Warner Bros. to Reboot BATMAN after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Christopher Nolan to Remain on as Producer

     March 29, 2011


Christopher Nolan has publicly stated that The Dark Knight Rises will be his final Batman film, and Warner Bros. is already looking ahead to the future of the franchise.  As we reported last night, the studio is currently planning a Justice League movie for 2013 and Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov tells Hero Complex that scripts are being written for Flash and Wonder Woman (the Wonder Woman project would exist separately from the upcoming NBC show).  But most intriguing is what the studio plans to do with its marquee superhero, Batman:

“We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman…” says Robinov.  “Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the future of the Batman franchise.

batman-alex-ross-01Since Nolan said TDKR would be his last Batman film, I already assumed that Warner Bros. would reboot the franchise.  However, I hope that they don’t devote yet another film to Batman’s origin story.  We all know how Bruce Wayne became Batman.

I’m a little worried about keeping Nolan and Thomas on as producers.  I’m hoping that they’ll be on board simply to give the reboot some cred and leave the creative decisions to a new director and his or her team.  Nolan has recast the Batman world in a “realistic” setting and that’s a perfectly valid take that’s had both positive and negative repercussions.  But I think a trilogy of Batman films done in that style is enough and it’s time to see what a new director can bring to the table.

Another question worth asking is if Warner Bros. plans to tie Justice League to their new Batman.  Will the actor who plays Batman in JL also play Batman in the new franchise?  Or will Justice League exist in its own universe?

  • JLC

    I believe Tim Burton stayed on as a producer for Batman Forever, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    • Dave

      @JLC: You make it sound like Batman forever wasn’t good or something….ha ha ha

    • Ben

      I concur, BatMan: The Animated Series was the best version of the franchise ever. ClayFace and Mr. Freeze were the best villains, both with interesting back stories.

    • John Wayne

      I liked Batman Forever. Campy and over the top, but that was the point. Batman and Robin had no redeeming feature, but Forever was especially fun with its inclusion of the Riddler.

  • macca

    Just gives the flash and wonderwoman

  • IllusionOfLife

    I’m having horrible flashbacks to George Clooney and rubber nipples…

    Do you really have to reboot it *immediately* after Nolan’s series is done. Come on, give it some time to settle down, make the public miss Batman a little bit before you totally turn the series on its ear.

    • Real BATMAN

      Batman actually NEEDS this reboot!! While I like Nolans realverse films. They are only ONE of many possible styles, and although great, they are very limited to what goes on, and what/who can be seen in them.

      I look forward to seeing this trilogy come full circle, but as a true long time Batfan, I want to see a movie more in keeping with the Arkham Asylum game style. (Which is PERFECT!)

      Also, villains that people have been wishing to see realized in Nolans films but cant due to not being as REAListic can be seen in a Reboot. Also, Nolans Batman will not fit into any form of Green Lantern/Superman crossover films.. aka… JLA Movie.

      So, this is ONE Reboot of a great film that I NEED to see! How you can seriously expect them to go back to George Clooneys campy Nipple suit style baffles me! Batman can only get better!!!

      • Sean

        BATMAN! BATMAN! BATMAN! Please dont stop making these great movies… unless ofcourse their in the Batman and Robin style with George Clooney then shoot me in the head now! Otherwise 2 films a year wouldn’t be enough for me. I’m a batman fanatic thats why i’m posting on this site, thats why i’m searching batman and thats that! thanks for your input and for making suggestions :)

      • Chris Adamo

        LOL the batman nipple suit when his nipples are popping out you could litterlly see his nipples

  • Andy247

    It says they need to reinvent Batman, that may just mean a different actor, which is a given, a different suit etc. It doesn’t mean it’s a reboot, let’s not get carried away just yet.

  • Cali Kid

    Are you kidding me???? God damn when will these reboots stop?

  • bayloski

    Agree with you there Cali Kid. I think Nolans been good for Batman don’t undo his good work by getting some average director to reboot it.

    • Chris Adamo

      but if they dont reboot it then there would be no more batman films

  • Edward Lee

    D@mn straight! I say give Woody Allen a chance to direct the next Batfilm!

    • BubbaT

      I’d like to see Pedo Woody direct himself in front of a speeding bus. POS that guy.

  • Brody1465

    As a HUGE Batman fan, my love for the character was developed in Batman: The Animated Series. I think taking a Sin City-esque production approach to Batman on the big screen would be spectacular. A noir detective story that explores Gotham and plays out as a mystery/thriller with plenty of Bat-Thrills… I realize this is just a fanboy rambling, but it is a movie I have imagined seeing more than once. Also, I would keep the production design of Gotham and Batman in the style used in Batman: TAS.

