BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Rumors: Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing) Will Be in the Movie; Olga Kurylenko Tested for Wonder Woman

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When Batman vs. Superman was announced at Comic-Con this past summer, the crowd went absolutely nuts.  For the first time, DC Comic’s most popular superheroes would share the screen in a blockbuster picture.  That is legitimate cause to be excited.  But in the months since then, such a pairing is no longer good enough.  A couple weeks ago, Warner Bros.’ Greg Silverman gave the slightest of indications that Wonder Woman could be in the movie.  And apparently, that’s still not enough for sites that are so desperate for scoops they’ll take whatever information they can regardless of its proximity to the truth.

Hit the jump for rumor-bait regarding Dick Grayson being in the movie, and Olga Kurylenko screen-testing for Wonder Woman.  Batman vs. Superman opens July 17, 2015.

Latino Review starts us off with the rumor that Dick Grayson (the first Robin, who eventually came into his own as Nightwing) will be in the movie, and it’s under the flimsiest of reasons.  El Mayimbe states in his video that he’s heard the rumor from very trusted sources, but because of the secrecy surrounding the project, no one will confirm it.  Not a problem!  Just report it anyway!  According to El Mayimbe, there’s a casting call out for a “Young John Hawkes type” and for a Caucasian stuntman who is the same height as Hawkes (5′ 10″).  I guess there’s no way that could be any character other than Dick Grayson.   To quote Mayimbe: “If you think about it, it is in the realm of possibility.”  I’m glad that’s our barometer for a “scoop”.  Here’s his video:

But if that’s not enough, Schmoes Know (the people who thought they had landed a casting scoop proclaiming that Jaina and Jacen Solo would be the lead characters of Star Wars: Episode VII) are now saying that Wonder Woman is definitely in the movie.  You see, Jaimie Alexander (Thor) said she had met with Warner Bros. about playing the iconic hero, and know Schmoes is reporting that a trusted source says Olga Kurylekno (Oblivion) screen tested for the role.  This is a three-exclamation mark, three question-mark scoop, people.  “I’m calling it – Wonder Woman WILL be in the next Superman/Batman movie though who knows if it’s a cameo or a more substantial role,” writes Schmoes Know.

At this point, I don’t really care if these scoops are true or not.  If they’re true, the sites get to gloat and if they’re not, they won’t be called on it because at the speed of the Internet, everyone forgets false reports, and sites like these never own up to their mistakes.

My issue is the greediness.  These scoops are coming from a place of desire because now it’s no longer enough to enjoy the thought of Batman and Superman going toe-to-toe.  Now you need more heroes.  Sites like Schmoes Know and Latino Review aren’t being fans.  They’re either ruining surprises or creating disappointment, and you should keep that in mind when you read these “scoops”.  Speculation is admittedly fun, but it can have serious drawbacks.


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  • fatboy35

    “My issue is the greediness. These scoops are coming from a place of desire because now it’s no longer enough to enjoy the thought of Batman and Superman going toe-to-toe. Now you need more heroes. Sites like Schmoes Know and Latino Review aren’t being fans. They’re either ruining surprises or creating disappointment, and you should keep that in mind when you read these “scoops”. Speculation is admittedly fun, but it can have serious drawbacks.”

    And yet Matt, you not only regurgitate it, you splash it across the headlines of your site….pot – kettle.

    • Strong Enough

      yea, Nolan makes me gay everytime!!!!!

      • Dev1359

        cool story, Matt Goldberg.

      • Strong Enough

        Also, does anybody know if there is a Trayvon Martin impersonator that i can hire to come to my house, gather my family in the living room, drop his pants and start pissing in my open mouth while yelling “ACTION”? I’d really like that, in fact, i’m pretty sure that it’ll be the best birthday ever! I’m willing to pay $300 cash. $350 if he can make it taste like CORN. ;-) LULZ!

    • Kevin

      Collider reports on rumors, just like most other film sites. I respect him for explaining why it should be taken with a grain of salt rather than leading us to believe it is true.

  • Norrtron

    Hypocrite much Matt? You’re reporting it too buddy.

    • 80sRobot

      Yeah I don’t get the righteousness. If Matt instead commented that it seems like competing blogs are simply contriving these casting rumors to get views, then he’d have a better point to make.

      • Fiz

        I was wondering if the priority was to rip on Collider’s competition,
        or to rake in a little more ad revenue by passing along the same reports that are being criticized. Either way, it’s hard to take the rant seriously.

