New BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Rumors Reveal Ending Details, Timeline, and Luthor’s Plan [Spoilers, Obviously]

     August 14, 2014


Filming on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been underway for over a month now, and the production has done a good job thus far at keeping leaked photos and videos to a minimum.  I assume some of that it just because they haven’t done much outdoor shooting, but all we’ve really seen so far is Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, which looks like Ben Affleck with slightly graying temples.  Beyond that, there’s been a statue, some rubble, and Zack Snyder calling a local radio station.

But spoilers will still leak out, and we now might have information on the Batman v Superman ending, Luthor’s plan, and where this film falls chronologically in relation to Man of Steel.  So I will put this as clearly as I can: There are spoilers after the jump.  Do not click “Continue Reading” if you do not want to know these plot points.  Now that you’ve been warned, hit the jump if you don’t have a problem knowing new details about the movie.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.

batman-v-superman-henry-cavillAn extra told GeekTyrant that he had worked on the set for ten days, and the ending had already been filmed:

“One of the scenes shot featured Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal kryptonite, and apparently Lexcorp had somehow gotten a hold of General Zod’s body.”

Badass Digest confirms this report, and adds:

Lex has been gathering pieces and debris from the World Engine and he has used them to synthesize Kryptonite. Meanwhile he has also gotten ahold of Zod’s corpse, and it is the key to his master plan to defeat Superman. He uses that tissue to…

BD then refrains from completing the sentence, but then shows an outline of Doomsday.  As you may recall, Doomsday was previously rumored to be one of the film’s villains.

As for the movie’s timeline, GeekTyrant’s tipster says Batman v Superman picks up “as the battle between Superman and General Zod ends or is ending (which would explain all the damaged buildings and vehicles we’ve been seeing in photos) and Batman/Bruce Wayne is attempting to make his way to the Wayne tower in Metropolis.”

So there you have it.  I honestly don’t feel like the film’s been that spoiled.  It will be spoiled when all the trailers and TV spots come out.

  • gar216

    I like it.

    • Dmula

      I second that,everyone didn’t seem to grasp all the stuff they didn’t agree with in MOS was a set up for this

      • mattinacan

        it was the other way around, WB created the sequel based on what everyone didn’t agree with.

  • jk

    So Doomsday is now a reanimated Zod, infused with Kryptonite… Meh… I guess it will all be in the execution…

    • agent777

      Shades of Bane in Batman and Robin. But Bane, Venom and Abomination (the 90′s villains) all have such convoluted storylines it better to just do a version of them that can be built on later.

  • the king of comedy

    I agree it`s not much of a spoiler since it`s not confirmed and most of these plot elements are not that hard to guess and will probably be included in the trailers, Batman does need cryptonite in order to stand a chance against Superman and him and Luthor are going to be trying to find out as much about Superman, his planet, his technology and his weakness as they can, I guess that Batman will distrust Superman, make things hard for him and things beetwen them will end with a battle, in wich Superman will take it easy on Batman since he doesn`t want to kill him and be surprised by a cryptonite atack that leaves him helpless, Batman will send his message but won`t want to kill Superman either, but guess what Luthor does want to kill both of them, and takes advantage of this confrontation and attacks when they are weak and hence they must escape and bond and work together in order to defeat Luthor and maybe Doomsday, I don`t like that they are including Doomsday tough, that`s one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe and he deserves his own movie, even tough a movie that ends with Superman`s death cpould be intriguing and set up things for a Justice League movie in wich they all fight against Lthor and Doomsday.

  • bork1138

    I read these spoilers purely because my imagination will do a far better job than Zack Snyder

    • Roy J

      lol agreed

    • DoremusJessup

      Haha exactly what i thought. Usually, I avoid spoilers at all costs. But no point here, not like the movie will be subtle or surprising anyways. Snyder’s got them heavy hands!

    • mattinacan

      ^^ this

  • World’s Finest Comments

    I really want Lex to rock a modified version of Zod’s suit in some sort of climax action scene. Have Supes and Bats in his Dark Knight Returns armor take him on.

    • mattinacan

      yea! i always said you know what MOS was missing? more fights with jesse eisenberg.

  • Vulcan

    Please not Doomsday. I want to see movie with Doomsday, but this movie is so crowded as it is, the emotional impact will be lost. It will be like Gwen’s death in ASM2.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      So true. Doomsday should be built up in the same way Thanos is in the MCU.

      • agent777

        Doomsday is not Thanos. He is just one of the ripped 90′s villains that got all the hype. Thanos is actually an impressive villain all round. Big diffrence.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Yeah he got the hype coz he “killed” Superman. He’s not Thanos, but he could have massive impact and that should be built.

    • scififan

      My brain can’t handle more than one character at a time either.
      “Crowded” because of cameos? Wonder Woman, Aquaman, whoever else it’s going to introduce will most likely all be cameos with brief appearances over a couple scenes (in a 2 hour+ movie, I’m assuming). Right now, the main characters are: 1. Superman 2. Batman 3. Lex Luther 4. Doomsday 5. Lois Lane
      The cameos will most likely be introduced through Lois Lane as she searches for more people with powers. I don’t see what all the fuss is about with this movie being “crowded”.
      If you want to see Batman and Superman fighting in a pure white, infinite space, that’s great. I would like to see a movie that takes another step towards building a cinematic universe – and Warner Brothers isn’t going to follow the same steps as Marvel. The best way to get an audience base for all these individual characters isn’t to give them their own movie first, it’s to have everyone as a group and then branch off.
      Assemble them now. “Crowd” that screen up because this plot sounds very interesting.