    • theCount

      Yeah if they are going for a real “reinventing” then i think more of a detective batman would be a great idea. but if i have a feeling that it could just be a change of characters which i think will be a big mistake unless they have christian bale’s batman die and keep the story in the same world nolan created

    • Judson

      I second this emotion. Batman: The Animated Series is my favorite Batman incarnation by far.

  • DeJarnette

    Please let this be an early April Fools’ prank!

  • Mike Cruz

    To their defense, they did say “reinvent”. They just mean when Nolan leaves, they need to figure put what their next step is in the story and what’s going to be new for the character. They might change Christian Bale too so they just want to make sure that people know Batman won’t die off with this next one and that they’re planning on still having Nolan contribute in some way.

  • joe kerr

    sounds to me like they are planning a “batman beyond” kind of thing

  • Ringbearer1420

    Reboot, reinvent, reimagine, all words Hollywood uses to step around the word remake.
    That’s said couldnt they wait maybe two years to see if Nolan got the intrest to do a 4th. But hey I’ll argue with anyone that they have yet to make a bad Batman movie yet.

  • bubuh

    actually, a reboot or a new path is GOOD. this means a justice league film can be made. they need a batman film that can fit the the universe of justice league. Nolan’s batman is great in so many levels but it can not live in DC’s world of aliens, flying red cape, and men that can lift cars and demolish buildings. dont panic people. everyone knows including WB that bat nipples will never happen again. after Nolan’s batman films, its going to be badass later on. you’ll see.

  • aaronite_1

    Why is the word Reboot now replacing the word REVAMP?

    Is revamp a forgotten word now? You know, like when you tweak something, or put a new creative team on it for a new direction etc etc?? (ie NOT starting again from scratch)

    Why would they reboot Batman when the current version has narratively barely gotten started!

    When you read the quote (where the word Reboot is NOT used, btw), it suggests to me that the Batman world might need to be tweaked/altered to more comfortably fit into a shared universe.

    Bale might also be on the way out?

    • Rob

      I HATE the word reboot anymore! Just call it what it is — a new Batman.

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  • occhile1984

    if WB does this, than that’s nothing more than a big F!@# you to christopher nolan. After all the hard work he put in, it’s just gonna be like it never happened. Why not reboot the Matrix while you’re at it WB or redo Ocean’s 11 you money, hungry aholes.

  • Rockslide

    They can use whatever word they want. All I care is that they hire Bruce Timm to direct a Justice League movie. He’s done his time and proved himself in the animated world. I’d love to see him helm a live-action full fledged JL movie.

    People shouldn’t be scared of a new take and direction with the character of Batman. There have been and will be tons and tons of Bat-versions. Nolan’s is great. That doesn’t mean it is the only take or should be the only take. My favorite take on Batman is (as someone else also mentioned) Bruce Timm’s take in Batman:TAS. Its okay to like more than one version of Batman.

  • Junierizzle

    Wasn’t Armie Hammer supposed to play Batman at one point? He may get his shot.

  • occhile1984

    My point is that all the movies now are reboots. I mean by the time a director finishes with his project, the studio is already planning a reboot or a sequel. Case in point, Bourne…The Bourne Trilogy was, in my mind, awesome. Greengrass delivered and so did Damon. The second that Greengrass said he was finished, Universal hires the writer as a director and replaces Damon. WTF.

    Some movies are classics for a reason. You can not remake everything. If they ever try to touch Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, i will laugh my a$$ off.

  • DSol628

    This is the perfect opportunity to make a few one-shot movies that will satisfy the fans and bring in new ones They could make a DKR move based on the Frank Miller classic. Then follow it up with a Batman Beyond movie. By going so far into the future, they could make sequals for both franchises without messing with the continuity of the original.

  • T-Man

    Get off the superhero peni for a while studios…. why not invest in some awesome LOTR style FANTASY novels. What happened to The Wheel Of Time films that were being released this year allegedly. Or “reboot” the Sword Of Truth into a film series. I also like the anime live action concept with Akira, lets see some Vampire Hunter D, or Lodoss War films, anything please just no mo supes if your not gonna do it right….

    • romik

      They aren’t going to do that because fantasy novels are lame and only relate to a niche market.

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  • drew

    If you want to reinvent after this take on batman beyond the cgi is more than capable and bale can play old wayne training terry.

