Rumor: Warner Bros. Seeking Older Batman for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

     August 2, 2013


While this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was filled with plenty of moments that had the crowd going wild, no one blew the roof off the place quite like Zack Snyder when he marched out and announced that the Man of Steel sequel will in fact be a Batman vs. Superman movie.  Though the news in and of itself would have been enough to rile fans up, the announcement was made considerably more impactful when, before even uttering the word “Batman,” Snyder brought out Man of Steel actor Harry Lennix to read an excerpt from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.  Screaming ensued, goosebumps were felt, and hyperventilations were witnessed.

While Snyder is currently working with screenwriter David S. Goyer on the proposed Man of Steel follow-up, we know very little about how exactly The Bat will be portrayed in the superhero pic.  However, a new rumor has surfaced claiming that the studio is looking to cast an older actor in the role, playing a more experienced version of the character.  Hit the jump for more.

dark-knight-returns-coverBefore Snyder introduced the reading of that excerpt from The Dark Knight Returns at Comic-Con, the director prefaced the moment by making it clear that they weren’t going to be adapting the comic for this next film—it was just something that was going to “help tell this story.”  However, Batman vs. Superman might share one crucial element with Miller’s graphic novel, because the folks over at Batman on Film are hearing that Warner Bros. is looking to cast an actor in his mid-40s to play a version of Batman who is “a grizzled veteran who has been on the job for several years.”

If true, this wouldn’t be an incredibly surprising turn of events.  Christopher Nolan has been adamant that his Dark Knight Trilogy is a standalone set of films so WB can’t exactly bank on using Christian Bale’s Batman or many elements from that series, and rebooting Batman as a younger character would force us to sit through the origin story yet again (we get it, Bruce, your parents died and it was sad).  I think the smart route is to bring in an older, established Batman who can serve as a mentor to Henry Cavill’s young and very inexperienced Superman—perhaps he can teach him to cut down on the amount of collateral damage that results from his tussels?

If this rumor is indeed true, it’s likely that WB’s age range for the actor to play the new Batman is probably somewhere between the mid-30s and mid-40s.  Goyer and Snyder are currently collaborating on the story, after which Goyer will pen the screenplay, so it may be a while before we hear any firm casting news on that front.  That being said, production on Batman vs. Superman (or Superman vs. Batmanthe title has yet to be decided upon) must get underway sometime next year in order to make the proposed 2015 release date, so expect movement to progress quickly.  If Warner Bros. is really looking for an older actor to take on the Batman character, in my mind there’s only one real man for this job: Jon Hamm.

What say you, dear readers?  If WB is casting an actor in his mid-30s to mid-40s, who do you think should play Batman opposite Henry Cavill’s Superman?


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  • Dylan D

    Jon F’ing Hamm, would be a perfect Batman…or superman for that matter, but in this case Jon hamm would be perfect, he has the build, the looks, enuff star power, and hes just great, great actor, plus with Mad men wrapping up, he will need “something” to occupy his time

    • Lulz 2 B had

      Let’s none of us pretend that c-cksucking whore Chris Nolan won’t get Christian Bale to come back. They’re both degenerate money hookers with no artistic merit so they’ll be back to cash that sweet, sweet paycheque and blow the executives of the WB yet again.

      • DNAsplitter

        Yea its our favoriate troll again! You should post up one of your awesome screenplays that you have written in your parents basement so we can all cheer and applaud your amazing skills that only seem to exist in your head. Peace out Douche Bigelow

      • Victor Pleitez

        You see these poor sick people who waste their time and energy hating a director or actor, in this case Nolan and Bale, are just upset that it looks unlikely that either of them are returning. Therefor they’re previous sick and ignorant comments about how everyone will apologize to them for doubting them will be just that. Sick and ignorant.

      • Lulz @ Pleitez

        Yes, people who criticize Nolan are sick and ignorant. Hop off Nolan’s nuts idiot.

      • Victor Pleitez

        How about you hop off of my nuts. Although I admit I’m flattered you posted a comment and went as far as making a whole new username with my name on it. Based off your post your the idiot. You clearly did not read carefully and noticed I used Nolan as an example. Furthermore there is difference between posting thoughtful criticism and dumb complaints, often threatening, that are fixated towards a single individual. If that’s not ignorance idk what is. But whatever enjoy hopping on my nuts fool.