    • Kevin

      Its still a rumor, even though a highly unlikely one.

  • Jtypatrick

    Olga as Wonder Woman bad idea!!! Dick Grayson in the film good idea

    • Norrtron

      I agree, I always thought Olga would have been great for Black Widow, but that ship has already sailed.

    • Querk

      Olga Kurylenko = Lana Lang?

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  • Tey

    Seriously who isn’t in the movie now?

    • MCP

      I’m not…. (put’s hand’s in pockets and kicks a can on the ground…)

  • Jamesy

    Don’t let it get overcrowded, introduce or have the names of Dick Grayson and Wonder Woman mentioned in passing. But don’t have four main characters it will just be hectic, I’m still for Gina Carano as Wonder Woman…can’t see Olga Kurylenko as WW and she seems too wooden as an actress anyway.

    • Norrtron

      You recommend Gina Carano as WW while saying Olga isn’t a good actress in the same sentence? I think Jamie Alexander would be great, she can act and has the right look.

    • The Flobbit

      Yes to not keeping it overcrowded, NO to Kurylenko being a bad actress. Carano is the wooden one.

      • Jamesy

        What I meant is Carano has the right look for WW, and could easily ace it with her martial arts background. Kurylenko just doens’t have the right look, and depending on what route they take with WW…she might not even have to act, they could have just WW be the hot chick in a skimpy outfit and cast Megan Fox which would be awful. Would be happy with Jaime Alexander or maybe even Alexandra Daddario.

  • Jerry Punch

    Thanks for cheapening the entire enterprise, Zack Snyder. What a waste of time and money. After watching the morass of confusion and Michael Bay-esque explosions that made up 80% of The Man of Steel, I have zero hope that this movie will be any better. It will take the Batman franchise 10 years to recover.

    • 80sRobot

      At this point, the whole movie is sounding like an awful fan-wank. I thought the way they shoehorned Robin into Dark Knight Rises was bad and contrived, but this MOS sequel is starting to top that.

      • Sir Dude


        Really? REALLY?!

        He wasn’t “shoehorned” in, he was an integral part of the plot and was there from the very beginning. Just because his true name was revealed at the end doesn’t mean he was “shoehorned” in. That’s not what that means, lol.

  • 80sRobot

    They should just drop the pretense already and admit this isn’t a Superman movie anymore.

  • NathanArizona

    Jaimie Alexander would be a good Wonder Woman, I think, although, as weird as this might sound, she might be too pretty. I think Wonder Woman should be very muscular, slightly butch and be taller than Superman (She is an Amazon Warrior). She’s from an island of Warriors, not models! Make up and looking attractive is not on Wonder Woman’s mind, especially if a film follows her first contact with man. Alex Ross’ WW always seemed the right mix of beauty and brawn. (Side note, did anyone see Jaimie Alexander’s dress at the Thor premiere? Yowza!)

    • The Skins Factory

      They’ve always been portrayed as attractive. So what are you talking about?

      • NathanArizona

        I know that, thanks. Of course comic book artists draw the women to look like beauty queens. I was just trying to say that the Amazons, as a culture, are Warriors, constantly training for battle. They should be muscular, a little unkempt. They’ve never been to the man’s world, so they shouldn’t be interested in being physically appealing to men. I always thought Alex Ross got that combination of natural beauty and physical specimen just right. Most of the actresses linked to WW are either too short or too scrawny to buy as a Goddess of war. If I didn’t explain myself well, you could’ve asked for clarification instead of “what are you talking about?”

  • Frank

    Little bit of hypocrisy in this article, but I do agree otherwise. Whenever these rumors turn out to be false, no one seems to give a shit because we’ve already forgotten about it (or, as a lot of the comments below prove, people don’t care so much if its true or false as long as they can argue on if it would be a good idea). There really is no accountability… after all of the BS Latino Review has been caught on, you would think/hope that they would stop making headlines.

    • 80sRobot

      That’s the point Matt should have made: It seems like blogs are making shit up for views.

  • cetrata

    Why not just add aquaman and call it justice league?

    • Jamesy

      Exactly! This just doesn’t seem like a MoS sequel, its starting to seem much more like a “yeah lets rush in to Justin League” movie. Keep it as Supes and Bats, and maybe have a mention of Nightwing or WW. If Bats is older in this version, have him be looking for a protege and be scoping out Dick Grayson who can be revealed in the third act to be a major part leading in to Justin League.