    • amulya

      or they could do it with john blake instead of terry

  • I Guess

    I believe the only reason Warner Bros. wants to reboot the franchise in a hurry is because Christian Bale might not be on board for the JLA. The project feels kind of gimmicky right now, like DC’s trying to catch up with Marvel and it’s going to hurt the production in the end. I personally don’t want see another Batman movie ever unless it’s a new character, a copycat, or a movie about Robin and his transformation into Nightwing. That being saidm, a detective Batman would be an interesting take.

  • Mastermind

    We don’t even know many things about TDKR yet, and we have started wondering about the reboot. Looks like too soon. Nevertheless I won’t mind a Batman movie where Clayface or ManBat fits in.

  • Kai

    This is an early April fools joke for sure.

  • serbius

    You said it, Cali Kid. Heck, why don’t they start on a Harry Potter reboot. I hear they’re planning to do a reboot of Wonder Woman right after this next one is finished!

  • Matt

    It almost has to be this way. It is a long and drawn out process to make a film, and what actor is going to want to make 10 films as the same character? There are many more Batman stories than can be told in film, so calling it a reboot is just semantics for a new actor/director/direction of the filming. But you won’t see the same stories told the same way, and that’s the point.

    But that is the point in comics anyway. A character that is around since the early 40′s is going to go through some changes and be re-envisioned even in its original form, so why should you expect anything different in another medium?

  • Kevin

    I think everyone here has the same idea of how they want Batman to progress after TDKR. They can keep the same real, gritty, dark sense that the movies already portray and slowly introduce other wordly characters (villains) into the mix.

    The universe that Nolan created is very flexible in my opinion. If you look at the game… they got it perfect. A mix of the real and the crazy. I get goosebumps imagining Killer Croc on the big screen in the same real manner as he was in the game. Just Fing Scary.

  • Mike Chism

    I dont understand y warner bros has to do this to the batman world. The dark knight was an amazing superhero film and the best ever. The reason is the actors but mostly because of Christopher Nolan. There is no other director out there that makes a movie like he does. You say you want a different style of batman movie but we have already have had basically four different styles not including the game or the cartoons. We have had film noir, dark gothic, silly, and realistic serious. The last one was the best. No other actor could pull this role off like Bale does and no other director could film like nolan. Just leave the franchise alone for atleast 10 years and see how the trilogy is still thought of in that time. Then see if you should reboot it. Also no more reboots. We have had 3 different on the batman universe. Just continue it.

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  • derrkaderr

    what in the name of the devil r these people at Warner Bros. smoking? is it written somewhere that every franchise has to be rebooted after 3-4 movies? what next ? The Godfather reboot? Apocalypse Now reboot? Star Wars reboot?

    • Norman

      What’s scary is the fact that that might already be in the pipeline for 2012. RIP,original screenplays.

  • Ryan

    I’m fine with continuing the series in the same vein as Nolan. Don’t reboot, revap. Just recast. If Bale and Nolan wish to move on, let them. Caine and Freeman etc… may stick around with somebody playing Bruce in the world Nolan created. These films are the only incarnation of Batman I like. I hate the series. I hate the first 4 films. I like this ‘real world’ approach. Just give us a new Bruce and keep going. The new director will bring a new style without having to recreate everything all over again

  • Alex H

    This immediate reboot is an insult to Nolan’s Batman films. Give at AT LEAST 5 years, if not 10, THEN reboot it. Is it seriously ALL about money? You studios are fucking pathetic…

  • Jawsphobia

    The policy is “run it into the ground.” Warner made a mistake getting rid of Brandon Routhe as a scapegoat for Superman Returns, and he was amusing in Scott Pilgrim and Zack and Miri. Sony is greedily going for their Spider-Man reboot over a rights deadline issue to cheat Marvel out of some money. The Justice League idea sounds fun, but it will stand or fall depending on the villain’s plan and the clarity of it and just how it requires a team of progatonists to defeat it. They should let the people who do DC animated features to control that project. I would cast Anthony Daniels as Alfred and have a full reboot but I agree there should be no origin story. They need to strive for Batman or Bruce Wayne in almost every scene and having him function as a detective so we discover what is going on as he does. Michael C. Hall as Batman, maybe? And I remember Arranovski was looking at directing the Batman reboot before it went to Nolan.

  • colin

    i know that there are often deals in place where a studio has to be actively developing projects for the deals to remain in place (i.e. Fox and X-men franchise, I believe). I don’t know how common this is, but it could stand to reason that WB has to make moves with this Batman franchise or else risk losing it forever to a competitor.

