – Cost of each of the four street-ready Tumblers. Of course, the design and development process for this iteration of the Batmobile required several million dollars over 9 months. Designer Nathan Crowley faced the challenge of creating a massive car that could a) exceed 100 miles per hour, b) accelerate from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, c) turn corners at speed, and d) jump 30 feet in the air and land without damage.
  • 140Minutes of music in Batman Begins—essentially the entire movie. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard collaborated with a 90-piece orchestra and added some elements of electronic music. Zimmer took the reins on the action sequences, while Howard focused on the dramatic scenes. The track names on the soundtrack refer to bat species, and the first letters of tracks 4-9 spell out “B-A-T-M-A-N.”
  • $3,365,449 – Cost Forbes estimated at the time of release to actually become Batman.

Batman Begins was not a smash hit, earning $40 million less than Batman did a decade and a half earlier. But what the movie lacked in raw earning power, it made up for by completely redirecting the public opinion of Batman on film. Batman Begins has become the standard-bearer for superhero reboots. Warner Bros. is happy to see their investment in Christopher Nolan’s vision has paid off handsomely after the phenomenal box office of The Dark Knight and the inevitable success of The Dark Knight Rises.


the dark knight christian bale heath ledger

The Dark Knight

Year: 2008
RT: 94%
Worldwide Gross: $1.0 billion

  • 15 – Years Christopher Nolan said he had wanted to shoot in the IMAX format prior to filming The Dark Knight. Nolan explained, “Everything about doing this in the IMAX format is trying to get that feeling back when I was a little kid when I’d sit in a movie theater and see images that were larger than life.”
  • 1 – Month Heath ledger spent secluded in a hotel room to figure out the character. He said, “I sat around in a hotel room in London for about a month, locked myself away, formed a little diary and experimented with voices—it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath—someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts.”
  • $45 million – Estimated boost to Chicago’s economy while the $185 million production was stationed there. This included 390 local hires and 6,000 extras.
  • 120 – Computer-generated shots of Two-Face’s charred face created by visual effects company Framestore. CGI was used instead of makeup because makeup is necessarily additive, while the burns destroy so much of Harvey Dent’s face.
  • 178 – Days before the release that Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose.
  • $533,345,358 – Total domestic gross. At the time, that was good enough to put The Dark Knight at second on the all-time domestic grosses list. Since then, Avatar and The Avengers has passed it. The $158 million opening weekend set the record at the time (now in third place), and as of this writing remains the highest opening weekend for a 2D movie (The Dark Knight Rises will top it).
  • 6 – Days it took for The Dark Knight to surpass the domestic box office Batman Begins earned over its entire 4-month run.
  • 8 – Oscar nominations. The Dark Knight broke Dick Tracy’s record 7 nominations for a movie based on a comic book. Heath Ledger won Best Supporting Actor and Richard King won for sound editing. I don’t imagine another Batman film will top this any time soon.

There is a good chance that this will be the best Batman movie ever made. The ceiling for a superhero movie is determined by the villain, and Ledger’s Joker is the cream of the crop. Nolan eschewed the villain’s origin story so the Joker drops into Gotham out of nowhere. The result is a lived-in character that is equal parts entertaining and terrifying. The rest of the movie just barely keeps up with the Joker, so The Dark Knight is a classic with the critical raves and box office records to prove it. It set a really high standard for Nolan’s trilogy that The Dark Knight Rises could not possibly meet.


