GOTHAM Series Brings BATMAN’s Commissioner James Gordon to TV for Fox

     September 24, 2013


Fox has landed a deal for Gotham, a TV drama series that explores the origins of DC Comics’ Commissioner James Gordon of Batman fame and the villains that made Gotham their home.  The news comes as Fox won out on a bidding war for the Warner Bros. TV property (conveniently timed to release just after the premiere of Marvel’s foray into television with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; read Evan’s review here).  Fox has also made a series commitment for Gotham, scripted by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist).  Hit the jump for more on Gotham and for a look at past appearances of Gordon on the small screen.

batman-commissioner-gordon-neil-hamiltonDeadline reports that Fox will bring the Gotham series to TV.  The show will see Gordon working as a detective at the Gotham City Police Department before he even meets Batman.  In an interesting note, the Caped Crusader is not intended to be part of the series.  (Also interesting to see Fox land the project, which might be an indication of its tone since it isn’t playing on The CW, a network that has found success with the DC property Arrow, and hopes to repeat with a Flash spin-off.)

Regardless, this is the first time in quite a while that a live-action Batman adaptation will hit the small screen.  Gordon, created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, first appeared alongside Batman in Detective Comics #27 in 1939.  He didn’t appear on television until the 1960s series with Adam West, in which Gordon was played by Neil Hamilton.  Although Gordon played second fiddle to Batman in that series, he’ll get his own shot at taking on Gotham’s villains in this new iteration.


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  • Kevin

    Another excuse to have a cop show.

    • Mickey

      Mark Harmon is playing Gordon

    • Strong Enough

      Shut your face!!! I like Batman so much that I get sexually confused

      • joeybot

        Me too but Batman’s not in it, so why are we supposed to be interested in this?

      • Strong Enough

        thats my copycat bro. sorry about my fans

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    Agent of shield was fucking amazing
    DC step your game up… Marvel is kicking your rear butt
    Take a chance once in a while

    • RiddleThemThis

      The trailers weren’t compelling to me, but maybe I missed out by not watching it. I did like the movies, so I probably should have given this a shot.

    • ʝoe Ģnaśher ßloggs

      Uhm…in case you haven’t noticed DC characters have been on dramatized TV as long or longer than Marvel ones. A greater variety of them too.

      Google it.

      • joeybot

        Yeah, but shittily.

    • Dev1359

      I really enjoyed the Agents of SHIELD pilot, being a huge fan of Whedon’s shows I have high hopes that the writing and characters will evolve as it goes on and I hope it has a long run for a couple of seasons.

      But honestly, I feel like it doesn’t hold a candle to the production value on Arrow. Something about it just felt kind of cheap and a little too “TV” to me, I think it may have been the generic feeling cinematography. It gave off a Person of Interest or Hawaii Five-O kind of vibe which I don’t like. Arrow has some really cool cinematography and choreography that feels unique to the show and not generic at all:

      Together, the great production value combined with the strong writing during the latter half of season 1 made for an awesome show that I look forward to every week.

  • Nick

    I’m honestly much more of a dc fan than marvel, but this is getting ridiculous! STOP DOING EVERYTHING THEY DO!! They’re making such horrible decisions. And no I’m not counting Ben Afleck as one of them. Not until I see him in it, but Zach Snyder being given another chance to ruin another movie? Rushing the introduction of a multi hero universe,? Green lantern? And this show is exactly what agents of shield is, a way to keep this world alive while introducing low level characters to milk fans. So annoyed

    • enzofloc

      Agreed. But Goyer gives such good blow jobs.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Green Lantern was pretty awful, but I’m just going to say that I enjoyed Man of Steel a lot more than most of the Marvel movies, Iron Man 1 is the only standalone film that I can really think of that beats it for me. Then again, I’m someone who preferred movies like the Sam Raimi Spider-Man, X-Men 1 & 2, the Thomas Jane Punisher and the first 2 Blade films over most of the recent Marvel character films.

      • MCP

        I’m with you on all of those movies. Really did like the older Marvel movies than the newer ones…

    • blueorangeny

      Nick. It seems that way but it isn’t. This idea had steamed a few years back, it was some what falling in line to Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central comic line. Nolan is the one who shut it down and asked DC not to do it. You need to relax and stop ranting. Do your homework before thinking out loud. AOS was ok, anyone who thinks was fantastic and the next best thing is kidding themselves or drinking too much koolaid.

      • Nick

        Don’t tell me what I NEED to do. Whether or not it was the idea… And whether or not the idea came before marvel is irrelevant. Marvel was successful in the avengers first. Now so far they’re successful with their tv show and look at the article above. They can come up with any amount of ideas they want, just don’t execute them right after marvel and expect it not to look like a pathetic move.