      • lulz@DNA

        Derp a derp a tiddly derp derp. I hope you never criticized a bad plate of food at a restaurant unless you’re a master chef because according to your logic you can’t criticize anything unless you’ve done it yourself. IDIOT !!!! NOLAN BALL TINGLER!!!!

      • DNAsplitter

        Oh cupcake did I hurt your feelings? Maybe getting some fresh air from your parent’s basement will do you some good. Derp on that Beautrice.

      • Sander

        You forgot to say the thing about Chris Nolan pissing in your mouth, you babbling, poor excuse of a degenerate.

      • Nolan B. A. Hor

        That was obviously a guy who had it out for me. He’s dead now so there’ll be no more comments about asparagus and I’m free to bring the hate hard to you nolanites. HAHAAHAHHAHA. Remember how Man of Steel was rated Rotten on RT? HAHAHaHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

      • Dev1359

        If Chris Nolan was such a money hooker then why isn’t he directing Batman 4?

      • King_Leer
    • wise guy

      Sterling Archer ! is perfect for this role!!

  • Saltonstall

    If this is true, YES to Hamm. I personally think that The Dark Knight Returns shouldn’t serve as a model, though. I wish they would use the Superman/Batman issue of Byrne’s The Man of Steel, as that is basically the perfect template for bringing the two characters together. All they’d have to do is up the scale a bit, and sub out Magpie for Lex Luthor.

  • DjangoBro

    If thats the case Jon Hamm would definitely work. It’s either him or Karl Urban.

    • Ben Wigler

      Karl Urban, Jon Hamm, and Josh Brolin are all fantastic picks, to which I’d really like to add Viggo Mortensen.

      • evinrude

        I had read that Mortensen was offered the part of Zod in MAN OF STEEL, and passed on it.

      • Victor Pleitez

        So that he can play Batman ;)

    • lowest1q

      I’ve been saying Karl urban for the next Batman before this news was announced. To throw a name out there that may surprise people, perhaps Timothy Olyphant wouldn’t be the worst of choices. Depends on what relationship Batman and Superman will have in the film.

    • We miss Roger Ebert

      Boom! Karl F*cking Urban would rule. He’s got the chin for it.

  • nelson

    Karl Urban is the best man to play Batman in my opinion. He would do an awesome job.

    • Victor Pleitez

      Definitely go with Urban if you want an older and more expereinced batman. Only problem with him is we don’t know what his portrayel of Bruce Waye will be like. Jon Hamm could do a good job as Wayne. That guy from Hell on Wheels also looks like he has the talent to pull off a good job. Me because they’ve worked together, I’d go with Patrick Wilson. I mean Nite owl is just a fat depressed version of Batman. I am positve him and Snyder can come together and do a wonderful take on Batman.

      • NapaDude85

        What about that other guy…Ozymandias/Matthew Goode. To me Matthew Goode’s character is more Bruce Wayne/eccentric billionaire, plus his work in Stoker show me that he can play charming quiet will. Of course I would prefer Jon Hamm but I would be happy with Matthew Goode.

      • Victor Pleitez

        Oooooh nice! But he would have to get ripped to be Batman. I mean last i saw Watchmen he looked buff because of the costume. However i already have him and Dicaprio on my wish list for lex luthor. Goode played the smartest man in Watchmen, he can play the smartest bald guy in mos 2

      • Joe

        Matt looks a bit too pretty boy IMHO.
        Not really sure why they can’t just stick with Bale.
        He can totally do a much older Wayne/Batman.

      • Bill&Ted

        What about Matthew Broderick or Slyvester Stallone to play the next Batman?

      • Bill&Ted

        What about Matthew Broderick or Slyvester Stallone to play the next Batman?

    • Kpaqu1

      Need to keep him as Dredd for the inevitable Batman/Judge Dredd movie.

  • McA

    Fassbender. He looks the part and is young-ish enough for a franchise starter. Has already worked with Synder in the past too.

    • Hunter


    • Hayes

      Fassbender and Hamm have been my pick for the new Batman role ever since this was announced.

    • evinrude

      Everybody seems to like him for this,but I’m just not seeing it.

    • lowest1q

      I would have Fassbender as my number 1 on my list, but even if he wasn’t heavily commited to the Assassin’s Creed franchise I still think he would pass.That would be awesome though. I’m just curious how people would feel about this….Brad Pitt. Not saying he’s a choice of mine, but he could pull it off,has the star power and it would easily be his highest box office film.

      • Daniel O’Reilly

        He’d be my choice, also.

  • Keith M

    As others have said, the absolute best actor to play a slightly older Bats would be Josh Brolin.