the dark knight rises batman bane

The Dark Knight Rises

Year: 2012
RT: 87%
Worldwide Gross: TBD

  • $250 million – Listed production budget. Obviously the most expensive Batman movie. $250 million puts The Dark Knight Rises on the list of one of the top five most expensive movies of all time according to publically listed production budgets.
  • 11,000 – Extras in the football stadium scene. That is a lot of extras. However, I was surprised that, given the purpose of the scene (Bane strikes fear into the heart of the city), the upper deck was mostly empty. To be fair, the capacity of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Heinz Field (the shooting location) is nearly 65,000.
  • 110 – Separate pieces that make up the Batsuit. The base layer is a polyester mesh designed for use by the military and athletes. Molded pieces of flexible urethane are then attached to the mesh to form the body armor plating. No major changes were made to the suit from The Dark Knight.
  • 72 – Minutes of footage shot in IMAX. Cinematographer Wally Pfister wanted to shoot the entire movie in IMAX, but that is currently not feasible since the cumbersome setup of IMAX cameras does not allow for much mobility or audible dialogue. Still, this is an upgrade on The Dark Knight, which featured 28 minutes of IMAX footage.
  • 8 – Years that have passed (within the movie) since The Dark Knight. Pretty much exactly, since a character references that 8 years ago to the day, Batman killed Harvey Dent. I have become fixated on what years the Nolanverse spans (is this the near future?) so please leave any hypotheses in the comments.
  • 164 – Runtime in minutes. The longest Batman movie, topping The Dark Knight at 152 minutes. Nolan always runs long, as all the movies in his trilogy are longer than 2 hours and 20 minutes, The Burton/Schumacher movies all come in at just over 2 hours, ranging from 121 to 126 minutes.
  • 12.5 million – Downloads of the trailer in the first 24 hours after its release on iTunes. This broke the iTunes record previously set by The Avengers, though The Avengers took back the record with 13.7 million views for its second trailer.
  • 3 – Times Christian Bale has now played Batman. He is the first actor to assume the role more than twice.
  • 5 – Films in a row that Christopher Nolan shot with Michael Caine: Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception, and The Dark Knight Rises.

the-dark-knight-rises-final-posterThe Dark Knight arrived on a perfect storm of hype and hope and somehow delivered. That turned up the expectations to eleven for The Dark Knight Rises, and unless Nolan and Co. could recapture lightning in a bottle, the conclusion to the trilogy would have to disappoint on some level. Indeed it does, but minimizes the letdowns in what is otherwise a very entertaining spectacle.

I had problems with the use of Catwoman. I should admit some bias against Anne Hathaway, since I have never liked the tics and affectations that plague her performances. Here, the point is for Hathaway to briefly step in to all kinds of mannered personalities as cat burglar/con artist Selina Kyle, and often be purposefully obnoxious to get rile Bruce Wayne. So credit to Hathaway for doing what was asked of her, but it was still a grating character who never quite fits with the rest of the story. Selina is often left on the fringes of the plot to carry the Haves vs. Have-Nots message of the movie that never quite sticks, and spends the remaining time on screen as a romantic foil for Batman.

I think the other primary villain, Bane, works much better. While the mask prohibits the endlessly charismatic Hardy from taking over the role in a way that might have been more fun to watch, it also gives the sound team an opportunity to play with the magnitude and effect of his voice. Bane is prone to witty yet soulless speeches, and his robotic voice is further separated from any remaining shred of humanity in the sound mix—his threats wash over the audience with disembodied menace. That chant (Deshay deshay basara basara) is a great and fitting theme for Bane, pounding with purpose whenever he is near.

The contrast between Bane and Batman is a ripe central conflict to propel the latter’s character arc toward its conclusion. Bane dresses like a post-apocalyptic rebel leader, but fights with the controlled discipline of a marine. Meanwhile Batman, suited up in thousands of dollars worth of armor, flails desperately at Bane in their first encounter. There is something inspiring in seeing our seemingly invincible hero broken and battered—both emotionally and physically—at the beginning of the story before he claws his way back into fighting shape to save Gotham one last time. Christian Bale has always been solid as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but The Dark Knight Rises gives him more opportunity than ever for occasional moments of greatness.

I have problems with the ending, specifically where some of the characters end up by the time the credits roll. But I understand why this route was chosen, and I have to admit it leaves me very curious where Warner Bros. will take the franchise from here. The studio drew a great trilogy (surely the most consistent superhero trilogy out there) with one classic bookended by two very good films. The Dark Knight Rises sufficiently concludes the tale of this Batman while leaving the door open just a crack for more stories in this universe, so Batman could go anywhere from here. When he does return, I think I speak for most of us when I say I’ll be there.

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  • Strong Enough

    “It’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message”

    • Dulce

      So very true, I definitely agree! <3

  • geHuC

    highest opening weekend for a 2D movie (The Dark Knight Rises will top it).