  • alk

    enough with the superhero overload. just stop it.

    • RiddleThemThis

      Don’t worry, the hype for super-hero movies will probably start to die off a little after avengers 2. It really just seems like a passing fad.

      • Kevin


      • RiddleThemThis

        I’m not trying to bash superhero films, I’m someone who enjoys them and have been a comic book fan for years. But less and less people I know are interested in sequels to past superhero films and we’re already starting to get to the point of making films for characters that aren’t common household names, such as guardians of the galaxy or ant-man. I don’t know anyone who is actually excited for guardians of the galaxy, I only know 2 other people who are even aware of their existence or read their comics and they’re not fans of the characters.

        I’m just saying that when we get to the point of no longer making original films for recognizable name characters, the general audiences will start to lose interest. Not all, but a good portion will start to go less and less.

      • Bob

        I dont think so, if they make Guardians and Ant-Man good they will become household names and the genre will continue yo grow with more obscure, different, original characters. If they were to just keep on making the same hero movie then yea, butthe doing original projects and sequels to the peoples favs.

      • Bob

        to grow*

      • Kevin

        There’s enough diversity to keep things going for quite a while. The phase 2 films include fantasy, sci-fi, political thriller, a film by someone known for his well-loved comedies, and then a new Avengers. Really, if you aren’t excited for any of these, you don’t like any blockbusters. So far, the box office for all of their movies have been huge, which of course will go down at some point, but not in the next few years. Once characters start getting recast (i.e. a new Iron Man), then I think we will be near the end.

      • Leo Spaceman

        I never meant to comment on this article. I didn’t want to get into a whole debate over the point of Gotham without Batman, but I want to slap RiddleThemThis in the face with a laptop. I saw a 15 second clip taken on a cell phone of the disney expo footage of Guardians of the Galaxy and that is all it took to make GotG my number one most excited movie of the year. I could go into detail about my reasoning and yes I am a blockbuster movie kind of guy.

        I just wanted to say that I, Leo Spaceman, am in fact excited about seeing the movie. Just putting it out there since you seem to think we don’t exist.

      • RiddleThemThis

        I don’t see how I have said anything to offend anyone. I have not insulted any of the movies and I’m not trying to make jabs at Marvel Comics. All I have merely said that was, based off the comics I have read, I am not interested in a GotG movie. That does not mean I think the movie will be horrible, I just believe it won’t do as well financially as Iron Man or Captain America as they are not as popular.

        My next point was that the longer a series goes on, the less I think people will be interested in that character. That is exactly the reason why they’re not planning an Iron Man 4 anytime soon but again, that goes leads back to them needing movies establishing new heroes, who are not as popular and will most likely not bring in as much income.

      • RiddleThemThis

        I personally would love it if they made a Moon Knight or Iron Fist film, but I can’t see that happening anytime soon as it will probably not bring in the income that Marvel Studios is wanting.

      • Kevin

        Iron Fist would be sweet, especially if they based it on Brubaker’s story.

      • Sean Chandler

        People have been saying it’s a passing fad and people are getting tired of superhero movies for about 8 years now. That was before The Dark Knight and the Marvel Universe. It seemed like they peaked with Spiderman 2 and X-Men 2…then it seemed like they peaked a few years late with The Dark Knight and Iron Man. So I’m not inclined to predict things changing anytime soon.

  • $2367358

    Really don’t see the point. Who cares about Gordon outside of the Batman mythos?


      i do

      • Kevin

        O Captain, My Captain

    • fusionman15

      I care. I always wanted to see how great of cop he can be without batman there. I want to see his struggle being the younger honest cop in a department of corrupt people along with the crazy people of gotham. This is probably as close to a Gotham Central show that I always wanted to see.

  • Romsy

    If they make it like the comic series Gotham Central that would be awesome.

    • DoobieDave

      Yah, Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka best be seeing some money for this show.

    • blueorangeny

      I just commented on someone else rant….the plan was that years back when Nolan was making Batman movies. He told WB not to put Batman or it’s workd in any other media. The plan was for a series based on Brubaker’s GC story.

  • killabee

    I’m in. But the question is, will the same person play him on both the big and small screens?

    • Bob

      This, I think this might be there Agents of SHIELD connecting to DC universe and not Arrow/Flash show…which makes me kinda sad honestly. Arrow grew into a pretty great show.

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  • dungeons and draccus’s

    Alright, I’m up for this but I’m not going to take any bullsh*t.