    • Bob

      Wow, could be a fantastic choice. Like amazing.

    • Dev1359

      He’d make a great Batman but I can’t see him as Bruce Wayne at all, his face is just too rugged looking.

    • Javan Clark

      Love that! Never crossed my mind, but damn that should be a top choice.

    • Debo

      Brolin. Definitely Brolin.

    • Victor Pleitez

      It will be just weird. Some one on Screen rant mentioned how Diane Lane (ma kent) is his ex-wife that would be awkward. Maybe Ma kent is the reason why Superman would want to fight Batman.

  • Yup

    Don Draper will NOT be a viable physique for a Batman standing next to Superman.
    Please don’t let Batman’s physique be all the suite either.

    Jon Hamm would need to hit that gym hard and take on the mind set all those muscle heads on the set of the original ‘Predator’ film had when it can to topping each other in muscle size.

    • lillbit

      have you even read that comic? Batman was old retired and not in great shape when that happened

      • The Driver

        But this isn’t an adaption of the Dark Knight Returns. He’s right, Jon Hamm is great but he isn’t exactly known for being bulky/doing action roles. He would need to do some major work to even look like he could lay the whooping on Cavill’s Superman sans powers.

  • Dan

    Bring back Michael Keaton!

    • JJ

      Keaton would be the greatest thing ever!

    • sense11


    • Strong Enough

      horrible idea

  • Faiz

    Jim Caviezel is practically pseudo-batman in PoI

    Get him onboard

    • Victor Pleitez

      I was reading an article that made an excellent arguement why he would be a good Batman. Person of interest is pretty much a CIA Batman, and it was written by Johnathon Nolan. He is already playing as Batman!!

      • evinrude

        On the one hand,it would be no surprise if he got the call.On the other,would his series TV commitment even let him take the part?

      • Victor Pleitez

        True that would be the only thing getting in his way of landing the job and signing a contract. I guess if they WB really wants a 2015 release they would have to start filming fast, unless POI gets canceled I fear he won’t get the part.

      • Kpaqu1

        Ratings are good. Not likely to be canceled by CBS.

    • Norman Dostal

      no, hes too religiously crazy

  • Snoop3

    Stick with me just use Sam “FREAKIN” Elliot with his grizzled voice he make Supes crap his pants or buy a chevy either way it be kick @ss!

  • Ben

    Ellen Degeneres

    • Papichulo

      Haha funny troll.

  • MarvelWatch

    For the life of me though, I can’t recall the last time Batman-On-Film got this kind of scoop right.

  • Johnny

    Two words: Colin Farrell.

    • Norman Dostal

      no, no acting chops

  • Mike

    I love the idea of Wes Bentley

    • Doug_101

      Bentley would be really good, I think, but even though he’s 34, he still looks too young for what they’re – allegedly – trying to do.

    • Victor Pleitez

      He is more Nightwing than Batman.

    • sense11

      I really think Bentley is going to play Nightwing, ever since i saw American Beauty Ive envisioned him as Nightwing

  • Matt

    I’m a huge Jon Hamm fan, but I’d say he’s not really right for a superhero role, unless he drastically changes his approach. Someone said Karl Urban and that seems a good choice, but I can see why they might go with a name actor.

    That said, does nobody else think it would be hard to imagine a new actor just being Batman from the outset? Which is to say, the actor will have to be so in the role that we absolutely believe he could be Batman. Part of the reason origin stories are always told and retold is that you need to believe the actor could be the hero. And its hard to do that without putting them through the ropes.

    To just have someone BE Batman requires something else entirely. Some introduction is necessary and some new approach, different than Nolans. Right now I don’t know how they do that.

    • Doug_101

      When Adam said Jon Hamm I immediately said “Yes!” But when you brought up Karl Urban that trumped my reaction to Jon Hamm. Urban would be perfect for this. A lot of people wanted to see him be the new Batman in the first place, but he was deemed too old. If this rumor is true, he’s the perfect age to tackle this.
      Good point about the origin stories too, but I think Urban could nail the role. He’s really the only actor in the new Star Trek that I believe could be a younger version of his older counterpart.

      • Ciprian P.

        We will se the dark Urban in Riddick. Vakko is back! And he kind of looks like the Batman in the 60′s TV series.