    So where are the weekend estimates ? in previous releases we got midnight showings Friday estimates Saturday etc and predictions for the whole weekend now we just get THDR will top it ?

    • Grimcicle

      Warner Bros. isn’t releasing the numbers until Monday, due to the shootings in Colorado.

      • Rastapopoulos

        They don’t release the numbers but cash is at home, for sure.

      • geHuC

        I understand WB not releasing the numbers. I don’t however understand why the author included that line in the article, if you can’t support it don’t say it, or wait till you can support it to publish it (this being an article about numbers and all, because based on such assumptions you can say that Avengers 2 will have the biggest opening weekend etc. )

      • Thundersauresrex

        Dude he was just giving his own thoughts on the movie. This is a personal thoughts article. He’s not reporting on anything. Calm down

    • diles3

      the studios are not releasing the figures until Monday because of the Aurora shooting.

  • hf199

    TDKR was good, but TDK was better. Too many convenient plot holes filled. Blake suddenly finds Gordon, Wayne is exiled then shows up in Gotham (how did he get there?). And it was too long…

    • jetblac

      1) Gordon goes in a sewer. How do you find someone in a sewer if you cannot go through the entrance? You go through the exit.
      2) Wayne shows up in Gotham. How did he get there? That’s too easy.

    • Christian

      Blake doesn’t suddenly find Gordon. Remember he was called out when they found the orphan boy’s body coming out of the drain in the same place he found Gordon. He to a guess that he would end up in the same place.

    • RunnerX13

      He’s Batman.

  • Anon

    I couldn’t disagree more about Catwoman vs Bane. It only took one seen for Hathaway to be the best female performance in a batman film. The scene where Selina kicks the crap out of those guys in the bar and then she bursts into tears when the cops come in is a great scene. I was never able to buy into Bane. The mask was to constricting (to the performance) and the voice was too silly. Often sounding like a bad Sean Connery impression. I would have preferred that in scenes where he was trying to “win” over the common people. That he took off his mask in a show of openness while pushing through his excruciating pain. It would have further shown his devotion to his mission.

    • Joshua W.

      I’d go as far to say that as soon as Catwoman says “Oops” is when I was sold. Anne H. is now the only true catwoman in my books.

      • RISE of HOPE

        I too thought Catwoman was excellent! I loved Pfeiffer but Anne was a different animal, both suited perfectly to their films. I loved her Selina antics as well as her costumed antics, she also provided maybe the only humor in the film too.

    • Twojawas

      Anne was brilliant. Definitely a highlight of the film. And I loved the little piano bit Zimmer composed for her.

  • Roger Goldleader

    Talk about plot holes – SPOILER BELOW:

    And what about the knife to the gut? How does he survive, let alone fly the Bat, hook up a bomb, etc., after taking a knife to the liver?

    • Casey

      Now I’m not positive on the medical science behind this, but I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s THE GODDAMNED BATMAN.

      • Tyler

        (Checks medical books and and Web MD) Hot damn, sir. Your scientific knowledge is incredible. May I publish this in a scientific journal?

      • Salis

        I am a doctor and after years and years of practice I can confirm this

  • Yoej_YrneH

    I have more respect for Christopher Nolan’s decision NOT to try & explain the Joker’s absence in film & especially for NOT recasting the iconic role (Semi-Side Note: Also with the way Nolan publicly & immediately addressed the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado was a class act, too).

    HOW DO YOU TOP THE JOKER’S PORTRAYAL IN “THE DARK KNIGHT”? By going 180 degrees opposite in direction.

    While the Joker was an anarchist, a psychological terrorist, hellbent on random chaos & internal destruction, Bane was a flat-out pure terrorist, calculating, deliberate & absolutely PHYSICAL.

    I am impressed with how Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy challenges The Caped Crusader in 3 profoundly different ways: FEAR (via Scarecrow’s & Henry DuCard/Ra’s Al Guhl’s fear toxin & mentor/trainer’s doubt), CHAOS (Joker’s psychological warfare & philosophical take on anarchy) & PAIN (Bane’s Über-Physical imposition on an 8 years rusty Batman).

