Warner Bros. Registers other Possible Titles for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

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We’ve been referring to Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Man of Steel sequel as “Batman vs. Superman” for simplicity and consistency’s sake, but it’s important to know that Warner Bros. hasn’t officially confirmed a title for the highly-anticipated superhero movie.  The studio could go in a different direction, and they’ve recently registered eight possible titles through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.  They’re all pretty terrible, and I doubt they’ll be used.  Sometimes studios make these registrations as a defense against those who would want to capitalize on a precious brand.

Hit the jump to read the titles.  The officially untitled Man of Steel sequel opens July 17, 2015.

According to Fusible, Warner Bros has registered the following domains:

  • Man of Steel Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel the Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel The Darkness Within

It’s worth pointing out that three of these titles use puns that make no sense (“Black of Knight”?  Really?).  Also, none of them use the valuable word “Batman” or even his other famous alias, “The Caped Crusader”.  Employing “The Dark Knight” is a long shot since Warner Bros. probably wants to avoid confusion with Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy.  Still, some of these titles are desperately close.  I’m surprised they didn’t register “Man of Steel against the Shadowy Chivalrous Person“.

Do you like any of these?  More importantly, can you explain why?  Sound off in the comments section.


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  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    Batman Vs Superman is a lazy title.
    How can Batman fight superman ? He will be dead in 1/10th of a second

    • The Flobbit

      Batman has fought AND beat, even killed Superman on multiple occasions. He fought and beat Superman (who was under Poison Ivy’s spell) in Hush, using a Kryptonite ring. He fought and KILLED Superman in Frank Miller’s brilliant The Dark Knight Returns. Batman kept a file on how to kill EACH of the Justice League in a private safe.

      Batman sums up why he is able to beat Superman in one sentence (Hush): “Because deep down, he’s a good guy. And deep down…I’m not.”

      EDIT: So apparently Batman has never killed Superman… But he’s still the goddamn Batman and he is badder than Supes will ever be. That’s a fact.

      • Kevin

        You need to re-read The Dark Knight Returns.

      • Leejoe


      • Sweet Pea

        Most definitely.

      • The Flobbit

        And why do I need to re-read The Dark Knight Returns?

      • JBug

        I didn’t read it, but I think because Batman beats superman and he’s the good guy beating the bad guy. I don’t know the specifics of it, but Superman is the bad guy in that scenario.

      • The Flobbit

        Actually, Superman is ordered by the President of the United States, to “settle him down” – him being Batman, who is coming under heavy criticism in Gotham. I don’t get your good-guy/bad-guy points here…Why do I need to revisit TDKR other than it being a brutally brilliant, searing, and incredible Batman story?

      • GrimReaper07

        Because Batman never kills Superman in The Dark Knight Returns?

      • The Flobbit

        I apologize. He did not die, he simply withered to a skeleton and was unable to fight any longer. Regardless, Batman beat him.

        Nice catch, btw. Got to refer back to my first edition of TDKR…

      • GrimReaper07

        Not to sound like a know it all, but Batman had nothing to do with the skeleton thing. They fought after that but yeah, Batman still beat him. And then died. But not really.

      • Lalo

        cause superman didn’t die, because batman never planned on killing him, so yea, you need to read it again… plus, it’s a great read

      • The Flobbit

        It IS a great read, but Batman has still beat Superman on multiple occasions. Regardless of who is more “powerful” I am simply trying to point out that there CAN be a conflict between the two heroes…

      • Kevin

        Yeah, I meant because he never kills Superman. And Batman doesn’t win the fight by any measure. When the fight ends, Superman is at full strength.

      • The Flobbit

        Not in Hush…

      • The Flobbit

        Also, I was just reading TDKR, and I was startled at the similarity between Batman breaking the Joker’s neck, and Superman breaking Zod’s neck…I am sure someone took notes from someone.

      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

        Yeah… hum… the Kryptonite famous trick.
        Even my gran’ma can kill superman with a kryptonite stick then.
        It’s like superman is no longer superman. He should then use a gun to kill batman.

      • prashant

        Superman can kill Batman very easily we all know that but superman will never do that because his decision is never his own. Somehow he is transformed into a state player a – true american and deep down he is always influenced by OTHERS. Batman is a nonconformist, a true decision maker but hardly wins trust of others. They are true opposite charges which will always try to repel others. But if situation demands i am sure superman has ability but not need to kill Batman and batman has need and not prowess to put down superman. As a marketer we always say- NEEDS must when the devil drives. And batman is a DEVIL.