      • Victor Pleitez

        I really want Urban as Batman. Dredd is just a facist, violent version of Batman and thats not at all too different from Miller’s take on Batman in TDKR! Plus seeing as how Dredd Bombed for whatever dumb reason, this could help his career. You know what his batman will be like? I think it will be a close live action version of the Kevin Conroy Batman.

      • Kpaqu1

        You don’t know Dredd.

  • Marc

    what a wonderful rumor!! totally makes my day!

  • Adam

    He might be too old and probably not recognized enough but what about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

    • Lex Walker

      You don’t think Jon Hamm is recognizable enough?

    • Victor Pleitez

      He is good for Deathstroke rather than Batman.

    • evinrude

      Personally,I feel that the less familiar the actor, the better,when it comes to playing pantheon characters.

  • AlexTheKaiser

    I don’t like the idea that Batman being working as a vigilante for many years and nobody even mentioning him in Man of Steel.

    • JDS

      They could have mentioned Wayne (the billionaire), maybe.

      But when dealing with the discovery of aliens while facing almost certain world-ending annihilation, bringing up a masked vigilante in a city x-miles away seems inconsequential.

      • evinrude


      • HB

        Bryan Cranston would be the perfect middle aged Batman

    • Marc

      tell me when exactly it should have been mentioned in Man of Steel because I don’t see the perfect moment to talk about Batman or Bruce Wayne. And by the way, the movie is set in Metropolis, not in Gotham City.

    • Javan Clark

      Batman is an urban legend. A Handful of people in Gotham have seen him, while the city at large thinks he’s a myth. He’s not a known entity until he goes public after being spotted operating in the daytime.

      He wasn’t mentioned because virtually no one knows he exists.

      • evinrude

        This treatment would function perfectly for the needs of the BATMAN/SUPERMAN movie, if they want to introduce a Dark Knight who has been at work for some time in Gotham City.

    • Victor Pleitez

      Everyone on twitter was too busy pooping there pants when Zod was tossing Superman into buildings.

    • evinrude

      It would have been nice to see a reference somewhere,in the newsroom at the Daily Planet would have created a natural opportunity for one.But I think given the urgent pace of MAN OF STEEL and the rapid escalation of its event,it’s easy to explain away.Besides,the Batman would have been powerless against an entire corps of “supermen” with no apparent weaknesses.

    • Daniel O’Reilly

      Pretty sure Snyder said there was a satellite with the Wayne Enterprises logo on it in Man of Steel. Not a Batman reference, but pretty close.

  • Doug

    Luke Evans. Boom.

  • Dan

    My main choices to play the next Batman were Joe Manganiello, Karl Urban, and Sam Witwer. I’m not crazy for this idea, but if I had to choose an actor to play an older Batman, Jim Caviezel or Ray Stevenson.

  • Mo


    • Batman

      That movie REALLY sucked.

  • Tom

    I would give a chance to Armie Hammer.

  • Sraks

    I heard a lot of people saying Karl Urban on here and I think its a damn good choice, don’t get me wrong I love me some Don Draper but I keep seeing Karl Urban in a batman mask doing his judge dredd voice, which wouldn’t come off nearly as ridulous as Christian Bales laryngitis Batman voice

    • Jamesy

      Karl Urban would be too close to Bale I think, and everything i’ve seen him in he plays it the same, gruff voice and same expression, eyebrows down leaning towards an Eastwood impression. I could be wrong but in Stark Trek, Red, Chronicles of Riddick, Doom and the Bourne Supremacy. But saying that it could work for Batman but just too close to Bale.

    • Victor Pleitez

      You remember that scene when Dredd was beating information out of that thug in the classroom and his hot chick partner is just watching in bewilderment. Put costumes on those two and you have Batman and Bat girl! I forget her name but that blonde chick can do good Batgirl.

      • Pk

        Oh you mean Olivia thirlby? Yeah she’s not bad choice?

    • lowest1q

      Urban is my first choice, but a name I’ve been throwing out there is Timothy olyphant. I just think he could play a great Batman that puts Supes in his place with his intellect, plus he can put on the weight for sure. He would be a really good Bruce Wayne i think, and he’s proven he can play a badass as well.

  • Great White Noise

    I’m thinking they should go after that Christian Bale guy. He’s a bit older. Betcha he’d be a pretty decent Batman, too.

    (Yeah, OK. But c’mon. That’d be awesome.)

