BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Set Image Reveals a Different Look at Henry Cavill’s New Costume

     August 20, 2014


Judging by some of the reaction to this picture, it appears as though there are some slight shifts away from the established Man of Steel look in Henry Cavill‘s costume for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Not that I can tell.  I’ve seen Man of Steel exactly once and don’t really plan on seeing it again to see if I can spot some minute differences.  This set image (obviously) adds more color to the costume than the official still from last month, and I suppose it’s interesting to see the painted-on muscle patterns in the light of day.  But, on the whole, I think this is a less interesting development than the picture of Scoot McNairy as (potentially) The Flash.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming in Detroit under the direction of Zack Snyder for a March 2016 release.  The film also stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Jesse Eisenberg.  Hit the jump for the Batman v Superman Henry Cavill set image. 

Image courtesy of MTV:

What do you guys think? To me, it looks like Superman. I can’t spot any real changes.  My main hope is that the film is better than Man of Steel and doesn’t suffer from the seemingly untenable amount of characters it’s trying to squeeze in.

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  • computerbenefit

    I mean it’s pretty much the same suit. It just looks lighter.

    • Neven

      Plus, when Snyder applies his color correction habits, we probably won’t even see any difference.

      • jay

        yea i mean once it goes through Snyders lenses it going to look exactly the same as it did in MOS

      • DNAsplitter

        Snyder has teamed back up w Larry Fong on this film, who also did Watchmen and 300, so hopefully he’ll go back to his look from Watchmen.

  • Heytherebro

    Ehm, lol. It’s same suit.

    • Oliver Queen

      No mate, it looks the same cause of the bad quality but putting them side by side, this one has a different belt buckle from the MOS suit as well as different patterns around the wrists and waist.

      • RedMercury

        How can you see the wrists? It looks like the “trench coat” is covering them…


    Looks like… SUPERMAN!! And this time in colour! Love it!

    I wonder if/how they will explain how Supes gets changed so quickly into the outfit. Christopher Reeve Supes obviously span around in rotating doors/phone boxes etx.. It seemed to appear like magic on him.

    I thought a good way this version could be for it to grow on him, like that superman memory stick from MOS seemed to grow from sand or nano-tech, whatever that was. And that robot thing too and krypton screens. They should have his suit do that too.

    Gotta be pretty sweaty if Clark does a full shift at work with that outfit and cape under a suit n tie.

    Also, I hope it has the yellow S on his cape this time too. In the comics his cape was used to great effect, iconic. Like when its seen ripped up dangling off something, you knew supes was in trouble even if only his torn cape was in the image.

  • Kidmark

    Will never get the Man of Steel hate. Phenomenal piece of work – gets better with each viewing for me.

    • agent777

      Especially when it followed Superman Returns, which was very weak/misguided at best. Also by making it, Singer dumped his obligations to the X-Men series. Just shows how short term some people memories are.

    • sense

      thats how i feel too, i like it more each time

    • [A]

      are you a comedian? you should be. quit your day job now!

    • vpuik

      The Honest Trailer for Man of Steel pretty much covered my annoyances and pointed out few new ones.

      • Mezmero

        They did one for Frozen need I say more……It’s for people like you who hate everything about everything fictional. You are the worst type of movie critic because you judge fiction and never the so called true stories that bend the truth so the adience can feel better.

      • vpuik

        What are you talking about?

  • Matt Goldberg

    That suit is so tight it looks like it’s painted on.

    • Lex Walker

      I think the “muscle” lines might actually be airbrushed on

    • appolox

      Are you ever NOT complaining about something?

      • Matt Goldberg

        How is that a complaint?

      • Spanky

        Stop complaining about him complaining

    • Fahad Ali

      It is, in all probability. 100% sure.

    • Doofus

      What suit HASN’T looked like that???

    • Gögi Gonzales

      Something tells me Mod Goldberg was making a joke…

    • DNAsplitter

      Painted on abs is a habit that Snyder can’t stop since the 300.

      • Spanky

        Right.. so what do you suggest in order to get abs like that on your actors?

        I’m sure you and your giant 1 pack will have all the tips!

      • DNAsplitter

        Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your Boner Jams mix that you have of dudes w painted on abs.

  • DeathoftheEndless7

    The red parts look like velvet lol.

    • Gögi Gonzales

      YOU DO!

  • kneel before Derp!