    To sum up the following paragraph in one word: BRILLIANT.

    • Eric Nixon

      My only problem with not mentioning the Joker’s lack of involvement was what actually happened to Gotham. It would have been the Joker’s playground. I would have liked for them to at least mention Arkham Asylum being rebuilt and that the prisoners there were left there – letting us draw our own conclusion that Joker was still there. Blackgate is just a regular prison in DC Comics.

      • Thomas K.

        Honestly, Just imagine how incredibly amazing it would of been if Heath was still with us.
        Could of had Bane destroying Gotham from the outside-in, and Batman going after him.
        Joker destroy it from the inside-out, go after John Blake, Gordon, Alfred, and Kyle in a personal manner with the help of a Harley Quinn who would’ve fought Selina.
        THAT would of just been EPIC.
        (I ABSOLUTELY LOVED TDKR, and I’m taking nothing away from it, but…)
        Batman-Robin-SelinaKyle vs. Bane-Tahlia-Joker-HarleyQuinn-Scarecrow

      • nkutzler

        There was an apparent No Man’s Land feel to TDKR. If Joker had been in it, I feel it would have remained like that and Bane may have stayed in, too. I can’t be sure- I’m almost certain they’d bring in a Harley and Joker may have been responsible for the making of another villain.

      • Nick

        Can you imagine how Bane would have reacted to the Joker? Bane and Talia’s plan had to be extremely measured and well-executed and there is absolutely no way that Ledger’s Joker would follow it. He would have had his own agenda (or an agenda to not have an agenda) and Bane would not have been able to tolerate it. Plus, Bane would not hesitate to snap Joker’s neck. Of course, Joker would have wanted that, but Bane wouldn’t care.

  • cloud720

    “There is something inspiring in seeing our seemingly invincible hero broken and battered—both emotionally and physically—at the beginning of the story ”

    This might have been more inspiring if he still seemed invincible when he first fought Bane. But Batman was in retirement for 8 years and was walking around with a cane.


    really didnt like it. a film led by coincidences. and the you should use your full name “R… the whole cinema sighed. pretty poor

    • Ytsejamer1

      Hmmm…the audience reaction in my theater was *gasp*, *clap, clap, clap*, “yeah!!!!”… Seemed like everyone liked the sudden presentation of the character.

      I can see how some folks may not have liked it, but Nolan had to tie everything up in the nice bow and obviously had to allow for some room for future growth, etc.

  • Grayden

    I like how we unintentionally got a better review of TDKR in Brendan’s final paragraphs than we did in all of Goldberg’s mess.

  • RISE of HOPE

    Firstly, I dissagree about Catwoman, she was excellent in this! And seeing her and Batman in full costume together, and echoing the famous comic book picture of them kissing. Just WOW! As well as another famouse image SPOILER** of Bane breaking Bats back.


    …..Just seen it, loved it! A theory I have about a 4th movie and Nolan saying Nope. Well, if he had said yes theres a 4th film planned, it would have completely ruined the twist. When Bruce was pronounced dead, if there was ever to be talk of a 4th film, we would have known that Bruce was alive.

    So now that its been revealed, I wonder if a 4th will happen? Its RIPE for a sequel, it works as an open ending to a trilogy too, but so many new fresh ideas now. Robin, Bruce & Selina, and big villains yet to surface, ie Riddler/Penguin etc..

    I hope it does happen, if you remember also, Nolan said there would strictly be NO Robin in his films. (again, the truth would have compromised plot.) cudos for keeping us surprised. And for adding a great plot idea from the 60s show “Sometimes you just can’t get rid of a bomb” exclaimed Adam West.

    • AlexHeyNa


      Well what he consistently said was “We’re done with the Batman character.” As we know, the end leaves it open for a certain other character to flourish. So…maybe?

      • RISE of HOPE

        You could be right! Maybe R—-n would get his very own movie, get in too deep untill
        The DARK KNIGHT RETURNS? R—-n as a character is famous for his solving of Riddles. ;-)

  • AlexHeyNa

    The Dark Knight Rises had 72 minutes of footage in IMAX. And I’m pretty sure The Dark Knight had 30+ minutes.