    • Jamesy

      Exactly! This just doesn’t seem like a MoS sequel, its starting to seem much more like a “yeah lets rush in to Justin League” movie. Keep it as Supes and Bats, and maybe have a mention of Nightwing or WW. If Bats is older in this version, have him be looking for a protege and be scoping out Dick Grayson who can be revealed in the third act to be a major part leading in to Justin League.

      • Jamesy

        Leading in to Justin League, that could be a whole different story. Justice League*!

      • cetrata

        I mean if they were to include wonder woman and nightwing as a post credits scene aka marvel style, then I could see the point but it seems like wonderwoman and nightwing are going to be major characters. Why not just add aquaman and get this over with?

        At this point, adding heroes is an indication that MOS left a bad taste in many moviegoer’s mouth, including mine (almost a majority but not quite) and warner bros is throwing in other heroes to entice them to come back.

  • The Flobbit

    Damn! It’s almost surprising when DC makes a good casting choice. Olga Kurylenko as Wonder Woman is a stroke of genius. Maybe Zack Snyder still has a little juice in the tank? Gordon-Levitt, Armie Hammer, Ryan Gosling as Nightwing? Anyone else?

  • sense11

    It makes sense that Dick Grayson would be in the movie especially if its an old experienced Batman storyline.

    Wes Bentley for Nightwing

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  • Nomis1700

    Jaimie Alexander seems like a great choice to play Diana/Wonder Woman. I’d like her to work at the CIA and to be more in the shadows rather than stepping into the light. Bet she didn’t wanted something like the destruction of Metropolis happening again.

    As for Bruce Wayne’s love-interest, someone pointed out Sasha Bordeaux. And I find her a good character and I’d love to see them use that character. Wonder (no pun intended) who could play that role.

    And about Nightwing, this might not be so bad an idea. If there will be another solo Batman film after this by Ben Affleck himself, it could be set before MOS and we’d get to know more about Nightwing and other characters. In addition to that, Nightwing is pretty cool and I’d like to see him on the silver screen.

    As to get back to Wonder Woman again, I bet it’s just a small part, but for a lot of people only this rumor seems like the film is going to be crowded. I happen to think this will not be the case.

    • Grayden

      One of the reasons Marvel’s film universe is so easily accepted is because it has continuity due to the forward progression of events. WB/DC making a stand alone Batman film, set before ‘Man of Steel’, is stupid for many reasons. First, you have to take the effort to make sure your audience knows this which is extra time and money a studio shouldn’t have to invest. Second, you lose out on the cameo/post-credits piecing together of a universe that Marvel did so well. Third, no one wants to see an older Batman in one film, and then have to go back and see him younger just to explain some shit about him that EVERYONE already knows. If they want to explain who Nightwing is, then either give him his own film, or do it in a Batman film. However, they should have done THAT Batman film before doing “Batman vs Superman” because this Batman is already older, experienced, and been at it for a while.

      WB and DC have an opportunity to get their shit together, but hopefully they don’t do stupid shit like prequel films in the middle of assembling the Justice League. Moving forward is safer and better.

      • Nomis1700

        I tend to disagree. You base your arguments on Marvel and think like the audience wants simplicity which is not something you should assume. Since Marvels way worked money wise doesn’t mean it’ll only work best for WB/DC too. They do it another way and deserve to get their shot.

        About the prequel Batman film. I never said we’d have to see his origin again because it’s a prequel (hence to your quote: “explain some shit about him that everyone already knows”) I said that it’d be placed before MOS so that we can focus on Batman without having the problem of explaining where Superman and the others are at that moment. To get back at Marvel, they never worked out well why the hell the others didn’t came and help Iron Man out when in distress. I haven’t seen Thor2 yet but I think they’ll face a same problem with Cap2. Thus so, focusing on Batman’s world without the super aspect yet could and should be a wise set. I’d set it not too far away from MOS’ timeline. The ending could link to MOS’ mass destruction for example. And without those things, it gives them a certain amount of creative freedom which is always pleasant. Not to forget, making a new standalone Batman film before BvS would be a greater risk and only slow things down. Instead of having the standalone after BvS. Because in BvS we get introduced to a new Batman and after Nolan’s trilogy (which was a huge hit) making a standalone is much riskier. Having him to a now established Superman is safer and a move forward. Thus so, if Ben/Batman is a success, his standalone would also be safer and moving forward, exploring Batman and characters from his world.