    I don’t get all the hate for MoS. Was it oh my god uber great? NO. Was it the trainwreck piece of shit that everyone seems to love to dump on? Hell no. It just wasn’t the same Superman we’ve seen a billion times so everyone freaks out. This isn’t high art. Go and read old Superman and tell me how fuckin deep it is. It was entertaining. I just don’t get the Transformers level of hate that movie gets. He’s honestly one of the most boring characters ever. Goodie 2 shoes that can’t be killed by anything beside something that isn’t even on Earth. Yes, I know he can be killed by other means but in the overall it’s mostly just Kryptonite. So what’s wrong with spicing him up a bit? Hate the new Ninja Turtles and Transformer movies all day long. Just don’t see the big freak out about MoS.

    • Kyle Chandler

      Yeah, I never quite got it. I mean, superman has a lot of baggage (by which I mean people usually have a particular version of him pretty firmly planted in their minds), but this movie brought together a pretty convincing new mythos for superman. There were plenty of issues (pa kent’s death among them), but a lot of what people mention amount to nitpicking (his suit is too dark! those two superpowered people and a doomsday device caused a lot of damage!).

      Overall, I think it was a decent start to the new franchise, though I kind of wish we had another solo superman movie to iron out some of those kinks before they add EVERYONE IN DC.

      • kneel before Derp

        Growing up in Oklahoma I can tell you without a doubt that it was annoying as hell the way Johnathan died. Just stuuuuupid! That’s the exact moment he’s supposed to use his powers, Johnny boy! Look now you’re not around to help him figure out who he is or why he’s here. Just an excuse to do a big action scene. A heart attack should of been the cause but if you had to spice it up make it a horrible car crash out if the blue. Something Clark couldn’t EASILY help or fix. Just boom. He had enough time to turn to Martha and protect her but Johnathan was sol. Could of made it look cool, more believable, and heartbreaking.

      • Kyle Chandler

        Totally agree with the assessment of that scene. It is important for the character that his father dies of something that his powers couldn’t fix, like a heart attack. It humanizes superman and shows vulnerability.

      • Spanky

        Then you would have had a bunch of internet wankers complaining that they copied from the original movie..

      • Loso_Rocks

        I love that notion, that he died from something he couldn’t fix. That right there would have made the movie 100x better, though I didn’t hate it.

    • axalon

      I think when you get thought-provoking movies like The Dark Knight that really make you think about about what it must take to be a hero, super or otherwise, that when you get something as superfluous as Man of Steel it can be a bit of a let down. Especially since they exist in the same universe.

      • brNdon

        Um… Not the same universe, guy.

      • axalon

        Both belong to DC. Same universe, pal. Nolan even executive produced MoS.

      • brNdon

        No, not really. That would be like saying Superman Returns us in the same universe as Man of Steele. And Nolan producing is irrelevant. Anyone here would agree with me (except you.)

        And I’m not your pal, friend.

      • axalon

        The Dark Knight is a superhero movie. Man of Steel is a superhero movie.

        They’re both in the same genre so regardless of whether or not they’re part of the DC or Marvel universes, they will all get compared to each other.

        Also, Nolan producing is completely relevant. The man wouldn’t have involved himself otherwise.

      • brNdon

        So by your logic Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern is also in the same universe?

        Nolan’s Dark Knight and Snyder’s Superman are not in a shared universe
        The comics, yes. Nolan producing does not place them in the same universe.

      • axalon

        Yes, they are in the same DC universe and should be held to the same standard. When the DC logo flashes in front of a movie, they’re in the same universe whether or not the characters come in contact with each other is irrelevant. And if Green Lantern was a success, we’d probably be seeing Reynolds’ version in Justice League.

        The only reason we’re not seeing Christian Bale’s Batman in Justice League is because he didn’t want to do it.

      • brNdon

        So SpiderMan, X-Men, and Fantastic Four share the same universe as the current Marvel studios universe?

        I don’t think you get it.

      • axalon

        No because Marvel sold those rights to other studios. DC never sold any of their rights to any other studio outside of Warner Bros. If Marvel ever got back the rights to any of those properties you can be sure Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four would be in the MCU.

        Come on kid, keep up.

      • Spanky

        You are lacking the comprehension of what is considered a comic universe

        Which is where characters live and can interact with each other, such as the Avengers

        Dark Knight and current or past Superman are in different universes as the iterations of each will never cross paths

        New Superman and Batfleck – same universe

      • axalon

        Why is this so difficult to comprehend? The only reason Batman is a different iteration in Justice League is because Christian Bale refused to do any more movies and wasn’t contractually obligated. That’s it.