    • Errol

      Time Warner owns both Warner Bros. and DC Comics, so I don’t think, at least in this case, Warners is too worried about losing the franchise since they own DC Comics.

  • Knifed in Venice

    First Spiderman and now Batman, how long before they reboot in the middle of the actual film. This is not a reactionary statement but when Nolan leaves the Batman franchise so does my interest. I’ve been a Batman fan for 30 years and Nolan’s offerings (to date) have offered me the Batman films I have been longing for. I have no interest in seeing a less talented director offer up any other type of Bat film.


  • Ingram

    they’re rebooting not cuz they want to, but because they have to. If Nolan wanted to go on, they’d make 4 more TDKs. Can’t argue wtih 500 million dollars. But he doesn’t, so WB has to reboot because Nolan’s universe is too fully fleshed out for JL movie. I mean, imagine tryina fit Flash or WonderWoman, let alone Superman, into the Nolanverse. WB HAS to make Batman “smaller” to allow it to work with the rest of the JL.

    I just hope that TDKR has some scary and intimidating villains. I liked the Joker but let’s not have another smart but weak guy. Let’s have Batman fight someone who can really beat the crap out of him before he…rises again.

  • Dave

    Let’s not crap our pants just yet. It seems to me that Robinov just pulled the word “reinvent” out of thin air and if you read the whole quote, he has no idea what’s next for Batman. The person who wrote this article then turned that into “WB IS ALREADY REBOOTING BATMAN.”

  • Matt

    Is it just me or do the head execs at multiple movie companies have a fetish for the word “reboot”? Why the hell would you even try to re-create a Batman franchise so soon after what will more than likely be the completion of one of the greatest trilogies in movie history so far, you gotta give at the very least 6 years before you start to develope a new Gotham City.

  • joe

    The Dark Knight Returns, obvious next step.

  • JohnDoe

    Oh yay, more movies I have no interest in. I might check out TDKR, but can we stop with the superhero movies for a while, please?

  • DisMol

    Making a live action ‘Batman Beyond’ film is the only way forward.

  • DisMol

    Making a live action Batman Beyond film is the only way forward now.

  • loveless

    I thought after Nolan’s first Batman.. there would be a reboot.. we get that Batman has to make his gadgets and what not… i don’t want to see him making them. Makes me feel like… anyone can do that then.. Second one was good though. Third one… of course will be bad with the.. how many villains again? cus.. having that many villains has worked out wonderfully before..

  • sheesh

    The reboot will be 3D

  • Kanten


    Or they could stop being obsessive about making a JL movie and just let the individual heroes do their own thing with their own respective styles that work best.

    Marvel’s films are quickly going to crap because everything has to be an “Avenger preview” now.

  • Old Man’s Balls

    Do you people just expect them to never make any more Batman movies? Don’t be retarded. When Nolan is done they move on and make new Batman movies.

  • Scypax

    As much as I like Batman, I’d really hate for it to slip back into the area of “Batman and Robin”…it gives me shivers everytime I think about it.

    Nolan’s vision of Batman is indeed “realistic”, but I have to say I like the realistic style more than the…comic-book-style. I mean things work in comic books that just won’t work in film.

    Unless they get a decent director and screenwriter on the project, I will not be interested in the reboot. And besides that I have to say I’ve against this reboot, considering how soon it will be. If it was in 20, 10, even 5 years, I might be more game for it. But one or two years after TDKR…that’s madness. XD

    That being said, I am interested in seeing where they can take Batman. But in my mind, it’s going to be bloody hard to defeat Nolan’s vision…good luck to anyone who dares that. XD

  • AS

    This is down right shameful. Studio greed at it’s worst. Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy(assuming TDKR is as great as the rest) has been a miracle to the “superhero” genre. Instead of an unintelligent adolescent fantasy, Nolan injected real drama and character development into his versions. Not to mention wonderful, layered, performances, the likes of which are new to the genre. But hey, why not piss all over that and continue the endless cycle of trashy, mindless reboots. Maybe they can get Bret Ratner or Zack Snyder to contribute their “visions.” I’m sure it’ll be brilliant. Chris Nolan should be very cautious before stamping his name on any future incarnations. I wouldn’t want to see him loose his integrity. But the real people to blame for these shitty remakes are the dumb morons who pay, time and time again, to go and see the bullshit. You liked Battle: L.A. did ya? Well good, because now the rest of us have to look forward to the innumerable alien invasion flicks that await us in the near future. Same goes for Katherine Heigl rom coms, the buddy comedies, horror flicks and the Michael Bay trash. Please, stop going to see them! If you really must watch them, then pirate them. But don’t give them any more money!

