Zack Snyder Talks BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN and Fan Reaction to Casting; Says the Film “Explodes” the Batman and Superman Universes

     March 3, 2014


Most people expected the first sequel from filmmaker Zack Snyder to be a follow-up to his 2005 film 300.  Instead, as 300: Rise of an Empire (which he co-wrote and produced) is about to hit theaters, Snyder is currently knee-deep in prep on the highly anticipated follow-up to last year’s Superman reboot Man of Steel.  Not only does the film continue the adventures of Warner Bros.’ brand new Superman franchise, but it also reboots the Batman franchise and kicks off the DC Cinematic Universe at the same time.  There would be immense pressure in tackling any one of those feats alone, but Snyder appears giddy at the prospect of juggling all three.

Though most have been tight-lipped about what we can expect from the untitled Man of Steel follow-up (aka Batman vs. Superman), Snyder recently gave a status update on the film and bluntly addressed fan criticisms about some of his casting choices.  Read on after the jump.

zack-snyder-batman-vs-supermanSpeaking with the LA Times, Snyder gave an update on the current status of Batman vs. Superman:

“We’re getting ready to start shooting in a month or so. It’s going great. I’m very excited. It’s very fun to get into this world with different heroes coexisting in the same universe, but a lot of balls in the air as they say. As a fan, it’s an amazing opportunity.”

The fact that Superman and Batman have not existed in the same major feature film universe before is not lost on Snyder.  The filmmaker revealed a fanboy moment of his own that happened just recently, saying he was “slightly dorking out” at a recent costume test in which the new Batsuit and the Superman suit were standing next to each other.

However, not everyone has been happy with the way things have been progressing on Batman vs. Superman.  Fans are rightfully protective when it comes to beloved properties, but the open forum nature of the internet gives way to hyperbolic, knee-jerk reactions from people who have no idea what Snyder’s iteration of a certain character entails.  There was obviously outcry over Ben Affleck landing the Batman role, there were complaints about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman, and most recently fans went into a tizzy when Warner Bros. dropped the bomb that Jesse Eisenberg will be playing Lex Luthor.

batman-vs-superman-henry-cavillDuring the interview, Snyder addressed these criticisms head-on:

“We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t know the material. So, we’re casting according to what’s happening in the script. And we’re hoping that leads to enough originality, enough perspective on what we’re doing that you get something fresh and exciting. I understand the canon. I’m not crazy. I know what these characters need from a mythological standpoint. I think Jesse is going to be an amazing Lex. Let’s not forget he was nominated for an Academy Award. It’s not like I just grabbed my friend to play the guy! This guy’s the real deal.”

As for the film itself, the director teased a bit about his plans for the follow-up:

“[The movie] literally takes the Man of Steel and Batman universes and explodes them. You’re not as tied to the mythology. In Man of Steel, we had to create an origin story, a mythology, and there’s a lot of energy into that, which we love doing. Don’t get me wrong. But when you think about how fun it is too — now that you’ve got these characters — to now let ‘em loose. That’s fun!”

We still have a long while to go before we see any footage from the untitled Man of Steel sequel, but with filming set to get underway in a month and the risk of paparazzi photos of everyone in costume looming, I expect we’ll get an official look at the new Batsuit relatively soon.  Batman vs. Superman is slated for release on May 6, 2016.


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  • ????

    “the fans don’t know the material????” Way to calm us down.

    • sunwukong86

      calm down dude, he meant the script

      • The Flobbit

        The script is based on characters that we, the fans, know better than he ever will. So yeah, I think we can feel annoyed. This man just insulted his most devoted audience demographic.

      • Phil

        What a broad assumption you are making. So your saying a film director like Snyder doesn’t know comics as much as yourself?

      • The Flobbit

        I am saying that the collective knowledge of all the nerds, comic book fans, comic readers, and superhero fans of this world will ALWAYS outnumber Snyder’s knowledge of the same thing.

      • Lovecraftlives

        Do shut the hell up! Do you know World’s Finest?