    • Lex Walker

      Really? Because I just can’t help but imagine him trying to do some ridiculous over-the-top gruff Batman voice. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

  • Jamesy

    Jon Hamm, Karl Urban, Michael Fassbender orrr could do a U-turn and bring back Bale. I would prefer Hamm but he doesn’t have much experience in an action role, I know both Bale and Nolan have went on record saying the Dark Knight trilogy will be stand alone, but it’s Hollywood…crazier things have happend, JGL wasn’t supposed to be “Robin” Marion Cotillard wasn’t Talia Al Ghul, plus Nolan seems to be turning into more of a “Hollywood” guy these days, he could easily cash in, and Bale has also said he loved the idea of an older Batman.

  • Anthony Michael

    I know there are plans for this to lead into a Justice League movie, so casting a 61-year old is highly unlikely… but how fun would it be to cast Michael Keaton as an older Batman and–by doing so–tying the Man of Steel/Justice League universe to the two original Burton Batman films?

  • 97point6

    George Clooney, with nipples.

  • DNAsplitter

    Why not just pull a James Bond and recast Bale with someone like Karl Urban or Joshua Jackson and see if they can get the supporting cast to come back such as Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman? That way it is all still connected to the same universe and we can get a fresh take on Batman/Bruce Wayne and it will keep in theme with the older Batman they are searching for. You could even get JGL to play Nightwing and then after JL have a standalone film and reintroduce Robin with Jason Todd.


      because they wouldn’t have the oppurtunity to use The Joker or Bane or Al Ghul in that continuity

      • DNAsplitter

        The Joker could be recast and Bane was never actully seen to have been killed as we only saw him fly backwards. Possibly his vest shielded him from being killed. But yes Al Ghul did die and he is a character that could not be reused but it still leaves 50 other villians to choose from.

      • Norman Dostal

        sorry, man, Bane died

      • IMPYEMU

        they’re not going to recast Nolan’s Joker. Maybe somewhere down the line they’ll include the Joker in a film again, but I imagine it’ll be a less grounded one.

        either way give it up dude it’s been said a million times that TDK trilogy is a standalone universe.

  • kemo

    Bale or Jim Caviezel. Do it right

  • Zac Holly

    Joe Manganiello. Joe Manganiello. Joe Manganiello. He’s big, he’s brooding, he’s got great stubble, he’s Batman.

    • Norman Dostal

      no he’s not-little acting chops

  • Sean N

    Hamm, Brolin or Urban if the Batman is older. Hamm I believe is the fan favorite at this point for the older Batman.

  • G$

    Matthew McConaughey!

    • Norman Dostal

      its not geriatric Batman!

  • augusto


    • Victor Pleitez

      He could wear the Heisingburg mask he wore at Comic con. BUt no he would be perfect for Jim Gordan.

  • noahc

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be PERFECT!

  • TheMattedScreen

    Liam Neeson – if ever there was a guy that could punch Superman and get away with it, it’s Liam Neeson

  • MoSWasLousy

    Goyer is penning the screenplay all by his lonesome … AGAIN? Doesn’t Hollywood learn anything?

  • Person

    Thank God they’re doing this. I think this means that there’ll be no Batman origin story told all over again. I can definitely get on board with this. As for who to cast? No idea. Whoever it is has big shoes to fill, that’s for damn sure…

  • Reina

    ahhhhh! Oh hell YEA Jon Hamm!!! PERFECT.
    Plus, he already has lady fans from Mad Men.

  • thatguy

    Jon Hamm seems too safe. Karl Urban has the right amount of grit and brooding but maybe a bit too one dimensional. I’m a big fan of Jim Caviezel, he has the piercing and brooding but I don’t know if he brings enough physicality. Joe Manganiello is getting close, not a bad pick at all. Hate to say it, but I almost wish they hadn’t cast Christopher Meloni in Man of Steel so he could have done it.

  • Pietro Filipponi

    Unless Snyder/Goyer are outright lying then this rumor is BS. They’ve said repeatedly that Superman is the first costumed hero in the DCCU and that the sequel will pick up right after the first left off. That leave no room for a grizzled Batman in their storyline.

    • evinrude

      Or, they could have just changed their minds.

      • Pietro Filipponi

        Or, a geeky fansite that’s wrong about every other rumor they make up is wrong about this one too. Shocker

      • evinrude

        These guys aren’t hitmongers.Sure,the web is filled with shameless sites that whore themselves for traffic,but COLLIDER’s not one of them.

      • Pietro Filipponi

        Collider didn’t create the rumor, killer, they’re just reporting on it. Read the article

  • Jamesy

    Patrick Warburton, throwing it out there. Every time I hear his voice I think Bats.