  • Wild Wonder

    Great news. Maybe they’ll get it RIGHT this time! I was never a fan of Nolan’s “reality show” style Batman. Time to move on. Too bad they can’t do it instead of letting Nolan do Dark Knight Rises.

  • dave

    why reboot it so soon? stick with the same cast and just have a different director. its way to soon to start from scratch. Bale is still young and theres plenty of story to tell.

  • whooizit

    Warner/DC is trying to do too much too soon. I know they feel like Marvel is running circles around them filmwise, but Marvel took years to get a rhythm with its films and there were many missteps along the way. Doing a Justice League along with Batman reboot, Superman reboot, Flash and Wonder Woman at the same time is way too much. They need to get Green Lantern out the door, prove that they can make another franchise, and then keep their energy hopefully on a Green Lantern sequel strategy. If they can’t make GL work, what chance do they have with Flash and Wonder Woman? And to start on Justice League while rebooting Batman AND Superman? None of these moves are guaranteed, not even Superman. Go across town and ask Marvel about the Hulk, Punisher (both of them), the first two unreleased Captain Americas . Above all, get some producers and directors who actually read the comic books!

  • DP

    The Dark Knight Returns is the only other batman movie they should make for a very long time. Batman is a ‘real’ hero. Don’t go sully the awesome accurate image given to him by Nolan with some crap that will fit into the comic book JLA continuity, just because DC is trying to compete with MArvel’s Avengers. This is bad bad bad…..really bad.

    The Dark KNight Returns, panel for panel (a la 300 or watchmen), as it is in the timeless classic that Frank Miller wrote. Done correctly it could be the biggest movie ever made.

  • Huffy

    Reboots are stupid but I’d rather have one than have another director continue this series in the same “realistic” style. I like Nolan’s movies but as someone who grew up on the animated series I greatly prefer a more stylized take on the franchise. Maybe not quite Tim Burton but just straight-up turning Gotham into Chicago was a bit disconcerting.

  • dude

    Great news IMHO.

    Nolan gets an untarnished trilogy. I wish Burton got his untarnished threequel too. But Nolan gets to finish what he started.

    The next creative team can do a more pulp noir take, I think Nolan got carried away with keeping it real and Burton went nuts on Batman Returns.

    Something in the tone and style of Batman ’89, with the level of storytelling of Batman Begins.

  • esense

    I got it, Joseph Gordon Levitt will be introduced as Nightwing in TDNR. Then at the end of the movie when Bane breaks Batmans back, Nightwing will take the batsuit and fuck up Bane. Nightwing becomes Batman. Old Batman retires in a cool wheelchair. That Batman is then introduced in JLA movie outside Gotham. It could work kind of.

  • Agent_Black

    That’s the best comment on this page AS – they really should have given us a break first.

    I know the Batman universe is full of different time-lines and cross overs but the reason I preferred Batman above all heroes was his lack of powers, his borderline psychosis/criminal actions and his grounding in reality. For me personally, Nolan nailed it by removing the real superhero’s (Superman/Justice league), Robin and over the top villains and I hope they stick with that.

    Everyone has their own taste and preferences, that’s fine, but there are hundreds of other ‘super’ heroes out there to chose from, so why are so many so keen to sully the Batman universe with superfriends with super powers? Can we not keep this one thing sacred? I guess not… money talks.

    Bollocks I say.


    Batman actually NEEDS this reboot!! While I like Nolans realverse films. They are only ONE of many possible styles, and although great, they are very limited to what goes on, and what/who can be seen in them.

    I look forward to seeing this trilogy come full circle, but as a true long time Batfan, I want to see a movie more in keeping with the Arkham Asylum game style. (Which is PERFECT!)

    Also, villains that people have been wishing to see realized in Nolans films but cant due to not being as REAListic can be seen in a Reboot. Also, Nolans Batman will not fit into any form of Green Lantern/Superman crossover films.. aka… JLA Movie.

    So, this is ONE Reboot of a great film that I NEED to see!
    Batman can only get better!!!


      P.s., What does worry me however, is that they will rush the new Batman reboot just so that they can shoe horn the character into a JLA movie.

      I want this REBOOT but only on condition that they make the Batfilms that many of us true Batfans (As opposed to Nolanfans) have been waiting for.

      Give us dark, creepy and adult twisted Batman films, like Arkham and many of the comics, where the villains are truly macabre, and Batman is a truly tormented soul, and really gets pushed beyond the limits.