      • grapes9h5

        how open minded and not arrogant of you to say

      • blahblahh

        The same juvenile demographic that will cry, moan and leap to assumptions at the drop of a hat over the most innocuous detail before, as Snyder says, anything substantial is revealed..

      • The Flobbit

        Yes, the same juvenile demographic that takes their friends to see it in IMAX, that buys the Blu-ray, the tie-in comic, spreads the word online, and keeps comic books alive. THAT demographic.

      • Edill

        You will pay for it anyway. So why bitch before you see it?

      • mackenzie wunderlich

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        old Audi A5 Convertible only from working part time off a home computer… find
        out here B­u­z­z­3­2­.­ℂ­o­m

      • Phillip Derrick Gray

        The script is irrelevant as the “material” itself has been around for decades and any fan of either Superman or Batman should know it relatively well. Not to say that Zach Snyder doesn’t but come on… lol Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman?! Please! It’s just going to be a repeat of the George Clooney casting. Sure the story in Batman and Robin was completely hideous but script or no script, his portayal of The Caped Crusader was a total muck up. But bottom line, we fans know the material as the characters we have followed since our childhoods and can likely predict who would and wouldn’t be right to play their parts. To draw comparison… any Superman fan would agree that Nicolous Cage would make a terrible Clark Kent/Superman. Many people may not realize just how close he came to filling that role back in the late 90s for a Superman film that most fortunately, never happened. Ben Affleck is a decent actor and has had some ok movies and this wouldn’t be his first portrayal of a superhero. I’m not an avid Daredevil fan and know nowhere near as much about the character as I do others, but I didn’t think the film was all that bad and thought he did a good job in the role. On the other hand, do u notice how they never made a sequel to that? It’s in part because those that are avid Daredevil fans just didn’t accept him. Just like most Batman fans will likely not accept him as The Caped Crusader. He’s just not right for the role, plain and simple.

    • The Truth

      He’s talking about the material in his script, his version, calm down!

    • Kyle Bob

      Read the very next sentence. He is talking about the script buddy. Read the whole article first before you start belly aching.

    • filmguy

      Yeah he came across as nescient on a few points.

      I find this more concerning:

      ““[The movie] literally takes the Man of Steel and Batman universes and explodes them. You’re not as tied to the mythology.”

      Eisenberg… yes, Jesse Eisenberg was nominated. But, just because Eisenberg was nominated doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies him for every part on the market. Eisenberg was nominated for portraying the nerdy head of Facebook. It’s not like he was portraying Charles Bronson (Tom Hardy) or Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas).

      • Spicerpalooza

        In addition to GG, Michael Douglas also played Liberace and nailed it. One of the fun parts of being a movie fan is seeing actors in roles you’d never have thought of them for and seeing sides to them you didn’t know they had.

      • charlie B.

        and just because Tom hardy was in a movie called Bronson, doesnt mean he was portraying Charles Bronson, which he wasn’t.

    • blueorangeny

      SMH, he meant the story, the script….the movie and not the comics.

    • TeamWB

      He’s not wrong, last I checked the script to the untitled MOS sequel wasn’t leaked online… so no, the fans most likely DON’T know the material. Moron.

  • Keanu Reeves

    We don’t know the material? WTF are you talking about? I am assuming he’s meaning that we haven’t seen the script? Who cares about the script … we’ve READ a million Superman/Comic books … and nowhere in those stories does Lex look like an Eisenberg nor does Affleck dress the part as Batman. Sigh … I was super duper looking forward to this movie but with Affleck and Eisenberg being cast- it’s def. not on the OMFG I NEED TO SEE IT NOW.

    • Kyle Bob

      Really? So every other actor that has ever played him looked just like the version in the comics? In other words Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, John Shea, and Michael Rosenbaum all looked identical to one another right? You really need to go back and see the many faces of Lex Luthor in the comic books. He changes a lot, just like any other character in the medium. Also, he is obviously talking about the script. He said that in the next sentence. You’re the worst type or reactionary fan. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and then you just go off complaining.