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      You’re right, it’s 72. I was working off “over an hour”, so thanks.

      I just see 28 for TDK, though, so please share a link if that’s wrong.

  • Liam

    My guess for the time frame is that, considering that Batman Begins takes place six months before TDK, and that TDKR takes place 8 years after TDK, the year 2012 is probably located either during TDK, or early on in the 8 year gap.

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      That sounds about right. Thanks!

    • Mister O

      Actually I believe BB takes place a year before TDK. Only based on a quote from the joker himself “a year ago, these cops and lawyers wouldn’t dare cross any of you”. Other then that I think you’re spot on.

  • RISE of HOPE

    Firstly, I dissagree about Catwoman, she was excellent in this! And seeing her and Batman in full costume together, and echoing the famous comic book picture of them kissing. Just WOW! As well as another famouse image SPOILER** of Bane breaking Bats back.


    …..Just seen it, loved it! A theory I have about a 4th movie and Nolan saying Nope. Well, if he had said yes theres a 4th film planned, it would have completely ruined the twist. When Bruce was pronounced dead, if there was ever to be talk of a 4th film, we would have known that Bruce was alive.

    So now that its been revealed, I wonder if a 4th will happen? Its RIPE for a sequel, it works as an open ending to a trilogy too, but so many new fresh ideas now. Robin, Bruce & Selina, and big villains yet to surface, ie Riddler/Penguin etc..

    I hope it does happen, if you remember also, Nolan said there would strictly be NO Robin in his films. (again, the truth would have compromised plot.) cudos for keeping us surprised. And for adding a great plot idea from the 60s show \"Sometimes you just can\’t get rid of a bomb\" exclaimed Adam West.

  • MAC

    What a pathetic, sad & devastating way to end the journey for NOLAN & BALE  with BATMAN!

    After making such a beloved series; they way it ended : it’s beyond words!
    James Holmes have our permission to Die!

    Nobody could’ve imagined this!
    All of us wanted to go, enjoy & love this film!
    We wanted to be happy about the fact that we got a great trilogy! 

    BoxOffice numbers or RT score; could be 2 points up or down! 20 million more or less!

    But what really got hit is the enjoyment & entertainment & happiness; that will NEVER be achieved!
    TDKR didn’t deserved this!

    Already coming in from that crazy hype & expectations!
    Without JOKER, with expectation to END the series well!
    Then few haters have to constantly comparing it to Avengers success!!
    Etc etc!
    Sooo much stuff was already going against this!

    It will take few years now for people to actually see this FILM as a FILM & without any other outside influences!
    It’s just SAD, SAD stuff, its beyond belief!

    We got 3 great films, 3 great stories & with a great ending … So much expectations & so much love from fans & then the team behind films filled with such great talents across the board  ….  All this might never happen again in any film series!!

    TDKR was a perfect ending to the Best SuperHero film series EVER!
    It was Incredibly Awesome, Breathtakingly & Monumental Film!
    EPIC is an understatement!
    I would encourage everyone to see it 2nd time before making any judgement!
    I gets better & better!

    10/10 for me!
    After that level of Hype & Expectation; it’s the Best Film that could’ve been made & it exceeds my expectation by HOW much daring & emotional it was!!
    U need to get out of “not better than TDK” frame of mind otherwise u can’t enjoy anything!
    Treat every film on its merit!

    BALE, HATHAWAY, JGL, CAINE, OLDMAN & HARDY were all Exceptional!

    • RISE of HOPE

      Well, I agree. But personally, I saw it tonight for me, and I will see it again partially as a statement to that scumbag that he aint gonna ruin my childhood hero. I will see it again as a mark of respect to those fans that perished before even seeing the films end.

      Batman is a beacon of hope, the messages in these films are strong and clear. Why do we fall? etc.. Batman is about NO guns. Don’t give in to terror. The people must rise. We must all rise against this coward, don’t let one wannabe villain destroy what we like, enjoy etc.. This film should not be tainted with blood that he shed, it should be watched as a sign of respect to those that loved it so much they were first in line.