        If Bale would have signed on they would have merged Nolan’s universe with what DC is going for now. DC/Warner Bros. would have loved for that to happen but they had no hand in the matter because Bale’s contract was put together back in 2004 before comic universes were even being considered.

        And now, for the 40th time. Regardless of what universe they belong to, every single superhero movie falls under the superhero genre which makes it fair game to compare them.

      • kneel before Derp

        Nope. Same COMIC uni but not the same FILM uni. Nolan will be the first to tell you that.

        The new film brings Batman into the NEW DC FILM uni. So if Scoot is Barry Allen in the new film then what’s that mean for the Flash TV show that’s gonna be airing? 2 Flash characters? Not the same.

      • axalon

        Okay, first television and movies are two different things.

        Second, DC/Warner Bros. wanted Bale for their DC Universe but he refused to do it so that’s why they ended up going with Affleck.

      • brNdon

        Dude… You are completely alone in your opinion of what constitutes a shared universe.

      • axalon


    • GrimReaper07

      Well I think you’re wrong. I do think it’s an absolute trainwreck of a movie. It’s definitively one of the most disappointing movie going experiences I’ve ever had in my life. And my gripes aren’t with him killing Zod or any changes to the lore that may have been in the movie (I’ve always thought those complaints were stupid). My gripes are with the amateurish filmmaking, the truly awful script and Snyder overdoing the action.

      • kneel before Derp

        It’s cool and…that’s…you know…like your opinion, man. Guess what? I’m fine with that.

    • [A]

      oh hey look, a Supes fan.

      yeah it was terrible. you can’t tell because you’re a fanboy

      • kneel before Derp

        Hahaha. Uh I’m a fanMAN, sir. Plus idk if you read anything I wrote but I did say he’s the most boring character ever. But sure, I’m obsessed with him. Here’s what I’m obsessed with…

        Brett Rather needs to direct X-men Apocalypse NOW! That series needs to get back to the one person that understands X-men and film making in general. Brian Singer? Who the hell is that? Some dude that did Usual Suspects? Fuck that, I’m going with Tower Heist all day baby!

    • dnwilliams

      “Was it the trainwreck piece of shit that everyone seems to love to dump on?”

      Pretty much.

      • shasta

        Just had to drop in and ask the question any normal human being would ask, have any you guys ever talked to a woman before?

  • kneel before Derp

    I just wanna see a full color Batman and Mamoa as Aquaman. Even though I can’t conceive why Mamoa Aquaman and not Doomsday. Hell, he’d be a perfect Lobo too! Just seems like a no brainer.

    • agent777

      Mamoa is a great actor. I’m glad he is Aquaman, because he will bring something to the role that… Aquaman is lacking.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        He has pretty limited range, honestly. He was fine as Khal Drogo because he barely had to say anything. If he can do the same with Aquaman, he could be okay. If he has to say more than ten words, he might be in trouble.

  • Wendy

    I like it better, it looks more like the comid and those silver things are gone too but i didn’t mind those. I hope they just SHOW the suit more during the action scenes this time so we can see what it looks like in action more

  • 97point6

    That does not look like it’s fun to wear. Oh, it could be, just not there.

  • sense

    Undeniably awesome, love the updated more traditional colors and i like that its almost the same as in the last movie because his father only gave him one suit

  • DEADP00L

    His hair line is receding thats all I noticed.

  • Manuel Orozco

    This suit will definitely do. Slight improvement from the last one

  • DEADP00L

    All thats missing now are super nipples.

  • theseeker7

    I took in a fresh new viewing of Man Of Steel last week, and I really don’t get the hate for it. I think it’s perfectly fine if it departed a fair amount from the Donner type of feel, I mean those movies will always still be there, why can’t we also have a different sort of take on the character that (seems like, anyway) hadn’t really been done before, but still feels natural and logical enough in its own context.

    And I’m still perfectly fine with the ending, Zod pretty much forced Supes into doing that. He was never going to stop.

    EDIT: okay my bad, I hadn’t looked at any of the other posts before writing this, seems like this might be a little repetitive on this page lol

  • Bob

    I don’t understand why Collider has people who hate something review it or cover it. I like this writer for the most part, but it even seems like he almost has to be apologetic about not liking MOS in order to cover the new one. I mean, there has to be someone there who like MOS? Is there like a queue that automatically assigns, like Evan Dickson got this in his inbox and was like, awwww man, I hated MOS, I’ve got to act interested while hating every minute of this?
    I mean crap, just give it to Goldberg, he hates 98% of everything.