      Oh, and nice way to just blurt out the ending to ASM2. If there’s an issue to be had, it’s people that just casually wreck an ending to a recent movie (while complaining about a movie that is barely even made yet). Urgh.

      • Vulcan

        I’m fine with the movie doing world building and bringing in characters, but Doomsday is the ultimate Superman villain. He needs to be built up to. The Death of Superman is an incredibly emotional book. They should have the Justice League movie first, then have MOS 3 where Superman fights Doomsday. That way they can just concentrate on Superman and Doomsday, and not worry about having to introduce Batman, Lex, and everyone else.
        And also they haven’t announced that Doomsday is in the movie. This is just a rumor that a lot of media outlets are reporting as fact. Also, everyone on this message board already knows the ending to ASM2. And most people already guessed the ending before the movie came out.

      • the king of comedy

        I don`t want Doomsday in this movie either, he deserves his own movie, I think they migh actually end up killing superman in here in order to set things up for a Justice League movie, in wich the rest of the heroes unite in order to defeat a foe so strong to defeat superman, and of course Superman happens to not be death after all, and we have a great battle against Doomsday and Luthor.

      • scififan

        Maybe Doomsday is introduced in this movie but the central conflict is between Superman and Batman? I’m guessing this by the movie’s title. Doomsday is a big character, so I’m going to bet that he’s being introduced, just like Wonder Woman and the other Justice League members. His creation will most likely be the reason Batman and Superman work together and decide to form the Justice League. The main conflict really sounds like a Lex/Batman/Superman arch, setting up a larger multiple-movie story line with Doomsday and many other characters. I seriously doubt they will be resolving a Doomsday plot line in this film. I’m crossing my fingers it will all eventually lead to a Kingdom Come movie.

        As for ASM2, are you sure that EVERYONE knows the ending to that movie already? Maybe some people live out in the middle of no where and have limited access to movie theaters? Maybe some people were planning on watching it at home very soon SINCE IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED FOR THE HOME MARKET YET!!! For f**k’s sake, you self centered jerk.

        I knew this particular plot point was coming at some point in the series, but I wasn’t expecting it to be in this movie. So, just to spite you, I hope that Aquaman kills Doomsday in the Superman vs Batman movie. I hope he kills him with a smelt, a minnow… or that little fish that swims up your pee stream.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      I thought they said that was the ending of the movie. So Doomsday wouldn’t be in this film, he would be created as the film is ending. Probably one of the villains in the Justice League film.

  • DNAsplitter

    I feel the Doomsday revelation will be what leads us into the Justice League film.
    I actually like that the film picks up w the POV of Bruce Wayne during the climax of the MOS. Maybe they’ll show Superman acting more herioc in the eyes of the people who didn’t see it that way – fixing that error (in some eyes).
    I hope that the real focus is on Batman pitted against Superman for 75% of the film – not actual fighting just setting up the stage for it – maybe showing Batman doing actual detective work trying to discover his weakness. And the last 25% is them teaming up to go against Luthor (possibly w Metallo).

    • Vulcan

      Yeah, I agree with you. I hope that Luthor is manipulating Batman into fighting Superman, or making him think that Superman is a threat to humanity. And then it is revealed that Luthor just wants both of them dead. And I really hope that real estate isn’t the driving factor for Luthor’s plans. That is getting really old.

      • Lex Walker

        But real estate is the one thing they’re not making any more of!

  • Victor

    I don’t get it. The last scene is Batman breaking in Lexcorp to get the kryptonite?? Or what?? Don’t they have to fight between then??

    • scififan

      (you have to wait to watch the movie because they don’t tell the audience the ending before they release the movie, or even finish making it)

  • mattinacan

    what a clusterfuck, this has a 0% chance of being good. Just comic porn.

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  • JBug

    Sounds good to me, but it will all depend on execution. I don’t think anybody had a problem with the story to MoS. It was subpar acting combined with a garbage script.

    I won’t hold it against Snyder if he changes up the tone completely on this one. MoS just didn’t do it for me.

  • Dan

    Doomsday destroys the JLI in Death of Superman. That would be pretty incredible if the Justice League movie ended with the death of Superman. Ballsy but incredible.

  • Jared

    All of this information comes from a fake script written by Twitter user Arrogant Alien:

    You can read all about how he spread the script and other rumors to scoop sites and starting several months back here:

  • poppincherry

    Don’t foret to clap when Zack starts running the syfy channel. This movie is going to bomb!

  • DEADP00L

    I was okay with it till I hit the world engine part and then I was not sold whatsoever.

    Seriously? Whatever.

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  • Bruce Wayne

    They must be building up to a big storyline, maybe blackest night since supermans resurrection from getting killed by doomsday was justified by his role in the events of Brightest day and blackest night, it will take time but it would be sick to see a BN/BD movie(s) with black lantern supes and aquaman