BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Eyes Adam Driver as Nightwing

     November 8, 2013


It looks like Nightwing is set to make his live-action feature film debut in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, and Warner Bros. is eyeing Adam Driver (Girls) for the part.  The report calls Driver the frontrunner for the role, which is described as being Batman/Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) estranged partner, Dick Grayson.  Grayson took on the Nightwing moniker to go off on his own crime-fighting adventures after being taken under Batman’s wing as his side-kick, Robin, but this iteration finds the former dynamic duo apart for a number of years.  The 29-year-old, 6’3″ Driver certainly fits the part of the solo do-gooder, and it remains to be seen just how frosty the relationship is between the crime-fighter and his former mentor.  Hit the jump for more.

The Wrap reports adam-driver-nightwingthat Driver is in the lead to take on the Nightwing role for Batman vs. Superman.  There is also word that two other actors are in the mix, but no other names have been released.  If none of those guys work out, there’s an actor who’s already played Nightwing in an indie series here who could be up for it.

In a similar bit of curious casting, Batman vs. Superman is currently looking for a female lead and is auditioning Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion), Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6), and Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation).  The role may be as general as Bruce Wayne’s love interest or as specific as one Diana Prince/Wonder Woman; it’s also possible that the two will be one in the same.  Batman vs. Superman, due out July 17, 2015, also features returning Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Laurence Fishburne and Amy Adams.


  • Lee Mejia

    Much rather have his GIRLS coworker Christopher Abbot.

  • anthonyg1500

    Why not get someone like 17 and start with him as an older Robin

  • dax3d

    THAT guy is going to be Nightwing? Yikes

    • SanTelmoJack

      You all sound like the fanboys complaining when a girl doesn’t have tits like in the comics. geez.

      • Pk

        Your honestly telling me this guy could pass off as night wing?

      • Nick

        He’s fit and he’s a really good actor. So yeah.. Do you need to get our nut off to him?

      • cloud720

        I don’t think someone so goofy looking can be intimidating.

    • Guy Smiley

      He looks like he’d be a better fit for Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel in a live-action Simpsons film

  • jk

    Could they find anyone more goofy looking?

    • bombinUSA

      you’re aware robin performed in the circus right? newb.

      • The Flobbit

        That doesn’t mean he’s goofy looking. Idjit.

      • Khan

        bombin was being sarcastic you newb, and yep that’s a face only a mother could love.

      • bombinUSA

        flobbit is an idiot. lol

      • The Flobbit

        Bombin is too much of a blinding moron to be sarcastic.

  • Lucas Accardo

    More like Nigthear

    • The Flobbit


      • LEM


      • sense11


  • Josh King

    jesus wonderwoman, nightwing? i really dont want this to become a bloated sequel theyre gonna have a hard enough time giving the two main characters their due in the space of one film. i want a superhero movie with depth (xmen, dark knight) no the avengers had no depth

  • Ali Hasan

    Just Kill me now! My Day=Ruined. :(

  • The Flobbit

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. The man looks like a horse!

  • Kota Lancaster

    Everyone here is INCREDIBLY superficial. Picking on the guy and saying he’s not right for the part because he’s not a 10/10? Harsh.

    • LEM

      The character has a cultivated look that they should at least try to cast and he is far from it.

      • Kota Lancaster

        He has a cultivated look that pertains to a costume. What does he look like underneath? He has black hair and that’s about it.

      • The Flobbit

        He has a chiselled nose, a strong chin, and is of medium-tall height. He is stocky and buff.

      • Kota Lancaster

        So he looks incredibly average in the comics because that describes most heroes.

      • The Flobbit

        No, he doesn’t. He has medium length very black hair that hands over his eyes. There you go.

      • Kota Lancaster

        So does this guy…

      • The Flobbit

        Which guy?

      • Kota Lancaster
      • LEM

        That guy should be doing a Pee Wee Herman biopic.

      • The Flobbit

        I was about to say that

      • The Flobbit

        His nose is not chiselled, he has an equine face, he is too tall – he would dwarf everyone else onscreen. He seems too funny and would not have experience playing an action hero, etc.

        How they managed to get a decent actor for Superman I don’t know. Snyder seems to have terrible casting skills, and this is the guy who cast Jackie Earle Haley in Watchmen.

