300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Star Callan Mulvey Eyed for Villain Role in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

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Warner Bros. is making moves on Batman vs. Superman.  The studio just announced that Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman in the film, and now it appears they have their sights set on casting the pic’s villain.  Though the working title would lead us to believe that Batman and Superman’s relationship will at one point be contentious, the film will also have a proper villain.  Now that Wonder Woman is set, director Zack Snyder can focus on casting that role, and one of the contenders is reportedly Callan Mulvey.

Hit the jump for more, including which Justice League members will be making cameos in the film.

callan-mulvey-batman-vs-supermanEmbedded in their story about the Wonder Woman casting, Variety reports that Callan Mulvey is “someone Warner Bros. is eyeing” to play the antagonist in Batman vs. Superman.  The New Zealand actor had a small role in Zero Dark Thirty, but he has larger roles in the upcoming sequels 300: Rise of an Empire and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The nature of the villain in Batman vs. Superman is being kept firmly under wraps, and will probably stay that way for quite some time if Snyder’s approach to not revealing Man of Steel’s General Zod presence is any indication.

Rumors have swirled recently that Doomsday might be the Big Bad in Batman vs. Superman, and the character would certainly make for a formidable opponent that would necessitate Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman’s talents.  In the comics, Doomsday is basically a force of nature.  His origins lie in prehistoric Krypton, where he was left to fend for himself as a humanoid infant by an alien scientist.  After being repeatedly killed by the harsh Krypton environment, the scientist continued to clone his genes until Doomsday became an evolutionarily perfect killing machine.

Again, the Doomsday presence is simply a rumor at this time and we probably won’t get confirmation of the Batman vs. Superman villain for a while.  Moreover, Mulvey is only one of the actors being considered for the role, so there’s no guarantee he’ll land the part.  Variety’s report also reiterates that there will be plenty of Justice League cameos in the film, with the Flash “a lock” to appear in some capacity.  We’ll find out for sure when Batman vs. Superman opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.


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  • Jason Richards

    Probably going to play Braniac. There’s also a rumor Doomsday does a cameo at the end of this film leading into Justice League.

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Doomsday would be a better choice for the JL film and not the Batman vs. Superman film. Would prefer a whole film where Batman and Superman actually duke it out in some form/capacity. Give us the detective version of Batman, although TDK trilogy did give us some hints at this side of him, and show how he out thinks Superman in order to make the fighting ground neutral.

    • stephenmonteith

      I think Affleck should direct the next Batman trilogy and have it focus on crime-fighting (rather than terrorist-fighting). Give us a proper gangster, like the Penguin, or criminal mastermind, like the Riddler. It’s about time to reboot them, anyway.

      • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

        Absolutely. Both villians would be cool to see back on the big screen but done in a better manner (although I did enjoy DeVito’s portrayal but thought he was a more sad character and not an evil character). I honestly think that is why Affleck agreed to play Batman is for a chance to direct one of them down the road (either JL or the solo film).

      • eternalozzie

        The villains were always the weak points in the old Batman movies … with the exception of Catwoman … she was pretty cool … I liked DeVito but the Penguin he was not.

    • Thomas K,

      This is exactly what came to mind when they first announced the film.

      But… as we’re seeing, I doubt this will happen.

    • Strong Enough

      you have all the answers dont you.

  • mattinacan

    I enjoyed MOS. let’s hope they take the fight out of major cities this time instead of pointlessly destroying metropolis for 30 minutes. less fight scenes and more character development, MOS’s pacing was killed by that overly drawn out and boring final battle.

    • Strong Enough

      you people act like fighting a over crazed super powered soldier is easy stuff. get a grip

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  • Thomas K.

    But they just ignored the perfect fit of Eva Green as Wonder Woman. Nice.
    No offense to Gal Gadot. But REALLY?!

    This film is just getting absoulety out of hand.
    Bat Drones? Batman pissed at NightWing? Wonder Woman and Flash appearences, but not in title?
    Can’t call it Worlds Finest?(Still perplexes me, like Superman and Batman aren’t going to be on the posters)
    Not sure if Lex, Doomsday, or Brainiac is in it?

    It’s just absolutely too much, there trying to make a Justice League-Prequel instead of just Batman vs. Superman. At least it seems that way.

    I’ll keep an open-mind going in. And if they pull it off, more props to them, but there stacking the deck against themselves with this.

    • Jason Richards

      Abut 90 percent of the things you listed is pure speculation and rumor.

      • Thomas K.

        Bat Drones/Nightwing were dropped by WB exec.
        Wonder Woman was just cast.
        Flash is all but confirmed, but is at rumor stage right now.
        World’s Finest isn’t the title last time I checked.
        And like I said, not sure if Lex, Doomsday, or Brainiac are in it.

        Where is the 90%?

        Not trying to be a troll. (Albeit, I am.)
        Just want to know where it is rumor?
        Also, stated “At least it seems that way.”

      • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

        I heard the Nightwing rumor was true and that they were going to be casting someone for the role soon.

      • Thomas K.

        Thank you.
        I also heard that’s the reason why they couldn’t use Dick Grayson on Arrow.
        Again, Nothing confirmed, but too many signs pointing to this.

  • blackestknight

    Any idea who will be playing flash? Is it definitely going to be the guy who has joined arrow?

    • eternalozzie

      I doubt there will be any crossover between Arrow and this movie.

  • The Flobbit

    Hey, I’m game. Mulvey seems badass and cool. What more do you need.

    Oh, a lot.

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