    Make it TV-14. Very dark, show Gotham’s evil, hellish, crime-ridden underworld, overrun with Mafia, gangs, and worse. Get quality actors; face actors (those guys you recognize from somewhere because you’ve seen them so many times. i.e. Timothy Spall or Charles Dance), not name actors.
    Get QUALITY writing on board. Add in a little humor, to make it bearable. Follow Frank Miller’s works. Get good writers on board and pay homage to the comics in every important way, but don’t be afraid to step in new directions.

    Do something fresh and new, keep the suspense and the action up, though don’t be afraid to put in real human emotion and drama. Get lot’s of famous guest stars and keep CGI to a minimum. Get Jim Caviezel or Gary Oldman even. Get somebody good.

    Don’t mess this up, DC. I am a DC man over Marvel, but I hafta admit…Marvel has got their rear in gear. You get yours.

    • MIXTER

      I wish I could sue them for this, as I been writing suggestions for this exact show since the Dark Knight came out! A series set before Batman becomes Batman. Gordon before he’s commissioner. Solving crimes from upcoming Villains that never made it into Nolans films, ie Riddler, Penguin etc, plust a masked vigilante turns up.. but done in Nolans real world style. Make it gripping and adult, with a hint of quirky.

      They need to get the writers of Breaking Bad and Dexter on this, and indeed cast Brian Cranston as Gordon!

      • dungeons and draccus’s

        Hey Brian would be good. But why sue them for it? The Nolan Batman films have all been AMAZING.

      • tscales

        Wait, the writers of Dexter? That’s hilarious. Gordon can boat into a hurricane and become a lumberjack. Or fly into a typhoon and become a fly fisherman or something.

    • joeybot

      But if you want this, why not just watch Boardwalk Empire or something? Why does this have to be a Gotham show? Just to make geeks watch a cop show?

      • dungeons and draccus’s

        I want them not to screw it up.

      • joeybot

        Without Batman, they kind of did already. Who cares about Gordon without his relation to Batman?

  • LEM

    DC/WB just doesn’t get it.

  • Seanpb

    Much more interested in this than Agents of SHIELD. Like anything, if its done well it has the scope to be a pretty interesting and entertaining show. He’s a character who’s origins aren’t very well publicised, so they can have a pretty fresh take on the sort of person he was and dovetail that into the man most people recognise him as.

    Also, if it gets a little bit of traction and can last at least a couple of seasons, the final few episodes – or season even – write themselves. Stories of a masked man, a vigilante, roaming the streets taking matters into his own hands. Imagine a Dexter style mystery (except we know who it is) as Gordon unravels the exploits of this “batman”, tracking him and trying to catch up to him. The pieces don’t fit, however. He’s not a criminal in the traditional sense. Is it a group of men, a rival to an established gang? Is it a turf war? They’d have to be delicate, as we know exactly what is happening, but I reckon it’d work pretty well to have Gordon’s last case on the show pursuing Batman’s early work.

    The show ends with a partnership being formed, with a tantalising glimpse of Batman, before the next chapter in Gordon’s life and career starts.

    • joeybot

      The problem is though, that since we know all about Batman, why will Gordon’s inquiry into this mystery be interesting? We know it’s Batman. We even know who really he is!

      • Seanpb

        If they can’t manage to manipulate such a storyline to create a sense of anticipation up to a reveal they shouldn’t bother staying in the business.

      • joeybot

        What if the show runs for 6-7 years? You can only cocktease for so long.

  • tarek

    Calm down kids. Batman will make a cameo in each episode.

    • Kevin

      I doubt he or any major villains will.

      • tarek

        was kidding ^^

  • Sean Chandler

    I wish they would actually make a serious Batman TV series. The character lends itself well to the format. He doesn’t have super powers and he’s a detective. So you don’t need a massive sci-fi budget, and he lends himself well to season long mysteries he’s solving. He has the best rogues gallery, but the movie format doesn’t lend itself to really developing the relationships he has with his villains. Finally, there are a number of great stories from the comics to tell which lend themselves more to season long arcs.

    • joeybot

      Now THIS is the real idea. I’d love to see a Batman tv show modeled on the movies. Have real writing in it, like Justified or Breaking Bad, and you got a compelling show.

    • Seanpb

      Brilliant idea.

      Would it work as 3-5 tele movies, a la something like Sherlock? Instead of spending $250m + on one film could they invest $25m in each episode? Or less…

      They’d be must see TV.

  • Chris Noeth

    Doesn’t mean the Waynes are not in it… so this is very interesting!

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  • ACallCreative

    What’s the point of this? Can’t say I’ve ever once thought during a Batman movie/comic/cartoon “Sure wish I knew more about Commissioner Gordon”.

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