      • Grayden

        Again, explaining to a non-comic initiated audience where all the other Avengers, or JL members, are at a given time during a solo character movie isn’t something the studio should HAVE to do. They can relegate it to a couple of lines in a discussion. But having to worry about that when a good chunk of those seeing the films understands that each of the heroes has their own shit going on, so they can’t just drop what they’re doing to come help the title character.

        Having team-ups in the comics was fun just for the sake of crossovers and such. In film, it’s a little trickier because you have to explain exactly why it’s happening in that movie, and not necessarily every other movie. For example, you can’t have Nightwing just show up in a Batman movie just because it’s cool, you have to have a reason in the plot for his popping up. And it has to be good enough that it doesn’t seem like they’re just stuffing the movie with heroes for no other reason than their connection to the title hero.

  • DNAsplitter

    I think Goldberg is calling out the other sites lack of accountability for their sources. Something Collider tries their best to avoid by not putting up complete bogus info and running with it. It’s why I come back to here. Also Collider does put up disclaimers for warnings for potential spoilers.
    But if the rumors are true then I think the inclusion of Nightwing would be awesome as it would make sense if Gotham is to be filmed in the movie. The idea of adding WW would make a better easter egg/cameo instead of a supporting role. Putting in too many characters in the film can bog it down by underdeveloped narratives. We can always go back to revisit what happened between Batman and Nightwing in the solo Batman film that will be coming soon after this film as Affleck has signed a multi picture deal.

    • Faptain America

      Goldberg’s trying to have it both ways. “Look these sites are bogus, but look at our link to them, click on us not them to read the same lie.”

  • Faptain America
    • Norrtron

      She’s short and already committed to two other major franchises.

      • Faptain America

        Only an inch shorter than Kurylenko or Alexander. But yes, too busy, maybe even too good an actress for BvS.

    • Jamesy

      What about Olivia Wilde? WW shouldn’t just be a by the book attractive woman, she needs to have balls(figuratively) and can imagine Wilde playing her pretty well.

      • Faptain America

        Olivia Wilde is a good actress but I think you’re right about the balls. She just looks a bit manly to me.
        Jaimie Alexander probably has the right face, though she’s relatively flat up top. On the other hand, that Thor 2 premiere dress….wow.
        Gina Carano has the right look, but can she act?

      • Jamesy

        I’m all for Gina Carano as WW, she has the look that’s needed. She’s attractive but not in a damsel in distress kinda way. But yep the question is can she act? She was watchable in Haywire, but let’s be honest. Is anyone gonna really care if she can act? Hot chick in hot outfit and most folk would be happy.

      • Jamesy

        P.s what about Gemma Arterton or Eva Green? Both are beautiful and can act, have the right look, meaning they aren’t stick thin!

      • Faptain America
      • Jamesy

        I mentioned Alexandra Daddario earlier, I think she would be great. Why has no one thought of Alison Brie?

  • Jordan O’Hagan

    Why the hell haven’t they asked this chick to play? Whatshername…Rileah Vanderbilt. Yeah, her. She did it wonderfully. Come on now! Check out the trailer below if you don’t believe me…looks more the part than anyone else they’ve suggested.

  • Grayden

    Bridget Regan for Wonder Woman. She’s gorgeous, can act, and has the physique. I love Olga, but eh….she’s not quite the the level of craft needed to carry Wonder Woman.

  • Old Soldier

    This Super Friends movie is going to KICK-BUTT!!

    • Fiz

      Maybe they can get Andy Serkis to play Gleek.

  • Tiso

    Your “issue” is being disappointed? You sound like an elitist that is jealous because you may (I stress may because the scoops are longshots) not be the first one to expose news.

    But hey, you’re getting traffic to the site.

  • Liffey

    It’s a shame that we’ll probably never see a good Batman-only universe film again, as we did with the the Nolan films.

    • Jamesy

      How was Nolans universe Batman only? Should wait until at least 2018 to fully reboot Batman again and give us a real Batman trilogy. Not one of the movies has got the balance right between Bruce Wayne and Batman.

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  • calebrcrawford

    Drew Roy as Nightwing. Perfect casting. (I’ve mentioned this before with Leo DiCaprio as Lex Luther)

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