    • Strong Enough

      nor does Affleck dress the part as Batman.

      no shit sherlock. its called adapting you idiot

    • Sean Chandler

      Affleck has starred in a Best Picture winner (which he directed), he’s like 6 foot 4 with an athletic build…when he wasn’t trying to be a super hero. So what is the issue with Affleck?

      • The Flobbit

        You know who else starred in Best Picture winners which he directed? Kevin Costner. Clint Eastwood. You know who else is 6’4 with an athletic build? Doug Jones. Affleck’s nothing special, and brings a lot of hate from his crappy Gigli days.

        The issue with Affleck is that there are a dozen actors who A. look the part more. B. Are better actors. C. We’d like to see play the part of Batman:

        Wes Bentley
        Jim Caviezel
        Josh Brolin
        Richard Armitage
        Michael Fassbender
        Jon Hamm
        Karl Urban
        Christian Bale
        Max Martini
        Viggo Mortensen
        Idris Elba even! ANY of these talented actors would have been better as Batman.

      • illipsis

        Still think Idris Elba would’ve made a phenomenal Batman. Unfortunate that a lot of the fanbase would likely be up in arms about it were he cast. Bentley would’ve done a stellar job as well imo.

        I’m more than willing to give Affleck a chance though; my concern lies with the fact that they’re giving someone who can barely direct a watchable movie a second shot at one of the biggest franchises in popular culture.

      • Jack le Critic

        Now that would be a way to explode the franchise!

        If only producers could be so brave…

      • YodaRocks

        I want to meet those who would flip-out on Idris Elba as Batman. So that I can punch them in the face.

      • Phil

        I’m sure it’s easy to just get one of those guys and say hey want to be batman? you know, disregarding the logistics, contracts (Craig has Bond) if they even want to join (Christian doesn’t want to play batman again), etc.

        And how do you know someone is “better” than someone else? is it by the awards won? (which will cross out a lot on your list).

        Just let Snyder do his thing, nothing you complain about is going to change anything

      • Sean Chandler

        First off, I don’t know if Affleck will be a good Batman, but it seems the Affleck hate comes from a very narrow period of time when he made some really bad choices. His resume has plenty of awful and awesome points. Given his choices for the last few years and the prestige of those films, I can over-look Gigli (which I haven’t seen).

        Second, your points B and C are highly debatable. But I would argue that Affleck looks like Bruce Wayne/Batman far more the majority of the actors you suggested. I won’t go point by point, but he’s taller than most of them, he’s naturally bigger than most, and he’s starred in a best picture (and co-starred in another nominated for Best Picture). So before he started trying to be Batman, he has a physical advantage over most of your list.

        As for acting, I stand by my previous point. He was the lead in last year’s best picture. I don’t see how Kevin Costner or Clint Eastwood would disprove anything. I’m not arguing he’s one of the greats, but I’m willing to give him a chance.

      • Seanpb

        You’re being far too reasonable. Stop it.

      • Matt1

        Did you seriousfuckingly just speak for EVERYONE and say you’d all like to see Christian Bale as Batman in this movie?! How ’bout Michael Keaton? Val Kilmer?? Adam West??? It’s a new iteration, dude. Move on!

      • Sweet Pea

        Lol – Daniel Craig!?!? He’d be a terrible bat man… This Idris Elba sh*t has got to stop too, he can apparently play any character, maybe he should of played Margaret Thatcher instead of Meryl Streep too.

      • The Flobbit

        Your point?

      • Sweet Pea

        It seemed self-explanatory… That Daniel Craig would be a terrible batman, and that Idris Elba would too especially as he looks nothing like Bruce Wayne or Batman.

      • The Flobbit

        MY point was not about Craig or Elba. So what? My point is that Affleck is a sub-par actor and a tremendous director…and his Batman is less than ideal.

      • Sweet Pea

        Are you serious? You put those two in a list who are apparently part of “a dozen actors who A. look the part more. B. Are better actors. C. We’d like to see play the part of Batman” (to quote you)… And the list was comical; especially Craig and Elba.