      When columbine happened, did we stop sending kids to school? No, we send them to school in hope they learn.

      I refuse to put this jerks name along with what I love. He is not “The Batman killer” as some media have branded him. He’s a sad troll with a sick perverted schoolboy fantasy, and wants nothing more than FAME. He’s just an X-Factor first round drop out that thinks he’s a star. Well no, he will merely be the guy that doesn’t want to drop the soap in the showerblock. He is not BANE as he probably fantasised, but he will meet someone just like him sleeping in the bunk above his, someone that doesn’t quite like that stupid grin on his face. Rest assured people, justice will be done!

      I vote everyone sends him a bar of soap in jail, with do not drop written on it. He put many families in a world of hell, but, he didn’t have the spine to finish himself off, that is his justice, he will rot in a hell of his own, and someone one day will have the power over him to end his life on their terms, not his.

  • Yoej_YrneH

    “I would have liked for them to at least mention Arkham Asylum being rebuilt and that the prisoners there were left there – letting us draw our own conclusion that Joker was still there.”

    Good point, “Eric Nixon.” I’m assuming that the Nolans may have already thought about this in the early days of the film’s pre-production & that maybe just by mentioning this fact, that the story would undoubtedly shift towards the Joker topic?

    Maybe Christopher Nolan didn’t even want to mention this, because it would somehow force his film/narrative to shift focus onto the Joker?

    This is all speculation, but it\’s just my guess….

  • Nomis1700

    The film had exact 72 minutes of IMAX shot footage. Fact.

  • junierizzle

    I disagree, Hatheway was great. I really liked the movie a lot. I can’t say I loved it because it could have been tighter. My main problem was the middle. It dragged on for a bit. I think a second viewing will clear up some other minor issues.

    I hear a lot of people liking the movie but still say they are disappointed. There is no way in hell that it was going to top TDK. I knew that going in. I just wanted a solid and satisfying ending to the trilogy. And even though it wasn’t as solid as I had hoped it still really satisfied me. I think I will learn to love it over time.

    As for Bane, I loved the performance. The voice was cool, not silly. So salio Hardy was wasted and they should have just got some buff dude. No! Just the fact that its Hardy makes Bane bad ass.

    You have been warned! Well, kind of a spoiler. I wont go into specifics.

    I loved te ending. Everyone was expecting Nolan to zig but he totally zagged.

  • eowyn

    Kind of pissed about the team because Tom Hardy can do soo much more for this film. Bane was one-dimensional and with the mask and that voice- a total dud. Criminally wasted…

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  • Stan

    I think the failure to release numbers is a crock by WB. They knew after Friday morning that the numbers were not going to beat the Avengers, so to not dampen the attitude towards the movie, they projected this air and said they would not release untul Monday… that being said i did not want to see this movie

  • Albert

    I honestly wasn’t expecting for TDKR to top TDK because one of the reasons why TDK was so amazing was largely due to Heath Ledger’s performance, he made The Joker an iconic and unforgettable character. But with TDKR I wasn’t disappointed at all, and if you are then I don’t know what movie you watched because it was incredibly well done.
    I felt like each one gave an amazing performance. Hathaway was amazing as Catwomen! and Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave a great performance as well. Everyone was really good. I also feel this trilogy as Batman Begins as the beginning, and then TDK as the peak of the story, and TDKR simply as the ending of a great story.

  • Jan Sulu

    The sequel will be made but only with Nolan producing. J G Levitt is set up as Robin/Nightwing and DARK KNIGHT RISES devotes massive amount of screen time to his arc. The sequel will have Nightwing continuing Batman’s fight against crime but would certainly face more than a few obstacles…which necessitates – yes, the return of BATMAN to guide him and possibly be his partner. Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT graphic novel explores Batman as a semi-retired old dude. Imagine Clint Eastwood in the role.

  • Fist-O-Pain

    I’d just like to know why Com. Gordon’s kids age so fast. In BB they are small children and babies. But in TDK they are old enough to be going to elementary school. And BB is only 9 months before TDK. What the hell?