      • Patrick Prevenas

        Uh… no. Superman is invincible. Batman is a just a mortal dude wearing a batsuit. They do not fight. And if they do, Batman does not win.

      • markfive

        Superman is NOT invincible. One stick of Kryptonite and he’s as mortal and vulnerable as Batman – and only wearing a cape and booties. Batman is chockfull of weapons and gear all over him – hence, one stick of Kryptonite reduces Superman to a weakling – and Batman blows his head off with a gun. The End. Period.

      • d

        batman never uses guns

      • The Flobbit

        Superman is not invincible. Superman has died, and been killed. Batman has never died, really. Batman has a Lazarus pit to bring himself back to life. Batman faked his own death and lives on. The Superman of Man of Steel is brash, impulsive, and juvenile. Batman (of the comics, of course), will run circles around him with mind games, deception, shadow warfare, and weapons. Not to mention kryptonite, of which Batman keeps a special store, I am sure.

    • farleydave3

      in a word…Kryptonite

  • 80sRobot

    Man of Steel Into Knightness

    • The Flobbit

      Desolation of Man of Steel Into Winter Knightness and the Dark World

      • Lance

        Please! We need to up the cheese factor. Warner Bros, have you considered registering…

        Man of Steel Krypto-Knight
        Man of Steel Knight Light
        Man of Steel In the Heat of the Knight
        Man of Steel Knight Moves
        Man of Steel Knighty-Knight

        All terrific titles, and yet incredibly none of them have been used before now. You’re welcome, Warner Brothers!

      • NathanArizona

        okay, those made me chuckle

      • JBug

        “MoS Knighty-Knight Knight”

      • http://whiterosebrian.tumblr.com/ White Rose Brian

        That just makes me of the old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

      • Johnny_Mook

        Man of Steel of the Knight
        I hear the wolf howl, honey
        Sniffing around your door!

      • Dustin Philipson

        Nice Lance! I audibly chuckled. It is rare that I do that while reading comments on a Collider message board (things usually get so negative here so fast).
        Thanks man! :)

      • Nemesis11

        hahahaa…Great going man. Gotta thank WB for giving us one of the most hilarious thread at Collider.

        here are few more…
        Man of steel: Who watches the Batman?
        Fatal Attraction: Bruce Wayne & Louise Lane
        This Means War 2: Bruce/ Louise/ Clark Trifecta
        Man of steel: Gotham has fallen
        Man of steel: Wayne Manor Down
        Man of steel: The wrath of bat
        Man of steel: The Batman Menace

      • Nemesis11

        Lol. But hey u forgot to start with ‘Age of’.

  • Lance

    World’s Finest is just not a very good title, let’s start off with that. If you have to explain the title by talking about the history of comic book covers… Erm, no.

    Not that any of these titles wow me. Dark of Knight? What else can we come with? Dark Steel versus Knight Man? Dark Man versus Steel Knight? World’s Finest Steel Knives?

    • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

      I agree but also disagree. You could always go with World’s Finest: Batman vs. Superman. So it can still be in the title. But yes I think World’s Finest reminds me of the chocolate bars that kids sell for their schools.

  • 80sRobot

    These titles are all terrible. Why did WB waste money, no matter how little it was for the studio, to register them? The only explanation is that they are meant to serve as decoys so we don’t easily search for the actual title. But it’s not any of these.

    • Querk

      Those titles are obviously fake. They just want to distract people, plus making everyone talk about it. Readers: don’t be stupid.

      • JBug

        MoS Battle the Knight? It doesn’t get more obvious than that.

  • Jack

    Please keep Batman vs Superman. Why be coy when what everyone wants to see is those 2 on screen together

    • Murdoch

      Built-in marketing tool for foreign audiences. Movie titles don’t get more perfect than that.

    • Strong Enough

      its a sequel to MOS not a spin off so no

  • The Flobbit

    Man of Steel: Battle the Knight – ok, I like this in a cheesy, 80′s movie kind of way. Battle the Knight. It’s cool, yet in that comic book way that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness – that’s right, rip off the latest Desolation of Smaug trailer. Beyond Darkness comes what? Ben Affleck?

    Man of Steel: Black of Knight – Decent, but please, contrast the dark of Batman with the brightness of Superman, because right now I can’t tell them apart. I liked Man of Steel, I really did. But thinking back to it depresses me.