  • OhDawg

    Karl Urban. I thought he was too old for a Batman who is (in theory) inspired to superheroics by the arrival of Superman, but if they choose to go with a 30-something Batman rather than a 20-something Batman, then I really, really want Karl Urban.

  • Baby Jean

    Batman shouldn’t even be in the sequel. There are so many things to address stemming from the first one that adding batman crowds a storyline that could have otherwise been promising. MoS was good imho, but its busy story was the reason the supporting cast was often underwritten, and the promise of a sequel gave me hope Goyer & co would fix that. More time for batman means less focus on the villain(s) and his/their motive(s). Not to mention the bat could easily steal the show from a hard-to-write superman IN HIS OWN FILM. I think if they absolutely must put batman in, they should do it as a long cameo. PS: I’m kind of a pessimist in general :-)

    • Doug_101

      You’re absolutely right and in a perfect world, we would be getting a stand-alone Man of Steel sequel where he deals with the ramifications of the first film and the new threat posed by Lex Luthor. However, this is the way they’re choosing to go in order to goose their Justice League aspirations, so we might as well have fun with it.

      • Baby Jean

        Yeah, I guess so. I should probably not judge prematurely. I just reaaaaally want it to work, you know, so we can get that JLA movie that will shatter box offices for eons to come XD

  • Rocky

    I think Joel Edgerton or Guy Pearce would be solid choices for an “older” Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  • maybolicious

    Colin Farrell!

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  • Sean Chandler

    Whoever they pick, they better hit the gym now. Cavill brought his A-game physically. A padded suit won’t work next to a clearly massive Cavill.

    • LEM

      Superman is a super powered alien and Batman is a human so yeah a fit guy in a padded suit is fine.

  • im mister manager

    harry dean stanton

  • Honest Bender

    Karl Urban!

  • Zenhobo

    The people’s choice is Karl Urban. I like that idea. There’s just something about Jon Hamm that doesn’t say batman to me. I’d rather see Jim Cavezial, who apparently is also in the top running.

  • Adam

    Mickey Rourke.

    • sense11

      Too Grizzled IMHO

      • adam

        Exactly. An older Batman who shows his wear and tear.

  • Tchaopantin

    You could argue that Joe Manganiello would make a great fit. The guy is freaking tall (1.96m) and huge, which is necesary for this batman if you are going to suggest to people that its a batman that can go head to head with Superman. The guy has the right age (37) for a franchise that will span several movies over the next years. He is still relatively unknow which would help people accept him as a new iteration of batman rather than an actor that is already famous. Finally it is not an actor that will command a big price tag or overshadow Henry Cavill which up until Man of Steel was relatively unknow to the general public. Plus i mean any person who gets the role for a movie pitting Superman vs Batman is almost surely bound to become famous afterwards. I love the idea of Jon Ham but i agree that this Batman needs to be big, like in the Dark Knight Returns comic book, and unless Hamm is ready to hit the gym HARD possibly for the next decade, it will be a tought sale. Joe Manganiello doesn´t have that problem, the guy is huge enough already and if they give him the 300 work out he will definitly look like a batman that can lay a beating on Superman.

    • Ralph

      Also he already screened tested for Man of Steel and according to IMDB it got down to him and Henry Carvill for the role. Maybe Snyder didnt choose him for Superman because he had other plans for him…

    • evinrude

      Guy is only 36,which isn’t really enough to project “older”,and definitely not “grizzled”,at least in my opinion.

  • Adam

    Let’s just go with Idris Elba.

  • Adam

    Ray Stevenson.

  • szadkowski

    Jon Hamm has the perfect for the look but I don’t see him being the guy to go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. I can see Jon in this film but he’ll be in a late 40′s by the time they have a sequel or a solo film spin off. I don’t see him bringing in the crowds as a late 40′s early 50s Batman if they want to build a Justice League franchise around him and Cavill.

    My top pick is Anson Mount. He’s the right age and he has the rugged playboy look. But i have reservations about his age like I do with Hamm. Mathew Goode is my second pick. He’s worked with Zach previously and will be the perfect age during filming. He has a lot of bulking up to do but he can pull off the intellectual playboy badass. I can totally see either Anson or Matthew butting heads with the Man of Steel. Karl Urban would work but with his new TV show Almost Human and Star Trek 3 he’s going to be tough to lock down. Someone like Josh Hartnett would be really interesting he’ll the perfect age during filming but he does look much younger that his age. What do you guys think?