      • The Flobbit

        Take out Craig and Elba and you are left with the best, most capable, and POPULAR actors that people have been lobbying for on the Internet.

        And for the record, I’d rather see Craig or Elba play Batman than Affleck.

      • Sweet Pea

        The only two I would definitely have preferred to Affleck are Brolin and Hamm, purely because they have the obvious older Bruce Wayne look we’ve been led to expect in this film and are both great actors… I would never of expected Heath Ledger to turn in the Joker he did though, and that is now timeless, I would reserve judgement on Affleck if I was you and stop producing laughable lists promoting small blond men and large black men for BRUCE WAYNE.

      • The Flobbit

        Another fanboy who laughed at Heath Ledger, now using that man as proof that any crap actor can give a brilliant performance.

      • Sweet Pea

        Sorry but you’ve jumped the gun there… Where did I say I laughed at Heath Ledger??? I was a big fan of his since seeing him in (LOL if you like at this, I’d understand) A Knights Tale, which I love. I said I didn’t expect the performance he gave – I didn’t think he’d come with something that menacing, intense and raw, it was amazing. Ben Affleck isn’t a crap actor either, that is just not true. The point I’m making if you have pre-judged Affleck off Gigli from the sounds of it, he has done a lot of good since then.

      • The Flobbit

        And what do you think about Richard Armitage? I think he’d be incredible.

    • Cameron Standring
    • The Flobbit

      Exactly. We know “the material” better than he ever will. We’re the ones who read the comics, we’re the ones who watch the movies. What happens when the script leaks?

      The fans don’t know the material MY ASS!

      • Soumya Dham

        great. why haven’t you made the movie yet ?

      • The Flobbit

        I’m not the one with a hundred million dollars behind me. Send me some dough and we’ll talk contracts.

      • Soumya Dham

        lol. That’s not the point dude. money doesn’t make the film, the film maker does. people have made phenomenal fan films and uploaded them on youtube, without financing. the ‘material’ is simply data till something productive is made out of it. n we’re nobody to judge Snyder, he’s done a lot more than ‘fan tribute’. and ‘we’ are not the only ones who watch these films. these films are designed to cater to fans as well as create a new audience base(ref. Iron Man). so the fans are a tiny portion of the studio’s worries. Kevin Smith is around, why worry.

      • DaviD Miller

        I agree with you.
        I think Warner gave too much power to Snyder.
        Give a lot of power to Nolan is one thing, it was a trilogy, this is a world, a world wide, a universe with many characters.
        And so far I’ve only seen bad choices, Gadot, Affleck and Eisenberg.
        I don’t want to see this movie with this cast and Director.

      • The Flobbit

        I am enjoying the casting of Gadot and Eisenberg and Irons…but not Affleck. And Goyer and Snyder are hardly promising.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      Think about this comment. Gene Hackman looked nothing like Lex Luthor. Besides, every film incarnation of Lex Luthor thus far has been TERRIBLE. You know from reading a million comics that the comic version of Lex is a genius who has made himself a billionaire and hates the idea of an alien stealing his hard-won fame, public adoration, and responsibility to protect the people. Lex has NEVER been portrayed that way in film – he’s always been an idiot who thinks he’s smart and is obsessed with real estate. I, for one, look forward to this casting – which leans towards Lex actually being smart for once. Brains vs. brawn as the million comics have always portrayed. Also, of course knowing the material is important. Look at how many different comic iterations of Batman and Superman there have been – a film is no different. You don’t know the angle they’re taking. A Grant Morrison Batman is much different than a Brian Azzarello Batman. (As for the Ben Affleck comment, The Dark Knight Returns Batman looks like Marlon Brando from the Godfather, The Long Halloween Batman looks like Jon Hamm, and Batman:Arkham Asylum Batman looks like a ghost, so your argument that “no Batman looks like Ben Affleck” holds no water. Bats looks like whatever the artist/filmmaker wants him to.)