  • Migz13

    I’m just hoping the last Nolan Bat flick brings a satisfyingly awesome closure to the trilogy. That way I can quietly go on in the night looking forward to a newly reimagined Dark Knight in the movies.
    And yeah, I sure wish the ‘new batman flick after TDKR’ won’t start with Batman’s origin again! Everybody knows all about that already! Cmon!

  • GerryA

    All good things come to an end and Nolan is timing it perfectly. His realverse saga has been building nicely and may be the first trilogy where each subsequent movie is better than it’s predeccesors all the way to no. 3.

    The animated series is without a doubt the best version of Batman and the game Arkham Asylum nailed that universe perfectly. Mark Hamill will always be the Joker to me. If they have to get more fantastical, this would not be a bad reference point to start from (can’t wait for Arkham City).

    Some really good suggestions there regarding what could work for the reboot. A sin city style noir detective story would rule! I would also love to see Frank Millers elderly Batman teach Superman a lesson on the big screen.

    [placing tongue firmly in cheek]
    IF they wanted to, they could one up Marvel and their avengers movie by incorporating the Vs series of comics among the other crossovers. It could have Batman Vs Predator Vs Aliens Vs Dracula Vs. Judge Dredd Vs Tarzan Vs Superman. They could call it “Batman Vs. The Kitchen Sink”

  • tarek

    Studios are running out of ideas. between the Remakes and the reboots, I’m fed up to the teeth.

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  • No thanks…

    Honestly…Enough with the batman reboots…

    If theres going to be a reboot and a new direction…it better be
    Batman Beyond. Batman Beyond is the way to go Nolan! Make it different…otherwise what is the point of rebooting the reboot?

    There is no need to recreate the batman we know and love…More villians to be updated again with just new actors? No…sorry…

    Honestly…Rebooting reboots is utterly ridiculous. What passes for an idea in hollywood can be used as toilet paper in our minds.

    I thought the purpose of reboots was to give it about 5-10 years before you return to the series….Too much, too soon.

  • Kyle

    Just get the guy who plays Abed in Community to play Batman. He did very good in last years Halloween episode.

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  • Dean

    i love nolan’s take of the bat verse but frankly i am not interested in another reboot, i think its time we see batman all the way through not just throwing in a couple of villains and a single adventure, it should be reboot but they should target television and present us with a new interpretation of batman and the complete saga of batman and gotham.

  • Matt

    Personally, I’d like to see the franchise put to rest for a while. Part of what made Batman Begins so amazing is that it took place well after the last DECENT batman movie.

    Also, I’d rather see a series of director produce a number of one off movies covering several of the more well know story lines from batman mythology in different styles. IE: I’d love to see someone do The Dark Knight Returns in a style similar to Nolan’s, without necessarily being a sequel to any of his films. I’d love to see someone tackle the riddler or the penguin story archs in a stylized art deco gotham city like that of TAS fromt he 90′s etc. I like long story archs but comics also have an episodic nature to them that would suit movie budgets a little better and would give many different directors a chance to flex their individuality with the franchise.

  • Burkus

    Now that it’s been a few months and we’ve had time to digest the rotten turkey that was GREEN LANTERN, seen the first poster and teaser trailer for TDKR, notions of a reboot, and what a Batman reboot means at the studio, are likely being discussed at WB.

    TDK raked in over $1 billion dollars. One can make several arguments for its success, but in the eyes of WB execs, to alter the look, tone, and feel of the Nolan films in a reboot is a bad idea. The first film MUST be a massive success or the next trilogy is DOA.

    “Let’s make it a four quadrant trilogy this time,” says one exec. You just know this was said at some point. Big mistake. That’s what they did to GREEN LANTERN and look where that got them — a contender for the Golden Raspberry for worst picture of the year.

  • Karime

    What a load of crap. Ive seen all batman movies and none come close to christopher nolans version. Its a hell of a challenge making a non cartoon movie about a man in tights and underwear on the outside who fights villains that look like clowns and fat penguins, and nolan somehow managed to do it spectacularly, there wont be a better version, and making a justice league movie would shame this great batman series. No other DC character movie was even half decent. Rebooting batman after such a great version was made is a colossal mistake and making a justice league movie will end up something like x-men, if theyre lucky. It’ll just be one giant disaster.

  • jay dude

    justice league should exist in its own universe. reboots suck. if they don another origin story i will not want to watch it

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  • Truth

    Looks like they should get started on a Harry Potter reboot now haha

  • jake dougherty

    Hopefully they just make ONE new batman movie and not a whole big series of them…

    I’d be fine with this

    Green Lantern movie—-Superman movie—-New Batman Oneshot film—WonderWomenMovie-Flash Movie—Aquaman movie. Then JLA movie adding in Martianmanhunter and a few others like green arrow and black canary

  • uk auto

    It’s actually a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.