    • Adam

      I like Matthew Goode because he’s a good actor who can play a dark side, a la Stoker. He’d have to bulk up quite a bit though.

    • Zenhobo

      I’ve heard Anson Mount’s name bandied around before and I think he’s a great dark horse pick (plus I’ve met him in person so I guess that makes me biased). Karl Urban’s biggest hurdle would be that I don’t see studios naturally gravitating toward him like they would some of these other guys, even though for an actor of his notoriety his name has come up a LOT in this discussion. You’d have to put him just outside the circle of favorites.

    • Bella

      I never even considered Anson Mount until you said that, but I totally love that idea! He is amazing on Hell on Wheels. He would make a great Batman.

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    I like the Karl Urban movement – I can see that working. Someone said Ray Stevenson, which I could actually also see working quite well. People are knocking Jon Hamm, but I could see it. He could definitely play Bruce Wayne (Mad Men, anyone?), and I think he coudl pull off Batman too.

    I don’t really see Jim Cavezial (sp?) as Batman at all. Or as Bruce Wayne. Even if he bulked up. He’s a great actor, but I don’t see it.

  • Benn Frazier

    clive owen, josh brolin, ralph fiennes, theres more. i do like john hamm tho since hes a drama actor

    • bidi

      Ralph Fiennes would be a perfect Lex Luthor

  • sense11

    Lex Luthor Befriends Superman somehow, Batman already knows Lex is a villain. Batman thwarts a Lex Luthor plan, Lex tricks Superman into going after Batman
    I have a suspicion that premise will be the plot of the movie

    Also Hamm, Brolin, or Urban would make great older Batman’s

    Wes Bentley & Tyler Hoechlin would make great Nightwings

    I think its a great idea if true

  • DieJettmanDie

    Batman on PFFT. Shame on you Collider. Wonder what other “scoops” you’ll get from that inbred Texan fanboy.

  • ickles

    George Clooney?

  • 80sRobot

    Matthew Fox. Here are my arguments why: He plays good-but-not-necessarily-nice-guys-who-are-tormented well. Also, in an alternate reality of the 90′s, he would have been a great Batman/Bruce Wayne had the movies in that decade presented the character in a more serious light.

    So I would say audiences would not only buy Matthew Fox as an older, experienced and more cynical Batman, but could also buy into the idea that he started out as a young Batman who was more hopeful 20 years ago. (They could use images and footage of Fox from his Party of Five years in props — newscasts, newspapers, etc. that may be seen in the movie — and viral campaigns to establish Fox as what Bruce Wayne was like as a young man in the Man of Steel universe.)

    Fox’s popularity and star billing right now is on par with Henry Cavill. So casting Fox would not overshadow the younger guy who plays Superman. Fox also has favorable cred among the geek/fan community, thanks to LOST.

    • 80sRobot

      Additionally, to complement Fox, I say recast Alfred and Lucius. (I am going to predict both will make significant appearances.) As for the look and design of Batman’s suit and his vehicles, continue with the realistic, experimental military weapons style from The Dark Knight trilogy, but of course update things — like, evolving the industrial design to where things look simpler, and throw in accenting colors (dark blue, dark grays, some yellow) where it makes sense and of course looks cool.

  • Tom

    Luke Evans

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  • Ben

    I got it…. George Clooney. How could that possibly go wrong? How has no one thought of this yet? Wait a minute…

    • Hector Pacal

      I’m sure people are aching to see Bats whip out ye olde Bat Credit Card again.

  • Hector Pacal

    Antony Starr from the show Banshee. “Old” him up a bit and he’d be perfect.

  • Mario Vega


    • We miss Roger Ebert

      Oh heck yeah! Richard Armitage would bring the height, the physique, the badassery, and the suaveness!

  • Nomis1700

    Jon Hamm would never do it. And even if he’d even consider something like this, he’s more Superman than Batman.

    I’d say, cast Richard Armitage as Batman! He’s a great actor who certainly got the looks for Bruce Wayne and Batman.

  • Alexander Michael Ozuna

    I still think its horrible that “The Dark Knight” trilogy is Nolan-verse, while “Man of Steel” is DC Cinematic Universe. Nolan is producing the “Man of Steel” movies, so why not just bring continuity into the picture?

  • Tu

    This is stupid to cast an older batman it discredits the story and the vs is dumb enough.

  • Robby Richmond

    Cast whoever the fuck you like. Snyder is involved therefore it will suck all kinds of HIV infested cock.