      • soupherman

        Hear, hear!

    • grapes9h5

      You offer an amazing original perspective.

    • Soumya Dham

      he’s making a movie. if u want to read a comic book, go read a comic. don’t watch the movie. the two mediums are VERY different.

    • Jamesy

      Dress the part as Batman, do you want an actor who runs about at night dressed as Batman, is that the only possible way an actor could portray Batman? It’s clear Snyder meant the script, and in that respect yes we know nothing. Don’t forget he’s also a comic book fan, he wouldn’t take on these characters if he didn’t think he could add something interesting, yes it may not be to everyone’s taste, but this is his vision and I believe he’ll do his best to stay true to these characters. This isn’t the only form these characters exist, if you don’t enjoy it…cool, go watch another movie, read a comic, watch the animated series, there are many forms/stories/versions of these characters, this is just Snyders. From the little we’ve heard so far, from Kevin Smith, Garner, Michael Wilkinson, the suit is probably the truest version to the comics. I get the hate, these characters mean a lot to a lot of people, and you should expect backlash from fans when taking on a project like this. But people saying THIS WILL SUCK, THEY KNOW NOTHING, calm down, same with those saying THIS WILL BE EPIC…wait and see a full synopsis, an official image, trailer, the movie. Then you can make a fully formed opinion.

    • Jamesy

      Dress the part as Batman, do you want an actor who runs about at night dressed as Batman, is that the only possible way an actor could portray Batman? It’s clear Snyder meant the script, and in that respect yes we know nothing. Don’t forget he’s also a comic book fan, he wouldn’t take on these characters if he didn’t think he could add something interesting, yes it may not be to everyone’s taste, but this is his vision and I believe he’ll do his best to stay true to these characters. This isn’t the only form these characters exist, if you don’t enjoy it…cool, go watch another movie, read a comic, watch the animated series, there are many forms/stories/versions of these characters, this is just Snyders. From the little we’ve heard so far, from Kevin Smith, Garner, Michael Wilkinson, the suit is probably the truest version to the comics. I get the hate, these characters mean a lot to a lot of people, and you should expect backlash from fans when taking on a project like this. But people saying THIS WILL SUCK, THEY KNOW NOTHING, calm down, same with those saying THIS WILL BE EPIC…wait and see a full synopsis, an official image, trailer, the movie. Then you can make a fully formed opinion.

    • YodaRocks

      Also, don’t forget skinny Wonder Woman. Although we have seen skinny Wonder Woman on screen it’s still baffling that Gal Gadot is skinny.

  • Steven

    I still think they’re gonna fuck this up. I hope I’m wrong.

  • To Be Continued

    Don’t f*ck this up, Zack.

  • Rex Fortune

    He is clearly referencing the script and the mythos they created with it when he says “materiel.”

    • Rex Fortune


  • Angel of Death

    In Snyder We Trust…SAYS NO ONE!

    • Theodore Trout

      Snyder’s a boob.

  • Dan Robert Head

    As I say fans are very know wht there saying

  • Batman

    “We know the material. Unfortunately, the fans don’t know the material”
    He means what was written on the script, so keep your tampons on.

    • Kyle Bob

      Thanks Batman.

    • DaviD Miller

      Are you saying that script that had to be changed by a Ben Affleck friend?
      I mean that the original script should be pretty bad, isn’t it?

  • Disques

    What’s the point of ‘exploring’ the universes when you can go straight ahead and ‘explode’ them? -Blockbuster Logic.
    Most movies I either love or hate- they evoke some feeling. Snyder’s movies are completely lifeless IMO- I never know what I feel after watching his movies. Maybe it’s just me…

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    I’m actually excited for this franchise. Does it mean that I don’t understand/appreciate the mythos of the comics? No. But I’m open-minded enough to see a unique cinematic interpretation – something we haven’t seen before. I for one thought MoS was interesting but only from the second viewing onward. It was enough to pique my curiosity.


    I wish Terry Gilliam was directing this instead.

    Please save us from the ‘Zack Snyders’ of this world.