    Nolan is producing “Man of Steel” – this will be a lead in to the reboot of a less “Reality based” Batman who can exist in a universe with an alien from Krypton becoming a superhero on earth. I bet he will also produce the ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Flash movies’ – then before you know it, Justice League will be here. I, for one, can’t wait!

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  • ChillyStubbs

    Please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse, please be based in The Arkhamverse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KAKAmighty

    I hear that Desmond Harrington from Dexter is playing Jean-Paul Valley to replace Bruce Wayne at the end of TDKR and go on to play Batman in the next movie!

  • Beth

    What they really have to do is create a Batman movie where he is in his prime and demonstrates his intelligence and prowess as a detective. That is his greatest asset. The Batman films so far have not emphasized this quality. The animations have done an excellent job at balancing brawn and brain.

    As for Superman, he needs to have a film where he is seriously challenged. No more Kevin Spacey clown Lex Luthors. He needs to fight someone like Doomsday.

  • Thomas

    I am so sick of this reboot crap.

    The Hollywood scriptwriters are getting paid a massive amout of money, and for what? they clearly cannot come up with any fresh ideas.

    I don’t mind sequals, but i will not pay to see the same movie franchise made a second time, i allready paid to see these movies the first time and if the writers and gready studio executives are not willing to come up with fresh ideas then they will not get my money.

    I usually only buy genuine DVD’s, however on principle i will not pay good money for a reboot, i will only get it on pirate DVD.

  • Todd

    What I really think they need to do is not to have it be Bruce Wayne. Not saying it wouldn’t be bad to have it be Bruce Wayne again. Their was one other person that was Batman. The Terry McGinnis story is a very interesting story if you ever watched the one Justice League Unlimited episode with Amanda(last name escapes me at the moment) the head of cadamus telling Terry that he was actually meant to be the new Batman. So I think a Batman Beyond movie would be great if its done right.

  • Yodaddy

    I heard that Chris Nolan is directing the new superman reboot so I’m pretty sure he’s busy with that and is probably taking a break from Gotham… I hope TDKR is good though! ;)

  • Dark Knizzle

    The fact of the matter is, anyone who posts in a Batman forum is going to see any new live action batman movie. Even if you just want to watch it to complain about. My proof is that all of you saw “Batman and Robin” after realizing what you were getting into with “Batman Forever”.

  • daniel

    i think they should get a older actor to play batman and have nightwing and robin in it and alot of different villians because nobody wants to see batman origons again or they could do a batman beyond movie would be cool and a Arkham city movie a spin off from the game

  • Dude

    Not to worry people, as soon as this next spiderman movie flops at the box office all plans of early reboots will come to a halt.

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  • mkinino

    I agree with @whooizit the DC brand needs to take it down a notch. Don’t get me wrong i’m a HUGE Batman fan and have been since those early Saturday mornings watching Batman on WBKids show. But i feel their doing too much, the new Superman movie is coming up, which i’m not too excited for. Green Lantern was a bust IMOP. Now, speaking of the Flash and Wonder Woman, i feel like DC/Warner is trying to copy what marvel did before releasing the Avengers. Marvel came out with Thor and Captain America and Hulk releases, which were pretty good, but we all knew that it was just to make the Avengers a bigger hit. Marvel has had a long run with movies, and the reason they are so successful is because they seem to follow a good comic book plot.

    Now i would be REALLY EXCITED if the next Batman reboot included HARLEY QUINN!. she is by far my favorite villain in the entire series, i don’t know why. Maybe because she is crazy, funny, and i love her Boston accent. Her backstory and how she was tied in with the joker and her transformation from Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn is very fascinating. If nolan was looking to bring some fans back into his new movies he should bring out fan-favorite villains, i’m just saying……….