  • Strong Enough

    just do “The Dark Knight Returns” with Nolan directing and Bale still as Batman

    A billie worldwide again. easy cakes

  • RISE of HOPE

    Question to those that saw it, and are just about to see it again….

    **** SPOILER-SPOILER-SPOILER******** Now knowing the fate of Blake, I wonder how many clues were in it. I know there was the “Orphan” aspect. Did he ever say “HOLY……” in it? Turns out whoever came up with that fanboy theory of the chalk bat symbols being like birds when held upsidedown werent as bonkers as I thought.

  • Will J

    I felt that Dark Knight Rises was everything I could have hoped for and more. Masterful conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy.

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  • matt

    The joker is the iconic villain of Batman… The first one anyone thinks of. With this in mind and combined with ledger’s TDK couldn’t be topped. However TDKR was a fantastic story and will done by everyone… Can’t wait to see it again… my condolences to the victims and their families

  • yup23

    Reading through some of these comments it seems people are comparing the dark knight rises to what their memory of the dark knight is, as opposed to what it actually is, its like your favorite band, if your heard music from a new band for the first time, you would never think it was as good as your favorite band no matter if it actually was or not, especially after only hearing it once, youd say yea they were good, but not as good as my favorite band not even close, its just natural, same thing happens with peoples favorite athletes, no one ever admits a new athlete can be better than their favorite athlete from the past, and if they do it takes time, im guilty of the same thing, so as of now i think the dark knight is better than dark knight rises, but i have to give it time to settle first and see it again before i can truly decide. but some of the comments accuse dark knight rises of things, and make it seem like the dark knight didnt have the same issues, i dont even want to do this because the dark knight is my favorite movie all time, but it had the same flaws, some poeple are saying there are too many convenient plot holes in the dark knight rises, ok how about in the dark knight, during the truck chase, the truck is being followed by a helicopter and the joker has two guys on the side of skyscrapers shoot wires across them to tangle up the helicopter, how would they ever know the exact height the helicopter was going to be at? they wouldnt but its a movie, how about at the end of dark knight when citizens and jail members are stuck on two boats, if gotham is as bad as they say it is, pure scum of a city, people are corrupt, worst criminals ever, your telling me there isn’t one group of criminals who would try to fight to get that remote, or some citizens who would pull that trigger, if gotham is filled with the kind of people they say it is, but you just accept it cuz it’s a movie, or how the jokers men could lace an entire hospital that runs 24 hours a day with endless amounts of explosives without people noticing? It’s a hospital not an empty warehouse, but u just accept it cuz it’s a movie, or when bruce wayne drives his Lamborghini in between the truck that was going to ram into car carrying simon reese or whatever his name was that was going to give away the identity of batman, but bruce wayne got there right in the nick of time! Seems a little ridiculous in terms of timing and coincidence, but its just a movie so u accept it…I could go on and on,

    or another time batman just happens to show up in the dark knight, when Harvey kidnaps the mental patient dressed as a cop, and drives him to the middle of nowhere to threaten him, batman somehow finds them in time to catch the coin before it lands for harveys second flip? And how the hell did he even know where they were? But it’s a movie and you accept it

    people bitched about how fast two face could turn into this horrible villain, the joker killed his girlfriend, walks into his hospital room, Harvey wants to kill him, but then one little speech and harveys like eureka your right, yes, I agree with u joker, guy who just killed my girlfriend, you have completely changed my value system, no no I don’t need to think about it, I don’t have to kill u anymore, its all chance if u live or die no big deal, these are all things people complained about with the dark knight, but somehow forgot about when comparing it to dark knight rises?

    Some other guy said something like, how could batman survive a stab to the side like that, ok how could Harvey dent get half his face blown off, his eye is hanging out unrealistically and he can look around no problem, they state that he took no pain killing drugs but he can talk fine even though you see the individual muscles in his mouth hanging out, no problem talking, doesn’t appear in pain, ridiculously unrealistic, but it’s a movie so u accept it.