    • Strong Enough

      wow. really? lmao

  • LEM

    Who cares? It doesn’t matter because if it’s really bad they’ll reboot it and if it’s good then they move forward with more. I have very low expectations based on all we know so far but I’m still looking forward to seeing Batman and Superman on screen together.

  • mattinacan

    man of steel was so bad and so boring, i have low hopes for this

  • bidi

    they should release an official image of Affleck in the Batsuit literally with the announcement that they’ve started filming. just get that out of the way so we don’t have to wonder and grainy images make their rounds on the internet for weeks. don’t pull a JJ Abrams and try to cover everything up. not with this

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  • Explodin’Grandmas

    Look at all these comic nerds pissing themselves in anger. Chill the fuck out, it’s just a movie.

  • Matt1

    Hey Chitwood, 300 came out in 2007, not 2005.

  • opinionated asshole

    300 is from 2006, and it opened wide in 2007, how about a little research before writing an article.

  • Joseph M

    It’s all going a bit Alien V Predator. As Man Of Steel was a wobbly debut, I would have liked a sequel to let the revised character find his voice, get a little definition – then do the multi-hero crossover cash-in bonanza. I hope Supe has learned to lead the fight away from crowded areas.

  • Man pippy

    Let’s keep in mind Snyder has limited power. It wasn’t his idea to bring Batman and Wonderman into a superman film and it wasn’t his idea to hire Gal Gadot as wonderwoman. Probably didn’t want to hire Affleck as well.

    • DaviD Miller

      Doubt that, watch his movies.
      90% of the female cast has very thin women.
      Is a pattern in his movies have skinny women, almost anorexic.

  • NotePad

    I have yet to see Eisenberg really play anything different. This includes the Social Network. It is mind-boggleing that he was oscar nominated for that role. He was convincing, but nothing different from what he always seems to play. And before anyone mentions Holy Rollers, I have seen Holy Rollers. Good movie. Good accent, first time i was him trying SOMETHING different. But still a very typical Eisenberg characters. Very interested to see where this Lex thing goes.

    Jesse Eisenberg looks exactly like Nick Pierce from Chilliwack, British Columbia.

  • Nomis1700

    Wonder how much they’ll alter the Superman suit. I wouldn’t change a major thing. Maybe the fabric a bit but that’s it.

    • DaviD Miller

      Snyder film.
      Don’t forget the Ozymandias nipples.

  • poppincherry

    Movie pushed backed, a new screen writers added, flat chested no talent bitch from the fast and the furious added as WW and Jessie as Lex Luther? Really.
    Jessie is going to kavitch like Wood Allen talking to a chick in central park.

    I,I,I,I I’m having a problem with the seamstress hemming my pant leg right so it breaks cleanly over my sperry topsiders. She has done 12 alterations this week and still they aren’t quit right.

  • DNAsplitter

    I really liked the look/feel of 300, Watchmen and MOS so I hope Snyder can find the right balance with all of these DC characters. It’s not his casting that has me worried but the studios interference (which in part is prob why Ben Affleck was brought into the mix) of them trying to force what they percieve as the right direction (ala Green Lantern) for their Justice League film. I also like that Snyder brought back Larry Fong as his camera man as I really like the way he moves the camera especially with Watchmen (a look I hope Snyder uses for this film and not the washed out look from MOS). Can’t wait unitl they release some official material of Batman’s new look.

  • Brett

    Bottom line is, some people will see the flick and some will not.
    Personally, I can’t sit through a Ben Affleck movie, I don’t care whether it’s nominated for a Razzie or an Oscar. I just find him to be not only annoying but unappealing, when I see him on screen its like fingernails on a blackboard.
    Hey, some movie goers just don’t like certain actors, for whatever their reason and it certainly is their right to like or dislike whoever they want.
    Snyder, as the filmmaker is certainly entitled to cast whomever he wants. As a ticket buyer, I’m entitled not to want to see it. There are PLENTY of other movies coming out in 2015/2016 that I am excited for but Superman/Batman is not one of them. No hate, just complete disinterest.