    Man of Steel: Darkness Falls – Warner Bros officially wins the Use of Most Cliches in a Movie Title Contest, The Worst Puns Since Batman and Robin Contest, and the Grittiest Title Contest. Up yours.

    Man of Steel: Knight Falls – thanks for spoiling the movie in the title by ripping off Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

    Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night – this is so pretentious and cliched it makes my brain numb. How can night have a shadow? Will Man of Steel 2 feature an actual shadow of a night? Die.

    Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour – This is so effing STUPID I don’t know where to begin. The Blackest Hour? Not even the Darkest Hour (run out of cliches?)? The blackest hour will be the audience sitting through 60 minutes of sepia, slo-motion, city destruction, and Enya music to get to a decent Batman vs. Superman fight scene.

    Man of Steel: The Darkness Within – KILL ME WITH FIRE AND RAPE MY ASHES!

    • Sweet Pea

      Lol wow.. When Goldberg said “Do you like any of these? More importantly, can you explain why? Sound off in the comments section.”, Flobbit really stepped up to the plate for him.

  • The Flobbit

    Battle the Knight happens to be my favourite of these, because movie titles or taglines that are also a command are just so freaking cool: Attack the Block, Rule the Night, Don’t Let Go, etc…

    • Lex Walker

      What about a helpful suggestion like Let the Right One In

      • The Flobbit

        OK, but Don’t Look Now…

  • whatdude

    I actually wouldn’t mind if they went with something like “Man of Steel : Shadow of the Knight” I know it’s among those titles, but using a colon and a “K” would make more sense.

    • Doug_101

      “Man of Steel: Shadow of the Bat”

      Fixed that for you, and WB.

      • Nemesis11

        Hey that’s great too. definitely better than rest of the titles on that list. Good one.

      • Doug_101

        It ties back to the comic books too, as Batman has/had a series called Shadow of the Bat in the 90s. Not sure if it’s still running or not.

    • Nemesis11

      ya its the only one i like. MOS: Shadow of the Knight. Sounds catchy.

      but most important of all i am glad they are still referring to this as MOS sequel and not batman vs superman. In all those WW, robin rumors i almost felt that they have forgotten Sups.

  • 80sRobot

    We’ve truly entered this age of creative pretension in the entertainment media, and this has been exemplified by such word-mush nonsense titles like these. (Star Trek Into Darkness was the latest.) WB should just own up to what this is and simply title it “Batman vs. Superman” and be done with it.

    (Why Bats first? Not just because people prefer Batman more, but because it implies he’s the one who picks a fight against Superman first, not the other way around, which is what the rumors have hinted at about the story.)

    This would have all been easier said and done had they gotten another director, and developed this movie as a standalone and not necessarily a sequel to MoS.

    • JBug

      Let’s chill out for a second. Clearly, none of these are going to be the title. They are beyond stupid and there’s is no way any of these are going to make it through the rigorous processing that all of these big budget pictures go through.

  • bidi

    they should just keep it simple and go “Man of Steel: Batman vs. Superman”. Christopher Nolan did his thing and that was great, but separate from it. don’t get lazy and just copy it with all these “knight” puns. i know Nolan produced MoS, but i even had a problem with that title, as that seemed to just get cocky and go straight for the “darker” nickname, without having been set up by a previous film, like “Batman Begins.” at the end of MoS, we’re calling him Superman. obviously, they’re going to call Batman by his name. just keep it simple and avoid the confusion by calling it what it is. this isn’t a comic. it’s a movie

  • To Be Continued

    The words “Rise” and “Dark” should be banned for upcoming sequels to any movie.

    • The Flobbit

      Not to mention Returns…

    • JBug

      For real – The Dark World and Into Darkness pushed it too far. It’s getting ridiculous already.

    • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

      or Begins

  • mattinacan

    man of steel’s darkest knight

  • Ivanhoe

    Men of Justice

  • http://whiterosebrian.tumblr.com/ White Rose Brian

    I vote for Shadow of the Night or even Shadow of the Bat. They seem the most evocative.

    • Nemesis11

      Agreed. without getting into whether it is ‘vs’ or ‘/’ it simply implies that Superman’s path will cross with Batman. from point of view of general movie going audience it is really good title.

  • JBug

    Clearly these titles are low hanging fruit for mockery. Can anyone come up with a better one?

  • mbmarquis69

    Since they obviously wanted terrible puns, why didn’t they consider Man of Steel: Dark of Knight?

  • Christian Grey

    Man of Steel Darkness Falls… Me LIKEY :)

    • JBug

      Darkness Falls sounds like a bed and breakfast in the mountains.