    People are comparing the dark knight rises, to what their general memory of the dark knight is, as opposed to what it is, I remember the dark knight coming out, and people bitching about all these things too, at the end of the day, the dark knight had heath ledger, and he won an oscar for it, you werent gonna touch that from a villain standpoint, the joker is the ultimate batman villain, regardless of heath ledgers performance, the joker is already the ultimate villain, then on top of that u had the ultimate performance, that aspect wasn’t going to be topped, so they escalated the movie in other ways, the gap between the two movies is not nearly as great as a few people make it out to be.

  • WillyLopez

    I fuking came watching Rises. Fuking awesome

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  • BatmanJunkie

    I went to the AMC trilogy, where you saw all three in a row. So, I think I have the right to compare, since I saw them back to back to back. I also just saw it again. I think I\’ve seen BB and TDK three times this past week, and TDKR twice…but that\’s neither here nor there.

    A couple of things: Anne Hathaway at first did nothing for me (just like the writer of this article). That being said, I can\’t think of anyone who could play Catwoman; she seems like a tough role. And Anne grew on me the second time around. Nolan got Catwoman\’s personality spot-on, however: not good or bad, but does whatever is in her best interest. I was floored with how well he got that.

    As for all the complainers about Bane: he\’s known for the mask. In the comics it\’s more of a Nacho Libre type mask, but changing the super-steroid Venom he\’s addicted to into more of a morphine (I\’m using morphine because it\’s easier to write)-like addiction because he\’s constantly in pain is more…..realistic, I guess, and easier to explain. Plus, when you speak 6 different languages fluently, you probably would have an accent, too.

    The Robin thing also did nothing for me. I don\’t think there will be a fourth (Nolan was hesitant about a third and was quoted saying something like, \"Can you think of successful third movies?\" And he only agreed to TDKR if he had a script that he would not get bored of half-way through during filming). I wish when the lady told JGL that he should use his full name, that he had said something along the lines of, \"I hate that name,\" or, \"Who wants to be named after a bird?\" He gave her a, \"Yeah, right. Like I\’ll ever do that,\" type of look, anyway.

    There were little nuances I loved, which some people probably didn\’t even notice (that\’s not derisive either), that stole the show for me. The first is the first Bane/Batman fighting scene in the sewer. There\’s no music. Such raw and naked ferocity sent shivers down my spine (aside note: did anyone else\’s theatre clap when Bane broke Batman\’s back the exact way as in the comics? Awesome.). The second was when Batman popped out some of Bane\’s morphine vents in his mask. How Bane\’s actions (fighting faster and harder) showed his reactions even without half of his face proves Hardy\’s work into the role.

    Those are my opinions about the movie. Needless to say, I applaud Nolan for a trilogy well done.

    • Eric

      Well said, but it’s sad that this is the finale

  • jscottu

    I’ve seen “Dark Knight” many times and “Rises” 3 times. In my opinion there is no clear winner in the “which one is better” contest. “Rises” has some fantastic moments.

  • TSteven321

    I\’ve seen all the \"Batman\" Movies. TDK was the best of the bunch, IMO.
    …The bomb death/sacrificial suicide is a good plot exit.
    …Fatal stab wound bleeding out but not crippling.
    …Knows he can\’t keep up physically and has a replacement to continue the \"Legend/Symbol/Idea\". Enter J. Blake (Levitt) as Nightwing/Batman Beyond.
    …Has a hot gal that wants him to roll with her.
    …Deep down really loves Alfred and respects his opinion about not wanting to bury him.
    ..And he fixed the Autopilot/remote control.
    …Homage to the remote control batmobile in \"Batman\" factory destruction scene with Joker (Jack N.)
    …Homage to the Adam West \"…Somedays you just can\’t get rid of a bomb.\" scene in the 60\’s Batman and Robin movie.
    …Anne Hathaway NAILED Catwoman…Walk-off Homerun…Nice/Nasty/Smart/Tough…Absolutely the best. (Michelle p. is my 2nd for Catwoman. She rocked the costume and the character as well.)
    TDKR is a excellent wrap to C. Nolans work with Bats. Congrats.

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  • Batgirl

    Dam all batman are all cool i like watched all of the batman a i like robin but the thing is is that robin is 43 no and miahael keaton is 61 now and george clooney is 51 and kim basinger is 59

  • Batgirl


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