    • JBug

      Agreed, I have respect for Anne Hathaway as a talent, but I hate seeing her in movies.

      • DaviD Miller

        I hate seeing her so skinny.

  • Yeoman

    Eisenberg may be a decent actor, but Shannon was a terrific actor, and shitty dialogue and poor directing made him one of the weakest parts of Man of Steel.

    • Jose

      you speak truth.

  • Chaz

    What a waste of time and money! I wish Snyder would stop making this Michael Bay-esque explosion-fest at the expense of an established film enterprise like the Dark Knight Trilogy. The Man of Steel is simply trying to run on the fumes left over from the Batman franchise to make itself look more serious. However, when the final scene of your “film” is an extended, pointless, battle scene, you need more help than Batman can give you.

  • DaviD Miller

    I know, right?


  • Sten

    They should end all rumors and straightaway say, it is the long rumored Justice League movie! Warner wanted to do it some time ago, but Green Lantern bombed. So they needed one successful reboot, which was Man of Steel. Now they move the release date, add Batman and Wonder Woman to the mix and still don’t say, what is clear and logical. It isn’t Batman vs. Superman, it is the first Justice League movie. Or the one leading to it. Either way, I’m intrigued.

    Just my 2 cents. And you heard it here second (already posted this on

  • BecauseThatMakesSense

    Notice how his eyes look two different directions, in the title bar photo? My Pa always said never trust trust a chihuahua as long as you can throw it…

  • King of Colonic

    Th’ only thing he’s splodin’ is my tiny cock! Right right, guv’nor!

  • jack

    Looking forward to the Superman Reboot a few years from now since Snyder and his gang of idiots screwed up Man of Steel and are on their way to screwing up its sequel.
    Why is Warner Bros. So STUPID!

  • TeamWB

    I believe all this hate is mis-directed. You have to give WB ALOT of credit for taking a leap and NOT copying the MCU by spamming out the JLA in their own movies before doing a JLA movie (despite Marvel copying DC for years and years when it comes to certain concepts) Its creative integrity not only for the filmmaker, but for the franchise as well. Snyder won’t fuck up Batman or Superman (especially if he’s pulling creativity from The Dark Knight Returns)

    As far as Affleck’s casting goes? The man is an award winning writer, director, AND actor. He’s the precise age for the ‘tired, seasoned, veteran’ Batman. He’s probably going to be a better Batman than that Metal-Growling lunatic Christian Bale.

    Lastly, I don’t understand how you people can sit here and bitch and whine about a man who clearly knows what he is doing and knows the material. (because you know, he’s a director and he likes comic books, him and Goyer both.) It is very easy to stray away from past incarnations of the character, while keeping it true to the source material. However, everyone here seems to have their panties in a bunch, because someone more famous than them is making another Superhero movie that they can’t (and will probably never) be a part of.

  • unsean

    “[The movie] literally takes the Man of Steel and Batman universes and explodes them. You’re not as tied to the mythology.”

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but after reading that Zach Snyder said this, and seeing “Man of Steel,” it makes me more than a little nervous.

  • trick

    Faggots ben affleck is batman deal bitchs

  • trick

    Better then zach ever while have u ever sat down and read 75 years worth of these charcters I think not infact I think he imone of the few pepole that know how to make a true comic book movie christopher nolan richard donner the piss pumps you pepole say are are the to best lines of movies wrong but what is fact is this the 3 comic book movies zach has done are with out a doubt the best movies best on a comic property ever o and news flash ben is 6’4 that makes him the only man to wear the cowl and have the same physical build as comic books o and less we forget ben is die hard fan of the charcter who probely knows more about the charcter then all of u so fact is for once we have an actor 2ho kmows the charcter knows the world and do u think a man on a career trajectory like ben affleck would gamble everything he has worked for to climb out of the slump and become one one of the most recognized up an coming director at warner to geroge cloony this u guys should think before u speak

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    My bad for the errors typing on a pad