        What happened, Snyder?

      • LEM

        Does he have casting control? I doubt that WB would allow him little more than suggestions.

      • The Flobbit

        Every director has casting control…Not over the extras and bit parts, of course, but over their main stars…of course!

      • Victor Pleitez

        i don’t think that snyder is responsible for casting. BUt no matter what the guy is gonna take any actor given to him and make them kick all kinds of ass on screen so people forget. that is his speciality.

      • SanTelmoJack

        Gosh. Are his tits not big enough, either?

      • bombinUSA

        that’s how EVERY comic book hero is drawn, are you an idiot?

      • Nick

        A cultivated look? Come on… You’re putting the comic character.. On the pedestal man. Most super heroes have the same key features. Same nose eyes and mouth and the difference is in the hair style/ color or jaw.. This guys a great actor

      • LEM

        On a pedestal? I’d just rather they cast more accurately if they want to exploit the fans of the source material.

    • The Flobbit

      Come on. That’s the lamest thing I’ve heard all day. He is an ACTOR – he plays roles. This role is very specific, and they need to choose another ACTOR.

      • Kota Lancaster

        There’s never been an unattractive, talented actor. William Dafoe, Jackie Earle Haley, and Steve Buscemi are untalented D-List nobodies.

      • The Flobbit

        Can’t tell if you’re trying to be sarcastic or are just plain stupid…

      • Jeff Waweru

        you can’t tell? :3

      • LEM

        Other than Dafoe those are character actors and get parts mostly because they have a unique look and not what you should cast as a major role in the new Batman/Superman franchise.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Dafoe ain’t getting lead these days unless its one of those soft Lars Von trier porn

      • LEM

        He isn’t even the lead in that car commercial.

      • brNdon

        But would you cast Steve Buscemi as Superman? I doubt it.

      • SanTelmoJack

        You guys are all gonna shit your pants when the trailer comes out and it’s this guy who is killing it.

      • The Flobbit

        As Driver has not yet been cast, there is an equal chance that an actually decent actor will portray Nightwing. And there is an even bigger chance that he will disappoint us all.

    • brNdon

      There is no way that you wouldn’t instantly recognize him as Dick Grayson. His features are ridiculous for this part. He is a good actor though.

  • LEM

    There isn’t one piece of information for this movie that fails to disappoint.

    • The Flobbit

      Batman will be in it. Oh wait…

    • bombinUSA

      if the movie catored to a nimrod like you the movie would be an absolute flop, thankfully you disagree with everything so we can safely assume snyder is making the right decisions. i’ve read your prior posts and you’re clearly one of the biggest idiots on collider. lol

      • The Flobbit

        You, sir, have just been put on the official Troll List of Collider, which already features dimwits like Strong Enough and Mixed Race rich kid NYC…

  • sense11


  • Jtypatrick

    If he couldn’t be batman why not get tyler hoechlin for nightwing? I’m also a fan if a 18,19 year old robin who leaves to be nightwing.

  • The Flobbit

    Armie Hammer for Nightwing. Anyone?

    • bombinUSA

      thankfully an idiot like you will never be a casting agent in hollywood. lol

      • The Flobbit

        Thankfully you are a brainless moron who has not one speck of sense in his brain. To stoop to your level would be to have my brain cells commit suicide. Go away and die.

      • bombinUSA

        you mad bro?

      • mattinacan

        ohhh, you just lost all credibility

      • The Flobbit

        Mad at a troll? Trolls don’t matter enough to make me mad.


    Ben Affleck will be the LEAST of this movie’s issues.

    • LEM

      Yeah it seems headed for a disaster with no signs of getting better when news like this comes out.

    • Richard el gris

      Take that back!

  • LEM

    Drew Roy would be a decent pick if they’re going for lesser known actors.

  • joel

    Alex Pettyfer for Nighwing is so much better

    • The Flobbit

      I hate Alex Pettyfer…but I agree.

      • Doc Blue

        So basically you guys would choose an attractive guy with the charm and talent of a cardboard box over a slightly less attractive guy who, for all we know, might actually be able to act?

      • LEM

        It has nothing to do with the attractiveness but the overall look and I also don’t think he’s a good actor from the little I’ve seen him.