    • Joe

      You need help.

      • Robby Richmond

        Indeed… though not as much as Snyder.

  • Guest

    Old ass BatHamm will be a one and done film…unless JL is rushed.

  • Brent Stires

    Karl Urban is 41.
    Luke Goss (as Lex Luthor) is 44.

    You’re welcome.

  • Zach G.

    My money is on Zach Galifianakis playing the Batman.

  • Jay

    i like Jon Hamm but no. and no.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    I can see Hamm as Bruce Wayne (who is not so far removed from Don Draper), but I have a harder time seeing him as Batman. That would probably change once I actually saw him as Batman, but until such time, I’m a doubting Thomas.

  • ikkf

    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

  • jon spam

    i bet all u losers are all wrong!

  • We miss Roger Ebert

    Great news. This may mean that they’re going the way of The Dark Knight Returns, a brilliant and awesome older-Bruce story. And yes, Superman fights Batman.

  • Chance Craft

    Scott Adkins is 37 which is a good age, he would be better than Jon Hamm, he’s an actual MA actor.

    • RedIXDevil

      Scott Adkins is a very good choice. He is built just as the older Batman is in the comics, a good actor, and capable of the physical constraints needed to play such a role. He could easily be made to look a little bit older with a bit of grey in his hair aswell. Good shout.

  • chosen1

    Eric Dane.

  • bidi

    some great names have been thrown around. i particularly like Karl Urban and Anson Mount. i dislike names like Fassbender, Goode, and even Hamm. great actors, just not for this. but depending on the actual age, i would love to see George Clooney come back. finally, a name i can’t get out of my head is Matt Damon. not sure if he’s brooding enough though. but i’d be happy with Urban or Mount

    • bidi

      also, just thought of this. it’s somewhat unrelated, but they should shoot something quick with whomever they cast, and then release a little post-credits tease specifically for the Man of Steel blu ray. that would be pretty titties

  • lola

    Bring Clint Eastwood

  • M Boo Boo

    Jim Caviezel would be my first choice. Then Hamm.

  • Raziël Makenshi

    what a way to kill the Man of Steel franchise. get Snyder of this project

    this smells like WB strategic marketing plan: “Superman + Batman = MONEY”

  • Colin Christian

    Jon Hamm. The end.

  • Mb

    mel gibson for superman vs racist batman


    I agree with John Hamm, if an older Batman is what they’re looking for. Armie Hammer if they go younger (which honestly if they’re trying to build up a DC universe I don’t know why they wouldn’t go with a younger actor). Fassbender is way off for that kind of role, and fuck off to anyone who wants Karl Urban he needs to be free for more Dredd movies.

  • sense11

    What is this obsession with Jim Caviezel, that guy is not suited to play Bruce Wayne at all

  • YOU

    Rutger Hauer if they go even older

  • Nathan

    Jon Hamm would be a great Bruce Wayne but as Batman… I dunno. I think they might go the route of bruce wayne being a shadowy eccentric rather then a ladies man. In that case, Karl Urban would be my choice. (although I’m seeing other great suggestions)

  • Nathan

    Wait, hang on a second, wouldn’t Jon Hamm play a great Lex Luthor? MAKE IT HAPPEN!
    Edit: or not, just making the Mad Men connection. *shrugs*

  • James

    Daniel-Day Lewis

  • Johnny 88

    I know most fans of the comics series won’t like this but I wouldn’t mind Denzel Washington as a black Lex. But that won’t happen. I think they have to go big with the stars if bale and Nolan don’t have any affiliation with the movie. I know they are say mark strong as lex but I don’t think he is big enough. I’m thinking a bald Javier Bardem. Who knows. As for batman. I like some of the people in the running but I m not sure if they go old young or old but how about Sam Worthington and Ben affect being in the discussion

  • Johnny 88

    I know most fans of the comics series won’t like this but I wouldn’t mind Denzel Washington as a black Lex. But that won’t happen. I think they have to go big with the stars if bale and Nolan don’t have any affiliation with the movie. I know they are say mark strong as lex but I don’t think he is big enough. I’m thinking a bald Javier Bardem. Who knows. As for batman. I like some of the people in the running but I m not sure if they go old young or old but how about Sam Worthington and Ben affect being in the discussion

  • Kate

    Guy Pearce for Batman!!



  • Potatohead

    Matthew McConaughey for BATMAN!!!

  • Potatohead

    Matthew McConaughey for BATMAN!!!