      • Christian Grey

        IMHO. it is the best among the titles they have mentioned.. what would you suggest?? MAN OF STEEL : BATMAN ROBIN NIGHTWING FUCKS WONDER WOMAN?

      • paul h

        No need to all shouty CG, like the article points out they’re prolly all fake anyway…

  • Jon

    They all sound fine to me. They all sound like titles of comic book story arcs so I don’t see what everyone is bitching about. This is the sequel to Man of Steel…a Superman movie featuring Batman, not a Batman movie. There’s nothing wrong with not explicitly mentioning Batman in the title. I think the use of ‘Knight’ as a double meaning is apt. At the end of the day, not having read the script, who knows what’s most appropriate.

  • Jon

    It really doesn’t matter anyway. The could call it ‘Man of Steel: Shit Sandwich”. People will see the trailers and commercials, know they want to see it, walk up to the ticket box and say “One for Superman and Batman.”

  • Person

    Just call it The Steel Knight and be done with it.

  • Kevin Barrett

    Man of Steel Into the Knight

    • JBug

      Sounds like a porno. How about Man of Steel Enters the Knight?

  • Jamesy

    Man of Steel: Gotham Knight? Orrrr you know, Man of Steel 2…
    Man of Steel: Beyond the Knight? Why not just have Superman & Batman : The Worlds Finest, although everyone might not be aware of what The Worlds Finest is, they’re still gonna know that its a Superman and Batman movie. It’s pretty obvious its a Superman and Batman unless they completely butcher the marketing. Stick Supes & Bats on a poster and I’m pretty sure everyone will know what the script is. Or just call it “Captain Boy Scout & I Hate Everyone’s fun day out” I’d watch that.

  • ItsNotaSchooner

    Man of Steel: Knight Falls would be my preferable choice for a few reasons..
    1. You get Knight in there as a reference to Batman, aka, The Dark Knight
    2. Knight Fall, or something akin to that, was the name of a Batman story arc, so it would definitely be a cool comic nod
    3. Seems like this sequel will deal with the idea of consequences, of Superman introducing himself to the world, of being an alien, of being a superhero, of killing Zod, of the destruction of Metropolis. It would seem the story points to dark times ahead, and a night fall definitely evokes that.

    Anywho, my two cents. I am very happy with the inclusion of Man of Steel in all of these titles.

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  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    why not : Inside the Crypt tonight

  • alwayscorrect

    just call it ‘Man of Steel the World’s Finest’ and be done with it

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  • supdups

    Bat Soup

  • Chodeberg

    Talledaga Knights: The return of Michael Knight the First Knight Rider

    • Chodeberg

      I’m also good with Larry Gigli’s Darkest Knight

  • supdups

    A few others…

    Dark Man..of Steel
    Man of Steel, Bat of Iron
    Man of Steely Dan, Shadows of Knight
    Gloomy Man of Dark Steel: Obscure Shade of Murky Campion

    • Chodeberg

      Man of Steely Dan has my vote.

  • John

    The best I could come up with was Man of Steel: Shadows in the Night

  • The Monarch

    How about Man of Steel II? A decent sequel to build up the character of Clark/Kal/Supes and take the edge off the uneven-by-drops-and-precipices originer that was MOS–and which isn’t all about Batfleck.

  • The Monarch

    How about Man of Steel II? A decent sequel to build up the character of Clark/Kal/Supes and take the edge off the uneven-by-drops-and-precipices originer that was MOS–and which isn’t all about Batfleck.

  • luis carlos cruz guillen

    Man of steel: Shadow of the Bat

  • supdups

    They also need to showcase Sups rarely seen ability to talk in really low growls, even lower than the Bat. They could have a growling contest.

    Man of Steel: Dark Rider Rises, Micheal Knight Returns
    Man of Steel II: Big Bat’s Electric Boogaloo

  • Querty

    Man of Steel Bat out of Hell

  • Mister Moustache

    I actually think “The Darkenss Within” is pretty cool. The other ones are awful.

    But I hope they don’t use Man of Steel again. Why not Superman? Superman – The Darkness Within is a decent title. And in the next movie they could go with “Man of Tomorrow” or something, just don’t make it officially a “Man of Steel” franchise.