      • Doc Blue

        Okay. I’ve never seen Adam Driver act, but if he sucks than he really shouldn’t be cast. But seriously, neither should Alex Pettyfer.

      • The Flobbit

        Basically we are choosing an actor who fits the part of the character far more than Driver, who does not have a serious bone in his body, a giant nose, and horse teeth.

        And both can act. Tommy Wiseau can act. Kirsten Stewart can act. Acting is playing a role on film. Whether they can do it WELL is a whole other story.

      • mbmarquis69

        Are those our only two options, because I refuse to believe that “Talented actors with heroic features” is off the table.

  • LL

    You guys are just as bad as the women who complained about the casting of Christian Grey and Edward Cullen.

    • The Flobbit

      Two of the worst lead male roles in cinematic history. Your point?

      • LL

        the role isn’t being criticized here, it’s the physical traits of the actor. two different things. thx.

  • kirockk

    Ok so he’s not the perfect number ten but he’s got the build of a superhero. But I think he would have a hard time keeping a secret identity with such recognizable teeth. I think Nightwing would have enough money for braces.

  • Andrew

    Sorry, but that’s one of ugliest dudes I’ve ever seen.

  • SexGod

    Is this a joke?

  • Rick

    Does fit the “young John Hawkes” look like that one guy reported.

  • Matt Dinning

    This and the upcoming TMNT are going to kill my childhood heroes.

  • tonymatthews

    WTF were they thinking?! Just look at him! Big-ass ears and all… and not a looker. I’m having less hope for this movie now. Skinny actresses for WW and this guy for Nightwing. Some retards at WB for sure.

  • somejackball

    well, i already know i’ll be waiting for a bootleg.. if i wanna pay to see freaks perform, i’ll find a circus!

  • LIKE IT IS!!!

    It just goes from bad to worse. Snyder… for shame. Not that you could do any better if you tried.

    • What is it exactly?

      It’s so refreshing from hearing from an insider who’s deeply connected in the film industry. This gives me a sigh of relief. Thank you. With out your well thought out words brought about by your keen first hand observance, we as readers would be lost. Thank our lucky stars we have person such as yourself you say it like it is.

  • Mars

    There sure are a lot of grown men whining about how he looks. Superheroes wear masks for a reason, even Batman said it best, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I DO that defines me.”

  • RoguePilot


  • Jamesy

    “The report calls Driver for the frontrunner for the role” Is this just a rumour? I’m not familiar with the guy so maybe he could pull it off, but he isn’t who i’d picture as Nightwing. But at least there looking outside of the typical leading man box which is cool, just don’t let it get over crowded if WW is in it. He might not even have a large part in this, could just be nothing more than a mention in a flahsblack etc.

  • ʝoe Dimþleš ßloggs

    Matt Bomer as Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

  • Nightwing

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  • Byron Ramirez Jr

    sign me up, again.

  • saraamw

    I want to create a rumor too!!

  • Mac

    LOL, he looks goofy as all hell!

  • smellyfishfingers

    So I understand everyones comments on both sides but one thing billionaire bruce wayne could afford to send dick to the dentist those bong eyed monstrosities he has.
    Next if u believe all tge various articles and concept art sketch we are going to have batman robin bat girl night wing ….can u all remember how amazing batman tge animated series was and then how shit it was in last series when u had all those same guys in it?

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  • rashad evans

    is he a jew???

  • Jewminati

    One Ugly Mothaaaafuckaaaaa

  • LEM

    Kit Harington is another better choice.

    • The Flobbit

      I for one am for Wes Bentley. He was screwed over for Batman (The man was one of my top choices, along with Richard Armitage, Josh Brolin, and Jim Caviezel), but maybe he can make it for Nightwing…

      • LEM

        The only problem there is the guy is 35 and looks it but I guess they can age the character up. He would have been a good pick to take over as Batman.

  • DNAsplitter

    Actually this guy served in the military in the Marines just after 9/11 before going to Juliard. So between actually having the background of being a badas and his resume of small roles in great films by high profile directors (J. Edgar, Inside Llewyn Davis and Lincoln) he might actually be a good choice for the role. This is a bad picture of him but it’s Hollywood and anyone can be “prettied” up for a role. If they pass on him I hope they get that Tyler guy from Teen Wolf who was originally up for the role of Batman back when they were searching for a young Bruce Wayne.

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