  • Ricky

    …i agree..DC your answer is to LISTEN(for once) to the fanboys(hmm like Marvel did/does)..
    stop the endless reboots (including your comics)…they(the reboots are annoying)…
    Nolans Batman(except for the voice)…is the best he’s ever been(thouch keaton played him well also)…yes he can work with the new Superman/ GL…you have a great foundation in place, dont ruin it!!
    its really really simple…just continue what youve already begun. Introduce Robin/Batgirl..Penguin,Riddler, etc…you still have an antagonist in theJoker…(which can easily be played by Johnny Depp) and thank you for not killing him off…the Batman in the next installment should be a different actor unless Bale wants to keep an own it like Downey Jr..it can be the next step but similar tone with cross overs and cameos aka smallville style. In fact why not have those guys write it…you can keep Ann as Catwoman and develop that relationship…essentially you could run everything dowm to a frank miller dark knight movie/ or kingdom come type and finally venture into a new era with Batman Beyond..who Zac Efron would be perfect!?…
    and how about instead of rushing into a JLA movie(which will suck because you have NO build up like Marvel)….develop your characters and listen to fanboys(didnt I say that?)…in essence stop being stingy with your characters,movies and toys…and so on…DC/Warner Bros plz plz dont restart again work with what youve got…its good…

  • Steve Tack

    “They need to get Green Lantern out the door, prove that they can make another franchise, and then keep their energy hopefully on a Green Lantern sequel strategy. If they can’t make GL work, what chance do they have with Flash and Wonder Woman?”

    It’s funny reading the responses to this article over a year later.

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  • maniacmonkey100

    i think they should have Robin as a small part in Dark Knight Rises and have Batman’s last words be, “carry on my legacy, Robin”

    and then lead into a Nightwing series

  • Georges

    The “realistic” take on Batman has proven to be the most highly successful and popular portrayal of the story in film for a reason. Of course, Tim Burton is unique with the style of the first two films, but once the studio execs started telling people how to make the films, they were AWFUL and highly unwatchable. I certainly won’t go see a more cartoonish, Avengers-style, more kid friendly version of Batman. I learned my lesson after going to see Batman Forever.

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  • Fernando

    Batman beyond will be a great movie

  • BubbaT

    I\’d like to see Pedo Woody direct himself in front of a speeding bus. POS that guy.

  • Allen G.

    i can agree with everyone who mentioned the animated series. that show set the whole mood of the batman. i honesty want that feeling back, but with the maturity that nolans films carry. i loved the atmosphere of nolans interpretation, but i hated the realism. only because it was too real. so much to the point that the villains seemed dramatically different and even weaker than their original concepts. realism can be good but this went way overboard on that front.

    it would also be great if they dug up the scrapped batman beyond idea. i think that would make a great live action movie. i think the timing is right, that was almost ten years ago so bringing it back now would give it a fresh new feeling.

  • scott

    Some people didn’t pay attention to the end of the movie. John “Robin” Drake”? A line in the Dark Knight “Bruce Wayne is Batman’s mask”? How long do you think Bruce can be without Bats? Not to spoil but we all saw the ending. He’s a player not a bystander.

  • cheops

    I want to see a reboot of the show Reboot!!

  • Shelby

    They have yet to make a long running batman series (besides tas). I think they should just make a few touch ups to the current one. There needs to be more with Robin. There is still villians I’ve yet to see in a movie plus I’d like to see some reinvented. Idk how everyone feels about this but I say maybe replace Bale, pick up where it was left off and make 3 more movies.

  • Janus

    Nolan’s films were only good for the general public; they were in the main terrible disappointments to Bat-Fans everywhere, who have read the comix and who have been through multiple incarnations of the Dark Knight in film and TV. Anyone who thinks that Heath Ledger – God rest his soul – played the Joker simply does not ‘get’ the Joker. And if you dont understand the Joker, you dont understand the Batman. Look to Mark Hamill aka M ‘Arkham’ ill for the best Joker to ever hit the screen. He NAILED IT.

    That said, when I saw The Spirit ( and Sin City as well ) I thought to myself ” This! This is how Batman should be done!!!! Why oh why has it not happened! Come on you Hollywood guys, look to the Bat-Fans and the Comic Book authors and artists and inkers for the straight dope on this, and stop hiring idiots with no Bat-Knowledge who want to ‘Reinvent’ BATMAN and do it ‘Their way’. You will see great reactions from the general public as well as the major fans if you just stick to the material. It’s all there, it’s better than good enough, it’s perfect……just the way it is.

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  • Alvaro Costa

    Paul Walker should be the next Batman / Bruce Wayne. The actor is well
    trained in martial arts, especially brazilian jiu jitsu, is a professional pilot,
    it would be great to drive the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham
    City. Also trained with David Belle parkour for the film “Brick
    Mansions”. Has shown that well-known play complex characters in such
    films as “Runnig Scared” and “Pawn Shop Chronicles.” It’s just paint his
    hair black and get a 5 pounds of muscle mass. He is ready!

  • Yannis

    I really appreciated Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. In my opinion, it was one of the best Batman series I’ve ever watched. More realistic and much more original, so similar to the comics.

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