  • Janks

    They’re all f****** terrible.


    warner bros thinks everyone is too stupid to recognize the title world’s finest as being batman/superman even though it is the ONLY title i’ve heard comic book fans agree upon so far. if they just stick the comic con logo right behind the title like they did on all of the man of steel posters, or go the avengers route and have the title officially be DC’s World’s Finest then there’s no way anyone won’t know what it’s referring to by the time it comes out. but i guess they really want to play up the VS part which is stupid since everyone, comic fans and otherwise know that they are going to team up at the end anyways.

  • Jhan

    Man of Steel: Generic Moneygrab

  • JamesHunt

    Knight-Knight: Who’s there ??

  • Andy

    Why not Man of Steel: World’s Finest?

  • CRAD


  • jekyll


  • jekyll

    Bat Man of Steel

  • Steven Fox

    All are lame, maybe except Knight Falls.Pretty sure non of them are going to end up being the final title.

  • Alex Hajna

    Man of Steel: Mortal Crusade

    Man of Steel: The Verge of Darkness

    Man of Steel: Advent of the (K)night

    Man of Steel: The Birth of Justice

    Man of Steel: The League Begins

    All better titles, and I just came up with them off the top of my head.

  • Strong Enough

    Man Of Tomorrow

  • SomeGuy

    Man of Steel: The Curious Case of The Batman

  • SomeGuy

    Man of Steel: The Curious Case of The Batman

  • Tyler

    They all suck. Just go with Man of Steel 2, at least that sounds better.

  • ZAR

    And those domains will also be registered:


  • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

    “It’s worth pointing out that three of these titles use puns that make no sense (“Black of Knight”? Really?).”

    So, not a King Diamond fan? :)

  • Django9000

    M.o.S. 2: P.o.B.S.
    (Man o’ Steel 2: Piece o’ Bat Sh*nitzel)

  • Jehosophat

    Zack Snyder’s Re-Bat-Birth, Man. What a Steal! =D

  • Alfr’dd Bennysworth

    Hanesry Kav-El meets the Bat-fleck:
    A Meeting of the Memes

  • The Jester

    How about ‘The World’s Finest’. Keep it ambiguous, but with depth. Superman learning the ways and beginnings of becoming a hero. And Batman’s aging wisdom of faults and the ends of the new beginnings…. Justice League. So Batman will be an older fucker when they film Justice League,lol

    • The Jester


  • Mike

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like Alex Ross’s artwork? The picture above looks like two middle age guys cosplaying.

  • Ted Pettit

    after the destruction he was a part of… i think they should keep the logo and call it “Justice” a nice lead in to a future movie, or “MOS – Reckoning”. Either way it’s about supe’s responsibility in our world.

  • Grayden

    Is this a Man of Steel sequel or a Batman reboot-backdoor pilot? Jesus, it really seems like they’re focusing more on Batman than Superman in this Man of Steel sequel.

    I’d go with something ambiguous that references neither character directly. World’s Finest is really the best option.

  • ulle

    Why “Black of Knight” but not “Shadow of the Knight”? “Shadow of the Knight” is better and actually makes sense.

  • Bryan

    How about Batman/Superman: World’s Finest as I think it is the perfect title and the only title that fits the movie.

  • http://www.beyondhollywood.com/ Dedpool

    Superman/Batman: Worlds Finest
    Man of Steel: Shadow of the Bat
    Those would be my choices

  • farleydave3

    BatMan of Steel?

  • Patrick Prevenas

    Every single one of those titles is awful. But that’s no less than I’d expect after how Man of Steel turned out, and the decision to let Ben Afflect play Batman. This one already stinks.

  • Gabriel


  • markfive

    “Man of Steel: Day Of The Knight”. You’re welcome, Warner Bros.

  • debrawells

    Hate “Batman vs. Superman.” Sounds like a cheezoid WWE match-up.
    Until something better is actually decided upon, we’ve simply been calling it “World’s Finest” (my favorite of the line when I was a kid).

  • http://thedodgy.com/ Liffey

    How about “Batman vs. Superman: Sucks.”

  • Nilerd

    Man Of Steel,Two Knights

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  • StuporHero

    Not crazy about any of these.
    Two Ideas: (a) CAPES GALORE!; or (b) 2-for-1 Sale

  • DiscordsDestiny

    Let’s see…The Blackest Night sounds like that one Justice League comic. You know, the one with the zombies? Yeah.
    But, I gotta say Man of Steel: Knight Falls sounds both stuuupid and interesting at the same time, especially as it is a nod to Knightfall (which, at the same time, reflects back to Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises film.) In other words, I hope they don’t go with any of these titles…

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