    And how was MOS awful? Enjoyable action, cool seeing the origin story, emotional weight, nice score. I mean what did people want, a remake of Donner’s Superman ala the atrocious Psycho remake? No it wasn’t the greatest movie ever made, but it was a good movie that far exceeded SR and it set up for a nice trilogy.

    Well at least until they cast the worst actor on the planet as Batman. I can out act Affleck with shadow puppets on my wall.

    • rhizomeman

      Agreed. I actually never liked Sups unitl MOS. Always found him silly, boring, and outdated. MOS did exactly what it needed to do – updated the story and gave him some emotional complexity.

      • Ariadne

        Totally agree.Nver likes Supes until MOS…now think he’s even my favorite.

    • Evan Dickson


    • DEADP00L

      ‘I mean crap, just give it to Goldberg, he hates 98% of everything.’

      *snort* …I would disagree I believe I hold that title but whatever.

    • Joey Robinson

      Yeah, after the “saw it exactly once” comment, I skipped to the photo. I know these guys aren’t real journalists but they’re not even pretending to be objective.

    • cimmerian

      Evan seems to go out of his way a lot to explain that he never saw the thing he’s writing about or saw it once and dismissed it. It’s kind of comical.

    • cimmerian

      Evan seems to go out of his way a lot to explain that he never saw the thing he’s writing about or saw it once and dismissed it. It’s kind of comical.

  • DNAsplitter

    Nice, some small improvements kinda like what they did w Spider-Man in both Raimi and Webb’s films. I like that his hair looks more like Superman from the comics (like how Reeves did in the Donner films). Suit also looks like a brighter and more vibrant blue than it did in MOS.

    Hope they give us an official image and in color of the Trinity soon rather than seeing pics from onlookers w crappy cameras.

    • ʝoe βloggs


  • Markt1257

    This suit looks like shit. I watched superman returns and Mos the other night. The return suit was pretty nice after an over view( yeah I know tights). But after he fell into the ocean from being stabbed the color of the suit was nice . In that scene and him removing that big ass rock. I really saw what he was trying to do . I was into the movie . But Mos suit just didn’t make sense . It was to dark all these extra shit on the wrist . Know these bright ass shit. Who ever mad captain America suit in winter soldier did a good job . Thor suit was horrible plastic bullshit in all the films. And if that dude is playing the flash what the fuck . He is a good actor but the flash is blonde and tall and a smart ass. These guy looks like he is about to do taxes.

  • mattinacan

    superman returns was a better movie than MOS, and returns is pretty darn mediocre.

  • soup, herman?

    Just looks like he put the suit in the washing machine.

  • O.G. Loc

    I see someone didn’t skip leg day.

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  • Not_In_Universe

    I think they realized that if superman stands next to batman in his dark costume, they might look similar except for the logo. So they had to go ahead make it look lighter for this movie.

  • T_Toughnuts

    I enjoyed MOS, but I am happy to identify where it failed:
    1. CGI animals: We do not need to see whales swimming next to passed out Clark. Antelope do not need to run away from Superman while flying. Winged creatures do not need to fly Jor-el around.
    2. The terrible dialogue/plot after the first fight in Smallville. “We are now slave to the world engine” (shutter). They should have strengthened Zod’s motivation a bit more ( I know they mentioned the codex many times and explained what it was, but I mean…really? It was pretty lame) especially after his only reason for living was gone. Zod was portrayed as a rational right wing militaristic person up until the point that he said…screw it…I wants to kill me some humans!
    3. (this can be addressed in the next movie) Not showing the human impact of two gods fighting. They showed Perry and the other two running, but I wanted to see more widespread reaction. I wanted to see that the world understood that Superman was protecting them.

  • ItsNotaSchooner

    Yo Evan, why you gotta be a dick and be all like “I’ve only seen it once and I ain’t seein it again, blah blah, blah”
    It’s fine if you din’t care for the movie, but why don’t you keep the snarky comments to yourself. Matt has even gotten better at not completely being overly biased in his news articles. And that’s saying something!
    So, basically what I’m saying is, you should give Man of Steel another chance!

  • Slade

    I’m glad that its not as drab as the costume in the first film. The color makes it feel more like Superman.

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  • saintlamb

    The main difference with this new suit is his hair is now straightened.

  • saintlamb

    The main difference with this new suit is his hair is now straightened.

  • Strong Enough

    thats my superman


  • Strong Enough

    thats my superman