Behind the Scenes Footage from STAR TREK

     April 26, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

While I usually post all the video clips pertaining to a movie in the same article as the movie clips, I’m having some problems with my media player due to an upgrade. So until it’s fixed, I need be careful how many clips I put in one article…so that’s why this behind the scenes look at the making of “Star Trek” is in a separate article.

What you’re about to watch is called B-Roll and it’s supplied by Paramount to show what the cast and filmmakers were like on set. So if you want to see J.J. Abrams directing the action and what the “Star Trek” set looked like, you’ll enjoy this quick minute and a half of footage.

Just know there is no sound starting at the halfway mark, that’s intentional. There is nothing wrong with your speakers.

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