ANONYMOUS Screenwriter John Orloff to Pen Bryan Singer’s Adaptation of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

     October 20, 2011


Screenwriter John Orloff (Anonymous) has been hired to write the screenplay for Bryan Singer’s new adaptation of Battlestar Galactica.  The new adaptation won’t have anything to do with the excellent TV reboot, so it will be a new take on mediocre 1970s TV series.  Both series focused on a war between men and sentient machines, but thematically and narratively they went in vastly different directions.  There are currently no details on what Singer plans to do with his movie.  The 2003 series took the premise of the original series and transformed it into a political drama with a mystical storyline woven in to the overarching plot.  Orloff has a diverse screenwriting background—his credits also include A Mighty Heart (good!) and Legend of the Guardians (not good!)—so there’s no clear indication of what he might bring to the script.

It’s tough for me to give this new Battlestar the benefit of the doubt since Singer and now Orloff have chosen to put themselves in the shadow of the recent TV series rather than create a new outer-space adventure movie from scratch. [THR]

  • dfgdfg
  • Tarek

    If Singer wipe off this red-dressed b*tch from the movie, I will be ok with that.

  • Hrothgar

    No Kara Thrace, no watching this movie. The 70′s show was mediocre at best and the 2003 show is still so new in minds and hearts of fans that I don’t know what Singer is thinking.

  • zortron

    Finaly someone understand the real deal with Battlestar Galactica.
    I am glad that Bryan Singer is the man to bring back the origin of what is the essence of this epic Sci-fi world. Ancesters to the Egyptians, Starbuck is a man ( not a woman), traitor Baltar as the new cylon commander,The council of 12, The incredible well done ship , the lazers, the real Cylons armors (and mostly not the human red bitch cylon), the cylons ships serpent spacemoves, the magnificient costumes, the RA-look Viper helmets, the grandioso Epic music ( wish it will come back), the mystery of space, the diversity of races and planets, and The misterious god ship.
    I saw it in 78 with a brand new sound, so loud that it shaked the screen and guts from the crowd. It was AMAZING. I Just wish it can come back with a better storyline, dealing with more drama like Mr Moore’s 2004 adaptation.
    I am happy like a little boy :)

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